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Еще есть места в этом месяце на наращивания успейте записаться 🖤
Slowly becoming an earring girl again ☺️ after.. 8 years. Now that the weather gets better I really enjoy going out with friends and have some quality time close to the water, watching the abras pass by which remind me of Venice ❤️ it's time for another Italy trip I guess! @theitalianwayuae #theitalianwayuae Thanks to my dear @faatographer for this amazing picture ❤️❤️
Have a look at the before pic ..... Transformation created using 150 ultra tips in colour 55 and 55/60 😍😍😍😍 . @remicachet @remicachet_middleeast
Get AED 600 off when you book 10 sessions of our Aromatherapy treatment. Schedule your first session today: https://bit.ly/2NraES9 or call us on 04 420 3344. . . . #coolaroma #offers #aromatherapy #massage #menmassage #mensbeauty #men #dubaimen #dubaimensclub #menspa #spadubai #dubaispa #coolaroma #bloggerdubai #dubai #uae
#MPFLreconstruction #survival guide – the wise words of the dancing patella. Focusing on only positives. And celebrating them. Every day is such a roller coaster; icky niggles, tenderness, even a wrong step puts me in a funk, but a simple thing like getting into the bath tub by myself is a #win . But for me it’s really about pretending that negative never happened (I’m guessing that’s got to have some underlying connotations - hello silly under the surface unresolved issues) it’s about ignoring the negatives to be able appreciate what I have been able to do which maybe was not possible 48 hours ago. It keeps me going. #Today is a better day than yesterday. Tomorrow will kick today’s ass.
🕌 If you find yourself in the United Arab Emirates then a visit to Abu Dhabi’s Grand Mosque – Sheikh Zayed is a must because it’s certainly the Grandest Mosque I’ve ever seen and to be honest it’s worth planning a trip to the UAE just to see it! 🕌 The full name is : Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan mosque and it has been selected as one of the most impressive contemporary mosques in the world and featured in "Mosques: Splendors of Islam". ________________
"And so it began" part 2 🧜🏼‍♀️ Some of you were asking me if it was easy to shoot in water, so I uploaded some BTS here as well. It was super fun to shoot but wearing a skirt which is getting super heavy in the water and pulls you down makes it harder to get a shot because you have around 3 seconds until you're under water again 😁 and of course we didn't want to ruin the beautiful makeup @yovana did 😊 I still think we did a fantastic job and I cant wait to work with these lovely guys again!! Photo: @waleedshah Makeup and styling: @yovana My partner in crime: the gorgeous @carolinelabouchere ❤️❤️
You find me. I’ll find you. 💌
In love with color...
Our top priority is the needs and preference of our clients. Feel free to specify the preferred gender of your therapist and we will do our best to accommodate your request.
"And so it began" 1/3 Shot by the amazing @waleedshah Makeup by lovely @yovanart So proud to shoot with the gorgeous @carolinelabouchere ❤️ one of the best experiences I have ever had, this time am was just so professional and sweet!
🐋Во всех новостях говорят о том, что закрыли пляж Абу-Даби, из-за того, что приплыла китовая акула. Она, конечно, в принципе безопасна, но не думаю, что встреча с ней окажется приятной. ⠀ 🐋И вот, по этому поводу, я хочу всем написать: не купайтесь ночью. Потому что, если днём Вы ещё видите, что и где плавает, то ночью не видно ничего. А у Персидского залива есть прямой выход в океан. И не пытайтесь заплывать за буйки, которые стоят на всех пляжах. ⠀ 🐋Конечно, можно убеждать себя в том, что везде стоят сетки, и акулы не пройдут, но напомню, что ежегодно в район Дубай Марины приплывает китовая акула полакомиться планктоном в заливах, а недавно китовая акула заплыла в Дубай канал. Помимо акул ещё есть скаты, морские змеи и другие обитатели. ⠀ 🐋Конечно, днём на пляжах ОАЭ бывает жарко, и покупаться хочется ночью, когда солнце уже садиться за горизонт. Но не зря же все говорят о том, что ночью в Персидском заливе купаться запрещено. ⠀ 🐋И да, если я Вас не отговорила, и Вы все ещё хотите пойти купаться ночью, то делайте это на специально оборудованном пляже. Находится он в районе Umm Suqeim на Jumeirah и работает до 12 ночи. Пляж освещается и в темное время суток на нем дежурит спасатель. ⠀ 🐋А Вы любите ночные купания?
If you’re a meat eater and enjoy nice, tender, not roasted or boiled but Smoked Meat then @smk.eatmeatrepeat is a place to go for their delicious ribs topped with pickled red chili 🌶, brisket served in the freshest softest buns and the SMK brisket chips. . . . Enjoy the food along the beach and treat your appetite at La Mer. SMK #smokedmeatkitchen #foodsternadster #eatwithnadz #nadiazahid #foodiesofdubai . . . @instascene @dubai_exquisite ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #uaeblogger #fashion #food #fun #summerstyle #dubai #mydubai #stylefile #styleinspo #foodstagram #igdaily #styleblogger #instafood #dubaiblogger #bloggerdubai #fblogger #dailystyleideas #minimalstreetstyle #instablogger #foodblogger #instagood #bloggerfashion
Getting a body treatment with a full stomach is a big no-no. ... Since body treatments stimulate digestion, eating a full meal beforehand will make you feel bloated and uneasy. … You may eat a light meal right before your treatment or eat a full meal few hours prior the appointment.
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Because I love this picture of ours and it deserves a separate post! 💕
By @_niki_world :⠀ ...⠀ "•So excited guys to share with you my photoshoot with @mintsaofficial •⠀ .⠀ .⠀ I want to tell big thank to @thetrendchronicle that she trusted me with their new campaign⠀ .⠀ To @_ayesha_f for the fantastic hair and makeup⠀ .⠀ And of course to @monochrome.dxb for the fantastic job .⠀ .⠀ Waiting for your opinion guys⠀ .⠀ #bloggerdubai #dubaistyle #Dubai #mydubai #dxbfashion #dxb #mintsa #bags 👛👜 #photoshoot #photomodel #campaign #styled #stylish #Blogger #styled #lifeandstyle #lifeandstyleblogger #clutch #mediaonehotel #look #fashionista "
Another one because it was so amazing with this beautiful girl @oec.kr ❤️❤️
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There’s no better place for Gents to enjoy first-class Spa treatments. #JazzLoungeSpa
Cher Lloyd hasn’t always had the perfect smile which we recognize her for, before choosing veneers she had a gap toothed and lusterless grin. Her smile transformation has enhanced the natural beauty of her whole face and has clearly given her the confidence to shine! Now, you can do it too @Hellenic Dental Clinic. Book your free appointment at ☎ +971 (0) 4 3490422 !! #hellenicdentalclinic #dental #smilesinuae #Aesthetic #Beauty #bloggerdubai #beautyblogger #lifestyle #lifestyleblogger #MyDubai #UAE #uaebloggers #whitesmile #bright #braces #veneers #lumineers #smile #smilesindubai #dentalproblems #teethwhitening #porcelain #implants #dentalcrown #clinic #dentistblogger #jumeirah #HollywoodSmile #dubaiblogger
Photo by @otarvashka ⠀ 💭You will never regret reaching your goals! You will only regret giving up and not trying harder! ________________________________________ ⠀ ОСУЩЕСТВИТЬ ЗАДУМАННОЕ! ⠀ Поставить перед собой цель и идти к ней семимильными шагами? Ооо) Это прям моё!Могу. Умею. Практикую.😆 ⠀ А еще, я умею дать себе волшебный пендель под одно мягкое место 🍑, который надолго приводит меня в чувства! ⠀ Вобщем, к чему это Я?🤔 А, ну да!) ⠀ Во-первых, Ура!Я вернулась на просторы Инстаграм! ⠀ А, во-вторых, в связи с этим, начинаю вести свой блог, ибо полна энергии , желания и множества идей , которые будут вам интересны! 💪 ⠀ Я на это искренне надеюсь😊 И очень жду вашей поддержки в виде ❤! И тем, которые вам будут интересны для обсуждения. Уверена! нам будет весело вместе😘 ⠀ ⠀ Поделитесь, чем и как вы обычно себя мотивируете для достижения ваших желаний, мечт, целей? Кем или чем вдохновляетесь в таких случаях?
Your face isn’t a separate part of your body. Treat it the way you treat the rest.
Ensaio Feminino. O ensaio feminino é como uma conexão com você mesma. Às vezes nos doamos demais para os outros e acabamos esquecendo de nós mesmas. E com o ensaio, você tem a oportunidade de ter um momento só pra você, para pensar em quem você é. E se realmente esse pessoa que você se tornou, é o que você deseja.
I got chills. They're multiplyin'. And I'm losing control. Cause the power you're supplying. It's electrifyin'... This great guy – the stitch on my side, the spiking under my patella - @alikhalidrana has been kind enough to whip up our #bulletproof #coffee for the past two weeks. Turns out his geniusness has been feeding us spoonfuls of #oliveoil NOT #coconutoil . I only discovered today when he said we can’t have #breakfast because we’ve run out of olive oil, ‘Baby but we have bulletproof’. ‘Yaa but we ran out of olive oil’. ‘But we have coconut oil’. ‘Can I use coconut oil?’ #Mindblown Not sure what this means for us from a health point of view – but damn was it funny.
Calling all first timers! Book any ONE of these body treatments for only AED 150: 1⃣ Balinese Body Treatment 2⃣ Aromatherapy … Call us on 04 420 3344 or visit https://bit.ly/2xDn2U8 to schedule your appointment.
The best thing about matching key pieces is that you save so much time getting dressed that you can enjoy the weekend without the typical "I've got nothing to wear" mental breakdown in front of the wardrobe 🙏🏻 thanks so much to @kurtgeiger for making being well dressed easy again! #kurtgeiger #princely
I have been incredibly blessed with my #mpflreconstruction #recovery . Today it’s been 26 days since #patella found a new friend in #MPFL 2.0. It’s been a series of wheel chair bumps and bruises, painful baby steps, tears, exhaustion, soreness, frustration but mostly it’s been slow and steady progress and healing. My surgeon caught me very off guard by not putting me in a brace after my #surgery . He instead handed me a crutch and said walk. Bend. Why are you walking funny? That’s your normal walk? Every step hurt. I found myself stranded in the middle of spaces petrified to move. I found myself in anguish, in tears incapable to function. But it was ALL worth it. It was worth it because I am 26 days #postop and I am walking. I am walking like someone who has not gotten mpfl reconstruction less than a month ago walks. I bend. I climb stairs leading with both legs. Still a lot of shaking. Some railing support. But I feel #FANTASTIC . Thank you brace depriving surgeon from up above. You win.
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