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Asante sana (thanks so much) for capturing and sharing these beautiful moments, Lynda!📸: @kayakerlynda #arriveclimbskili
A huge shoutout and THANK you to the guides and porters on our Kilimanjaro trip! These guys made our trip!! Not only did they haul all of our stuff and more up and down the mountain but they were extremely thoughtful, helpful and above all things FUN to have around! Asante Sana sana! We miss all of you! For anyone and everyone interested in trekking Kilimanjaro, Kilimanjaro Nature Tours is the way to go! Baraka and team are the absolute BEST! I promise you won’t regret going with this team at all! @kilimanjaro_nature @arriveinkenya #arriveclimbskili
“Wow, it was amazing, wow! What an incredible experience!” -Registone. We are proud to announce that our very own Registone and board member, Nell successfully summited the highest free standing mountain in the world together this past Saturday! It was an experience of a lifetime for both Registone and Nell as they braved the elements up to the roof of Africa. A lot of firsts on this trip, including Registone seeing snow for the very FIRST time ever. We are so happy about how well this epic journey went and can not wait for more to come! For more info on this adventure, please see link in Bio 🏔#arriveclimbskili #kilimanjaronaturetours Arrive in Kenya @kilimanjaro_nature
This roof is most definitely not on fire. I could not be more proud of Registone for braving the elements and climbing the highest free standing mountain in the world with me! A lot of firsts on this trip for him, including seeing snow for the very FIRST time ever and under some of the coldest circumstances...For someone that was raised in the tropics, this is huge! Way to go Reggie! Couldn’t have asked for a better partner in climb!! #arriveclimbskili #kilimanjaronaturetours @arriveinkenya @kilimanjaro_nature
WE DID IT! As a team, we trekked 6 days up to 19,341 feet above sea level to the highest point in Africa, Uhuru Peak on Mt. Kilimanjaro!!! Cannot even begin to express how EPIC the past week has been! and Reggie KILLED it!!!! More photos, videos and stories to come... 🏔#arriveclimbskili #kilimanjaronaturetours #hiindiomaisha #optoutside
I met Registone when he was 13, just a year after he came to @arriveinkenya. Prior to @arriveinkenya , he was homeless living on the streets for over 5 years. Now, at 18 years old, he is killing it! He is one of the top in his class at school and serves as a big brother/role model to many. He has dreams of becoming a neurosurgeon someday. I have no doubt that he can/will pursue whatever route he decides to take and more!! Cut to -right now, in this moment, I am sitting next to Registone, my friend of 5 years on a bus to Tanzania to go climb the tallest free-standing mountain in the world!!! To get to experience such an adventure with someone that makes me so PROUD, WOOW, this reallly is a dream! Eeeeeee Pumped to share this journey with you all. For more info on our climb, please visit the link in Bio 👆 and folllow along on my ig story:) The support and love means the world 😍🏔 #ArriveClimbsKili #hiindiomaisha #optoutside
1 week from today, we begin our Climb up Kilimanjaro🏔spread the word, link in bio 👆 #ArriveClimbsKili
1 month ago, I asked my friend, Registone, if he wanted to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro with me. This was his reaction 😆😆😆 I met Reggie 5 years ago at @arriveinkenya. Prior to Arrive, he was living on the streets for 5.5 years. I can not be more impressed with how much he has grown! A couple months ago, he passed his KCPE (Kenyan National Exam) with flying colors and got into a credible Secondary School. Now, in just two weeks, he will be starting the New Year off on the literal top of Africa (Mt. Kilimanjaro)!! STOKED to share this experience with him. What better way to start the New Year!!! ❤️#hiindiomaisha #ArriveClimbsKili #2019 @arriveinkenya @gofundme #gofundme #thisisthelife follow our journey + please share ➡️link in Bio 👆
The final push before our climb up Kilimanjaro in less than two weeks! Join Registone, once a street boy- now a successful high school student, and Nell, Arrive Board of Directors member on this journey! 🏔 link in bio 👆#NoMoreStreetKids #osprey #ospreypacks #optoutside #ArriveClimbsKili #prekilitraining #lululemon #vasquefootwear #thenorthface #kyte46 #kilimanjaro #darntoughsocks #africa #kenya #gofundme @ospreypacks @vasquefootwear @lululemon @thenorthface @darntoughvermont @gofundme
In less than two weeks, Registone, once a street boy-now a successful high school student and I are climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro (Africa’s highest mountain) 🏔please share our story ❤️Link in Bio 👆#prekilitraining #ArriveClimbsKili @gofundme
Thanks for the beautiful photographs and post, @joepajamas ! You said it better than I ever could...😆🏔#ArriveClimbsKili link in bio #RepostPlus @joepajamas - - - - - - Something incredibly beautiful is happening and i’m so excited to tell you about it: the two people pictured here are going to the top of Kilimanjaro next month. Registone, an orphan in Kenya, is celebrating his recent accomplishments by summiting the tallest peak on his continent to raise money for the child’s home who helped him get to where he is. Here’s where you can help: the link in my bio will take you to a GoFundMe where you can learn more about the project and help get behind it. If you can even give $1, you can help give back this holiday season, which would be your best gift to me. Thank you so so much.
Meet Registone, my partner in climb! #ArriveClimbsKili
YOU GUYS, in 2 weeks, I’m pursuing one of my WILDEST dreams with one of my favorite people ever!! It would mean the WORLD to me if you joined us on this EPIC journey to the roof of Africa (and hopefully back down). Please WATCH, SHARE and help us make 2019 the best damn year yet! Eeeeeeee 😆😆😆 link in bio 👆 #ArriveClimbsKili #kilimanjaro #climbing #optoutside #outdoors #pattiegonia #nomoresteetkids #arriveinkenya #arrivekenya #kenya #tanzania #africa #arriveclimbskili
WATCH THIS video, you won’t regret it! 😆 for more information, link in bio👆 #ArriveClimbsKili #kilimanjaro #climbing #optoutside #pattiegonia #nomoresteetkids #arriveinkenya #arrivekenya #kenya #tanzania #africa