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No hay nada más saludable que disfrutar de lo que haces en la vida!! . HEALTH is about HAPPINESS!! . Escúchame bien. Por mucho que entrenes, por mucho que te cuides..., si no eres feliz, nunca tendrás una buena salud. . Encuentra tu camino para crecer (no sólo en el deporte)..., en la VIDA!! . Photo by 📸 @rdefreak 💛 . #dreambig #enjoylife #beyourownsuperhero #happiness #healthcoach #healthylifestyle #pni #redhead #Crossfitgirl #personaltrainer Regala SALUD 💜 ➡️ www.aitzisantos.com
I seriously found myself running extra miles listening to this book! So good! Not for the faint of heart... #canthurtme #callousthemind #beyourownsuperhero
You are one of a kind . Uniquely you . That’s your Superpower✨ - #motivationmonday #beyou #getbettereveryday #bestself #beyourownsuperhero || @teamctn #teamctn
Lorena's birthday party :)
“Comparison is the thief of J O Y.” . Instead of comparing myself to others I see on Instagram, I use my own progress photos to help motivate. The two photos you see are one year apart. One year of sweat and discipline. The right photo I was pregnant and didn’t know it yet! Needless to say, my body went some crazy changes since that picture. I’m now about 8lbs away from my lowest weight and keeping this progress photo to remind myself of how far I’ve come. And, to remind myself that I did it before, and I CAN do it again. Be your own superhero! . What do you use to stay motivated? Post in the comments below! [disclaimer: this is my brother, not my husband lol]
This Week's Theme is Holiday Hair! Snowflake Buns, Reindeer Headbands, bring on the fun! We can't wait to see everyone's holiday cheer! #fortefunweeks #themeweeks #justforfun #holidayhair #lastweekbeforebreak #superseason26 #beyourownsuperhero
Merry Monday! This is a great week to have a great week. We've got this - make this week AMAZING. 😁💪🏾...Let's GO!😊 #mondaymotivation #growthmindset #selfconfidence #faithinaction #perspective #powerofpositivity #bestlife #merrymonday #beyourownsuperhero
Confession time😳!! So as most of you know I recently got married at the end of September. Best day of my life! 💓 Anyways, I had always told myself that I would be in the best shape of my life on my wedding day... 💪Well yes, I would have to say I was in pretty tip top shape the day of my wedding 👰!!! But what happened after is a whole other story 🙊!! Needless to say I fell off my workout bandwagon and fell back into bad habits. Part of me wants to blame it on the crazy mess that I am involved in right now but then the other part of me knows that I can’t because I know better! So I decided that this week was going to be the week I put an end to my excuses and get back after it. Let me tell you this mornings workout was not easy by all means... but it was well worth it! I thought to myself why do I always need to be in good shape for “something” or “someone”? I don’t! I can solely do it for ME and MY mental health! It helps me get my day started off on the right track, helps to trigger healthy eating, and it sets my mind right for the day! I’m going to need some motivation I’m sure along this journey, but I also want to be YOUR motivation! 💪🏼 Let’s get after it together! 🙌🏼🙌🏼 With that being said HAPPY MONDAY!! . . . . #embraceyourscars #beyou #youngestdaughter #beingmanipulatedsucks #mommysgirlforever #beyoung #bebold #unicornway #mentalillnessdoesntdefineme #beyourbiggesthero #mindbodysoultribe #winterblues #mentalhealththerapyonthedaily #findyourtruelove #myhusbandismybestfriend #letmrintroducemyself #healthyeats #marriedlife #beunapologeticallyyou #fuckyes #bethebestversionofyourself #giveyourselfcredit #dontletnegativityin #beyourownsuperhero #superwomanforlife #tellmeaboutyourself #2weekstomakeahabit #learnhowtohaveastablementalhealthlife #livingwithmentalillnessisachallenge #everydayisafreshstart
#MotivationMonday 🏃🔥💦
Nothing will work unless you do #RiseAbove #BeYourOwnSuperHero #SelfMade #StayFit #LoveYourSelf 😎💪🏻
Sometimes you workout because you know it’s good for you - your muscles, blood flow, cardiovascular strength. ✔️ Other times you workout because you love to sweat, feel the burn, and the challenge you set out for yourself. ✔️ And then there are times you workout because it’s basically like therapy, but cheaper - hello, endorphins make you happy and happy people... 🖤✌🏼#beyourownsuperhero
I like standing still but that's just a wishful plan Ask me where I come from, I'll say a different land But I've got memories and travel like gypsies in the night I count gates and numbers, then play the guessing game It's just the place that changes, the rest is still the same But I've got memories and travel like gypsies in the night And a thousand times I've seen this road A thousand times I've got no roots But my home was never on the ground ~ Alice Merton . . Some days the rain is a blessing, cleansing the wounds.. Some days you just have to do what life asks you to. Nothing was planned out perfectly. Not every day is a happy one. . So make of this day what's in it's power. Be boss of your own well being, it's your damn right. . . Yoga puts me where I need to be. Hip openers help me deal with my emotions, so I'm joining @jennyg2bfit and the #hiphipholidays ladies with a seated hipopener on #bossbabemondays with @haley_b7910 @__lisas__ @shaynarooney @y_zzay @beccarez @wapatoose @jessica.yogini . . Carpe fucking diem 🖤 . . . #bossbabe #mondaymood #outdooryoga #hipopener #hipopeningpose #beyourownsuperhero #yogaeverydamnday #dutchyogis #yogalife #yogasavesme #yogaheals #yogafam #yogafamily #makeyourday #seatedpose #carpediem
This morning was dark, cold, and rainy. So obviously I couldn’t wait to get on my bike to go to work!!! No, seriously! I still remember one day I was in a yoga class and at the end of class the teacher said “When you step out of this studio, it is raining. But remember what we’ve been practicing in this yoga class: you control your breath, you control your mind. When you step outside, your body will get wet but it’s your choice to either get grumpy or keep singing.” Since that class, I’ve always started smiling when I was cycling through the rain. . . . Don’t let anything or anybody ruin your good mood. Especially not on a beautiful Monday! #BossBabeMondays #BossBabeEveryDamnDay #BossBabe
14okg below the knee, #smithmachine , #rackpull 😁😁😁😁 Havent done them in a long time ( only one smithmachine in the #gym )10 kg more then i ever did. Getting stronger 💪💪💪. #obesetobeastarmy #teambeyondtheweak #beardarmy #obesetobeast #beyondtheweak #beard #hardworkalwayswins #beyourownsuperhero #fitness #weightloss #weightcontrolle #fitover40
We’ll be in the senior social area tomorrow for anyone who wants to open an account, don’t forget your passport for proof of ID 💥 #beyourownsuperhero
Free Blog Training to Earn Online Link in bio @motivatedwolf No Credit Card Needed! It's 100% FREE! - Link in bio @motivatedwolf - Follow @motivatedwolf Follow @motivatedwolf - Turn On Your Notifications - - - - Great role model @kingjames Big Thanks to @dailydose Head on over to @dailydose 's Profile and follow if you want more like this! #motivatedwolf
Sukses tidak datang dengan sendirinya. Teruslah belajar, nikmati prosesnya. #beyourownboss #beyourownsuperhero
Be your own super hero! . . . #lovewellnessbliss
"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style." ~Maya Angelou Life is too short. Too short for fear. Too short for worry. Too short for doubt. 💙 What if we took all that energy and invested it in ourselves?🤔 What legacy are you leaving behind for 2018? If you are not where you want to be...you can change your course at any time. All you have to do is choose YOU. 💙 Don't coast by on auto pilot in your life. LIVE. Thrive. Be happy.😘 #LuLaRoe #LuLaRoeWallsofWonder #LuLaRoeJoy #LuLaRoeMaurine
This snap is 8 years ago now with our first gig supporting @thepotbelleez at the Queensbridge Hotel! What an awesome night to play on such a stage with some amazing acts! When I took this gig I had 6 demos on a computer and in 4 weeks put a band together, sold 100 tickets and made this cool t-shirt! I literally was selling tickets to my garandma’s neighbour’s friend in Tasmania! .
#beyourownsuperhero #futuristicelectrorock #musicproducer #originalmusic #individuality #glitterfoxstudios #inspiration #love #megalove #electrorock #megalovemusic #newmusic #brettcusack #guitar #singer #inspire #lifecoach #mentor #inspiredlifeschool #mindset #depression #anxiety #suicide #humanpotential #personaldevelopment Streaming on all platforms
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Not gonna lie. This was the hardest workout to get in. . My kids have been sick. And if you're a parent, then you know how much that sucks. I felt HORRIBLE that I couldn't take their pain away. I got more snuggles from Scarlett this weekend since before Bubba was born, which was nice, but I would prefer then under different circumstances. . I had ONE workout left in the gamma calendar for t25 before I start prepping for my VIP program in January. I REALLY wanted to get it in tonight but I also really wanted sleep. . Well, I chose tonight. And I'll still get to bed early. 🙌 . . . . #focus #anotheronebitesthedust #done #ontothenext #prepweekstartstomorrow #postpartumjourney #postpartumfitness #postpartumweightloss #weightloss #fitspiration #beyourownsuperhero #beastmode #supermom #wonderwoman #suckitupbuttercup #icandohardthings
It's Sunday, so go ahead and set your intent for the week. A solid day at work followed up by some weight-training, and then 5 hours of pay-per-view wrasslin'! #WWETLC 💪
Keep shining baby .... don’t let anyone dim your light 💡
This is amazing - Making money online isn't so hard when you have a blog But if you want to make it work for you then you should get the right training To learn how to do it right I can give you some free training link in bio @get_real_affiliate - - - Follow @get_real_affiliate Follow @get_real_affiliate - - For Instant Updates Turn On Notifications!- - This! ☝️ - 📸@mens_confidence #tomhardy #quote #worth Pic reposted via @success.ingredients (thanks!) Go and Follow @success.ingredients if you love this! #getrealaffiliate
Fulfilling your dreams and finding your happiness are 100% worth it! ❤️ . . Just checking in with a little Monday motivation & a friendly reminder that ; . You can do anything you set your heart & mind to & don't you let anyone or anything (I'm looking at you pesky inner voice of self doubt) tell you otherwise! . . The mind is a powerful thing my friend, we’ve all heard the saying “if you think you can or think you can’t, your right!” . . Embrace the power of positive thinking! Believe you can & your half way there! 🎎 . . Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, making mistakes means that you’re putting yourself out there & often that’s where the biggest growth & greatest lessons are learned! . . I don’t know about you but, I’d rather live with a few “oops” than a whole lot of regret because I was to afraid to step out and take that chance! . . You are one of a kind, unique & amazing in so many ways & the world needs more of what you have to offer (which FYI , is a lot!) 👌 . . Let your passion be bigger than your fear, let it grow, evolve, run wild see where it takes you because you, my friend, are worthy of living that big, HUGE, magical life you've always dreamed of✨ . And, just in case you need reminding YOU ARE WORTHY of great things, right here, right now, in this very moment, just are (you're such a rock star ! ) 😎🤘🏻🌟 . This is your life, your dream, your time to shine ✨ . Remember you don’t have to get it right you just have to get it going! . . Now, close your eyes, see yourself living the dream, feel it (REALLY FEEEEELLLL IT) , taste it, touch it, smell it - now, hold onto it! . . . Take a big deep breath and; . . Inhale confidence 👉🏻 Exhale doubt 🎎 . . Now, Let’s go get it 👊🏻 . . 📸♻️👑 Sal aka - @thefitfoodieblog ❤️ . #monday #motivation #mindsetmatters #fitfam #positive #beYou #mindset #fearless #GSD #BestOfYou #justdoit #Unapologeticallypowerful #girlgains #makemagic #livelarge #QOTT #believe #yearofyes #beyourownsuperhero @emfitchallenge #eatplaycrush #EmPowered #EmFit
It’s been 12 months and all I can say is what the f&%k?! Absolute hell, and I owe some beyond heroic people for hauling me through it, but I’m still here, smashing it 💪🏼 #singlemumsunite #beyourownsuperhero #bossingit #thankgodforfriends #whatafuckingyear #passthegin
35 years in making and the best version is still yet to come! And target remains the same, where “Impossible becomes predictable and insane becomes expected.” #stilllearning #willneverstop #maketheworldabetterplace #beyourownsuperhero #dreambig #workharddreambig #keepsmiling #keepdreaming #trilove #trilife #triathlon #triathlete #sansego #thebestisyettocome #PushYourLimits
Be the angel of your life! Open your arms and your heart to recieve and fly! #angel #christmas2018 #valkenburg #kerststadvalkenburg #openyourheart #openyourarms #fly #beyourownsuperhero
#loveyourbody 🔥😍💋✊Rise Up, Be Seen, Own YOUR FIRE! If you only knew what it took to get here, beautiful... What it will take for you. The letting go of others perception, their triggers... Don't make their B.S., be yours. 😍💋✊Rise Up, Be Seen, Own YOUR FIRE! It's not about how much you "don't give a shit" about what others think... It's about how much YOU'RE prepared to DEEPLY LOVE you. 🔥😍💋✊Rise Up, Be Seen, Own YOUR FIRE! And don't for one moment think you don't have it in you. You do! Take back your power NOW! 🔥😍💋✊Rise Up, Be Seen, Own YOUR FIRE! You're successful, brilliant, epic in your own right, in so many areas of your life... But you know that there's this one big freaking thing that's conflicting with what you want... 🔥😍💋✊Rise Up, Be Seen, Own YOUR FIRE! Dust yourself off... Be your own super hero... Because that's who you are. 🔥😍💋✊Rise Up, Be Seen, Own YOUR FIRE! There's a chance between you reading this... And tomorrow... that you'll consider re-negging on yourself... DON'T! 🔥😍💋✊Rise Up, Be Seen, Own YOUR FIRE! Because what you see now, when you look in the mirror... Has so much more fire to bring... 🔥😍💋✊Rise Up, Be Seen, Own YOUR FIRE! Because it's your purpose... Need I explain more? 🔥😍💋✊Rise Up, Be Seen, Own YOUR FIRE! You are your purpose...It pumps through your veins... It surges through your heart and soul... 🔥😍💋✊Rise Up, Be Seen, Own YOUR FIRE! If not fulfilling your purpose, not living your best life, not creating your most epic life resume... feels like suffering to you... then it is. F--k that! 🔥😍💋✊Rise Up, Be Seen, Own YOUR FIRE! Go get it all... Thrive on the unknown... embrace the challenges... OWN YOUR DAMN FIRE! 🔥😍💋✊Rise Up, Be Seen, Own YOUR FIRE! I'm stretching my hand out to you. Leading you with my arm around you! It's time... I'm with you xo Love you, beautiful Mandy xo Mind and Transition Transformation Coach Thanks to the incredible @charliesurianophotographer and @bammakeupstudio for helping me embrace the heck out of my fire. And to @kirssa37 and @jack_entertainer for your incredible support. xo ❤️🙏🔥✊😘 #riseupbeseen #riseup #ownyourfire #beyourownsuperhero
The Family of @myriadvista had our first successful event @medubookstoreatl and would like to thank all who assisted. Doing small things can bring big changes. #beyourownsuperhero #CashM .O.B.B. #buybacktheblock #read #learn #selfeducation #knowledgeofself #knowledgeiskey #knowledgeispower #iammybrotherskeeper #Atlanta #supportlocalbusiness #greenbriarmall
Some "Mandy" inspo and thoughts for you, beautiful's 🔥✊😘💗⚡ xo #raisethebar #beyourownsuperhero #myownkindawild
I read a very cool article in the paper yesterday. Apparently, there are more female judges in The Netherlands than male judges. If you count managerial and supporting positions, there's an almost 50/50 male/female percentage in the higher functions of the justice department (this is quite unique in The Netherlans and probably Europe/the world). But the coolest thing is how they achieved this. Because they never had any form of positive discrimination . Neither did they have any women career support. The only thing they did, was (hold on because this is revolutionary) assess people on their professional qualities. What?!?! YES! They didn't look at the amount of bull shit somebody could produce. Nor at the friends that people had. Not at the colour of their skin. Not the gender. Not political preference or religion. Only at how well a person could do the job the were looking to fulfill. And apparently, when you do that men and women are equal. And I'm pretty sure the same would go for skin colour, religion, race, etc. Just not the amount of bull shit that a person can produce. Because that's a quality only in demand for the people in the highest political regions of the world... . . . This is catching up for #NaughtyOrNiceAsana with my #ToeStand , #Twist , and #Bind . Obviously also for #StripDownSundays
The reason your inconsistent and not hungry to reach your goals is because they are too small and too obtainable - You have to dream bigger and work harder - As the cliche goes “shoot for the moon because even if you fail you’ll still be amongst the stars” - Let’s go BIGGER !
We're in our final weeks of 2018, I'm sure all of the goal getters out there are preparing for 2019. It's important and a MUST if you seriously want to level up. I'm all for it too! 😊 Let's all also make an effort - a habit even to become fully aware and show up in THIS moment. I've made some smart moves and amazing connections this year - did things that wowed myself, fed my passion and purpose. However, me honestly and truly showing up in the present has given me the tremendous gift of some of the most beautiful, precious memories. I am forever grateful. 💗 Let's make this week amazingly memorable! 😘 #sundaysetup #makememories #enjoyTHISmoment #gratitude #gratefulgrind #bestlife #goalgetter #levelup #goodhabits #smartmoves #connection #passion #purpose #wowyourself #beyourownsuperhero
Started off my morning with a fantastic 6 mile run and now this. Keto at its best. #3timesfitness #believe #ironmantraining #wattieinkhitsquad2019 #HWPO #beyourownsuperhero
And what is your Super Power ? Its your own IPSEITY... You just have to find it within yourself. ——————————— Koja je Vaša super moć? To je Vaš IPSEITY, Vaša posebnost... Samo treba da se potrudite da je pronađete unutar sebe. . . #superpower #whatisyoursuperpower #beyourownsuperhero #weareallsuperheroes #ipseity #findyourownsuperpower #superpowerscollection #superpower #superman #motivation #motivationalquotes #daredevil #findyourself #findyoursuperpower #findyourownipseity #posebnost #supermoc #ipseity #ipseityissuperpower #ipseityperfumes #ipseityfragrances #ipseitybrandvalues #ipseitybrand #myipseity
You can't pour from an empty cup, look after yourself first... #lookafteryourself
Haters will see you walk on water and say it's because you can't swim 🤘🏻 #beyourownsuperhero
No, I dont have a Spiderman obsession at all and that's definitely not the spider-suit tattooed on my arm. But seriously you can never have enough spiderman gear. #gym #gymwear #tattoos #muscles #spiderman #marvel #beyourownsuperhero #columbus #614
Like if you like it - Discover the reasons why most people will ultimately fail to make money on the internet and what YOU can do to make sure you're not one of them! There's No Need for Your Credit Card! That's right, it's FREE. - Link in bio @motivationaladvisor - Follow @motivationaladvisor Follow @motivationaladvisor - Switch Your Notifications On - - - - - - - - - - If you’re letting the wrong coffee order or a fight with your mom or a test you didn’t do well on or that driver who cut you off ruin the rest of your day, I’m gonna be honest— you’re choosing to have a bad day, and that’s on you. A bad ten minutes is just that—a bad ten minutes. It’s not a bad day until you give whatever it is that happened all of your attention. So cut it out. Stop focusing on the crappy thing that happened and find a solution. If there isn’t one, then let it go and stop obsessing over it. Bad ten minutes or a bad day. The choice is yours. I know which one I would pick… do you? Repost via @melrobbinslive , Many thanks! You should definitely checkout @melrobbinslive if you like this pic! #motivationaladvisor
Taking time to do nothing often brings EVERYTHING into perspective ~ Doe Zantamata . When did you have a break, did nothing but eat good food, drink a glass of wine, get a massage, relax? 😎👙🍹🧘‍♀️🥥🥗🏝 . End of the year is great time to have a break and reset your intentions and goals for fresh start for new year! 🌸 . So what’s your plan for the rest of the year? Comment and share your reset and restore plan! 🙏 . . #selfcarematters #holidayplanning #mamaneedsabreak #momneedsabreak #familyholiday #maternityleave #bossmomlife #bossmum #bossbabelife #endoftheyear #workingmomlife #happinessisachoice #businessmom #ownyourownbusiness #beyourownboss #beyourownsuperhero #girlbosslifestyle #bossladylife #bossladies #womeninbusinessrock #femaleboss #femaleempowerment
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There are 3 things that I need every day! 1. Somebody to look up to 2. Somebody to look forward to, and 3. Someone to chase Somebody to look up to. Those are all the people I’ve lost over the years that are up there watching over me! Thank you Dad 🙂 Somebody to look forward to. My family, my mom and my sister! Even though I don’t see them or even speak to them every day, those are the people I wanna make most proud of me. And finally, someone to chase! That would be my hero! Who is my hero? My hero is me in 10 years! Every day of my life, my hero is 10 years ahead. I know that I will never be my hero, and that is OK with me, because that keeps me with somebody to keep on chasing 🤩 #maketheworldabetterplace #beyourownsuperhero #35 #dreambig #workharddreambig #keepsmiling #keepdreaming #trilove #trilife #triathlon #triathlete #sansego #thebestisyettocome #PushYourLimits
Throwback to last week when a bucket list item was crossed off my list! Hearing Andrea Bocelli sing my favorite song LIVE 😍😍😍 I only recorded a tiny bit because I really wanted to be in the moment but also wanted to remember the moment. So here’s :15 seconds of pure beauty 💕 • Husband coming in clutch with an amazing birthday gift 😁❤️
-- when you thought it was going to be a rest day but then decide to do weights and cardio instead because your new supplements pumped you the fuck up. Decided to take a selfie because i was feelin' my hair. Lmao. 💪🏃🔥💦
When Instagram advertisements get the best of you..... Weights 💪 Cardio 🏃 Bronze 🌞 #SupplementSaturday
This. Yes! ❤️ . . Something I really need to try to do more often! . . . We can't be all things to all people all of the time. It really is ok to say no. To stop. To sit. To protect your energy. In fact I encourage you (we) do it more often ❤️ . . With another "Self care Sunday" upon us I encourage you to take time out, even just 5 mins, to allow yourself to rest, breathe, show yourself a little extra love 💕💐💕 . I know it's easier said than done especially when we live in a world that glorifies the hustle & constantly tells us to do more, work more, give more (yet be less?!) but, something I have come to learn is that taking time to rest/recharge does not mean you're weak or less than, in my eyes taking time to rest & show yourself some love is a sign of strength! . . As a recovering people pleasing/perfectionist saying no is not something that comes easily to me but, something I have come to learn is that taking time out, even just 5 mins to sit & breathe seems to increase my productivity once it's time to get back into action. . . Not only will taking time out help to refocus & re-energize you but it will also enable you to be the best/most awesome version of you possible & help you "serve" (aka be a better husband/wife/mother/father/brother/sister/son/daughter/friend) to those around you much more efficiently. . . It may not be easy but it is, YOU ARE, so, SO worth it. . You'll be no good to anyone (yourself included) if you're wear yourself out and continue to push through the hustle point of exhaustion! . So, this self care Sunday find a way to take some time to out to show yourself a little extra love and care so that you can ignite the fire within & not just survive but thrive through the week ahead. . Whatever it is that makes you feel good & your heart happy take some time out to make it happen, deal?! 👌 . No guilt allowed! . . Please, please, please, at least just for today (but really as often as you need it), take some time to ⏸ slow down & take care of your fine self, because you're so, SO worth it 💖 . . 📸♻️👑 Sal aka - @thefitfoodieblog ❤️
WISH ME LUCK! I’m meeting with a few independent book stores today in Vancouver to get Be Your Own Super Hero on their shelves! 📖📚 📖📚 📖📚 📖📚 📖📚 📖📚 📖📚 📖📚 #vancouver #beyourownsuperhero #author #awritechristmas #amyroscoe #downtown #bookstagram #book #bookshelf #view #roomwithaview #workbook #authorsofinstagram #writersofinstagram #writer @vancouver
Sometimes you have to be your own superhero. When it comes to anything, it’s better to have a solid support system that can help you in the difficult times and make the most of the good ones. But sometimes that isn’t possible, and those are the moments that we need to be our own superheroes and stay strong enough for ourselves to push through the difficult moments and get to the good ones. Because ultimately, nobody is going to be able to know and look after your personal needs more or better than yourself. This isn’t being cynical. This is simply the proper way to ensure your own well-being first and foremost, which in turn will allow you to love and help others better and more completely as well.
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