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:: Embodied Heart :: Every interaction and situation, no matter what it is on the outside, can be used either to open your heart and align with it on a deeper level, or close it a bit more. These small choices accumulate, moment by moment, over time. While there’s not much we can control outside of us, we are always in charge of how we use our experiences to shape who we are, and who we are becoming. . . . #amba #sacredwildloved #sacredfeminine #divinefeminine #embodiment #bodypositive #mindfulmovement #intuition #holistichealing #womensyoga #movementismedicine #bodywisdom #rewilding #shakti #awakeningshakti #bodypositivity #healing #sacred #divinelyguided #selflove #loveyourself #seeyourlight #spirit #soul #heartopener #soulpower #embraceyourself #shineyourlight #yogajourney #sacredpractice
💗 Women who are changing the world 💗 When you look at this picture, you may see colour, you may see beauty, you may think "oh, that looks lovely!". And there is all of this. Yes indeed ! But what you might not see or know about is the incredible courage, grace and power of these amazing women, who come to Dance the Goddess with me. I really want to honour these women. And for you to know how incredible they are. Last night was a weird, chaotic night energetically. I, myself, had been feeling a heaviness around my heart all day and had a bizarre drive to the venue, arriving only minutes before the start! Several of these sisters were tired, frazzled or confronting significant change in their lives. Many of them had been working long hours, doing their best out there in the world to effect positive change. Some had never been to this gathering before and had dived into the unknown, despite some twists and turns to get there. Some were feeling fear of what might arise or be experienced, as we danced the Sacral Chakra. Others are dedicated to their healing: of trauma or disconnect from their bodies, their sensuality, their Divine Feminine. And still they came. They shared. They showed up. They danced. They trusted. They went for it. What commitment! What calling! What courage! What strength! The time flew like never before. And as we sat in closing circle, having sung and toned the voices of our womb (so beautiful !), one Shakti spoke of the incredible power and magic that happens when women gather. Aho! I said. Aho! It humbles me every single time to be the space-holder for these gatherings and to witness the love and courage of each and every woman, who comes to dance and, in so doing, welcome the transformation that will inevitably arise. Warriors of love. Warriors of light. Women who, in boldly embracing their vulnerability and daring to express their brilliance, are changing themselves and the world. Namaste Sisters ! <3 🙏💃🌹 And to any women called to join us, we are dancing Manipura Chakra on Thursday, October 4th, 7-9pm, London School of Capoeira, N4. Link in bio #divinefeminine #awakeningshakti #womenscircle #womenempowerment
Jag börjar hitta en kraft djup inom mig, en självklarhet att vara mig själv. Hela mig, utan undantag, all in, take it or leave it. #soulsplash #drömmar #bikiniyogini #nyabilder #awakeningshakti #beyoubetruebefree
When Shakti moves, miracles happen. Dancing the Goddess is more than just a dance class. It’s a women’s circle, embodiment practice, energy of awakening & zone for empowerment. Join us - every second Thursday, London, N4. Tonight we dance with our sacral chakra. Sacred work. #divinefeminine #shaktidance #shakti #womenscircle #awakeningshakti #dancingthegoddess #goddess #priestess
♡ SHAKTI YOGA ♡⁣ Are you in Brisbane? I am sharing a new 4-week series of Shakti Yoga staring tomorrow (Friday!) at the Upper Brookfield Yoga Shala. 🌿⁣ ⁣ Shakti Yoga is a deeply nurturing, grounding & empowering practice especially for women to:⁣ ⁣ 🌹 Unravel tensions from the body⁣ ⁣ 🌹 Liberate + harness the locked-up energy of our emotions⁣ ⁣ 🌹 Create space in the mind as we soften into the heart and womb, accessing our deep inner knowing ⁣ ⁣ You will be invited to express authentic and organic movement through your body, in addition to classical yoga postures and mudras, to clear, align and open the nadis (energy channels).⁣ ⁣ We use our bodies, sound and breath to tap into this deep well of Shakti within, moving energy using the yogic art of attention paired with your more instinctual body wisdom.⁣ ⁣ The circulation of this vital energy assists with health, healing, creativity and spiritual connection.⁣ ✨⁣ ⁣ There will be a generous serve of restorative poses in each session that will allow you integrate the movement practice and experience deeply rejuvenating rest. ⁣ ⁣ You will emerge from the sanctuary session feeling utterly refreshed, vibrant, grounded but light! We call it the Shakti Yoga glow 😊⁣ ⁣ * * * Only 9 places available * * *⁣ ⁣ This is a luxury yoga practice in a boutique Yoga Shala surrounded by glorious nature.⁣ ⁣ Your senses will be indulged with pure essential oils, scalp massage and home brewed chai- all this and more is part of the goodness. Come and drink in the nectar, sisters - it is sweet ! 🍯 ⁣ ⁣ Each sanctuary session is from 9.30- midday on Fridays, and includes herbal tea on arrival, essential oils, and chai after class! ⁣ ⁣ 
Some Fridays (like this one!) there will be sweet treats available for sale by @wildsoulfoodbne ⁣ ⁣
I offer this practice as a 4-week series for those women who enjoy the benefits of a regular weekly commitment that this practice has to offer, and the packaged rate saves you 15%, but you are welcome to come casually too. Book in via the link tree in my bio - or reach out if you have any questions! ⁣ ❤️ Jasmine Rose 🌹
Spiritual knowledge is the womb through which we are born into the world of truth ~ Dr David Frawley ~ Holy fuck balls! Don’t some words just punch you in the face? I was standing in an exceptionally loooooong queue at the airport in Bali reading a book about Tantric Goddesses (what else would I do waiting in a long queue... 🤷‍♀️) and I got smacked in the face with these words 💥 ~ Such perfect timing too because whilst I was back home in perth I was reminded that my introduction to spiritual knowledge came to me through my incredible grandmother, Betty Fergie 😍 ~ (This photo is perfect when mentioning her because her spirit animal has always been the owl. Owls are super wise and can see through the darkness which are definitely Betty Fergie’s gifts ❤️) ~ I feel extraordinarily blessed to be the granddaughter of such a beautiful being and for having her place me firmly on this path when I was only a wee little thing. Nan would read my palm and talk about reincarnation and auras and I was well and truly transfixed! (She also had a pool back then which was cool!) 🙌 ~ She is my guide, my teacher, my confidant, and my greatest love. And for all the time I’ve been able to share with her in this lifetime I just have to say thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you... (til infinity squared) 🙏 #homegrownmedicine #grandmotherslove
Do you as a woman ever feel that you have been put in a box? Maybe you are the nice one, or the sexy one, or the intelligent one? As you have grown more into a narrow image of who you are – do you feel that parts of you have been shut down or left unexpressed, unattainable. Wild Grace is a women’s retreat to reclaim these lost parts of yourself so that you can live in a fuller sense of wholeness, power and responsibility.⠀ ⠀ The Dalai Lama famously said “The world will be saved by the western woman” – whether or not we can save the whole world – we are certainly in a unique position in history where we have freedom and resources to cultivate our feminine aspects, use our voice and inspire others. We can’t stay in our boxes, and we must help each other rise.⠀ ⠀ This means we need to fully honour the masculine in ourselves and in society, and at the same time tap into our feminine nature – and deep capacity we have to love, to listen, to birth, to create, to play, to channel wisdom, to bring sensitivity, to live through our intuition, to transform and be connected to nature.⠀ ⠀ To do this, we must also understand our shadow and the patterns we may have fallen into, from victimhood to insecurity to manipulation to passive aggression.⠀ ⠀ This is our heroine’s journey. We will explore and embody many different aspects of the feminine experience allowing them to fully come alive in us.⠀ ⠀ For this retreat, it will be an intimate small group. Powerful things happen when us women come together, leaving behind for just a week the stresses and routines of our daily lives. A lot can shift in just seven days.⠀ ⠀ #yoga #meditation #mantra #mudra #avalon #priestess #womanwhorunwiththewolves #urbanpriestess #rasayoga #creativity #goddess #kali #tara #saraswati #tara #lakshmi #durga #dance #ecstaticdance #shakti #awakeningshakti #divinefeminine #feminine #woman #equality #activism #feminism #feminist #empowerment #empoweredwomen
“If you were to sever the “head” of your normal, body-boundaried sense of self, who would you be? Without your normal roles, without the “head” of your thoughts, memories, ideas, and self identity, who are you really? What is left when you surrender all your ideas about yourself? What is left when you actually follow the advice so often given to a meditator and actually let go of your mind?” ~Sally Kempton 🙏❤️ #toughloveyoga @toughloveyoga #ytt300 #awakeningshakti #cutyourheadoffshewhispered
Dancing ladies of London! I’ve got a special offer for you this week. In honour of our dance with the sacral chakra & it’s theme of two-ness & relating, I’m offering 2-for-1 registration! Find the link in bio xxx #dancing #dancingthegoddess #ecstaticdance #womenscircle #awakeningshakti #goddess #priestess #divinefeminine #wonensempowerment #shakti #shaktidance
Guess who I got to meet?! He’s kinda an idol in my book. The artist who made the illustrations for Awakening Shakti! 🙏 It’s so lovely to be around people who love the same things I do. Goddess worship! ✨ #awakeningshakti #prasadafestival #shaktiworship #tantra
My muse today was this Lily. She is a reminder to use my creative Super Powers or my Shakti-we all have some “blooming mojo” inside us. She is a reflection of what beauty can explode from each of us. She inspired me to make some flower healings kits I’ve had in mind but hadn’t been moved by the muse to make yet. Not anymore. Gracias flora bonita. Te amo!❤️ On Shakti- by Sally Kempton-author of Awakening Shakti “In the external world, she is the force of evolution, the erotic thrust at the heart of life. She is the intrinsic creative drive that fueled the big bang and continues to unfold as stars, galaxies, planets, life-forms, species, and also human societies, cultures and individual consciousness itself.”-Sally Kempton, Awakening Shakti #bloom #shakti #jaima #flowerpower #sacredfeminine #creativelifeforce #kundalini #findyourmuse #artislove #makelove #yoga #namaste #findyourmojo #bloomingmojo #awakeningshakti @karmayogacenter
Basically.... 🧘🏽‍♀️✨ #selfmastery #livingfromtheheart @spiritdaughter
It wasn’t intended but I’m proudly wearing my Goddess yoga pants while working myself into the king pigeon pose. . Beginning of this year I was lucky enough to attend a Yoga for the Feminine course taught by the beautiful and inspiring Jo @returntotheself. . Ever since I’ve been digging deeper into the topic of what Feminism or The Divine Feminine really means, what makes us a goddess and how to cherish the divine power we’ve been given as our birth right! . During the first Shakti Celebration @nilayahouse earlier this year I was deeply touched and inspired by the words of the fabulously radiant Vanessa @womanspaceme who said: . If all women would claim back their internal power there would be no more abuse in this world. . Words that deeply resonate with me, words that give hope and words that paint this world as a better, a more peaceful and a safer place. . While developing in my yoga practice and as a yoga teacher I’ve also been diving deeper in the writings, teachings and wisdom of @red.school and @umadinsmoretuli bringing both together while I evolve on my own Divine Feminine Goddess journey. . I’m very excited for all the things still to learn, the experiences awaiting while tapping into my own power and one day (hopefully soon) giving back, using my learnings to inspire and help others 🙏🏼❤️ . If you’re in Dubai come and get inspired yourself at the 2nd Shakti Celebration - A free gathering for feminine empowerment on October 5th @nilayahouse from 2-8pm. . More details are in the Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1967011303372210/?ti=ia . 🙏🏼 Thank you @elahezzarei for all the beautiful pictures you’re taking every week ❤️😘 . #awakeningshakti #shakti #yonishakti #shakticelebration #divine #goddess #feminine #womenempowerment #women #ladies #yoga #yogateacher #yogainstructor #yogalife #yogainspiration #redschool #wildpower #menstrualcycleawareness #lovemycycle #selflove #metoo #ptsdawareness #claimyourpower #neverstoplearning
F L O W • D O W N . . In order to rise we must flow down and in. This is the path of Shakti awakening full awareness in the lower part of your womb- an ❤️✨
Sounds about right:-)
Too accurate💸😂 just ordered another book from the @medicalmedium (thank you dearest @saraljungstroem for the tip), a new oracle card deck and some crystals- (not because I actually need them but because: crystals🤩). Mean whilst all my unfinished projects are mocking me. What can I do though with my Sun, moon , Mercury and Neptune in my 2:nd house in Sagittarius and my head center undefined (Human design wise)🤷‍♀️I will always have 1000 ideas but never be in a stable, long term inspirational flow. I’m learning to accept and appreciate that now, instead of trying to force it. I’m also learning how money is an energy just like everything else and it flows in an out of your life with more or less friction depending on what kind of what energy we ascribe it. #freeyourself #freeyourpotential #humandesign #astrolgy . . . . . . . . . #spiritualawakening #flow #inspiration #energy #meditation #energyhealing #spirituality #awakening #shakti #awakeningshakti #power #empowerment #lightworker #spendingmoney #lightworkersofinstagram #yasqueen #crystals #crystallovers #spiritualmeme #spiritualquotes #sundayfunday #sundayvibes #sunday
AWAKENING SHAKTI . Shakti – the body, heart and soul of who we really are. . . . “A woman awake to her Shakti power Lives each moment as SACRED . Recognises in herself the Feminine Divine . Trusts her intuitive wisdom . Speaks her truth . . Dares to LOVE from her open heart . Embodies fierce compassion in action . Walks with beauty . Deeply honors her feeling life . . Fuels her creative gifts with orgasmic ENERGY . Fully inhabits & honors her body . Moves with sensual surrender . Practices conscious pleasure as gateway to God” ~ Lisa Schrader . Are you that woman? . . Are you ready to usher in a new way of BEING that woman? . . Access the sacred feminine inside of you. Awaken your Shakti power. . . . . . . #genesisofhealth #kinesiology #sydney #sydneykinesiology #healing #wellness #wellbeing #holistichealth #holistic #holistichealing #love #comfortzone #lifebegins #awakenshakti #sacredfeminine #divinefeminine #speakyourtruth #daretolove #fierce #compassion #awakeningshakti #intuitivewisdom
Such riches await us, as we tap into the pleasure & flow of Svadhisthana. Womb, water, sexuality, creativity, emotions to guide us & the evolving pulse and dance of polarity. Join us this week dear women, to Dance the Goddess. Thursday, Sept 20th, 7-9pm, N4. link in bio. #dancingthegoddess #awakeningshakti #goddess #priestess #tantraforwomen #womenempowerment #divinefeminine
As we deepen in connection with our bodies & our true essence, we begin to experience ever-expanding & deepening pleasure. Nothing is left out, as we unlock the mystery of an ecstatic potential that makes our previous fixation on “erogenous zones” seem so limiting. We are limitless & so is our pleasure potential. Knowing this, we are forever expanded into the realisation of our powerful, sacred & cosmic nature. #awakening #awakeningshakti #shakti #tantra #tantraforwomen #pleasureispower #womenempowerment
Next up for reading. Svādhyāya is a Sanskrit term which literally means "one's own reading" and "self-study" #awakeningshakti #sallykempton #yoga #yogareading #divinefeminine #feminineenergy #balance #svadhyaya
Lovely day working with these beautiful yoga teachers in the making. I feel so fortunate to do work I love xx . . . . #awakeninggrace #200hrytt #registeredyogaschool #yogagram #yoginisofig #femininerising #sograteful #awakeningshakti #livingyoga #womenscoach #bethechange
Words can't describe my gratitude for this week and having this women guide me to dive deep into the depths of my heart. After reading all her books, I first got to study with Sally last year and I was blown away by her knowledge, wisdom and humility. I couldn't wait to learn from her again. Every time she just manages to take me to a whole new level, showing me the vastness of my own heart and how much there's still to explore. This past week has been a profound experience, in what might seriously be the most beautiful place I have ever been to. My lack of internet presence and almost complete lack of pictures means I was present in every single moment, savouring it without any distraction. And having the teacher I adore so much tell me that my face is so full of love that it brightens up her day was probably the most beautiful compliment I ever heard in my life. Thank you thank you thank you. . . . #love #shakti #awakening #awakeningshakti #sallykempton #esalen #bigsur #california #bliss #innerjourney #wisdom #meditation #yoga #yogalove #feminine #goddess #power #truth #seeking #flow #explorarion #wanderlust #wanderer #traveling
In my upcoming Awakening Shakti challenge & online group programme, I’ll be sharing tools & teachings on embodying your feminine essence & authentic power. Link in bio. #awakeningshakti #shakti #divinefeminine #priestess #goddess #womensempowerment #shaktirising
You’re already a beautiful, luscious flower. You are already loved. It is time for us to slow down and take a few steps back from trying to go out and please and do this or that, or to look any particular way, and instead, to actually drop into ourselves, into our home inside our bodies and tissues. This is one of the ways in which we can begin to heal the feminine wound. In our culture right now, there are so many women who are still trying to find their value outside of themselves - looking and moving in a way to get outside approval - usually by men. And that is just a symptom of where a woman has not received herself, and not received that she’s already desired, she’s already wanted, she’s already beautiful by design. 🌸✨ . . . . . #amba #sacredwildloved #sacredfeminine #divinefeminine #embodiment #bodypositive #mindfulmovement #intuition #holistichealing #womensyoga #movementismedicine #bodywisdom #rewilding #shakti #awakeningshakti #bodypositivity #healing #sacred #divinelyguided #selflove #loveyourself #seeyourlight #spirit #soul #heartopener #soulpower #embraceyourself #shineyourlight #yogajourney #sacredpractice
"The Virgo cycle brings to the fore our physical and emotional needs. We need to tend our gardens, focus on digestion whether it’s food or information, look to our storage areas, and trust our gut reactions. We reflect on and integrate the story we are telling ourselves, and release the tightly clenched fingers of perfectionism, criticism and doubt. Virgo has a relationship with the sacred goddess we carry in our hearts. Virgo serves that goddess within." – The Power Path ~ ~ The part about 'storage' got me, y'all. And the question, 'what have I been storing emotionally in my body?', immediately jumps to the front of my mind. What is my body trying to tell me about: the emotions I've stored, the experiences I've had, the stories I've told myself about 'how things tend to go' for me...? These are powerful questions to sit with. ~ ~ As we step into a seasonal transition, it is a time for us to clean house and transition also. What face or phase of the Goddess is wanting to emerge? And what false facade or structure needs to be dismantled? ~ ~ Come boldly to yourself with these inquiries, and invest the time into this interior exploration. Your body and Self will thank you. . . . . . . . #listenandfollow #meditateandlisten #meditateeverydamnday #meditate #meditatemoment #womenwhomeditate #intuition #innerwisdom #innerwarrior #soundofthesoul #soulsessions #thesoulspeaks #kundalini #awakeningshakti #shakti #trust #thebodyneverlies #virgomoon #newmoon #trustyourintuition #intuitivewisdom
The Wholeness of God is eternally present and made manifest through the Creative energies of beauty and Love. This love is painted upon the canvas of the Universe, revealing its vibrant pallet of colour and rich textures, it’s beauty is for all to experience and behold. I too am the embodiment of this Creative force of love, the Universal Love of God. What is true of God is true of me. As the Wholeness of God contains all things, nothing and no-one is separate, lacking or left wanting. Life is continuously re-creating and Infinitely Loving. The Universe is brimming full of love, which radiates in and through all things, including through me. I am love embodied; the creative Beauty of Love made manifest. This love pours through me enlivening and informing all my interactions with others. As I release myself from past wounds, hurts and upsets, any neediness and judgements, I become purified with the beauty of Love. As there is an Infinite supply of love there is no need to experience or feel any lack or separation. I release all the subconscious non-loving acts, thoughts and behaviours towards myself and others which have created disconnection. All past relational dis-harmonies are now peaceably released to the Power of a completely present God to be transmuted by the Creative force of Love. I now, decisively, relinquish all personal struggle which has kept the perfect love from me. No matter the current appearance, I am loving and lovable. Perfect love pours through and from me in all ways. I am guided by the Infinite Wisdom within me to meet those who will reflect love back to me. This attracts to me only partners who share with me the fullest, colourful expression of love and a life of beauty well lived. I am now easily and readily able to receive the loving wholeness of the relationships I desire with myself and others. From this moment onwards, all of the needs of my best true self are met in Loving Supply. I now surrender to the entire Universe and the Creative, lifegiving Intelligent Universe hears these words of Truth which are now made manifest. And So It Is
Facebook censorship cannot stop the tide of love & the rising Feminine. #dancingthegoddess #awakeningshakti #love #divinefeminine #goddess #priestess #sexissacred #shaktipower #facebookcensorship
Regrann from @tina_tillqvist - Happy Saturday loves, Here’s something to read out loud to yourself in the mirror every day👆 How easily do we just forget all these things? Give yourself some good loving’ today💗 Cred to @lost_nowhere 🙏✨💫 . . . . . . . #youareloved #selflove #goddess #divinefeminine #feminine #feminineenergy #femininepower #love #energy #meditation #energyhealing #spirituality #awakening #shakti #awakeningshakti #power #empowerment #lightworker #lightworkersofinstagram #yasqueen #fierce #saturdayvibes #saturdaymorning #saturdays #caturday - #regrann
I was recently reminded of a story about an enlightened zen master... In this story one of the masters young student monks came to him and asked what the experience of enlightenment was for him. He simply answered, “When I eat I eat. When I sleep, I sleep..” 🙏 ~ Now if I was that young monk I’d be like, “That’s it? That’s why I’ve been meditating for 14 hours a day? Dude you’ve gotta give me something better than that!!” (hence why I am presently not enlightened..) But really, what could be better? ~ If we reflect honestly upon the way we live we’ll discover that when we are eating we are usually thinking about something, making plans, talking or texting... When we are walking we are usually thinking about something, making plans, talking or texting... When we are sleeping we usually thinking about something, making plans, talking or texting... When will the madness end? 🤷‍♀️ ~ The antidote? Meditation meditation meditation meditation meditation meditation meditation meditation meditation... I could go on and on and on. But I won’t 😐 ~ If you don’t yet have a regular daily meditation practice I would love to help you with that. Because even if we are not yet enlightened zen masters, through practice, we can still begin to experience a deep presence, radiant aliveness, and a more profound level of wellness and peace. Om ❤️ Ps... meditation meditation meditation meditation meditation meditation meditation meditation meditation meditation... 🧘‍♀️ #yogaisascience #yogathepathwaytofreedom
when you have enough joy, laugh with another when you have enough food, feed each other when you have enough wisdom, bestow onto others when you have enough patience, sit calmly together when you have enough life, breathe deep and pay it forward when you have enough gratitude, give thanks over and over ...you see, the universe has enough so go, and LOVE with abundance .... 🌱🌿🌸🌺🌼🌹🕊 #NewMoon #EarthRhythms #AwakeningShakti #BigLove #Monogamish #TheresAlwaysEnough #Abundance
Feeling so grateful for the joy of working with these beautiful women, as we explore all things yogic xx
Happy Saturday loves, Here’s something to read out loud to yourself in the mirror every day👆 How easily do we just forget all these things? Give yourself some good loving’ today💗 Cred to @lost_nowhere 🙏✨💫 . . . . . . . #youareloved #selflove #goddess #divinefeminine #feminine #feminineenergy #femininepower #love #energy #meditation #energyhealing #spirituality #awakening #shakti #awakeningshakti #power #empowerment #lightworker #lightworkersofinstagram #yasqueen #fierce #saturdayvibes #saturdaymorning #saturdays #caturday
Wake up and live! - said Bob Marley ✌️ ~ Undoubtedly the most heroic thing we can do in this lifetime is wake up spiritually. That takes some serious guts and courage - to face the way we bind ourselves to our own suffering, and to take action to free ourselves of this bondage. More challenging still; when we do that, we will start to live in dramatic opposition to the state of most of the world right now and what is perceived to be ‘normal’. Like I said, that takes guts 💪 ~ But from that more aware place we can start to appreciate that it’s not enough to say, “Well this is how the world is” and shrug our shoulders. It isn’t enough to look after ourselves and our loved ones and say, “Well I’ve got mine” And it’s simply not enough to stay in the illusion of separation when freedom is possible - and well within our personal power to achieve 🙏 ~ Awakened being Adyashanti backs up Bob Marley with these powerful words, “If you want to to do anything to help the world, wake up!” 💥 ~ The great news is that we have these ancient practices that are designed to help us do exactly that. The path of the yogi and yogini is to make our practice stronger than the misperceptions of the mind and the illusion of separation 🧘‍♀️ ~ I’m starting to feel the tinge of excitement that I’ll be back in Sydney in January and offering one on one yoga coaching to help guide anyone who feels the inner stirring to awaken through the power of yoga. Working with my mentor @mark.breadner has allowed me to learn so much about holding space for another being and I simply cannot wait to begin working in this way with the practice that I so dearly love ❤️ 📷 @fabiankarch #wakeupandlive #yogacoaching2019
Root chakra meditation in our first Dancing the Goddess of the autumn series. Sometimes the biggest movement happens when we are still & surrendered. Other times, it is the movement that drops us into that still centre space. But either way, the way in is through the body: our sacred vessel - our portal to the cosmic & the cosmos. And our primal connection to the Earth element within & without: our hallowed ground. It was so powerful to begin & end our journey in this earthly embrace, growing roots from which to blossom forth. Dancing the Goddess meets fortnightly in N4, London. Come join us! Link in bio #dancingthegoddess #divinefeminine #goddess #priestess #awakeningshakti #londondance
If Women Rose Rooted... one of my favourite moments from tonight’s Dancing the Goddess ... a beautiful, powerful evening of sisterhood, healing, awakening & connection, as we began our dance through the chakras. I feel grateful, humbled & inspired. It is an honour & joy to hold sacred space for women. And I say - again & again - what cannot be cured or moved with talking, can be resolved in minutes through the body. Aho sisters! I look forward to our next gathering in 2 weeks’ time, when we tap into the second chakra. Newcomers are welcome. Check the link in bio #dancingthegoddess #divinefeminine #womenscircle #shaktidance #awakeningshakti #goddess #priestess #londondance #rootchakra
YIN ist ein Geschenk der Frau an sich selbst. Es ist ein individueller Weg, den eine Frau für SICH wählt. Die Weisheit, den Guru, die "Technik" ... findet die Frau dazu in sich selbst. Nur dort. 💗 YIN ist ein Geschenk, das die Frau dem Mann macht. Denn wenn die Frau das YIN für sich als Geschenk öffnet, kann sie dem Mann dieses Geschenk als seinen Raum des YANG reichen, umsomehr. Dies als ein Geschenk an beide. Dies als ein Geschenk an die Liebe. #yinprinzip #yinlove #yin #awakeningwoman #awakeningshakti #risesisterrise #femaleawakening #femalespirit #femalewisdom #sisterhood #womanhood #danielahutter
💗💮 {swipe left to right} images from @sofiahthom 's Temple Body Arts Facilitator Training by @alizejireh . . . I wanted to share with you the New Moon Women's Gatherings we are hosting at @danyasa_yoga_retreat , where we get to gather and mirror each other, celebrate and empower one and other every New Moon . . . This is for women who wish, who aspire and feel the courageous call to connect deeper, not just with themselves, but also with other women, and with Nature in more meaningful ways. There is so much beauty and power in expanding, empowering and educating ourselves collectively, by coming together with other women . . . These gatherings are an offering to return to the sacredness of the body and be present in it, through expressive movement, face to face interactions and especially on this New Moon through respectful touch!!! . . . I will guide to dive deeper into touch, especially for you to visit those parts of your Being that may be cold and have been numb for a while . . . The feminine touch has deep potentiality to soften and open those parts of who we that have been relegated, forgotten or denied from gentle caressing. Let's celebrate ALL of who we are through collective self-care rituals. In sacred space the Divine Feminine will be invited to flow lovingly through us all . . . In embracing our feminine nature we are collectively restoring the natural balance between the feminine and the masculine within us and in the world around us. . . . Te espero, este domingo 9 de septiembre de 6 a 8pm . . . Doors open at 6pm , this Sunday 9th @danyasa_yoga_retreat . . . I invite you to adorn yourself, be ready to move and express, explore mindful touch and bring with you journal to write down your dream intentions this new cycle 🌑💗 #mujerciclica #embody #wildwoman #risesisterrise #cyclicalwisdom #wombwisdom #nuevaluna #yoga #movement #meditation
“The more light you allow within you, the brighter the world you live in will be...” #shaktigawain . . Feeling #soinspired #humbled and energised by all the wonderful people on the #strivechallenge2018 . #westrive #dreambig #awakeningshakti #kundalini #energydance #lifeiswhatyoumakeit
you don’t have to rush, but it’s time to stop holding back on those dreams, gifts, and blessings you’re here to share. Maybe it hasn’t felt safe to speak your truth, but there is a global awakening of powerful, nurturing women who will hold space for your magic. . . #spiritualentrepreneur #warriorgoddess #divinefemenine #awakeningshakti #shakti #aquarianage #lightweaver #lightworker #risesisterrise #lightisthenewblack
New Moon Goddess circle this Sunday at 7:00pm. Get connected and let go of what no longer serves you. We gather to help heal the divine feminine to be better helpers to those we love and live a life that nourishes us. Shake off the dead leaves and come into our true nature gathering from the harvest of infinite love. Change starts from within. Let’s work together and teach each other to heal and lead from the heart💚 🌻All women or those that identify as a woman are welcomed. This is a donation based circle. Nobody will be turned away. . . . . #newmoongoddesscircle #virgomoon #loveyourselffirst #balance #healing #sacredspace #divinefeminine #awakeningshakti #allone #raiseyourvibration #heartchakra #allisfulloflove #withinwithout
Your root chakra is the physical, emotional & spiritual foundation of your being... whatever you be & become in life springs forth from this earth. Connecting you to matter, mother, density, belonging & survival. This Thursday we dance with this centre, its element, energy & Divine Feminine archetypes, so as to ground ourselves boldly in the here & now. Join us - Dancing the Goddess - this Thursday, 7-9pm, N4. Link in bio. #dancingthegoddess #divinefeminine #awakeningshakti #womenscircle #ecstaticdance #
Es gibt Männer, die das ⬆️ in dir sehen, wenn sie deine Yoni sehen. (So einen möchte ich!!) Doch damit mehr Männer das sehen, müssen wir es erstmal selbst sehen! . Es gibt immer noch so viele Frauen, die sich schämen, ekeln oder Angst haben, vor dem, was sich zwischen ihren Beinen befindet. Viele von uns schätzen unsere Vulva/Vagina gar nicht - als wäre die Verbindung zu ihr getrennt, lassen wir ohne Probleme und ohne Gefühl jeden rein, mit dem Glauben, dass das nichts mit uns macht. Doch das macht sehr viel! Es gibt Gründe dafür, dass Frauen jedes Jahr zum Frauenarzt gehen sollen und müssen (Männer gehen gar nicht bis sehr selten und nur wenn was nicht stimmt zum „Männerarzt“), dass viele keinen „Spaß“ beim Sex haben und keine Orgasmen bekommen, dass wir wütend auf Männer sind, das Sexualität zu nicht viel mehr als ein spaßiger Zeitvertreib geworden ist. . Kannst du in den Spiegel schauen und dir bewusst werden, dass das zwischen deinen Beinen heilig ist? Dass du ein ganzes Universum in dir trägst? 🌌✨💜 . #yoniverse #yonipower #yonishakti #empoweredwomen #empoweredsexuality #femaleempowerment #divinefeminine #feminineawakening #womensbody #womb #selflove #yoni #divineyoni #bodyconscious #awakeningshakti #shaktipower #shaktirising #yonilove #bodypositivity Art by: @hanakomimiko
"I hold the sun and the moon in my hands, life has invited me, I want to dance, this is my moment, I am taking a chance. It feels wonderful to do the life dance with the sun and the moon in my hands." . . #becominggoddess #awakeningshakti
Am Samstag um 18:00 leite ich auf dem Mahina Eröffnungsfest eine Womb Meditation. Als kleine Schnupperstunde, denn ähnliche Übungen machen wir auch im Womb Yoga und im Frauenkreis, welches ab Oktober im Mahina stattfindet. . "Lust dir mal eine halbe Stunde Zeit zu nehmen um dich komplett deiner Weiblichkeit hinzugeben und mit deiner inneren Göttin zu verbinden? Gemeinsam treten wir in unsere Kraft als Frauen, schenken unserer Gebärmutter, an die wir vielleicht sonst nur denken wenn sie uns Probleme bereitet, unsere vollste Liebe und Aufmerksamkeit in einer berührenden, sanften Meditation. Gemeinsam nehmen wir uns Zeit um in uns hineinzuspüren, unserem Herzen zuzuhören was es gerade braucht. Wir treten in vollster Präsenz und Hingabe unserem Körper gegenüber und zeigen ihm Wertschätzung und Dankbarkeit." . #divinefeminine #awakeningshakti #shaktipower #shaktirising #goddesspower #goddess #yonishakti #wombempowerment #wombconsciousness #enlightenedwoman #selflove #selfcare #meditation #womensbody #womb #lovevibration #wombmedicine #wombmeditation #guidedmeditation
When life gives you lemons, make lemonade... or malas! ❤️ ~ Many of you know that my malas from India got stuck in customs so I’m cutting out the middle man and making them myself. I had a one on one session with a mala maker the other day and this was the result. My first ever mala! 📿 ~ For the first hour of the lesson I was sweating bullets and wanted to run from the room screaming. It was really hard to get my head around tying those bastard little knots! But slowly my brain and hands started to get down with what was happening. To say that I’m now completely in love is an understatement 😍 ~ Hoping to get a beautiful range out soon and in time for the release of my mantra album. I love it when a plan comes together! (did I just quote Hannibal Smith from the A-team?) 😐 #maladesigner #newloveofmylife
es liegen ganz besondere Tage im Kreis der Frauen hinter mir ... den Feuerfunken der weiblichen Kraft zu nähren, wachsen zu lassen und zu behüten ... und all das gemeinsam zu verweben ... das macht dankbar und erfüllt mich segnend zutiefst in meinem Herzen. 💗 #yinprinzip #yinretreat #yintirol #yin #frausein #weiblichkeit #awakeningwomen #awakeningshakti #risesisterrise #feuerzeremonie #claudiaschloessl #frau #frauen #frauenseminar #frauensache #frauenerlebnis #danielahutter
Es fehlen nur noch frische Blumen... 🌹 #altar #divinefeminine #yonishakti #cycle #mahina #moon #goddess #altarspace #shaktirising #awakeningshakti Großes Bild gemalt von: @anne_schwager
I have a confession. I am a riddle of duality and taboos Fused together in beautiful oneness. My soul sings a song of undeniable yearning for freedom So, I run marathons. My childhood was characterized mostly by pain and struggle I could have crumbled under the weight of the strife Instead I transformed adversity into power. I am gifted with the weapons and wisdom of the Goddess Durga With her soft and stainless armor, I will always be ready for battle. I detest political parties I’m wildly passionate about the power of American politics to change the World I trust my moral and ethical compass to lead me And will run for elected office one day. The curse of my silver tongue is that it carries the force of a double-edged sword One edge embodies the sweetness of the Goddess Saraswathi, imbuing prose that can heal the world The other edge evokes the wrath of the Goddess Kali, the great destroyer Gifted with words that stop at nothing to sever the head of ego, burning everything in her path into endings, only to give way to new beginnings. I was married for over a decade A union of compassion where light shone bright but was overshadowed by possessiveness A place of entrapped love So, I ran a marathon. I stepped into the fire, setting on fire everything I had spent a lifetime dreaming and creating I struggled to grasp how so much death could be inside of me and still my heart continued beating. In the face of absolute grief I arrived at a crossroads Some women turn to ash in the face of such volatile fire Instead I rose from the blazing wisdom flames. I went on a quest Retrieving my soul, ceasing to seek outside validation, finding wholeness within I’m still learning how to tend the fire that burns inside my own heart. I stopped seeking God outside when I found the divine within. My heart knows what and who it loves My love is unconditional, unwavering, and liberating. I stopped running I finally learned to listen to the call of my own heart To trust it in guiding me to who and what is meant for me My faith has grown stronger than any fear I surrender. #sweetsurrender #meditation #meditationsfromthemat #awakeningshakti #deeplistening #pranavinyasa #yoga
Your dreams await your magnificence, they are not random visions … They are your soul calling you to work ... To make something quite glorious with this extraordinary gift of Life. . . . . #awakeninggrace #dreambig #soulscalling #giftoflife #selflove #selfdevelopmemt #openwide #followyourheart #yoginilifestyle #feminineempowerment #andsoitis #yoginisofig #feelthefearanddoitanyway #femininerising #femininepower #awakeningshakti #grateful
"From a Tantric perspective, the inner masculine ~Shiva~is the source of consciousness, awareness. But in order to act, to stir, he must take energy from the inner feminine Shakti" ~Sally Kempton . . . Awakening Shakti while working on ideas with my yogini friend @iamariadavi 🐺🍃🐾 . . . #shiva_wolf_girl #yogadance #flowing #release_your_fire #awakeningshakti #natarajadance #shiva_shakti #kundalinidance #shiva_shakti_breath #pranayamadance #dancing_mudras #dancing_nadi_shodhana
Captured here is how I feel about this years Awakening Retreat. Hands in the mudra of deepest gratitude and a huge smile on my face ❤️ ~ It’s hard to explain what happens when a group of people, who have listened to the urge within themselves to discover who they truly are, come together. But the word that comes to mind is MAGIC ✨ ~ Before the retreat began I was contemplating bringing a different offering for next year. But having just experienced a profound healing within myself, and witnessing the same in the students who came along for the deep dive inward, I now have no doubt that this is an important journey to offer 🙏 ~ What I found really interesting was to see how it has evolved from last year with my deepened understanding and embodying of the work. I can only wonder what will unfold next year when I take the Awakening Retreat to the delicious @maladhara resort in Chiang Mai, Thailand! 🇹🇭 ~ Save the dates yogis and yoginis! The 3rd to the 8th of November for the Awakening Retreat. And the 1st to the 6th of June for the Divine Feminine Retreat (in Bali). Double deliciousness for 2019! 🙌🧘‍♀️ 📷 @fabiankarch #awakeningretreats #divinefeminineretreats #teachingsoftantra
Dancing the Goddess is back next Thursday evening & fortnightly thereafter, as we journey through the chakras, meeting, exploring & expanding ourselves from the root up! Women of London you are so warmly welcome & I want you to know this is not “just” a dance class: it’s a women’s circle, embodiment workshop, & transformative crucible of love & Shakti energy that is offered as a safe space for you to deepen into your awakened womanhood. Follow the link in bio for all the details, or post your questions below. I can’t wait to dance the Goddess with you! ❤️💕💖💃🏻🌹#dancingthegoddess #ecstaticdance #danceforwomen #womenscircle #shakti #shaktidance #awakeningaswoman #awakeningshakti #goddess #londondance
Do you enjoy reading the Spiritual Mind Treatments I share with you from time to time? I love to work daily with Spiritual Mind Treatments, they give me a simple, effective, profound daily practice that is easy and effective. These beautuful affirmative prayers allow us to tap into the Truth and live life from a more aligned awareness, which means we can take inspired action accordingly. If you want to find out more, then You can purchase my eBook 'Spiritual Mind Treatments for Welllbeing'. I love creating bespoke SMT's fur individuals, so that we can align you with the life you wish to live. I 'd live to hear how you get on with the Spiritual Mind Treatments. With love, Charlotte xx SPIRITUAL MIND TREATMENTS TESTIMONIAL The practice of Spiritual Mind Treatments have helped to support and focus my thinking during a challenging life experience. The daily practice has helped me to reduce and stop an unhelpful cycle of worry and negative thinking. Instead I have focused positive energy that makes me more confident. I've learned to listen to my authentic voice and I feel stronger and more confident than before. - Dwynwen Link in bio ☝️
I personally chose this course because of the women’s practices and embracing our feminine part. Woman is a loving sensitive flower who needs time to bloom. I accepted myself here, appreciated myself here, healed and loved myself. With constant support of powerful massive energy of Peewee @peeweeyogafirst and endless vibe from the heart of Jo @returntotheself it all clicked. Coming back to the training I realized that you can count teachers worldwide who do those kind of practices. I feel blessed:) #kali #Repost @peeweeyogafirst with @get_repost ・・・ Looking back at the newly completed birthing of our Awakening Shakti: Yoga of the Feminine 200hr YTT and Continuing Education Workshop. More and more I see the need for all women yoga practitioners to honor their bodies by pioneering practices to celebrate our female parts. As @returntotheself puts it : "more than just inversion options". The power of bonding together of like-minded women in unified direction is truly powerful. Let's remember to support each other on this road. No need for power struggle - this is not the female way. Support, nurture, come together in sisterhood. #awakeningshakti #ytt200ubud #yogafirstinbali
Looking back at the newly completed birthing of our Awakening Shakti: Yoga of the Feminine 200hr YTT and Continuing Education Workshop. More and more I see the need for all women yoga practitioners to honor their bodies by pioneering practices to celebrate our female parts. As @returntotheself puts it : "more than just inversion options". The power of bonding together of like-minded women in unified direction is truly powerful. Let's remember to support each other on this road. No need for power struggle - this is not the female way. Support, nurture, come together in sisterhood. #awakeningshakti #ytt200ubud #yogafirstinbali
I’ve been reading a wonderful book about the Goddesses of Yoga recently, and this morning I did a meditation with the energy of Durga, see first picture. ⠀ For the last, well ever, really, I’ve experienced continued setbacks with my practice. I’ll get into a nice little groove and then something will happen that sets me back again and I’ll stop for a while - illness, problems with the flat, sudden increases in work which mean early mornings and late nights, stress, my partner being sick. It has led to an almost constant cycle of disappointment, guilt, trying to get back on track. ⠀ As Yoga teachers, we’re still susceptible to all of this. The challenge of getting on your mat, consistently, never goes away I think. There’s a constant discipline required, a constant realigning with your intentions. ⠀ But it gets really tiring. So it was time to ask for some outside help. Durga is a great Goddess to work with when it comes to spiritual transformation - fierce and loving at the same time. As I prepare for my 300 hour training in September, I’m moving into a space of a real re-commitment to my personal practice, but I asked for her help to remove the obstacles which seem to be forever placing themselves in my path. ⠀ If you’re interested in learning how you can work with these powerful energies in your life and practice, I’m shortly going to be hosting a Goddess Empowerment Flow Workshop at the Yoga Factory, on Saturday 6th October. ⠀ It’ll be a mixture of storytelling, Vinyasa flow, meditations, uplifting music and journal exercises. Stay tuned for more information - if you’re interested, leave me a comment below and I can make sure to give you heads-up when tickets go on sale✨✨✨
Regrann from @maite_yoga - Bendiciones en esta Luna Llena 🌕 Con esta Luna de testigo me entrego sin resistencia a ser sostenida y contenida por mi pareja. Él me acompaña incondicionalmente, a veces no me entiende, pero me celebra y respeta siempre. Su amor es infinito, cálido y tierno... a veces expresado desde lo femenino mucho más que el mio. . . . Definitivamente mi práctica de yoga es contestada en nuestra relación....en ella salen las heridas, se echan los pulsos, el Ego batalla y se defiende, pero es en ella también donde realmente muere un poquito más cada día. . . . Hoy me entrego totalmente a mi Shiva, al Sagrado Masculino, él es sin duda quien me da y quien permite y anima a que me entregue a la estabilidad, a su fortaleza y firmeza, a su impecable agilidad y a la expansión que entrega paz... Ahí está la unión. Veo, siento y acojo esas cualidades en mí, pero finalmente no tengo que sobrellevarlas todas. Me entrego a él y además permito que las cualidades femeninas en mi dormidas o a menudo reprimidas o avergonzadas afloren con total libertad... Esa ternura erótica, ese amor que nutre, esa fortaleza femenina y con gracia, esa cualidad juguetona y dulce, devoción máxima y belleza extrema. Gracias amor por todo lo que entregas. . . . 💮💗 ... Y Gracias Luna por tu Luz y tu amor, por suavizar las asperezas !!! Y por despertar en mi el conocimiento de mi feminidad . . . Reflexiones de cama Gracias bella @tinamariaelena por tu arte💗💮 #mujerciclica #mujeresquedespiertan #women #awakening #shiva #parvati #awakeningshakti #fullmoon #blessings #despertarfeminino #divinefeminine #divinofemenino #sagradofemenino
Do you ever have those periods in life where no-matter how hard you try, you just can't seem to get unstuck in a certain area, like health, abundance, confidence or clarity? I certainly do! But thankfully during my Metaphysical training I was taught how to create Spiritual Mind Treatments to bring about the clarity and change I most desired. I have been writing Spiritual Mind Treatments prolifically ever since and have most enjoyed creating the many bespoke SMT's for individuals as requested. Whenever I hit a stumbling block in life I choose a relevant Spiritual Mind Treatment and work with it daily, as a 21 day practise; to bring about the transformation I desire. I meditate upon the words, reading the SMT morning and evening, breathing deeply into my belly. If you enjoy the Spiritual Mind Treatments that I share with you from time to time, then you may be happy to know that you can now purchase my eBook 'Spiritual Mind Treatments for Well-being' via my website. I absolutely love these powerful meditation practices, and enjoyed creating this eBook with you in mind. I have created 7 Spiritual Mind Treatments for you to read and meditate upon, link in bio: ~ Divine Guidance ~ Forgiveness ~ Confidence ~ My Greater Good ~ Self-Love ~ Abundance ~ Radiant Health ~ My wish is that you enjoy these SMT's, and that by using them they assist you in creating the love, balance, healing and transformation you crave in your life. Love All Ways, Charlotte xx
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