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Mamas!!! This is your last chance to PRE-ORDER your gratitude journals!! 👯‍♀️ [SWIPE for a preview of the inside] My co-worker purchased two for her daughters for Christmas gifts so that tells me that they are perfect stocking stuffers 😁🎁 Click the link in the bio to order yours 👯‍♀️ Together, we will decrease our complaints and increase our level of gratitude 💗
Who is making music for Black children? We have 10 artists who are doing it for the culture—and for parents who aren't feeling Rafi and "The Wheels on the Bus." (🔗 in bio) If there are any others you think should be on this list, please tell us in the comments! . . . . . . #matermea #blackwomen #blackmoms #blackmomsblog #blackmothers #blackmotherhood #mommyblog #blackmamas #blackblogger #blackmommyblogger #blackmommagic #blackwomenbloggers #blackmamasblog #blackmomskillingit #ig_motherhood #mochamoms #blacklove #blackgirlmagic #blackparents #blackkids #blackparenting #momblogger #motherhood #blackfamily #blackfamilies
Happy momsgiving! 😍 Something about being in a room full of beautiful mommies who give thanks while keeping it all the way real! I loved hearing everyone’s stories. Grace, grace, grace! So happy for my tribe. Thanks for a wonderful night! @districtmotherhued #momsgiving #dmmomsgiving #momtribe #districtmotherhued #blackgirlmagic #blackmommagic #thanksgiving #friendsgiving #vsco #vscocam
This really hit home. It was hard picking one photo because Kim was extremely beautiful and photogenic. However, she just shined in the photos with her children.You can tell motherhood fit her well. As a mom of two I often worry about leaving my children involuntarily and it bothers me. Seeing this sweet soul and mother of 4 gone so soon saddens me. Yet it will make me appreciate every single day I am blessed with. I will be praying for her children and anyone who is mourning the loss of her. Rest in Heaven #Kimporter #mom #momomoffour #loss
“BE KIND TO YOURSELF, ESPECIALLY IF OTHERS ARE NOT // During pregnancy, people tend to share unwanted remarks and unfortunately, this does not end postpartum. Though the big babybump will mainly have disappeared, the remains of what our body just went through continue to be of interest for others and that sometimes in a negative and hurtful way. And although we may be strong enough to fire back, sometimes these words can still get through to us, make us doubt ourselves and eventually cause emotional discomfort which is the last thing needed while recovering from birth and nurturing a newborn. So this is a reminder to be kind to ourselves. Yes, our belly may still be round and out. Yes, we may still carry some of that that pregnancy weight on us. Yes, our boobs may be unequally shaped. Yes, we may look tired, just a little and sometimes a lot. Yes to whatever someone else may feel the need to openly highlight or criticise in front of us. The thing is that WE know why this is so and that it’s totally OK! Our bodies grew and birthed a human being. This is a big deal. So let’s show ourselves some love and give ourselves time. All the time WE need. Us and our bodies, we deserve it ❤️” #firsttimemuva #confessionsofafirsttimemuva
Although timing varies, babies often begin teething by about age 6 months. The two bottom front teeth are usually the first to appear, followed by the two top front teeth. Typical signs and symptoms include: drooling, chewing on objects, crankiness and irritability, and sore or tender gums. _______________________________________________________ Help a fellow mother, comment your teething tips and tricks below! 👇🏾 #firsttimemuva #confessionsofafirsttimemuva
The Face of a Mama that Only Got 3 Hours of Sleep Last Night. Impressed? Well, you should be 😏Yesterday I almost lost it! Ashton was NOT in a good mood. He didn’t want to sleep, everything made him cry, and the only time he was content was when he was in my arms. Something was bothering him, and I couldn’t put my finger on it. To keep him happy and from crying his little eyes out I held him the entire day! He was my anchor and I couldn’t get anything else done. The dishes, laundry, diner, nothing got started until late when my fiancé came home to help me out and SIMULTANEOUSLY Ashton FINALLY went to sleep the minute he walked through the door! How about that? 🙃🙃🙃
Have you created content lately for your blog, vlog or podcast? ⠀ I did the final walk through of the event space and I must say we are going to have some amazing photo opportunities. There are so many windows that allow so amazing lighting. ⠀ I can’t wait for the Social Co-Creation because this event is going to be phenomenal. ⠀ Trying to create content, grow your network, learn how to collaborate with brands then I’ll see you January 12th. Tickets in the link above just tap it. ⠀ ⠀ #detroitsfutureisfemale #coworkingdetroit #communityovercompetetion #motherhoodmyway #motherhooddaily #chicbusymoms #dailymotherhood #detroitmoms #detroitmomblogger #momsincolor #motherhoodthroughig #mcmpresets #millennialmom #momswhovlog #momswhoblog #blackmomblogs #munamommy #blackmommagic #detroitmoms #michiganyoutuber #creativeblackwomen #detroitmomtribe #detroitblogtribe #collabovercompetition #socialcocreation #michiganyoutuber
Pregnancy and birth alters the brain’s structure and causes it to shrink-changes that can easily last at least two years after birth, according to a study published in Nature Neuroscience. Nurturing and growing a child, especially caring for newborns requires not only a combination of hormones, but a lot of bonding, time awake, and attention — so it's only natural that a few nonessential brain functions (like remembering to buy milk) might go out the window in order to make room for the essentials (like keeping the baby alive). So while you may accidentally lock your keys in the car or forget your neighbors name, it does have its benefits when it comes to drawing a closer bond with your babies. _______________________________________________________ In the mean time, get as much sleep as possible, take advantage of anything that enables you to relax, pay particular attention to your diet-make sure you’re getting the necessary vitamins and iron intake and cut out trying to multitask on the daily-learn to live in the moment. #firsttimemuva #confessionsofafirsttimemuva
《34》a DIFFERENT love than I've ever known. Last year I would've never guessed I would be celebrating #becoming34 and a 1 month #mommiversary My sweet baby boy is 1 month on my birthday 🤗 and that is all the gift I need. Still trying to figure out why I deserve this blessing, until then, Ima just keep mommin. @westsidedon83#mood #mommiversary #fourthtrimester #blessed #blackmomblog #blackmommagic #boymom #blackboy #blackboyjoy #scorpioseason #myjourneymyway #issavibe #quotemk #keepyohappyup #allloveallthetime #godsplan #intention #blir #slfcr #sharingiscaring #quotemk
We are excited about tonight’s Mom Chat! Join us tonight at 8pm/CST in The Mogul Mom Network Facebook Community! We have Ciera of @fan_cee joining us. Ciera is a small town girl with a vision to inspire and empower teen girls and women all over the world  to live a FanCEE life! She is the mother of two beautiful girls, and owner of FanCEE LLC. Ciera is a certified life coach, self published author, certified makeup artist, and freelance photographer. Her motto is to Think Forward, Seek Purpose, and live FanCEE and she displays that in her life daily and is helping others so the same. Ciera is the author of “Cheers to Him” which is the story of her relationship experiences, describing what she learned from them and how they helped her grow. Cheers to Him is an easy read, very transparent and relatable. It can be purchased at afanceelife.com.
We’ve got some goodies for you at #Momsgiving including a treat from @spaonthehilldc , a mom-owned , Black-owned and woman-owned Business !!! So excited to see you!!! Can we get a roll call? Drop a 🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️🙋🏿‍♀️ if you’ll be joining us tomorrow! #DMVMomtribe #DistrictMotherhued
Every few weeks I end up venturing into central London to take Hector to castings or photo shoots and it becomes really tricky getting around London with my big pram as it's so bulky and heavy. If there aren't any lifts and no one around to help me get my pram up and down the stairs then it really becomes a headache 😫. So I'm extremely pleased to now have the new @ergobaby Metro Compact City stroller which is super light, very easy to manoeuver and an added bonus, it folds down to hand luggage size 🙌 so the perfect stroller to take on holidays too. @ergobabyuk #gifted #ergobabymetro
At some point you are going to experience contractions. In the end, they are what cause the baby to be born. But to many, decoding the activity of the uterus is confusing, especially when it comes to knowing the difference between the first two types of contractions. 👉🏾 swipe left for the different types. Source: BloomLife #firsttimemuva #confessionsofafirsttimemuva
Is there a color happier than yellow? What color exists in your wardrobe as just a pick me up? For me it's hands-down yellow. 📷@misso.photo. Thank you😘
I like to introduce myself as a #visionarywoman It's #workingmomwednesday for those of you who don't know me check out my blog post. Link in bio... #careermom #entrepreneur #mompreneur #goals #consulting
“This is what pure joy looks like! One of my biggest joys of motherhood is seeing this happy face. It is still settling in that my little girl is now 5 years old. I want her to know whether she is 5 or 25, that I will always be here to pick her up, encourage her and to make her smile. Teaching her to always care for herself and others, to always stand up for what’s right and to never give up despite adversity are values that are so important to me.” #firsttimemuva #confessionsofafirsttimemuva
Great morninggg and happy #workingwomenWednesday 🙋🏽‍♀️Listen. The end of the year is near and I understand.. Single moms are some of the hardest working women I’ve ever met!! But here’s the thing I see.. A lot of you work, work, work but never sit down to reflect on your life. What did it look like over the year? Lessons & accomplishments?? @baemamapodcast and I took time to reflect on our year together last night and we will be releasing the episode next month! The conversation was much needed! _______________ If you have never did an end of year reflection, I encourage you to do it! It allows you to think about your accomplishments, obstacles you overcame, growth, and more. Here are some questions to get you started: 1. What is the most important goal you have achieved this year? 2. What was the best memory of this year? 3. What is something you learned about yourself? Other people? 4. What is a challenge that you overcame? 5. What has been your biggest time waster? How do you plan to manage your time more effectively in the new year? **This can be very helpful as your review your 2018 goals and continue developing your 2019 goals!
If you are using your social media platform as a way to generate leads or boost clientele, your content may be the first and last form of communication for you and your ideal client. Here are 3 key components to convert your social media audience to becoming paying clients/ customers: 1️⃣ The key is to work backwards, what is your initial product service? And what is your goal for that product/service? Based on what you’re selling/ serving your content should be aligned with it. Educate them on your services, why do they need what you have? 2️⃣ Create a call to action by telling them what you want them to do, is it to tag a friend? Click a link? Lead them to where you want them to go! 3️⃣ Once they read your post and become interested, how will they contact you or express interest? Develop a strategy that will allow you to communicate and build a relationship with them outside of your social media content. . . If you are lacking a strategy to help you convert your following before the holiday! Be sure to click the link to schedule a Holiday Take Action Session!
Let’s talk! How do you make sure you’re well taken care of? Share below 👇🏾 #healthyliving
PrE-BLaCk FRiDaY FLASH SALE!!! Today Only! Ends tonight at MIDNIGHT!
Fall is a wonderful time for family activities and there’s no reason your baby can’t be part of the fun! Pumpkin patches seem to be a favorite! What are some fall activities you do with your little ones? #firsttimemuva #confessionsofafirsttimemuva
Post Vegas vacation = constant hydration... (plus carbs, caffeine and undereye cream)💦🤦🏾 #momlife #keepemcoming #thisisalmost40 #dazzlingdetailsevents
I pick up my copy today!!
Have you pre-ordered your gratitude journal?? No?? 😱 The last day to order is Friday!! [SWIPE for a preview of the inside] Next month, mamas are committing to less complaining and more practicing gratitude!! Click the link in my bio to order yours 👯‍♀️
I chatted with host @lizzymathis for the @blacklovedoc #momswithcoffee and shared why I do what I do. As a lot of you know I got some backlash for this photo but I also got tons of messages from moms literally all over the world thanking me for sharing my #momtruth because it made them feel so much better about theirs. I 💗 talking all things motherhood and trying my best to keep it real and unfiltered because as I have said before #motherhoodaintpretty . What mom truths do you keep behind closed doors because you fear being judged? . . Click the link in my bio to watch all the #Momswithcoffee episodes. #momlifeunfiltered #blacklove #momlife #blackmommagic #blackmomsblog
🗣🗣INCLUDE YOUR CHILDREN IN YOUR BUSINESS!! I don’t think I can say this enough. Most of the time when Moms start businesses it’s because they want to provide a better life for themselves and also their children. However most moms give up in their business because they lack child care, support, and feel guilty about the time they have to spend away from their child! The key is to include them in your initial business plan, Who’s going to help you with them? Do you need additional child care? Do you have certain days you can’t work because of your children’s schedule? Etc. . . . Our Ultimate Business Plan for Moms and Build Your Business Course will help you to include your children upfront and in the planning process. The course is ONLY $29! Tag a mom that’s starting a business that can benefit from this course and guide.
Have you noticed a change in your skin recently? It has a lot to do with the weather! Without proper care, dry skin can lead to itchiness, chapping, redness, cracking and even other skin conditions like eczema and acne. • • • Here are a few oils that will give your Winter skin a Summer glow 💫 Jojoba Oil Argan Oil Avocado Oil Rose Hip Seed Oil ____________________ ✨STAY TUNED✨ •Like Buttah will give you a New Glow year round!
You’ll need more water to keep your system running for two during pregnancy. Though it really varies based on your body type and size, how active you are and so on, the general rule of thumb is somewhere between eight and 12 8-ounce glasses of water (from various sources) a day. But be sure to talk to your practitioner about what works for you and your situation. #firsttimemuva #confessionsofafirsttimemuva
This was the day my life changed. I meet these women at an event and we decided to take a picture. Why these WOMEN? Because we were apart of the Mom Group. We all look completely different, parent different, live in different places yet one thing remained the same, We are women in the media industry gettin it done. ⠀ We all have different careers but remain true to our vlogs, blogs and or youtube channel. ⠀ I built friendships this day and I am so blessed to be growing them further. ⠀ When is the last time you started a new FRIENDSHIP? ⠀ ⠀ #detroitsfutureisfemale #coworkingdetroit #communityovercompetetion #motherhoodmyway #motherhooddaily #chicbusymoms #dailymotherhood #detroitmoms #detroitmomblogger #momsincolor #motherhoodthroughig #mcmpresets #millennialmom #momswhovlog #momswhoblog #blackmomblogs #munamommy #blackmommagic #detroitmoms #michiganyoutuber #creativeblackwomen #detroitmomtribe #detroitblogtribe #collabovercompetition #socialcocreation #michiganyoutuber
Another day for this mom to slay! Another day to be her example. Another day to do MY personal best. Another day to connect with my slay sisters!
Poop color, consistency, and odor can all vary depending on what your baby consumes. And although there is a wide range of normal poop types (any poop that is a variation of yellow, brown, and green, with a soft consistency), there are some BMs that may indicate health problems (bloody, black, or white poop, for example). #firsttimemuva #confessionsofafirsttimemuva
Never Accept Anything Less Than You Deserve... #morningmessage #texturetuesday
Shine with love and LIGHT today (and everyday 😉). #lit
Had to take some time to re-evaluate my business priorities. Feeling motivated with a clearer vision. Looking forward to the next few days/months/years. 💚
PhD M O M 🙋🏾‍♀️👩🏾‍🏫🤱🏾| guess which 3 letters mean more to me... . . . . . I lost track of the number of people who stopped to tell us they loved his shirt! 😊#boyswillbegoodhumans #momlife #phdmom #blackmommagic #sistahdoc #scholar #apha2018 #onemorepresentationtogo #exhaustedbuthappy #academiakids #travelwithkids #takethemeverywhere #idrislovescali #faustinfam #twomomcrew
To succeed you need to find something to hold on to, something to motivate you, something to inspire you! #motivationalquotes #motivationmondays #fitspirations #workingmomlife #blackmommagic #fitishlyfestyle #leadershipdevelopment #quotestoremember #busymomlife #mealprepmondays #mealprepmomma
Hello neighbor...making it a point to speak and be more friendly these days.
💫Offical launch in 2019💫 Want to try a natural product that is incredibly nourishing and moisturizing for skin? One that also helps with scaring, stretch marks, reduces razor irritation/bumps, anti-aging method, dry skin, dark spots, dry scalp and so much more? Soon you will be able to, keep and eye out for Like Buttah!
I’ve been paying close attention and listening to the needs and wants of our network members. I am so excited about our build Your Business Course library that launches next week. Our course library is for moms on the go and moms who are looking for self-paced courses that will help them enhance their business. Our Courses include 🔸How to Start An Online Business As A Busy Mom 🔸How to Automate Your Business to Save Money & Time 🔸Building Business Relationships 🔸How to Diversify Your Business & Much Much More! What should we release first? What courses would you like us to add? 👇🏽
What is Shea Butter? Shea butter is a skin superfood that comes from the seeds of the fruit of the Karite tree and is naturally rich in vitamins A, E and F. It offers UV protection and provides the skin with essential fatty acids and the nutrients necessary for collagen productions. _____________________________ Some Benefits of Shea Butter. •Moisturizing •Skin Smoothing •Reduces Inflammation Great for Adults and Children.
There’s no magic pill for curing the horrible sensation that comes along with morning sickness (or if we’re lucky, ALL DAY) sickness. But there are some things you can do/eat to try to minimize it. _______________________________________________________Moms, what tips and tricks have worked for you? Please share them below! 👇🏾 #firsttimemuva #confessionsofafirsttimemuva
👸🏾M O M🤩😍❤️#1stLady Braids by: Venny G -Look at my mom 😍 she look good. 👀😌 #BlackMomMagic #MyTwin #BlackGirlMagic #MyMother #Braids #LemonadeBraids #FeedInBraids #ColumbusGa 706.
Look at one of my #bossmoms winning. You are everything @1920snapbackz !!! My mom's are dynamic & unapologetically awesome. #greatmoms #professionalmoms #womenempowerment #momempowerment #momgoals #businessmoms
#sarueday night fun Time with mommie is always filled with learning in fun and exciting ways! #earlychildhoodeducation #allsmiles 💙😍💙 Baby on a mission... #dakotagreysen #DakotaBear is his name...oh the places this little one is destined to go! #thankful #kidsofinstagram #joyful #happy #littleboy #melaninbabies Mommie’s #sonshine #mommyandme #babylove #funtimes #adorable #wls #lifeafterwls #babyboy #exploring at the #aquarium #frobabies #rnylife #blackmomsblog #decemberbabies #melanin #blackmommagic #roadtrip
Settling back into reality, but y'all Vegas doesn't owe me a damn thing this trip (except sleep. I could really use some zzzz's back). Thanks for everything @venetianvegas , you always know how to treat a gal right 😍✌🏾#backtoreality #untilwemeetagain #dazzlingdetailsevents
On January 1st, 2018 I woke up in a panic. The room was pitch black, and all I could hear was my husband's soft snoring next to me. My baby kicked in my swollen belly, and all I could think was, "Something has got to change."⁣ ⁣ You see, I was stuck. Stuck in my job, stuck in life, stuck in my relationship, and I felt deep in my bones that in order to be happy, something had to shift in my life. What that something was, I had no clue, but I began to pray. ⁣ ⁣ A few days later, I started getting all sorts of signs from the universe. Messages telling me to get outside of my comfort zone, to take a leap of faith, to step into something bigger, something that scared me. At the same time, my job was becoming unbearable, and my pregnant self was having a harder and harder time getting out of bed in the morning. I also was feeling a tug on my heart to write and create. To share my experiences, and to create the tribe of sisterhood that I longed to see in my own life. ⁣ ⁣ Now, if you know anything about me, you know that I am an extremely private person, and I tend to shy away from social media. As a black woman, we are taught to not put ourselves out there, out of fear of being too something -- too militant, too emotional, too contradictory, too black to fill up the emotional spaces typically occupied by others. What does motherhood even look like for someone like me? But I couldn't stop thinking about putting my ideas, my thoughts, my feelings on a platform and sharing them -- my way, our way, in hopes that someone else out there is also going, "me too!" ⁣ ⁣ That's what The Mahogany Mama is. A place of sisterhood, a space to share, and corner to embrace the otherness that often comes with being a person of color. A place of raw, real authenticity, where nothing is off limits (eek)! Where you can be a mom, a wife, a badass, and first and foremost: a woman, in all of her glorious complexities. ⁣ ⁣ So I'm diving in. Come join me! Here's to creating some more #blackmommagic 🍷
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