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Took last few days off from social media to focus on some client work, prepare for my upcoming trip and most importantly give my mind some break. I think we all need those down days where we just want to be in our Pjs, sip some wine, lie in our cozy blanket and think about nothing. And there is nothing wrong with it. We are living in a time where things are super competitive and fast paced, so it’s become even more important that we focus on our mental health. I have seen so many entrepreneurs, bloggers and individuals get burnt out and exhausted - not because of physical exertion but because they have so much on their mind. I’m sure you guys can relate to those days where your mind refuses to shut off. We all have responsibilities and sometimes it’s hard to take a break but we need to remember as much as our body needs rest, so does our mind. I have seen some of my closest friends battle anxiety, depression and stress. Sometimes the smallest things can rent the biggest space. After-all, we all have our demons. So spend an hour in the night to reflect, take a few days off social media or talk to someone if need be. Could be a friend, family or a counselor. There is absolutely nothing wrong with sharing and talking to a mental health specialist. But make sure you have things off your mind. Of course, it’s easier said than done, but try it. Small steps will count. I highly encourage all of you to think more about #MentalHealth as not only does our society need it but WE it need for a healthier and happier life.
Don't wait for the world to make you happy, take control and do what makes you happy! #happiness
Attention local Bay Area followers! This one's for you. Giveaway Day 4 w/ @napatheyorkie & @smooshy_mooshy ! 2 chances to win a $50 gift card to @steinsbeer_cupertino. I’m already on my way! See you there. Rules: 1. Follow @napatheyorkie , @smooshy_mooshy and @steinsbeer_cupertino 2. Tag some friends. 1 tag = 1 entry. Unlimited tags. 3. Repost this photo to your story = 4 entries. Must tag hosts and be public so we can see it. 4. Repost this photo to your feed = 6 entries. Must tag hosts and be public so we can see it. 5. Giveaway ends on Dec 15th at 8AM PST. Winner will be chosen at random and posted to stories within 24 hours. Per Instagram rules, this promotion is in no way sponsored, administered, or associated with Instagram, Inc. By entering, entrants confirm that they are 13+ years of age, release Instagram of responsibility, and agree to Instagram’s terms of use. #giveaway #freegiftcard #steinsbeergarden #bayareaeats #localrestaurants #bestfoodbayarea #craftbeer #holidaygiveaway #christmastime
#throwback to before our renovations 😲 Can you believe this will be our first holiday season in our updated space?? Join us to celebrate! 🥂🎄 #Bungalow44
I am all about comfort! I am in love and so comfy #sneakers #bayarealifestyle #style #congolese #kinshasa @prada sneakers, you can find it @barneysny
The Bay Area gets another one on the list! At number 6 of the most expensive zip codes in California is Belvedere. Positioned right on the north side of the bay, it couldnt be any more spectacular. #belvedere
Must See! Really cool home in Almaden Valley with synchronized lights and music. You can even pick what song you want to play! Come see it at 6367 Vegas Dr, San Jose. Trust me, you dont want to miss it. #Christmas
That's right, you're looking at the perfect place for your holiday gathering! 💃 Great food and drinks in cool spaces with even cooler people - what more could you ask for? Link in bio to learn more about hosting your party at the Bungalow! 👌❄ #Bungalow44
Here is a chart from the California Association of Realtors on past stats and projected for 2019. Amount of Resales, Median Price, Afforsability Index and Rates are all projected to have significat changes for 2019🤔😯. #NewYear
Created this super easy everyday going out #glam look using some of my absolute favorite products. Products used: - @beccacosmetics Illuminating primer - @dewycel_usa Eye Cream - @beccacosmetics Skin Love Foundation - @maybelline Fit Me Concealer - @lorealmakeup Color correcting palette - @no7usa Translucent Powder - @nyxcosmetics Contour Wonderstick - @kevynaucoin Contour Book II for contouring and highlighting - @Milano cosmetics Blush Luminoso - @urbandecaycosmetics Eye Primer - @acebeaute Eye Palette - @purcosmetics Midnight Masquerade Palette - @alamarcosmetics & @luxiebeauty Eye Brushes - @elfcosmetics Eye pencil - @urbandecaycosmetics Brow box in Brown Sugar - @armanibeauty Eccentrico Mascara - @sephora Liquid lipstick in Marvelous Mauve - @silkygirlcosmetics Lip Matte balm in Vogue Check the full video out 👆🏼link in bio PS New video out tonight on one of the most sought after masks.Stay tuned
A brick house? . Mighty mighty, lettin’ it all hang out! . . . Thomas and Raye adventures! . #lostBoistyle #cityexplorers #Discovery #Oakland #SanFrancisco #BayArea #BayAreaLifeStyle #BrickWall #Selfie #Face #SelfPortrait #SelfPortraitArt #Beanie #JeanJacket #BlueHair
Did you ever wonder what you get as a door prize at the end of a Silicon Valley Holiday party? Of course you have! An empanada. Oculus gave us an empanada. 😂🍷🥂🍸🥟#facebookparty #oculusholidayparty #facebookholidayparty #jenofcalifornia . . . . #champagne #wine #love #party #cheers #luxury #wedding #travel #luxurylifestyle #friends #fashion #lifestyle #champagner #bubbles #domperignon #photography #nightlife #cocktails #instawine #weekend #bayarealife #bayarealifestyle #siliconvalleylife #siliconvalleywife
Walking in San Francisco street like a diva #Friday #outfitoftheday #fashionworld #bayarealifestyle #congolesegirl #congo #Kinshasa #kitendi @barneysny leather jacket @fashionnova dress 😘
Picture you and your 50 best friends right here for this year's holiday party 🎄 Can you see it? We can! Link in bio to ask us about hosting private events! #Bungalow44
Chillin’ because it’s the #weekend . Plus I think I need a swing like this in my home. It would be perfect to lie on it and read. What do you think? . . Also my #vacation hasn’t started but my mind seems to be on #VacayMode already - Singapore, Bali, India coming up shortly. Too excited. Do you also get excited weeks before a vacation and want to quickly pack so you feel your trip is nearer than it is 🙈
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A San José classic. This place has been home making raviolis for 31 years. If you grew up in The east foothills of San Jose you know this is the spot! My Grandmas birthday is tomorrow so I thought I’d stop in and pick her up something tasty for lunch. Beef raviolis with the tomato basil sauce + a Side salad. They also have some deli sandwiches 🥪 you can’t pass up! 😋😋😋😋 #bayareaeats #sanjosefoodie #eatlocalsj #eatlocosj #sanjosecalifornia #408foodie #sanjoseeats #bayarealifestyle #bayarea
🇰🇷 Wangz or Drumsticks ? 🍗 My friend took me here for our love of lychee Soju (which gets you buzzed like you didn’t see it coming) anyway, we also ordered the chicken drumsticks. This is a Korean take on fried chicken AND hijolayyy they do it right! Double fried, choice of two sauces Soy Garlic and Spicy Glaze 🌶. Perfect to go with some beer. Also if you’re a seafood lover You wanna try their seafood fried rice and japchae. This place is right on Capitol near mckee in the same parking lot as 24hr fitness across the street from target. 🇰🇷
OKAY ‼️ If you’ve ever tried food that tasted like there was straight crack in it, I guarantee it’s the Yellow chicken curry (Ka Ree) here at Krung Thai Restaurant. This stuff is AMAZING. I never had a weakness for curry before but after trying this, it’s now One of my TOP favorite dishes. You eat this over the steamed white rice and call it a day. Thai curry has that sweet addicting flavor that just keeps getting better with every bite. I am not playing you guys. Take your girl or guy here, order this and thank me later. 💋xo
Another pho review. Pho Kim Long is near great mall on Capitol. Seemed to be pretty busy when we went. Workers were frantically serving each table as they had quite a few people waiting. Service was fast. Thai tea and hot tea were both good choices to select off the menu. The broth here did not seem to be made with MSG which is always a good thing. I tend to go to pho Saigon for that reason. But I noticed that the broth wasn’t served very hot, which I didn’t like. I could give this place another try. Pho hits the shpot during this cold weather 🤤🍜
Let’s talk about #eyecare . For someone like me, who has to often put makeup as my job demands it, I have to take utmost care of my skin especially under my eye. For those of you who don’t know, the area under the eye is super sensitive and it’s so important to ensure it’s always hydrated. . . I’ve been obsessed with #Korean skin care brands for a while now. So when I got a chance to try the @dewycel_usa eye cream range, I was so excited. . . Now I’m not raving about it because I got it complimentary, but I’ve been using it personally for 2 weeks now and actually feel my under eye being super hydrated. I use this to prep my under-eye before applying any foundation and also in the night after spraying some rose water on my face. I‘ve been loving it so much that I had to share it with you guys. . . Curious, what’s your favorite eye care cream. . P.S new makeup video up where I use some of my fav products and this eye cream too. Link in bio 👆🏼 #Skincare #Dewycel #Eyecream #Dewyholic
Happy to apart of the company with the BEST in Customer Service. Everyday I strive to serve you. If you ever have any questions, I am always here to help. Have a great week! #1
To eat or just to admire? 😍 Making big decisions over here… We'll settle on a combo of both 🍴 #Bungalow44
Monday Inspiration: the 2019 home trend with minimalistic, compact, and multifunctional furnishings. What's your home style? . . . #📷 by http://www.indecortrends.com
Woot! Keller Williams is named #1 Realty for Customer Services!!🏆🏆 If you or your friends are looking to buy or sell a home, message me today and let me show you why.
San Francisco’s trolleys is definitely a unique experience. I’m not much of a trolley rider when in the city, but when I have my kids I love sharing with them an experience I got to experience as a kid myself, not to mention Sf invented them nearly 150 years ago! 🚎 🚃🚦🌉📸 #sf #photography #sfphoto #sanfrancisco #sanfranciscobayarea #bayarea #bayarealiving #bayarealife #bayarealifestyle #instapic #instaphoto #instagramphoto #photoinstagram #instagrammer #instagramersgallery #instagramers #iger #saturdaynight #saturdayvibes #saturdayouting #nightlife #nightphotography #followers #followtrain #followersinstagram
Saturday night. Enjoying a little free time. @gianvitorossi shoes. @ferragamo belt . @barneysny Clutch. #bayarealifestyle #sanfranciscostyle #fashionworld #style #kinshasa #congolesegirlrock .
Omg I finally got to see Macchu Picchu! . . When I was 12, I moved to stay with my grandad for a bit and he was a total history buff. I remember him telling me all about the wonders of the world and the stories behind it. . . The one empire that had really fascinated me was the Inca empire. They were perhaps the largest empire in the world in early 16th century. The #Inca didn’t have a written language yet had the most developed political and administrative structure.🗿 . Fun fact - Machu Picchu is made up of more than 150 buildings ranging from baths and houses to temples and sanctuaries using stones that were more than 50 pounds. Since Incas didn’t have wheels, it required hundreds of men to push the heavy rocks up the steep mountain side. 😲 Isn’t it cool! Absolutely loved this place. I also captured it in my vlog. Link in bio if you want to see it. What’s the one wonder of the world you really want to visit ? #WhereDoIGoNext
Looking for a place to host your holiday parties? Look no further than right here. 😎 Link in bio for more info on how we can take your event to the next level 🎉 #Bungalow44
The best way to beat the cold - kiss! 🙈😘 #LoveLikeNoOneIsWatching . Thanks @gooooomaaaar for this capture. #visitphilly
Just putting some finishing touches on our latest delicious creation 💁‍♂️ Who's dining with us this week?? 😋 #Bungalow44
Wearing a bit of Philly on my sleeves. Our trip to philly was full of amazing food- cheesesteaks, Shake shack, mulled wine, hot ciders, hot chocolate, cheese fries and so much more. Philly is a haven for yum food. Plus I finally got to wear my winter clothes. Now back then thinking where to go next? What’s your favorite holiday city in the US? #CantStayPut
This #thanksgiving was all about love and friendship. Missed our friends and family who are away. The one thing I really wish is that we didn’t live so far away from our family who are back in Asia. Thanks @gooooomaaaar and @felixmathew123 for hosting us and giving us so much love. ❤️ But hope you all had an amazing holiday. Back to the grunt from tomorrow. 🦃 #CountdowntoXmasBegins #AteTooMuch
The IG husband. He is the one taking all the photos. He doesn’t really like taking photos but after all these years of doing it he’s getting pretty good at it. 😂 Does anyone else have an IG husband? #jenofcalifornia #ighusband #marriedlife . . . . . #amazing #family #nature #nofilter #life #husbandandwife #vscocam #followforfollow #bayarealife #bayarealifestyle #f4f #interracialcouples #marriedlife 💍 #downbythebay #siliconvalleylife #siliconvalley #igyogafam #husbandandwife #husband #oculus #oculusgo #bayview #punjabi #iphoneonly
Whenever your in Oakland don’t forget to stop by my cuzzo’s spot and eat some good Authentic Mexican Food Coming str8 outta Oakland California 🔥🔥🔥 @lacasitaeastoakland also Big S/O to @mexi_papa_adventures for taking his adventure to Oakland California and stopping by la casita and trying the whole menu #lacasitaeastoakland #oakland #oaklandovereverything #oaklandcalifornia #oaklandishome #oaklandisproud #oaklandvseverubody #oaklandhellalit #i ❤️Oakland #ihellaloveoakland #bayarea #oakland510 #oaklandtribune #RN4L #raidernation #oaklandathletics #thetown #thetownelephant #Warriors #bayshit #californialivin #bayarealifestyle #oaklandshit
Go out and support your local small businesses! #SmallBusinessSaturday
Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your Turkeys 🦃 , watch some Football 🏈 and have great times with Family👨‍👩‍👦‍👦. #happythanksgivng
When your flight is super delayed thanks to bad weather, all you can do is get some readings in while waiting for my order of fries to get made! 📚 🍟 . . Currently reading Feminist Fight Club by acclaimed journalist @jessicabennett which I got at the amazing event at @saks hosted by @bumble . . What are you guys reading these days. Share some book inspo please! #BookClub
Happy Thanksgiving! We will resume dining hours on Friday, November 23rd @ 11am! Prost from The Steins Family in Mountain View 🍻 . . . . #holidayhours #thanksgivingday #bayarealifestyle #bayareaeats #downtownmountainview #feastmode #allscratchkitchen #craftbeer
Off work until after Thanksgiving! What kind of trouble can I get into lol!? #offwork #justlookingforfun #lifeisgood #enoylife #goodtimes #bayarealifestyle #getdobbinized
So fresh and so clean clean I’m extremely happy to say I got my dream car even though it’s not a 5.0 I’ve always want a mustang and now I have one #mustang #ecoboost #turbo #dreamcar #2019 #boostedboyz #mustanglifestyle #hoonigan #americanmuscle #pirellitires #sportpack #beautifulcars #gotponys #gotford #stayshitty 💩 #bayarealifestyle #sideshow @streetactions
This week is all about giving thanks, and we are so thankful for our hardworking crew! S/o to the amazing people who keep the oysters coming, the kitchen cooking, and the drinks pouring day in & day out. #Bungalow44
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