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hiii - ✄ dt ; @laurdiy and my queen @laurexislit 🔥 - ✄ first liker : ✄ first commenter : - tags~ #laurdiy #alexwassabi #laurex #laurdiynotice #laurdiyedit #laurexedit #annieleblanc #stardustlaurexx - TAG Lauren please!! @shoplaurdiy @laurdiy
#tb to when Annie looked like a queen in instagram prom 😍❤ @annieleblanc #annieleblanc #instagramprom
*ruins my theme* *no one joins* - ok here are the rules hoomans: 1) must be following me cuz i have no friends to do the giveaway with:,) 2) tag 2-6 editors 3) repost this on your story 4) also follow @zigclrs cuz she’s like the best - ok there are the rules and COMMENT “D” IF YOURE DONE and i will pick some random winners! don’t be sad if you didn’t get picked (im not going to be bias is just random pick) ILL SKIP YOU IF U DONT FOLLOW THE RULES! #edsbedgrp ~beth🌺
aye. why is my work so bad??
she’s so precious #annieleblanc
They're friendship is goals ❤❤ @annieleblanc @missjaydenb #annieleblanc #missjaydenb
i got bored 🤩 don’t mind him half cut off it’s just a EDIT , tag annie #annieleblanc
She’s so beautiful😍💙 @annieleblanc @kenzie #annieleblanc
🖤 she’s just the best #annieleblanc @annieleblanc @annieleblancxtra
She's gonna be such a great mom in the future 😍❤ @annieleblanc #annieleblanc
your the only way out of this sea of lovers Ad: @e.ditingleblancs #annieleblanc
I love y'all❤❤ ●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●● #annieleblanc
's typing...❤ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ JŪĻÎĄŇÑÅ ĞŔĀÇĘ ŁĒBĽÁÑÇ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ıb:ňø õņə ác:ňø õņə đt:@annieleblanc ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ XOXO ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ţāğš:#annieleblanc #bratshow #omgpage #brat #bratshow #omgpage #brat #bratshow #omgpage #caleb #calebratelife
What did i just make 😂🤦🏽‍♀️💘 @harveypetito @annieleblanc @missjaydenb • • • • • #chickengirls #hannie #agirlnamedjo #annieleblanc #bratayley
Who’s your roommate ? • • @laurenorlando88 @johnnyorlando
Chapter 21: —————————————————————— (Annie’s pov); we were quiet for what seemed like forever. Eventually, I broke silence between us “I guess it’s not fully your fault..” I said. “I love you sister” she said as she hugged me. “I can’t hide things from you anymore” I said as I stood up from my bed. “What do you mean?” She said with a confused look on her face. “I.. I fell in love with Hayden the moment I saw him, then I knew that you guys were dating. I was fighting everyday to stop thinking about him because he was my sister’s boyfriend. I was trying not to make eye contact with him because if I do I wouldn’t resist not hugging him. I was heartbroken everyday, and knowing that you didn’t even love him in the first place makes my heart break cause I was hurting all these months for nothing.” When I finished talking I saw in her eyes sadness. “Anns.. I’m so sorry, if i knew that you liked him I wouldn’t even date him in the first place.” She said while wiping her tears. “Don’t cry.. we were both wrong and we can’t do anything right now” I said as I hugged her. “Yes we can” She said cheerfully. “What? Don’t be crazy” I said as I giggled. “I’m serious. Hayden will come after a month and we can explain for him everything and then you guys can date.” She said with a huge smile on her face. “Kenz, we don’t know for sure if he likes me anyway.” I said as my smile went down. “Well.. we will wait for him to come back and we will see” she said as she giggled. “I’m thankful to have you in my life.” I said as I hugged her again. “You love to hug don’t you?” She said as she laughed. “Shut up!” I said joking. I was happy, and I couldn’t ask for a better sister. Me and Kenzie decided to watch a movie and then we fell asleep . . #hannie
Guys im backkkk💘
a duo i need 🤧🤪 this is premade and like its a mess HAHAH it just suddenly stops for some reason HAHAHHA (ccp) dt: @maddieziegler @aliceeditz @annieleblanc @fortnitehayden @bratayleysmemory ily guysss ac: ??
Hey I'm Anna I'm 16 and I'm new to the fandom , I've always wanted to do a fan page for annie .. my goal right now is 60 followers and to support annie for life @annieleblanc #annieleblanc
someone’s got a bomb theme🍂⚡️ #annieleblanc
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