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We can't just ignore anxiety, it won't go away unless you take a step in the right direction to deal with it 💭 Take that step & enroll in our 'Awareness of Mental Health Problems' course to receive a Level 2 qualification and a greater understanding of all things mental health👍 ⠀ ⠀ #AnxietyReduction #anxietyreliever #anxietynoshame #anxietyattack #anxietydisorderawareness #MentalHealthisImportantToo #mentalhealthawereness #mentalhealthchallenge #mentalhealthhelp #MentalHealthMatter #MentalHealthMonth #mentalhealthconference #mentalhealthweek
The new motto for the anxious consumer! If there is one belief that I stand by it's that our mentality does make our reality. Your mindset will measure the quality of how you live so pay close attention on how you think! It may be that "magic potion" you've been searching for this entire time! 😁⠀ ⠀ What do you guys think about this statement though?? Lemme know!😊
Some people might not know how I came about owning a dog... it’s actually quite a long story. And I’m still convinced that God really wanted to give me a puppy for Christmas.⁣ •⁣ (But I’ll save that story for another time)🐶⁣ •⁣ It’s this pup’s birthday and I celebrated by writing a post about his role in my recovery story.⁣ •⁣ Go check it out! Link is in my bio! ❤️🐶
👏 the latest blog post is now up! I wanna touch up on some basics and talk about the origins of anxiety before we go more in-depth!
One of my story posts tonight talks about Anxiety! I truly feel everyone has experienced some type of anxiety in there life. Whether it was having to do a school project in front of the class, sports game, exams etc. • But at the same time there are many different degrees of it. Before starting my online coaching business. For the last two years to be exact, I found myself struggling socially, became very awkward, I didn’t look forward to any events, social outings with my husband. When we first bought our first home I truly didn’t feel the excitement I should have felt. I felt it was causing self confidence issues in myself and making it hard on the beginning of our marriage. I felt like I was missing something, I had lost myself. No longer committed to eating healthy or any type of fitness regimen. • Then this opportunity came smack dab in front of my face and I truly knew from the second I saw it, I had to do this. Helping people live a positive and healthy lifestyle. Meeting a community of people and being surrounded by positivity every single day. It’s been overwhelmingly life changing. Almost hard to put into words. • Friends I encourage you to find what makes you happy, it won’t happen right away or sometimes when you need it too. But when the opportunity comes up, take a leap of faith, you won’t regret it ❤️😊
Every day 1. Focus on the positive. Start noticing the many things your child is already doing well — and tell them. Constant reminders about the consequences of a poor test score on their grades or success aren’t useful. 2. Reinforce healthy habits. Encourage good nutrition and sleep habits on a daily basis. Don’t reserve them for the day before a test. Help spread the message!!- tag someone you know that has kids. #Anxiety #anxietynoshame #anxietyprobs #anxietyon #anxietydepression #anxietyawarenes #anxietydose #anxietytherapy #anxietycure #anxietypodcast #anxietysufferer #Anxietyblows #anxietymakeup #anxietyhelp #anxietyscure #AnxietyReduction #anxietyfacts #anxietywarriors #anxietystrategist #anxietytreatment #anxietykills #AnxietyAttacksNotPretty #anxietyquote #anxietydisorders #anxietystruggles #anxietybloggers #anxiety #anxietytreatments #anxietyanddepression #anxietyhack
Life is hard enough as it is, having a mental illness like anxiety just adds to the everyday stress of things. Do you know what the signs of anxiety are? There are actually over 100 of them! Link in Bio. . . . #anxiety #anxietydisorders #anxietymanagement #AnxietyAttacksNotPretty #anxietydiary #anxietyissues #anxietytherapy #anxietytreatment #anxietyproblems #anxietyrelief #anxietyattack #anxietyliving #anxietydisorder #anxietynoshame #anxietyscure #anxietykicker #anxietycure #anxietybegone #anxietyadvice
So if my followers didnt know, I suffer from generalized anxiety disorder. I also keep track of my bpm weekly to insure I'm doing okay heart health wise. 62 bpm is within normal range but it's also kind of high considering that I'm an athlete. My story of how I developed an Anxiety disorder is a bit dark but it's made me help others that suffer the same problems that I face. I lost my father when I was 23 from diabetes. Didnt know he was hospitalized until it was too late. I was in Texas while he was in Alabama. A few years later I lost my stepfather who was the world to me. He passed from heart failure. I then shortly afterwards lost my mother from stage 4 throat cancer. My world was dark for a long time. My wife supported me during this time. I found who was there for me and who wasn't. I had an anxiety attack at work one day. My job consisted of managing 32 people in a logistics setting with no support from upper management to back me up so the anxiety attack was inevitable. I finally put my two weeks in and left. Worked in a warehouse for a year and started working at a Production Dough Plant with better benefits and pay in which I used to finally get therapy. I always thought therapy was for the weak but I was wrong all along. That dark tunnel I was in finally became clear again and I could see. My life became meaningful again. My anxiety is not as bad as it was back then. Through exercise, talking to love ones, and just finding my favorite relaxing time aka video games or building things I found inner peace and now doing better in life. If you suffer from anxiety or depression I implore you to find a therapist or a counselor. Friends and family are not trained to help depression or anxiety. They can be supportive but these two demons are a different level of hell no one really understands without the right education. Stay strong and get help! ☝️ #Anxiety #anxietyatwork #anxietymemes #anxietyequation #anxietymanagement #anxietyblog #anxietynoshame #anxietyrelease #anxietycure #AnxietyPop #anxietystillhigh #anxietydiary #anxietyadvocate #anxietyalertdog #anxiety #anxietystruggles #anxietyhelp #anxietyquote #anxietydose #anxietyguy #anxietyawareness
I suffer with this a lot so I thought I would share this #anxiety #anxietyproblems #anxietyhelp #mentalillness #anxietynights #anxietynoshame
Be positive! Take care of your thoughts because it can be an effective way to avoid some mental issues!
Don’t let your brain and heart play tricks on you. Be in the moment. Don’t constantly beat up yourself for the past or the future you think is out of reach. The moment is what you make of it.
Time is the key!
You can't do it alone. It will take every good soul in your life to help you get through your anxiety and depression. It will take your friends and family to support you, your trainer to push you, your mentor to guide you, your pet to cheer you up. It takes an army to ignite that flame back inside your heart, so that you find the will to fight back. You will have to prioritise "YOU". I know exactly how depression and anxiety can make you fall over and over again, but you got to get back up. Your life is your responsibility, it's on your shoulders to walk with your head held high. So never give up. 💛 . . #depression #depressionawareness #DepressionIsNotAChoice #depressionthougts #depressionandanxiety #Depressionhasnoface #depressionproblems #depressionisadailybattle #depressionn #depressionoutreach #anxiety #anxietyisrealandcrippling #anxietypost #anxietymakeup #anxiety #AnxietyAttacksNotPretty #anxietybloggers #anxietyattacks #anxietytreatments #anxietyisreal #anxietythoughts #anxietyawareness #anxietynoshame #anxietyfighter #anxietydisorders #anxietystruggles #shoulderworkout #shoulderbolder #shoulderworkoutday #shoulderworkoutvideo . . 💛