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She look mf mad.. Loving it
Love to see this lil face!
She looks different.. Prolly just stress
Oeff 😍😍
I really really really like this one
Okay I’m done w my art cover spam.. Less go to edits 😂😍 cr: @grandephotoshop
I love her so much 😭😍.
So.. All the albums have more covers except this one.. So I just made this black and white 😂😂.
When did you become a fan of Ariana? I always liked her, but never really was a fan before Dangerous Woman came out.
@oasmnt - ✨
@agonrs id pick song 🐺
@agonrs do you like cloud ? have you smelled it yet ? ☁️
@agonrs true! 🕸
Y’all going to the Sweetener tour?
How long do you think Ari’s break will be?
300+ followers? You guys are the best, Ilysm❤️😭!
@agonrs 🕸
How was your day?
What’s your favourite song of Dangerous Woman?
Don’t come 4 me, but this is still my fav album 🤷🏾‍♂️😭
Pete and ariana out in NYC last night 💧
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