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2019 is all about making yourself proud. The people that you surround yourself with can help or hinder your ability to achieve your goals but in the end it’s all down to you and how badly you want to succeed💪
[Fake it till you make it]
Anzeige @gymqueen.de 💕| Schönen Sonntag meine Lieben❣️ wie ihr seht: ich habe mal wieder einen neuen Shaker 😂👏🏻 Bin ich eigentlich die einzige, die ungefähr genug Shaker hat, um monatelang einen neuen Shaker benutzen ohne, dass ich spülen müsste 😂 ich weiß auch nicht irgendwie ist das eine Sucht😁#teamgymqueen
I used to hate going to the beach. It would give me so much anxiety - “everyone will look at me”, “I look like a whale in my bathers”, “everyone else looks a million times better than me”..... - sometimes i’d even talk myself out of going! ✨✨✨ I WILL NEVER ever ever let myself think that way again! The beach is my happy place and I won’t let that be ruined by negativity and comparison! ✨✨✨ I have come so far on my self love journey and I am so proud of where I am now! I love every inch of my body, mind and soul 💗 ✨✨✨ I would love to model for @nonairbrushedmemanagement because this would be a massive moment for me while I’m on this self love journey! And I believe that #everybodyisabikinibody @swimweargalore 🙌🏼 . • . • . • . • . • . • . #nonairbrushedme #bodylove #bopo #bodypositive #loveyourself #selflove #selfcare #selfworth #bethechange #girlpower #empoweringwomen #effyourbeautystandards #nobodyshame #newblogger #socialblogger #boldncurvy #celebratemysize #curvesarein #curvy #curvygirl #fullfigured #plus_isamust #plussizebeauties #plussizeblogger #bigandblunt #bikinibody #summerbody #everybodyisabikinibody #sgxnammodelsearch
Ups! Me queme alguito jaja
Mood All 2019✨🌴
我想先講解一下我對間歇性禁食的科學了解:(English version in comments) 它並不只是少吃而造成體脂下降因為常常聽到別人說「這樣傷身吧!」「怎麼能不吃早餐!」所以覺得可能很難或不健康,可是實際上是用斷食來改變身體的代謝。細胞在斷營養的16小時後會開始自行汰舊換新。想像一下古代的時候食物很缺乏,不可能像現代從早吃到晚,你的身體其實很適應斷食。這個方法其實幫助減重、減少胰島素抗阻、減少心血管疾病風險! . 身體有兩種狀態:進食(胰島素高)、禁食(胰島素低) 當我們吃東西的時候血糖會升高,釋放胰島素,這個時候你的身體沒辦法燃燒脂肪因為他正忙著攝取營養!我們身體裡沒有胰島素的時候也就是血糖下降空肚子的時候就是我們在禁食時,只有這個時候我們的身體才會開始燃燒儲存的能量像脂肪!禁食是一種方法來增加身體對胰島素的反應,才不只是少吃呢! . 我自己的經驗: 我做的間歇性斷食是16:8所以沒辦法討論別的斷食法,我在中午12點到晚上8點吃東西,其他時間不吃。第一次做的時候一開始很困難,可能過了2-3週後才習慣,這次做馬上就好了因為我的身體適應了。在這個8小時之內你必須攝取足夠的營養,不是大亂吃,一當我習慣之後我其實比之前更有精神!我可以好好的在進食或禁食的時候健身都沒差,而且再也不會一天到晚餓得亂吃東西- 時間到了我就吃,時間過了就不吃,感覺像肚子終於開始聽話了 因為我以前也超愛從一起床就吃到睡前,可是都吃不飽 . 適應期間會感覺比較餓/沒力可是這是你的身體改變攝取體力的方式,一開始一定不適應。慢慢來,不需要馬上進入16小時斷食,找一個適合你的生活方式的期間禁食。一開始克制自己禁食時不吃真的真的很難,你可以喝美式咖啡/茶,任何沒有卡路里的東西,也一定要喝很多水才比較好過。好好鼓勵自己!
Sunday is perfect for an active #restday by the #pool 💦 How do you rest on Sundays?
Since I was I child I loved playing with the water at the beach 💦 just keep playing because this world is your playground doesn’t matter if you are 5 or 90 years old - because you are as old as you feel and as you act 🙌🏽 so cheers to you playful souls out there, may you be forever young 💕🌸 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #letsgosomewhere #wanderful_places #prettylittleinspo #blondesandcookies #ootdgals #ootd #travelblogger #liveauthentic #wiw #bikinibody #travelinspo #wanderlust #travelgram #thailand #travelinspiration #beachlife #bikinilife #islandlife #wanderlust #oceanchild #beach
Finding my inner Jaguar 🐆 Although this graceful, yet ferocious, feline was once associated with the sun, as in Mayan culture, it has also been associated with the moon. As a protector, the motherly jaguar encourages us to embrace the power of the unknown as a catalyst to release our fears.🌙✨ . . At @casajaguar_tulum #casajaguar #casajaguartulum #spiritanimals #tulum #tulummexico #tulumbeach #ilovetulum #travel #travelgram #travelphotography #travelholic #bikini #bikinigirl #bikinimodel #bikinibody #bikinibabes #beachbody #beachbabes #beach #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitnessgirl #fitnessmodel #fitgirls #blondebabes #abs #absonpoint #absonfleek #nightintulum #jaguar
When Coach @paulrevelia is in town 😍 @teamprophysique
Heard happy gals are the prettiest 🤫☺️ 😈🧞‍♀️🕺🏻🦄🔮💜♊️
Winnie the Pooh wore a crop top, With no pants, Ate his fave food, & loved himself. So you can too 💋 — body positivity 💗 ||
Sipping on the most incredible tea/coffee I’ve ever had in my life ☕️🤤 I’ve never enjoyed coffee. Strictly a tea kind of girl. This coffee, however, was insaneeee 🤤🙌🏼✨ Not only did the shop have the best view of the forest canopy, but the tea/coffee flavors were out of this world! Everything was made fresh, with the ingredients picked right from their garden (which they will gladly give you a tour of) My personal favorite was tasting pure cinnamon picked straight from the tree bark 👅💦👌🏼 Unfortunately, I don’t have the name (and we left that particular area), but I’m going to do my best to try to figure it out for you guys because genuinely everyone HAS to go if you ever get the chance. I’ll post the shop location with photos on my story along with the names of each different kind of tea/coffee flavor. ☕️🌱 Also, hope everyone set their intentions for tonight’s full moon 🌕✨ Follow your heart & never settle. I wish you all luck on receiving everything you have ever wanted 🙏🏻 In the meantime I found @coffeecartelbali and it looks AMAZING as well, might have to give them a try next! 🤤😁🙌🏼
This is my favourite one piece from @cesaph 😍 I absolutely love that it fits like a glove, has beautiful braided detailing in the back and it’s ooooh so cheeky 🍑😉
After yesterday's hip realisation or at least expectation reality check (see last post) I thought I'd post a shot inspiring me to keep pushing on! Sometimes you need to turn things on their head and see things with a new perspective! Keep fighting all 💖 . Note photo taken pre hip surgery ✨ . #headstand #hipreconstruction #sportster #fortyeight #bikinibody #legsfordays #upsidedown #newperspectives #HarleyDavidson #camping #summerdays #hipsurgery #blonde #bikerchick #balancetraining
E-Z like sunday morning 💭🛏 p.s. how sick was that TKO last night #UFCBrooklyn
Sometimes in the waves of Change we find our true direction 🌊✨
There are two beautiful works of art in this photo.⠀ One is a watercolor piece my son made for me when he was 5 years old. It serves as a daily reminder for me, as I face this mirror and get ready each morning.⠀ • The second work of art is the woman in the mirror. Sculpted by a life lived; Motherhood, diet culture addiction, binge-eating disorder recovery, movie snacks, gym sessions, and so much more!⠀ The smile painted there is genuine, but it wasn't always...⠀ I bought my first magazine at 12 years old, my first cellulite cream at 13, stretch mark cream soon after, and countless anti-aging creams since. MANY of which were from the very brand that recently advertised with "Dimples are cute on your face (not on your thighs).⠀ • Truth be told, my thigh cellulite is the part of my body that bothers me more than anything else, because even after losing 80 pounds, I STILL had these frowned-upon dimples. I probably ALWAYS WILL. I've spent the majority of my life allowing my physical "flaws" impair my value. Some of you can't imagine what it takes to undo 25+ years of body dysmorphia.⠀ • Every day, I use affirmations to work towards self love. I've made immense strides towards loving the work of art that is my body, and am appalled that this ad campaign was passed by a board of however many men and women, in an era of body positivity.⠀ • So I raise my voice now, for those of you struggling with your dimples. You are not any less beautiful of a man or woman for having them. Don't waste your energy (or money) troubling over something so minute - I guarantee you have much larger things to invest yourself in.⠀ • No matter how many of us dimpled, body-positive warriors speak up, diet culture and those magazine beauty standards will NEVER disappear. But we can make a difference... The company that released this ad listened to the outraged and removed the message from this and future campaigns.⠀ • We can raise our children and ourselves to high standards of acceptance appreciation for all shapes and sizes. Focus on health over appearance and spread positivity. The future can be bright AND dimpled. #bodypositivity #selflove #selfcaresunday #celluLIT #makeachange