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A different kind of moveable type spotted on a recent visit to Portland! It reminds me of alphabet noodles in soup, of alphabet fridge magnets, and of course of my own beloved metal type. . One of the reasons I got into printing in the first place was a love for words, alphabets, and the magic that lets us use 26 little symbols to convey every word and idea we have. Can you believe it? These little letters each have so much responsibility! . Can you think of other examples of physical, moving, infinitely recyclable letters that are out there? And does anyone else feel emotional about the alphabet sometimes? . #ilovewords #alphabet #alphabetsoup #letters #typography #typophile #bibliophiles #backstory #letterboard #letterpress #emotionsaboutthealphabet #mondaymood #magiclittleletters #ilovethem
✨It’s never to late to adjust your sails.... ✨Sometimes you have to weather the storm to sail straight...
"Conception" . "Any progress?" The shadow of the humanoid figure covered in rags and runed paraphernalia loomed over the glass made green from the light emanated by the specimen within. "Oh yes, yes." The gnome on his left adjusted his glasses "According to my calculations, it shouldn't be long until the full growth is completed." He nervously handled the piece of paper between his hands. There was a long pause before the man, or at least what the gnome supposed to be a man, spoke once more. "What about the mental capacity?" The sapper boggled, again adjusting his glasses. "I've taken the liberty of performing a few tests outside the incubation chamber. At first the mental age appeared to be the one of a five year old, but she's making progress." "She?" A long, hoarse scoff came from beneath the cowl. "Don't get too attached to IT, doctor. You might regret it." . Better rez: https://www.deviantart.com/scissorsrunner/art/Conception-762943166 . #scissorsrunner #art #digitalart #gnome #wow #worldofwarcraft #world #warcraft #roleplay #rp #dnd #dungeonsanddragons #gdr #conception #sprinklewit #arikara #tube #laboratory #evil #ominous #tinkertown #scientist #madscientist #creation #runemaster #experiment #illustration #backstory
Here’s the backstory. I run for a company that believes in the transformative power of sport - you know it when it happens. It’s like positive, electricity bolts going through your body that show you have the power to be anything and do anything. I run for a company that believes that everyone is human - we all have moments of success and failure. What defines @oiselle is how they treat people in their down moments. No one is cast away for being human, for making mistakes or having bad days. I run for a company that sees setbacks as a chance to get stronger, to be better. Oh, and hey, this #backstory shirt is part of the #WTFsale . Use WTF25 for 25% off this shirt and so many other awesome things. #headupwingsout
New story out tomorrow - so why not have a listen to David’s story about his time investigating 7/7 - it is fascinating stuff. Link in bio. #applepodcasts #7 /7 #terrorism #terror #podcasts #itsgoodtolisten #backstory #listen
It’s Monday. May your coffee be strong and your day be cooperative!⁣ ☕️ ⁣ I finished up Sea Witch by Sarah Henning this weekend. ⭐️⭐️⭐️💫 (3.5/5). To summarize, the author gives us the back story of Ursula, the Sea Witch, from A Little Mermaid. Villains are always more interesting and complicated than we expect and she certainly wasn’t born a villain. ⁣ ☕️ ⁣ I base my ratings purely on my level of enjoyment while reading. I enjoy dabbling in fantasy and the land of fractured fairy tales occasionally and this read was light, quick, and kept me interested. ⁣ ☕️⁣ What other movie or book villains would you like to know more about?
Another story line i guess hope u guys like it. *fingers crossed* . . . #love #story #aka #backstory #of #charlotte 's #love #life #and #how #she #got #her #self #into #XO #club
#backstory Lots of colour in stall 25. Perfect for summer #new2youmarkets #colourfulshoes #prelovedmarket
“What can it feel like to know that you’ve done something that impacts millions of people?” _____ THE RESCUER I was an event producer. I love food, but at every one of my events I had a lot of leftovers. Occasionally I would take it to a charity late at night but it didn’t happen often. I was creating all this waste and it just felt like I couldn’t keep doing it. I felt that there something bigger that I was meant for. I was becoming restless as I wondered what I could do to make a difference. So I thought, ‘alright, I’ll just take a little break and I’ll go and visit my sister in Israel’. I decided to take a trip via South Africa to see a very close friend I hadn’t seen in years…Salma. I was only in South Africa for two days when Salma invited me to go and see an AIDS clinic which she had just set up in Soweto – a city just outside of Johannesburg that has about 3 million people living in it. As we drove into the city Salma said to me – really casually – ‘By the way, I was responsible for electricity in Soweto’. And I just thought ‘Oh my god. What can it feel like to know that you’ve done something that impacts millions of people’? We carried on driving and by the time I arrived at the AIDS clinic I knew that I could never live my life the same way again. I knew that I would come back to Australia and find out what I was meant to do … and do it! There was food and people in need. All I had to do was put the two together. ____ Read more about Ronni Kahn, Founding Director of @ozharvest - full story now at: storynational.com.au —— (Originally featured in our limited edition custom publication ‘The Spark - Volume One’)
This is an old old old unfinished and probably will never be finished comic of Zeeld and Haku's past :') it was gonna explain how their mum passed, but I got to lazy, I didn't finish it!! But I hope you guys like what is finished even though it's not much haha Enjoy #thegoddessluema #luema #zeeld #haku #kana #mako #gan #mia #hakuandzeeldsbackstory #tgl #comic #originaldesign #originalrace #originalcharacter #digitalart #digital #digitalartist #art #artist #unfinished #backstory
#Shaq is a #Savage I #remember this #game now I #know the #backstory #lol #lmao 😂😂😂 #beastmode Shaq from #Jerseycity and #Newark #nba #ballislife 🏀
#Repost @kay.the.bibliophile with @get_repost ・・・ How was everyone’s Saturday? Anyone do anything fun or exciting? 😊 Today I went to my local library and got 3 new books to read over the weekend!!! #TheBeastWithin #PoorUnfortunateSouls & #MistressOfAllEvil 😈 I am in love with this Disney Villains Series about their backstories!!! • • • #Bookstagrammer #Bookstagram #Bibliophile #YABooks #YAReader #DisneyBooks #DisneyVillains #Beast #Ursula #Maleficent #BackStory #MyBooks #LibraryBooks #MyBookFeatures #BookLovingFeatures #KimmerBooks @mybookfeatures @booklovingfeatures @kimmersbooks
Mother/Daughter Shoot I had the opportunity to shoot this weekend. #Backstory : Daughter come in from Germany. She was hospitalized days after getting here. Turns out it was a severe case of bronchitis. She makes a speedy recovery (still on meds). We make plans for the shoot and we make it happen. #GodIsGood
~Whaddup Congress~ (Much love to @weave_on for putting together such a lovely MFA textile show 😙)
Welcome Sunny to the barn! he is a 2 year old English thoroughbred gelding. He was abandoned, so i took him in and I'm training him! I can't ride him yet but soon I can! #backstory #starstableonly #sso #starstable #realisticroleplay #realisticrp #rp #realistic #roleplay
Another stunning panel from @natebaertschart ! This is from the third instalment of the Weaponeers of Monkaa saga: “The Power of the Lifespring”. Nate’s work is incredibly dynamic and really breathes life into these characters! Which of the 5 instalments is your favourite? #weaponeersofmonkaa #weaponeers #weaponeer #monkaa #powerofthelifespring #backstory #lifespring #storyofmonkaa #bloodlust #glowstone #natebaertsch #natebaertschart #spymonkey #spymonkeycreations
Maleficent’s got some mad vibes man. 1 or 2? #disney #villain #powerful #maleficent #digitalart #print #backstory #vibes #bigmood
When you know, you know. You know? (Part two) So where were we? I was a bi-sexual woman, yet I had no experience with the ladies. What is a girl to do? Stage 5 – I put a profile up on a popular dating lesbian site and waited. They aren’t keen/are suspicious of bi-sexuals and challenged me on it a lot. The best time to go on the site was Monday nights. It seems single lesbians for the most part stay home on a Monday night. Some of them call you a tourist when you tell them you are ‘new’, which isn’t very friendly when you are joining a new club. To read the full article go to exhetra.com #backstory #gayblog #lesbianblog #latebloomer
When you know, you know. You know? (Part two) - So where were we? I was a bi-sexual woman, yet I had no experience with the ladies. What is a girl to do? Stage 5 – I put a profile up on a popular dating lesbian site and waited. They aren’t keen/are suspicious of bi-sexuals and challenged me on it a lot. The best time to go on the site was Monday nights. It seems single lesbians for the most part stay home on a Monday night. Some of them call you a tourist when you tell them you are ‘new’, which isn’t very friendly when you are joining a new club. To read the full article go to exhetra.com #backstory #lesbianblog #gayblog
•”I’m home!” Lucas yelled, slipping his shoes off. Emily passed by the doorway, hands full of books. “Oh hey Lily.” Lucas said, standing outside her bedroom. “Get your filthy magic filled hands away from me!” She shouted. “Sorry I was born with it.” Lily slammed her door closed. All I wanted to do is talk to you.• Lily has PTSD. She’s scared of him. Tags #oc #originalcharacter #originalcharacters #characterdesign #character #characters #characterstory #ocbackstory #backstory #occomic #siblings #brotherandsister #magic #spells #spellcasting #spellcasters #familiars #familiar #spellcaster #copic #copics #copicmarkers #copicsketch #copicart #copicartists #artistsofinstagram #artistsoninstagram #camsfirstocs
So here goes! Why the Branding ‘going it alone’ has come about! That’s right, that’s me in a wedding dress four and a half years ago. I upped sticks, moved my whole life to Berkshire to do life here with the man I vowed to be with forever, turns out he told porkies when saying our vows and that went right down the popper a year and a half ago. So here I am with some disaster dating stories under my belt feeling like a totally new me. Going it alone, living the life I want to live, with money that I earn creating dreams because of ME not a man or a boy or anyone else! Me! I mean the sensible thing to do would be to pack up and move back to wales where I could buy a castle for the price I can buy a 1 bedroom flat in Royal Berks. But no! I’m here and I created MY life. So I AM going to live it and you lot are coming along for the journey. I’m going to have tips on how to survive on a Welsh wage in Berkshire and everything! 🙄 On a side note, this is not going to be a story of the demise of my marriage, that’s done, gone, In the past, it’s going to be the amazing things I do afterwards. But just a little back story. Here I am the open book and all that 😉 📖 #berkshire #wales #story #blogging #countrylife #country #cymru #backstory #independant #goingitalone #vetnurse #equine #equestrian #blogger #newyork #divorced #divorce #shoestringlifestyle #lifestyleblogger
After the festival the pranksters won and we watched the winners fireworks. It was so beautiful and guess who watched beside me. • • #sims4 #ts4 #backstory #sims4cityliving #sims4festival #CC #Mods #simslover #simmer #simstagram #mysim
have you ever attended a masquerade ball? Heartless by Marissa Meyer ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ (Credit To Artist: Tiffinie)
I loved this scene. she was so pure in it. Catherine deserves better Heartless by Marissa Meyer ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ (Credit To Artist: 68.media on Tumblr)
have you ever been to a real tea party? Heartless by Marissa Meyer ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ (Credit To Artist: roseluna on Deviantart)
The amazing tale of Svetlana & Tatiana. Their mothers, dear sisters, were forced to move from their beloved Motherland when their girls were but three years old. One chose Australia, the other, moved to Canada, separating their young daughters, who had never before left each others’ sides. As children, they wrote letters, but these grew fewer and fewer each year, until they had nearly forgotten their kindred spirits. But the world works in mysterious ways. Unbeknownst to each other, the now grown women, work for the same global company. Each was sent to England for an important merger. That first night in London, both women were drawn to put on a red dress and find a jazz bar. They noticed each other at coatcheck, remarking on the other’s dress. But they quickly felt an overwhelming familiarity...they locked eyes and realized, they were each other’s long lost cousins! A joyous reunion filled with laughter and happy tears! They celebrated, drank and danced the night away, as only Russians can! 💃🏼💃🏽 #BarLies #BackStory #StayInCharacter #IThoughtYourNameWasMonique #OhThatsMyMiddleName #StealTheCarafe #AndRun #Tati #Sveti
Poor baby Clu.... She deserves better ;-; • • • • • • • #oc #mainoc #myoc #vent #backstory
Ek anjani mohtarma se ruksar ho gay the hum , kuch pal ke liye khud se Anjaan ho gay the hum . Vo reshmi libaz mein apni julfon ko Sambhal rahi thi aur hum unke satrangi lehze pe fida ho chuke the . Har lafz Ko vo ji se hi khatam Kiya Karti thi aur humko aap se nawaza Karti thi . Pal do pal ke liye hi khuda mehrban tha par zindagi mein pheli dafa ulfat se mulakat thi . **Hear out the full story on YouTube . Link in bio** #newvideo #youtubepoet #backstory
This week in 1958, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was stabbed while autographing his book 'Stride Toward Freedom' in a Harlem's Blumstein department store. Izola Curry, an African-American woman, approached MLK at the signing and asked if he was indeed Martin Luther King Jr. and when he replied yes, Curry stabbed him with a letter opener in the chest. The eight-inch letter opener was found to be resting against his aorta, and the doctors warned King that even a small sneeze would have caused a puncture and "you would have drowned in your own blood" (as published in his autobiography). His would-be assassin was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, and King was quick to release a statement forgiving her and preaching his message of nonviolence and peace.
Presenting before you #backstory ; the stories hidden behind the words. I come up with audio videos every Sunday . Please subscribe on YouTube. #newyoutuber #youtube #hopes #newbeggings
This is just a little doodle I did last night, it goes along with Ruby’s backstory a bit ( Just depicting the feelings of it ). She’s better now if you’re worried 😅 Someone very special to her kinda fixed her up. Ruby is my main OC ( I think? ) and she’s 8! She’ll be turning 9 on October 25th ( yesss, I age them on their ‘actual’ birthdays. ) • • • • • • #oc #slightgore #gutspill #bloody #bunny #blonde #ruby #redeyes #cute #backstory #stockings #warning #simplebackground #medibang #medibangpaint #doodle #art #sketch #drawing #decapitation #neck #blood #redeyes #halloweendoodle
My talented friend @kateburnim #artatthekent #backstory
"How can I sleep if I don't have dreams? I just have nightmares.." 🚀☁ #wakeherup
“I’ve been waiting for you for so long”, she said... ... ...as the delivery boy handed over the food. ... Photographed by the one and only @ajags18 ❤️ ... #BackStory #Foodie #SariNotSari #WelcomeToMyWorld #AlwaysWaiting
sOoooO, a little bit of #Chloe 's #backstory . She used to be a vigilante back when she lived in her oun universe. Then, it was destroyed, so she ran away, nobody knows how. She became a time/space traveler, and she landed in a place where she kept going with her goal of making her city safer. Later on, she was recruited by shield. Coolcool. #ReferenceSheet part 1/3 .🌹
This is NOT a vent O o f, BACKSTORY TIME THREE UPDATE IN ONE DAY WOOOO This is a piece of backstory of Melanchony, my poor precious baby qwq Kinda of complicated, I'm a lazy ass, take this for now ...no it's not related to rape or pedophilia :D · · · · · · · · · #comic #backstory #melancholy #child #fantasycreature #liar #hoax #deception #growing #hope #fun #trust #pencil #art
Joaquin Phoenix is in full costume as the Jester of Genocide in the latest teaser as the joker and we can’t look away! #DC #joker #batman #backstory #KeepUp #EgoMag
First #Powerliftingcomp Visayas Open 👉#Deadlift toplift : 110 kl 👉Women's under 57 kilo division 👉Official Comp day weight 56.2 kl . #backstory 1st attempt 105 kl (Good lift) 2nd attempt 110 kl (Good lift) 3rd attempt 115 kl (no lift 😊) . Not gonna says its okay. I Failed my lift. its absolutely not okay. its painful just thinking about it right now, typing this words to you. But i appreciate your time & the connection you reached out to me so I share to you my truth. My victories and my failures.❤❤❤ . The more this sport hurts me, the more I knew I have trully fallen in love with it. only the things we love can trully hurt us and am not letting this go... because in these days of casual flings & everything finding your passion is rare thing. 🔥🔥🔥 We are what we struggle for.❤ . Having said all that, am excited for our next cycle of #Strengthprogram and we due to start on wednesday! I cannot wait!💃💃💃 . Forever thankful for the unwavering support: @bakbonsgym @poweredbyhumba @wisechoice_supplements @buckedup_philippines #Powerlifting #girlswholift
#oc #valkyre #hybrid #cosplay #backstory Loki searches for her Father
久しぶりのワイン投稿🍷 成城石井で見つけた、テーブルワイン😋 #おうち飲み #ilovewine #instagood #california #backstory #cabernetsauvignon #2016 #コスパ #おいしい #おすすめ #tablewine #😋
Tag♥️ ___________________ Follow @backstorry ✨ ____________________ #writeups #backstory #love 💔
How was everyone’s Saturday? Anyone do anything fun or exciting? 😊 Today I went to my local library and got 3 new books to read over the weekend!!! #TheBeastWithin #PoorUnfortunateSouls & #MistressOfAllEvil 😈 I am in love with this Disney Villains Series about their backstories!!! • • • #Bookstagrammer #Bookstagram #Bibliophile #YABooks #YAReader #DisneyBooks #DisneyVillains #Beast #Ursula #Maleficent #BackStory #MyBooks #LibraryBooks #MyBookFeatures #BookLovingFeatures #KimmerBooks @mybookfeatures @booklovingfeatures @kimmersbooks
Wow look at that, I'm posting, weird right? Anyway --- This is a link to Zia's backstory... so ya, she couldn't save her sister. --- #drawing #digitalart #digitaldrawing #wings #zia #storm #lightning #clouds #save #backstory
#Powerliftingcomp #lowbarsquat 👉Toplift 100 kl 👉Women's Under57 kilo division 👉Official Bodyweight on comp day: 56.2 kl . #backstory #Squat is my favorite lift. I am grateful for this number 🙏but I would have wished to scored more. But I messed up my first attempt & failed to reach depth earning me 2 red flags which really broke my heart. . I wore my feelings on my freaking face and the entire crowd saw my dismay. . But when you are genuinely inlove with what you do, you put every bit of your heart in to it and you open it up for the breaking. and it will break, and sometimes in front of an entire crowd. HAHAHAHAHAHAH. and that's okay. All part of the process. Live to fight for another day 😉 . . 🔥Be Strong. Be Brave. Conquer with Grace. . 👉1st attempt 100 kl (NO LIFT failed to reach depth) 👉2nd attempt 100 kl (Good lift) 👉3rd Attempt 115 kl ( No lift) . and again and again, thank you for the kind words. . @bakbonsgym @poweredbyhumba @buckedup_philippines @wisechoice_supplements
Day 6: a defining moment in my life. There are a lot of moments that have been big in my life, a lot of twisty turns that have led me here. Of all of them though, I’d have to say NOLA was the pivotal moment, if three years can be a moment. NOLA wasn’t all bad. It was actually a lot of good, it just culminated in a lot of rough stuff. Had I the choice to go and do a chapter of my life over, I would definitely rewrite a lot of that chapter. But, the way it’s written now, it led me here. The haunting words of a person who thought he was stronger than I have echoed in my heart for the last eight years, but these days, they don’t haunt or scare me at all. These days they serve as a reminder: I *am* good enough. Heck, I’m *better* than good enough. I am creative. I am smart. I am lovable. I am generous. I am strong. I pour myself into my baking, probably more than I should, but it’s out of all this good inside me. It’s because I know I can. I work with some of the most amazing people, and consider myself so lucky to be here, in *this* place, in this moment. And it’s because of that place, NOLA, and all she taught me. Rebuild. Restore. Renew. #10thingstotellyou #definingmoment #baker #bakerslife #backstory
ALS reunion...having all the craic at #backstory @mrdonaldineen #absolutebest #dancing
However, I lived in a small village that no one ever escaped.... #backstory
chenille backstory spoilers but I give you no context . It’s been a thousand years since I’ve done anything in this style, I can’t decide if I miss it or not LOL, I wanna try and blend it with my current one more . #dnd #dndcharacter #comic #halfelf #rogue #backstory #illustration
Part of me is glad I wasn’t there when these items were discarded at the back of the bus...but the other part of me knows there is a story to tell here 😬 ‪Or am I alone in constructing stories from other people’s junk‬? #backseataction #backseatlife #backstory #lothianbuses #drama #missingthedrama #storiestobetold #icouldcrushagrape
my art really looked like the first picture at one point...disgusting...second part of winky’s backstory btw ———————————————— #aryexeocs #aryexewinky #markerartwork #artistsoninstagram #traditionalart #digitalart #backstory #collage #progress #artprogress #picsart #oc #myoc #character #originalcharacter #clown
This is basically, you know who it is. It's on the paper so I think you can know who this character is. Want me to say it? Ok. His name is the Unknown Demise, an assassin! I almost typed in assassin's Creed😂 his backstory is on the back so feel free to read it if you want #drawing ,#assassin ,#character ,#characterdesign ,#background ,#creepy ,#backstory ,#mask ,#chains ,#stiches ,#creepysmile ,#cape
Most of the finished content of the back story of my two main characters and what defines them as the main focal point of the story. (Got a couple more pages to pencil up and ink) - - - #m3art #art #artist #artwork #artistic #drawing #illustrations #comicbooks #comicbookart #inkart #inkillustration #cartoons #cartoonart #blackart #superheros #backstory
🌿fern🌿[read bio] ° °hes back and redesigned,hes cannon 16 and has a normal mouth now × °bio (for all those who are new) fern is part of the 2nd generation of people from the after math of a bio weapon gone wrong. The american gov was building a top secret virus which was supposed to rapidly mutate a persons genes mercilessly until thier cells grow so fast their body cant keep up and shuts down, basicly a virus that syntheticly causes cancer. Well it's the year 2045 and we have pivoted ourselves into another war. We already sent a ship to mars, however that plummeted relations with russia sending us into another cold war. Russia sent spys to infiltrate the gov, learning that we were making a bio weapon, and in a radical attempt to steal the virus, it went airborn. First it hit farm animals bacause the facility houseing the virus was in a remote area in the midwest, in the sunbelt region. The farm animal dna was changed so drasticly and mutated so badly that the animals were dying left and right, but some were surving long enough to get pregnant and give birth, the viruses effects changed the babys, people were seeing sheep with wings, dogs with horns. It was a mess dna pulling codes from other animals mutating too fast for a cure to be made, inevitably made its way to humans. This is where the sh*t hit the fan so to speak. The virus was collecting different gentic info from animals and keeping it. Mixing it into its own gentic material. It went into human cells and did what all viruses do. It reproduced, killing the cells. This virus had split into hundreds of thousands of strains, too many to even atrempt to make a cure cause as soon as u defeat one, another takes over. Humans dying left and right. But much like the farm animals, the babys were living, changeing turning into something...else something new. Not all changes were physical some were fundamental changing brainstructure, bone structure, hormones. After the mothers gave birth,the children takeing most of the affects of the virus, they lived for another 10-20 years or so before the wear and tear of trying to fight it off killed them, the children are pretty much grown by this time [tbc in comments]
Zygramalga ~ the walking, crawling, flowing horror comprised of a doll face and endless limbs wields the deadliest of weapons, and is a mystery to all who live. The only victim to survive her wrath was left with no mandible, fingers or any such extremities to describe his experience.. but the look in his eye said it all... Legend has it that she does the dark biddings of the great life-death witch “Karma.”
We have thought about pulling the curtain back on KidArtLit for a long time but never really knew how. Then, we read @justinablakeney vulnerable post about what really happens behind the scenes of Jungalow and it gave use the courage to shed some light on what really goes on at KidArtLit. We think you might be surprised. Our core KidArtLit team is the two of us —Megan & Julia. We do all of the customer service, social media, product design, website design and upkeep on the front and back ends, financial management, purchasing, human resources, relationship management, and marketing for our business. We've been incredibly lucky to count the amazing team at Commercial Support Services, a nonprofit that provides adults with developmental disabilities fair pay and work opportunities, as part of our business family. The team at CSS partners with us on our product fulfillment and shipping. We've also worked with some kickass entrepreneurs and creative powerhouses like @markslawson , @brandilyndavjdsonphotography , @jessicakay_photo , and @alexmc_4 who’ve generously made their talents available to us as we've grown step by step. Solopreneurs and creatives like these folks have made it possible for us to keep putting one foot in front of the other for almost 18 months now. They’re our guardian angels. Finally, we want to tell you that we're MOMS first — we work from home, often from our kitchen counters and between snack times, school pick-ups, and bedtime stories. We work early in the morning and late at night while our kids and partners sleep. Before KidArtLit, we were educators with BIG ideas of how to bring more #parentingwins to the families we served. Taking the entrepreneurial leap has been both exciting and challenging, and we are often thankful not to be doing it alone. KidArtLit is a labor of love that we deeply believe in, and we have big dreams bringing creative, bookish together time to many, many more families. Do you have questions about KidArtLit? About how we started? About our biggest challenges along the way? Share in the comments below. We’d love to shed some more light.
How did I NOT know this is a thing? #villains #backstory
OwO It's Shadow ! I haven't drawn her in a while but it was super fun to do So now the Explanation to her scars , nearly all of them are self harm scars btw. Except the one on her left arm and on her Hips (which you don't see rn) The one on her arm is caused by an explosion, the Building was on fire and Shadow got carried out by James . As there was an explosion coursing both to have 2nd-3rd ° burns . She got them on her arm while James's are on his left side of his chest ,arm and leg . It had hurt pretty bad and Shadow covers them ever since . She is to embaresed of the fact that a Kouro-yamie had saved her life since they had taken her families lives . But ! James will become a good guy. Hope you like it ❤ #digitalart #myart #myoc #medibangpaint #storybased #shadowtalesoc #dress #scars #selfharm #fire #backstory #evil #originalcharacter #oc #femaleoc #demon #demonoc #badtogood
No-name without her mask. Ok so here is the backstory for No-Name. She’s a 17-year-old girl. One day when she was out hanging with Bon , her girlfriend. A truck hit the place they were hanging out. It started a fire, half the building fell and they are trapped inside. When the firefighters got there, The ashes severely burnt her face. They got her and Bon out as fast as they could. When they got him to the hospital, the doctors didn’t know what to do because their faces were so messed up. They asked them what they wanted the doctors to do. They said they just wanted masks, One of a blue cat and the other as a purple bunny. When they left the hospital they went home, they decided keep the masks on as long as possible, only take them off when they had to. But they got in so much trouble with your mask kept breaking, so every year they got a replacement one. Their faces never healed so the masks stayed.( also her names not actually No-Name it’s was a nickname that’s stuck) ------------------------------- - - - -------------tags-------------- 🌸#cute 🌸#oc 🌸#original 🌸#originalcharacter 🌸#kawaii 🌸#kawaiigirl 🌸#kawaiianimegirl 🌸#cuteanimegirl 🌸#girl 🌸#beautiful 🌸#awesome 🌸#amazing 🌸#cool 🌸#arte 🌸#art 🌸#hair 🌸#drawing 🌸#draw 🌸#create 🌸#created 🌸#creativity 🌸#socute 🌸#adorable 🌸#nice 🌸 #allofmyocs 🌸🌸🌸 🌸#backstory 🌸#face 🌸#scars 🌸#hurtface
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