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Is it feeling like a Monday today? I can’t make my mind up! 🤔. I guess that’s positive 😂. Whatever you’re doing today I hope it’s a good one for you. #mondaymotivation #sparkle #glitter #positivevibes #positivethinking #christmas #intimatewaxing #kimlawlesstrained #bodypositive #anxietyawareness #plussizepositive #lgbtq 🌈 #over30 #over40 #over50 #dealkent #dover #canterbury #folkestone #margate #ramsgate #broadstairs #sandwichkent
My poor co-workers. This literally happened to me today when I was telling someone at work a lengthy story. 🤦🏻‍♀️ . . . #anxiety #anxietydisorder #anxietyrelief #anxietyhelp #anxietyproblems #anxietysucks #anxietyawareness #anxietysupport #anxietywarrior #instaanxietygirl #illness #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #meme #memes #anxietymeme
To heal from BURNOUT you must learn to push your own PAUSE BUTTON! 🙊🙉🙈❤ Pause all demands, bills, work, confrontations,appointments, family drama, tasks,to do lists & friend lunches out. Pause to avoid drama, pause to escape chaos, pause to get away from gossip, pause to walk in the wilderness, pause to do something you love, pause for a solo trip to the frappe cafe, pause for mindfulness fitness, pause to meditate, pause to light a candle & incense, pause to connect to God & your spirit, pause to breathe it all away..pause to love yourself beautifuls...just master the PAUSE 💋❤💪🙊🙉🙈❤ #masterthepause #pushthepausebutton #selflove #selfcare #selfhelp #anxietyawareness #anxiety #depression #mindfulnessmastery #mindfulness #wellnessgoals #newlifestyle #lifestyle #fitnesslife #coach #lifecoach #fitnesscoach #healing #burnout #chronicfatigue #fibromyalgia #beaware #burnoutawareness #wellnesscoach #mindbodyspirit #mindful
ANXIETY FOR ME~ it’s like a game, me against my mind, my illness, and the only way through it, is to keep going, and try not to let it beat me. If anxiety becomes too much, i feel like I have lost, but instead, I should be looking at it as a challenge, i don’t lose anything, but instead, i try again, and i keep going, and amongst ALL this, i GROW, i feel stronger, and more empowered, than ever. Just remember our ANXIETY is NOT us, it’s just a road block set out before us, to test us, to give us strength, to prove to ourselves we can do anything, so what are we waiting for?? ITS YOU AGAINST YOURSELF, it’s DEFINITELY POSSIBLE 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻❤️❤️❤️ I tested this 👆🏻this morning, i am Still feeling very proud of myself, and I WON 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻😀😀😀 ✖️Story in highlights under, honest Chats. ______________________________ #mentalawarenesstrain #agoraphobia #agoraphobiarecovery #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealth #mentalillnessawareness #mentalillness #recovery #recoveryjourney #babysteps #progress #determined #recoveryispossible #recoveryisworthit #recoveryisawesome #recoveryishard #mentalillnessrecovery #anxietysupport #wearenotalone #speakingout #mentalillnessisreal #motherhoodandmentalillness #ig_motherhood #anxiety #anxietyawareness #supporthelpinspirenurtureempower #mentalhealthsupport #mooddisorder #lowserotonin #schoolpickup
Don’t lose sleep over insomnia Join the experts on Health Dr’s John and Eli McIntosh reveal how you may be unwittingly sabotaging your own good nights sleep! Could you or someone you know do with some more good quality sleep? Thursday 20th Dec 6pm face book live chat forum #tufminds #pmc #positivity #soldiersunited #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #breakingthestigma #warningsigns #suicideawareness #liferescue #suicideintervention #positivityexperts #drjohnmcintosh #depressionawareness #anxietyawareness #helpisoutthere #youarenotalone #motivation
. There it is again. It’s back. The pain, the fear But also the joy and love. All in one wave. Masochism. Yes. Stupidity. Yes. Anticipation knocks at the door. My heart races at the thought. What will happen? ~Kaity
#MaritalMonday The festive spirit of the Christmas season tends to cause emotional spikes that may affect our ability to judge situations objectively. Before you agree to any huge decision, take a step back and try to look at whether or not it’s really in your best interests to say yes. Our counselors specialize in giving premarital advice to couples who can’t wait to tie the knot. Whether or not you do decide to get married this season, it’s better to look at things from a more objective standpoint before making any major life decision. Contact our counselors at: 025467945 +639189308007 +639151233442 #functionalmedicine #health #healing #wellness #mentalhealth #healthymind #healthybody #healthyminds #healthymindset #healthymindbodyandsoul #mental #mentalillness #mentalfitness #mentalhealthawareness #mentality #depressionawareness #anxietyawareness #anxietyattack #anxietyhelp #mood #mind #mindfulness #doctors #boardcertified #diagnosis #lifestyle #lifestyleph
I’m not going to lie to you. . I had a full blown anxiety attack today triggered by my reflection in the mirror while I worked out. My rolls, cellulite and extra 20 pounds slapped me across the face. I spiralled into the worst attack I think I’ve ever had. . “Look at you! You’re a fraud. Your body is a reflection of how shitty a person you are.” . “You’re so exhausted all the time there is NO way you’ll ever create a life you can be happy with.” . “You fucking disgust me.” . These thoughts came so fast I couldn’t brace myself for the pain they created. They knocked me flat on my ass, gasping for the ability to take a deep breath and feeling trapped inside myself with no escape. The turnaround time from me working out to me being in bed clutching my crystals and trying to calm my breathing was 15 minutes. . I laid in bed practicing breathing techniques, self love mantras, holding onto my black Tourmaline like my life depended on it...because in those moments it truly feels like it does. Eventually I fell asleep, reset my mood and woke up feeling battered. Tonight I’m shaky, vulnerable and scared about how quickly my world got rocked today because of how I saw myself. . Why am I sharing this??? Just in case you need to know you’re not alone. Just in case you hate your reflection at times like I do. Just in case you were in the same state today and thought nobody would understand how isolating it is to be at war with your own mind. . You are SO not alone dear friend. I am here, extending a loving hand to you. I know it’s scary. I know you wish it would stop. But running away from the pain just prolongs the struggle. Face it with me...with love and compassion. . With love, light and breath that’s deep AF...we’ll get through ANYTHING with love and support. . . . #anxietyattack #bodyshame #sundayfeels #mentalillnessawareness #endthestigma #anxietyawareness #canadianmama #bcmom #joefresh #rainydaystyle
Does your business condone or allow bullying? You’re most likely unaware that it is happening. The illustration shows overt bullying, this is done or shown openly and making it apparent. Covert bullying can include repeatedly using hand gestures and weird or threatening looks, whispering, excluding or turning your back on a person, restricting where a person can sit and who they can talk with. Covert social or verbal bullying can be subtle and even sometimes denied by a person who claims they were joking or 'just having fun'. Some bullying is both covert and indirect, such as subtle social bullying, usually intentionally hidden, and very hard for others to see. Indirect covert bullying mostly inflicts harm by damaging another's social reputation, peer relationships and self-esteem, that is, through psychological harm rather than physical harm. #mentalhealthawareness #suicideawareness #anxietyawareness #antibullying #deppressionawareness #antibullyingnz #workplacebullying #antibullyingday
Sometimes all you need is some fresh air and your furry babies to put a smile back on your face. Next time your feeling overwhelmed or anxious, why not try it grab your furry friend or a friends or just yourself and go outside. Doesn't matter day or night, snow, rain, sunshine step outside go for a walk, a bike, play in the dirt whatever you may enjoy, give yourself 15 min and reevaluate how you are feeling. I bet you are less anxious and overwhelmed? That anger and resentment you may have been feeling has it lessened? It's ok to take 20 min for you especially you Moms that feel you need to do it all, it's ok to "ditch the kids" on your spouse for those few moments of peace. In the end you will be a better person for everyone.
@thetodayshow are doing some wonderful work to raise awareness about anxiety and have invited me on the show tomorrow to talk about practical ways to help. They’d love an adult to join me who experiences anxiety, it can be somebody who I’ve helped but it doesn’t have to be. Please PM me if you’re interested and available to join me at the Channel 9 studios tomorrow morning #anxietyawareness #mentalhealth #anxietytreatment
Constantly seeking approval will cost you your sanity. Live your life unattached from the approval of others. That’s where the freedom and happiness is. That’s when you’ll pursue everything you’ve wanted to pursue and start living a Hell Yes Life. You’ll laugh when you post photo that’s far from perfect & forget how many likes you have. Because nothing means anything if you can’t be YOU. You’ll find soooo much more happiness if you can let go of your attachment to approval and start worrying way less about what other people think. . This photo makes me smile. It’s reminds me how awkward I feel in front of the camera and how my face looks when I’m trying to figure out how I “should” look. It reminds me that the less I attach my worth to the approval from other people, the happier I am. I want to make an impact, but not at the expense of being me. . AMIRIGHT?! 🤘🏼😬😉👏🏼👇🏼 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #happinessis #mentalhealthsupport #anxietyhelp #anxietysupport #anxietyawareness #positivepsychology #emotionalhealth #emotionalwellness #mentalwellness #mentalwellbeing #emotionalwellbeing #hellyes #liveyourownlife #youareenough #alwaysbeyou #intentionalliving #crushingit #youbeyou #makeyourselfhappy #makeyourselfapriority #therapysession #letstalkaboutit #doyourthing #theworldneedsyou
1. We went to a hockey game last night. I have no freakin’ idea about hockey but all I know is that the fans behind who were fighting about opposite teams were way more exciting to me than the game itself. 2. I have been building my own business for just shy of 9 months now and if I can tell any entrepreneur anything it is this— you you NEVER be 100% ready to start. 3. I have an ongoing to-do list of things I need to do. But it’s not about being perfect, it’s about controlling the beautiful chaos. 4. And yes, you can still run your own business if you have been through trauma or if you have a mental illness. I get asked this a lot. 5. You do not have to be perfect. You have to be real. And honestly, you have to be a bit tough w yourself. There are days I so WANT to quit, but I don’t, because I know that no matter what I am dealing with— I can do ONE thing that day to get to where I want to be. 6. I started thesimplestself because I didn’t want my IG handle to be my full name, in fear that my dad would somehow attach it to me. In hindsight, I know my dad can Google me if he is allowed to Google me. But what I know now that I didn’t know then, is that despite what actions my dad could do, I am in complete control of my life. And I don’t really think a lot of people take complete responsibility for that, in their own life. 7. Your past is not a threat. Your past is your reminder to keep moving forward.
I’ve learned what’s most important is finding gratitude in the middle of struggle or difficult times. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I bought coffee for the person behind me at Starbucks and then that night someone broke into our vehicles.. lol. • I’ve struggled with anxiety more this week than I like to talk about and had a lot of panic attacks to overcome. • I’m overall going through an extreme period of growth and heartache that has been extremely painful at times. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ But instead of dwelling on the down side of things I choose to be so incredibly thankful for the good things that happened to me. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ •My brand new bed came in which symbolizes something so huge for me. •I got to have wine at a beautiful winery with a friend from high school and catch up and I had so much fun. •And I’m insanely excited and proud of the women who got started this week that I get to work with to make a difference in their lives, others lives and all of our futures with our business. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ This business has opened up my mind, honed my skills, connected me with amazing people from all over the world, helped me step into my position as a leader and influencer, and allowed so many of us financially to pursue all of our dreams. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Mindset is everything, and it’s one of the greatest things this business has given me. Because there’s a lot I could complain about right now.. and the old a few years ago me would absolutely be consumed in it. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Now, this me.. I sit and make a list of everything I’m grateful for every night, I get to reflect on how lucky I am to have this opportunity to serve others, to do big things I didn’t think I was capable of, and to change so many peoples financial situation for the good. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I have changed.. I have grown.. I have become stronger. I feel it. And I just wouldn’t be who I am today without this kind of growth my business has pushed me to pursue mentally and emotionally. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ And I think sometimes.. maybe this business could have not worked. But the greatest blessing was that I was open to something different. Because it’s working, like for real. And I am so beyond blessed💛
Friday afternoon I had the craziest thing happen. So crazy I’m still kinda in shock. This week has been stressful- full of dr apts, hair apts, house demolitions, and life. I can’t seem to shake the weird anxiety I’ve had, but it’s been like a dark cloud over my head and for really, no apparent reason. I prayed on my way from work to Ulta that I would get a sign from God that He is with me. Something just to show me He hears my voice. I’m thinking it’s going to be something small, like a bird flying into my windshield or a penny on the ground... instead I got far more. I walk into a store full of pretty girls with perfect make up, and get a glance of myself with just powder on my face, no mascara, nothing, and flat, air-dried Hanson brother hair. Yikes. I’m immediately embarrassed and even more so when this adorable, young, perfectly put together, girl approaches me and asks if I need help. Yup. Sure do! As she helps me decide on the couple of items I came in for, we make small talk and I realize she went to high school in the same town where I live. Small world. She then brings up the fact that her church is on the corner of the road where we live. I don’t think much of it. Untillllll she looks at me and says “Jesus loves you so much.” She proceeds to tell me He is watching over me, my family, my marriage, and I should be at peace. I’m floored. Literally feel like I’m part of a dream. At this point I’m nearly in tears and still in disbelief. She asks if she can pray with me and in the middle of the store, surrounded by people, she prays a beautiful prayer about being on a boat surrounded by waves with Jesus. He is there with a pillow and tells me to rest my head. At that very moment I felt peace. I didn’t care about the people that were probably staring, or what they might think, I knew God was taking care of me. This girl was my sign and my answered prayer. She had no idea what I had going on in my life, or in my head, but God used her to tell me exactly what I needed to hear. Indeed- #Godisgood Oh- and she did my makeup and I left feeling so beautiful! . . #ppd #uniteinmotherhood #mysweetmotherhood #momlife #motherhood #anxietyawareness #mentalhealthawareness
Sometimes it’s worth driving out people who you feel are toxic to you 🤷🏼‍♀️ #writerscommunity #authorsofinstagram #anxietyawareness #mentalhealthmatters #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness
Oh hay 👋🏼! I’ve been getting a bunch of questions from other mamas to be & soon to be mamas to be about how I’m managing my anxiety during pregnancy. . . The truth is - this is foreign territory for me! I’m relearning how to live in my body, now that it’s shared and making sure to be really diligent about my self care practices. . . Pregnancy anxiety is new for me because it doesn’t just effect me anymore. On days where I used to feel anxious, I could sidestep my self care because I was used to feeling that way. Now, there’s a whole other life depending on me to be my best self. . . So we meditate together (seriously - 1 earbud in my ear and 1 in my bellybutton). We breathe, we practice gratitude. And I try my hardest to focus on what is in my control today. . . I want to show taquito that self care is a priority. It’s ok to have bad days, but he’s got a mama that makes sure she is the healthiest version of herself so he can be well cared for. Whether it’s 5 mins a day or 50. It’ll be interesting to see how this changes and has to adjust when he’s here . . How did you take care of yourself when you were pregnant? What was your favorite self care?. . . . . . #boymommy #newmomlife #secondtrimesterenergy #anxietywarrior . . . . . #anxietywarrior #anxiety #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #depression #love #selflove #mentalhealthmatters #anxietyrecovery #selfcare #mentalhealthwarrior #mentalhealthrecovery #mentalillness #anxietysupport #anxietyawareness #anxietyhelp #healthylifestyle #health #invisibleillness #chronicillness #anxietyrelief
Any of my followers suffer from Panic Attacks? 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️ I’ve always had anxiety. But once Eleanor was born it took a turn for the worse. I could literally be having the best day of my life and then my anxiety takes over...out of no where. That’s what happened yesterday. We were out Christmas shopping, enjoying family time and then all of a sudden I broke down. I couldn’t breathe. My heart was coming out of my chest and my throat felt like it was closing in. I became overly sweaty, I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t think of anything except “I’m going to die” It’s the worst feeling in the world. And just like that, I was done. My day was ruined and I couldn’t do anything else. I was completely exhausted. Anxiety sucks. It takes a huge toll on my life. I never know when it’s going to strike or for how long it’s going to stick around. Yesterday was one of the worst attacks I’ve had in a while. This morning I didn’t want to get out of bed. But I also decided that I wasn’t going to lay around and be afraid of my anxiety anymore. I Needed to get up in order to feel better. So, that’s what I did. And here I am, about to do my workout and take care of myself. Because that’s all I really can do. I hate living in fear of when my next attack may be, but it’s also something I’m learning to manage. So, here’s to another day strong. Here’s to getting through today without an attack. If you suffer from anxiety, know that you are not alone. I know it seems like it, but you aren’t. 💗
Someone asked why am I always smiling? Let's rethink that why are you always frowning? I smile because I have JOY ((Jesus, Others & Yourself). With JOY I choose to have a different mindset toward the world and moments in life no matter what. Mainly because we will go up or down with our emotions. Have an attitude of gratitude. Yes, I get upset but I don't linger in it. 💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐 I smile brightly because no matter what God loves me. I have the opportunity to love others. I am more than enough. God has opened up many doors for me to meet and interview wonderful people. 💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐 Why do you smile. Do you know the difference between JOY & HAPPINESS? ❤️💙💚💜♥️❤️💙💚♥️💖❤️💙💚💜💚💙❤️♥️💖❤️💚 . #rollingwiththediva ,#bodyimage , #selfcare , #selfworth $emotionalintelligence #depressionanxietyawarness #anxietyawareness ,#trust #mindfulness #breakthesilence ,#healing ,#ptsd , #mentalhealth ,#mentalillness , #mentalhealthawareness #selfesteem #motivatedafter50 ,#KeepTalkingMH , ##advocateforyourself , #Psychiatry #rehab #physicaltherapy #BetheDifference , , #faithingod , #God , #church #communityawarenes
Working on them backbends; tiny little victory here with that foot tucked in! Also, peak these non-name brand non-yoga clothes lol. You don't need anything but your body to start doing yoga! Don't wait until January to start making changes that are calling your name. You deserve to be good to yourself 🖤🙏😍 #wheelpose #iloveyou
What would that be? For me: If I had to sum it up to 5 things.... . . ✨Love ✨Stability ✨Understanding ✨Communication ✨Support . . What about you? 1-5 things that looking back at your younger self you needed? ⬇️⬇️ 😉 @inspiredtea
Just because you’re struggling now, doesn’t mean you’ll struggle forever! #struggles #temporarystruggle
Love my cat! I was able to buy him Christmas presents this year and Im so happy he likes them! I always told myself that Hudson doesn't understand what Christmas is and that presents wouldn't make sense to him. I was out shopping on Friday for presents and I said to myself "you know what, I'm gonna get Hudson something cause he's so sweet and has really helped me this year. He deserves it." I put the collar on him on Friday and he hasn't taken it off all weekend! I almost cried at how much he seems to like his gifts! He's my buddy and I'm so happy I bought him these things against what I have told myself for so long. #catsofinstagram #tabby #selfcare #selfcaresunday #cat #catmom #hudson #yellowcat #redcat #love #jinglebells #Christmas #cattent #mouse #anxiety #anxietyawareness #mentalhealthawareness
I used to dread Sunday’s For some reason, my anxiety would be peaked at the end of a weekend. I would think about everything I didn’t do, or could have done. Panic about “wasted time” Worry about the week ahead and my long to-do list. My Sunday’s weren’t preparing for a “fresh start” It was focusing on lowering my anxiety as much as possible so it wouldn’t ruin my entire day & flood into the week. I share this because we all struggle with different things For me, I never in my life experienced REAL anxiety (other than the normal before exam nervousness stress) until this past year. It became crippling in many areas of my life, and I didn’t know what was happening. I felt trapped in my body. Emotions very high and very low that we’re almost unpredictable even to myself It’s not something I dwell on or like to talk about, but I now wake up on Sunday’s, and EVERY DAY happy about what I have in store. Excited about the to-do lists. Ecstatic to be alive, driven to be prepared going into a brand new week. And this is not to say I don’t still experience anxiety, stress, and get emotional, but my body and mind are a complete 180 than what I went through previously. Whatever you are going through, you will get through this. . ♥️You are strong. ♥️You are powerful. ♥️Keep loved ones close. ♥️Seek help if/when needed. ♥️Know that this is NOT forever. I am not an expert in this area, but if you are experiencing something similar, know that this isn’t forever. Your anxiety is not your identity. Whatever you can do today, to move in a positive direction just even by one step, you are still moving forward ✨
2018 taught me to have a little more courage. To try a little harder. That I have more willpower and determination than I thought. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ That it is possible for me to step outside my comfort zones when I need and want to. I push against anxiety most days, push back fear, just by getting up and getting on with my day. And I need to give myself credit for that, and be kinder to myself. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ In 2019, I hope that I will have the courage to push myself a bit more. To feel the fear and take small steps anyway. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #decemberreflections2018 #lessonsfrom2018 #reflecting #anxietyawareness #anxietyfighter #selfkindness #selfcompassion #momentsofmine #momentslikethese #cambridgeskies #cambridgesun #couragedoesntalwaysroar
Catching up a bit with #decemberreflections2018 - day 13 was ‘Comfort.’ Comfort for me always involves a cup of tea, a comfy chair, and a blanket. I like low, warm lighting, and have always found bright white light uncomfortable. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ In another sense, comfort to me is also being around people I love, just in terms of companionship, with no pressure to ‘entertain’. It can be hard, occasionally, relaxing when you’re deaf, having to be alert, follow conversations, constantly be ‘on’. So comfort is definitely about being able to relax into myself, and just be. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #comfort #hyggelife #sundayvibes #cosiness #rest #momentsofmine #abmlifeisbeautiful #joyfully #deafawareness #deafanxiety #anxietyawareness
My version of busy is adding joy and fulfilling people to my life - no apologies. #becomingunbusy #busy #calm #mindfulness #meditate #anxietyawareness #pranayama #breath #yogaoffthemat #joy #meaningfullife
I often find when I have too many things going on in my mind, I literally just shut down. I can’t focus, things go on one ear and out the other and I become overwhelmed and can’t concentrate ( not even for five minutes ). Make sure you’re cancelling them tabs off AND when the tabs are all open, notice the patterns and behaviour. Self awareness is needed to change behavioural patterns. 🧠👁 . . #mentalhealthawareness #youthandmentalhealth #adultsmentalhealth #neuroscience #itsok #takeabreak #socialmedia #anxietyawareness #bekindtoyourself 🧠
The lowest moments are what give you strength. Muscle is built by creating micro tears in muscle fibers. You actually rip your muscle and then your body repairs it bigger and stronger than it was before. The same is true with your mental strength. You are going to recover stronger than you ever were before. >> Click the link in my bio to learn how I was able to kick 15+ years of PTSD out of my life for good 👇 #ptsdsucks #ptsdsurvivor #ptsdsupport #ptsdawareness #ptsdrecovery #ptsdservicedog #ptsdwarrior #complexptsd #ptsddog #fuckptsd #veterans #cptsd #cptsdrecovery #posttraumaticstressdisorder #anxiety #anxietyrelief #anxietyattack #anxietyhelp #anxietydisorder #anxietyquotes #anxietyproblems #anxietyattacks #anxietyrecovery #anxietyawareness #anxietysupport #anxietysucks #anxietywarrior #anxietyfree #anxietyfighter #socialanxiety
Í dag er ein góður dagur! Tað hevur leingi verið ein trupuleiki fyri meg at ferðast einsamøll, bæði í Føroyum og uttanfyri, vegna angist. Nú eri eg farin til Danmarkar í jólaferiu. Tað er fyrstufer nøkurlunda einsamøll, í meira einn eitt ár, um ikki hálvt-anna! Tá ið eg flutti heim, og ferðina áðrenn, mátti eg hava onkran við mær allatíð, og túrarnir vóru alvorliga harðir alíkavæl!!! Í dag var eg so heldig, at eg kundi sleppa at koyra vestur við familju ið eisini skuldi ferðast, men tó ikki í sama flogfar. So einasti parturin av ferðini hjá mær heilt einsamøll vóru tímarnir í flogfarðinum og løtan á flogvøllinum nirði. Hóast tað kann tykjast sum lítið uppá seg, so er tað ikki fyri meg! Eisini sjálv avgerðin at fara, og prøva, var eitt stórt fet. - Men tað gekk fínt! Ongin ógvuslig angist ella vemmiligt kroppsligt óbehag, bert tað “vanliga” við eitt sindur av summarfuglum í búkinum! (Kenni annars betur til fílar, enn summarfuglar, kvalmu og yvirhøður ógvusligt kroppsligt og sálarligt óbehag). Væl nøgd við úrsliti av eksponeringini, og vónandi vera hetta nakrir góðir dagar 💛 Tað gevur eitt sindur okkurt a la cringe’kenslu at leggja hetta út, men eg leggi onki í tað. Tað er nokk uttanífrá ávirkaðu sjónarmiðini, angistin, og kenslurnar sum fylgja við, av at vit ikki eiga at tosa um sovorit sum spæla eitt puss.. Men minnist til!!! Tað er í lagi ikki altíð at hava tað super! Tað er ein partur av fólki, akkurat sum alt annað 🙏🏼 #sálarheilsa #angist #tunglyndi #strongd #eksponering #anxiety #anxietyawareness #depression #mentalhealth #succes #juhuukensla #takksom #eittfetísenn #etskridtadgangen #stigma #tabu
“these are a few of #myfavoritemeds ❄︎ it was around this time in 2013 that I broke down and told my parents I was not okay. I’d just spent the majority of my first semester of junior year in bed. I was always tired. I was angry and panicky and unstable. The self-harm hadn’t started yet, but it was on its way. I was skipping classes. I was desperate for community and couldn’t seem to find it. Studies show the biggest triggers for suicide are the feeling of not belonging and the feeling that one is a burden. I had both. ✱ I’d never seen a therapist before. I felt I didn’t have “enough problems” to merit seeking help. Thankfully, I went anyway. A few sessions were all my therapist needed to be convinced I needed medication. ✱ So I broke. I told my parents I’d been seeing a therapist. I told them about the semester. I told them I was not okay and that I couldn’t keep my head above water on my own. ✱ My mom sat with me at the doctor’s office as I was prescribed Lexapro for depression. ✱ It wasn’t enough. So they added lorazepam. ✱ It wasn’t enough. So they added Wellbutrin. Then upped the dosage. Then took me off Lexapro and upped Wellbutrin some more. ✱ Eventually, after 3 years of misdiagnoses, a therapist finally 1. had the courage to diagnose me with #BPD and 2. had the patience necessary to convince me I was also bipolar – something two others had tried to tell me, but I refused the diagnosis. ✱ So in 2017, I switched anxiety meds and got on Lamotrigine, a #bipolar medication. And with therapy and meds (and hard work – dealing with mental illness is HARD WORK) I can say, 5 years later, I am “okay.” I am stable. I am functioning. I am healthy. I am happy. ✱ I just needed meds to get me here. ✱ There is no shame in needing medication. There is no shame in needing therapy. There is no shame in being mentally ill.” - @maggie.e.marshall
Beautiful people 🎄🥂🥰#annualchristmasparty
It’s Monday , meaning it’s also LEG DAY (my favvvvvvvvvvv workout of the day!) sooo , here is a picture of my legs 😁😂😂🤷🏻‍♀️ Also, I’m happy AF. I don’t really know why, I think a lot of things in my life I cared about , I have stopped caring about and , well, I’m just full of love 💕!! So ❤️❤️❤️❤️ to you all ! #behappy #curves #legday
Ornament workshop part two: melted bead ornaments! All you need is pony beads, metal cookie cutters and a glass pan. Arrange the beads with tweezers if you want to be detailed! Bake at 400 for 20+ minutes. Keep checking till they’re done. Let them cool off and if they’re still stuck to the pan/cookie cutter, pop them in the fridge or freezer for a few minutes 🎄🎨🌈
It's the time of year to think about new years resolutions but I kinda hate them; or the terminology anyway. The 'resolute' portion of the word can be over-demanding and fragile because of it. They also tend to be based on shame and self-deprecation. But goals, they seem (to me, anyway) to be longer term and geared towards life enhancement. Aims like changing career, reading more, working on a difficult relationship... You can take something that feels out of reach and cut it down into bitesize, doable objectives that lead somewhere big. Your resolve can waver and change but the goal doesn't have to. It feels flexible, like you have time to fuck up or give up and still find your way there. Mine are such that I will need time, lots of time, to achieve them and all of a sudden the pressure is off and enjoyment of the process is on. #newbeginnings #newyear #happynewyear #nonewyearsresolution #goals #aims #objectives #takeyourtime #time #enjoytheprocess #noshame #nojudgements #bitesize #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthmatters #mentalhealththoughts #mentalhealthtreatment #mentalhealthrecovery #anxietydisorder #anxiety #anxietyhelp #anxietyrelief #anxietyawareness #depresssion #depressionandanxiety #determined #depressionawareness #ptsd #ptsdrecovery
💙 couldn’t feel more for you, we have all been there you are not alone, the demons are the hardest to fight 💙 always here guys pop up 💜💜 #mentalhealth #itsoktonotbeok #awareness #iloveyou #allinthistogether #loveyourself #depressionawareness #ptsdawareness #anxietyawareness #suicideawareness #selfharmawareness #weallhavementalhealth #allmentalhealthmatters
"Aisha RA reported The Prophet, peace, and blessings be upon him, sent for Uthman ibn Mazh’un and he came. The Prophet said, “O Uthman, do you not desire my practice?” Uthman said, “O Messenger of Allah, no by Allah. I seek your practice.” The Prophet said, “Verily, I sleep and I pray, I fast and I break my fast, and I marry women. Fear Allah, O Uthman, for your family has rights over you and your guest has rights over you. Verily, your own self-has rights over you, so fast and break your fast, pray and sleep.” Source: Sunan Abu Dawud 1369 - Your body has a haq (rights) over you, treat it accordingly. A defining characteristic of a Muslim is loving and following the Sunnah. The best of mankind has instructed us to be mindful of our mind and flesh. So honor him by loving yourself. - Loving yourself is loving Allah..." - Swipe up on our stories to read more of Noshin Bokth's article, 'Loving Yourself Is Loving Allah, Why Self Care Is Ibadah' over on Amaliah Soul - 📸: @jessrachelsharp
My anxiety used to be so bad as a kid and it never helped that my family would treat my feelings as a joke or as being dramatic. I would try my best to hide these attacks as much as i could that now its hard for the people around me to know when im having an attack or not. Id do my best to hold it till im alone so i can break down or id try to sleep it off because id get so bad my health deteriorates. And if im around someone i might come out as being pissed and giving the silent treatment but know its just me desperately trying to hold myself from breaking down and showing my feelings. Know id rather you think im pissed than having to explain myself and have my feelings be ridiculed or speaking my mind and being called a crazy bitch. (plus my voice cracks and i tend to vomit most of the time so being silent the best way to go) : : : : : : : : : : : : : : . : : : : : : : : : : #anxiety #anxietyattack #anxietyawareness #selfharmawareness #yournotalone #socialanxiety #socialanxietydisorder #majordepressivedisorder #majordepression #clinicaldepression #depression #itsokaynottobeokay #itsoknottobeok #itsokaytonotbeokay #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealth #mentalillness #mentalillnessawareness #mentalillnessrecovery #mentalhealthwarrior #mentalhealthrecovery #suicideprevention #preventsuicide #suicideisnottheanswer #eatingdisorder #edwarrior #edsolider #edfighter #edfamily
RESEARCH: DISRUPTED CIRCADIAN RHYTHMS & ANXIETY A recent neuroscience study has confirmed that aberrant sleep-wake cycles can drive brain pathology. This adds to the evidence linking anxiety with sleep deprivation, and emphasises the critical need of good sleep for mental & physical health. It is clear that deep slow-wave sleep is needed to calm overactive brain regions, a problem in sleep deprived people. If you feel that you have a sleep disorder, it is important to speak to your GP or Psychologist. Source: Society for Neuroscience, 5/11/2018 Photo: droopy red flowering gum on a hot day. June Gay Psychologist #psychologistchatswood #psychologydemystified #circadianrhythm #circadianrhythms #anxious #anxietyawareness #anxietyproblems #sleep #sleepdisorder #sleepdisorders #sleeppatterns #sleeppattern #badsleep #sleepbetter #rumination #mentalhealthadvice #mentalhealthrecovery #healthymind #psychologyandmore #psychologytips #healthysleep #healthysleephabits #sleephealthy #wellbeingcoach
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