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so haha I tried to do an edit again 😬😬 but using video star. So enjoy my bad 16 sec video that took me 3 hours :) . Song: wow. - Post Malone . . . . . . #awae #awaenetflix #annewithane #annewithaneedit #amybethmcnulty #anneshirley #gilbertblythe #anneshirleycuthbert #lucasjadezumann #anneshirleycuthbert #au #greengables
IM STILL WORKING ON MY WATTPAD IM SORRY IM STUMPED ARGGG!! Im just gonna say it again (I’ve literally been saying this for the past 2-3 months) I’m gonna TRY to be more active and post when i CAN il it takes like two seconds but I’m a lazy goose. Creds: ?? Follow me ( @awae.fandom ) for more posts related to Anne with an E💖 { tags: #awae #annewithane #anne #anneshirley #anneshirleycuthbert #anneandgilbert #gilbertblythe #gilbertblytheedit #shirbert #shirbertedit #dianabarry #colemackenzie #jerrybaynard #rubygillis #janeandrews #amybethmcnulty #amybeth #lucasjadezumann #lucasjzumann #lucaszumann #liapappaskemps #aymericjettmontaz #kylamatthews #moodyspurgeon #jacobursomarzo #colemackenzie #corygruterandrew }
I honestly don’t know what this is I was just playing around with video star but I kind of like it x 🤷🏽‍♀️♥️ - - - ac: @wundrous dt: anyone who actually likes this aha - - - Q: Diana and Anne or Gilbert and Anne?
2.05 i loved cole in this scene, but happy friday everyone!! this week actually went by really fast in my opinion - - -
disconnected (part 14) sorry this took a long time for me to post a new part, i have had literally no time to make better posts so i apologize. but let me know if you guys want to see more!! AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY AJ 💗💗 - - -
2.03 matthew or marilla? - - -
1.03 the way he smiles at her after he just got smacked in the face with a slate like ahjdka - - -
this is supposed to be when they’re older guys but let me know what you think about this au!! - - -
2.05 so starting tomorrow i’m probably going to make posts ahead of time so i can post better edits during the week. it’s just hard to keep up with posting and school work so this way i won’t have to worry as much - - -
gilbert supports her so much awh but it’s friday guys and i am beyond happy to get a break from school - - -
2.10 sorry i haven’t been posting bigger edits, i have so much work to do for school and a bunch of tests to study for but i’ll try to make some more aus soon! thank you to everyone who’s been really supportive about this it means so much :) - - -
another captain swan & shirbert edit for all of you :)) - - -
2.10 this scene was so powerful and so sad too :( - - -
2.10 what are you most excited about for season 3?? - - -
2.05 i really want it to be the weekend - - -
disconnected (part 13) there’s more drama of course haha - - -
2.04 happy 17th birthday to one of my favorite kindred spirits. dalila, thank for being such an inspiration to me and so many others. you care about your fans so much and it’s the best gift that you could ever have given us. i hope you have an amazing birthday and i can’t wait to see what else you accomplish. i love you!! - - -
2.06 one of the most memorable scenes in season 2 - - -
i had a pretty rough day yesterday so hopefully today won’t be as bad. do you want to see gilbert jealous in season 3? - - -
1.05 i miss them how have you guys been? - - -
i made another au with inspiration from captain swan. i’m not surprised 😂 i just realized i forgot to put brackets around the text on the first slide whoops - - -
i woke up so early again to study for more tests but i just want to sleep - - -
here’s another shirbert au for all of you!! i have a huge biology test today so wish me luck haha - - -
this au was inspired by one of my favorite ships so i hope you like it!! i miss them so much i want season 3 to come sooner - - -
2.06 this scene was so cute how is your day going? - - -
2.08 this scene was so pretty do you like prissy? - - -
2.07 what do you want to be when you grow up? i’m curious to see guys i still have a bad cold but i have to go to school and do work and i just want to stay home and rest - - -
awae x friends friends is one of my other favorite tv shows so i wanted to make an edit of a scene!! do you watch friends? - - -
2.10 this scene broke my heart i hate seeing him upset :( - - -
it’s my birthday today guys!! so i wanted to post an au because of the special occasion haha. anyway i hope you all have a good day and thank you for 3,800 followers!! that’s the best gift of all - - -
2.09 do you like ruby? - - -
2.04 my all time favorite friendship 💗💗 - - -
2.06 okay this was honestly the cutest scene ever - - -
1.03 where it all began - - -
2.08 thank you guys so much for almost 3,400 followers!! this honestly means the world to me and i love you all. this week has been kind of rough but i have the weekend to look forward to after today. now let’s appreciate gilbert because he deserves everything good that comes to him - - -
2.08 he’s so in love awh what are you most excited about for season 3? - - -
2.08 sorry i haven’t been as active on here, i just started school last week and i’m still getting used to everything, but i’ll try to be more active when i can. enjoy this scene of gilbert though :) - - -
i remade this edit too because i wanted to add some more things in it and i really like how it turned out so let me know what you guys think!! - - -
i made this edit before but it wasn’t that great so i wanted to remake it. i also wanted to give you guys a huge thank you. thank you to everyone who gives me so much motivation to edit and all of the nice and supportive comments too, it means so much to me. and okay let me get this straight.. 3,000 followers?! that’s crazy!! i remember when i first started this account i had like 7 followers and i thought i would never get to where i am now. so thank you all, i love you guys. haha sorry for that long paragraph but i love having this account and i wanted to say all of that. anyway, i hope you guys like this edit :) - - -
1.03 aw i loved this scene, he didn’t care about where she came from he just loves her for her 💗💗 - - -
i got this idea from one of my favorite fan accounts and i wanted to make an edit like it for shirbert. if they made scenes like this in season 3 ahh it would be so cute 💛💛 - - -
2.05 do you like marilla? - - -
2.06 i come back from vacation tomorrow so i’ll be able to post more! anne or jerry? - - -
2.05 gilbert’s little smile awh 💗💗 - - -
shirbert x quote i remembered this quote and i thought it would be cute for shirbert so i hope you guys like it! also thank you guys so much for almost 2,000 followers! this means a lot to me and i’m so grateful and happy to be in this fandom. i love you all :) 💓 - - -
2.09 this scene was so cute 💛💛 cole or anne? - - -
1.04 ruby, anne, or diana? - - -
i got this idea from one of my favorite fan accounts and i wanted to try it for shirbert! this would be so cute if this actually happened 💗💗 - - -
1.01 i loved this scene so much and the lighting was so pretty 💛💛 - - -
before season 2 came out i was thinking of different ways he would come back so i wanted to make an au of it! also comment any other au ideas you guys might want to see! - - -
1.06 this scene just shows how much he’ll protect and care for her like oh my goodness i can’t handle it 🤧 - - -
1.03 who do you ship diana with? - - -
shirbert x lyrics i just wanted to say thank you guys so much for over 900 followers! that’s almost to 1,000 and that’s crazy! it means so much that you all like my account so thank you for all of the nice comments and thoughts! also, you guys liked my other edits like this so i thought that this song would work with them :) i hope you guys like it! - - -
i don’t know if this turned out okay but just tell me if you guys like it!! - - -
2.06 comment any scenes you’d like to see next! - - -
shirbert x lyrics i don’t know if this turned out okay but i thought it would be a cute edit so let me know if you guys want more edits like this! :) - - -
1.03 good morning everyone 🌻 - - -
2.06 i still freak out when i see him even though i’ve seen this scene so many times - - -
2.07 this is such an underrated shirbert scene i feel like, but the looks that they give each other 💗💗 - - -
2.10 cole is the captain of the shirbert ship 🚢 - - -
2.02 he did end up seeing her again 💓💓 - - -
2.08 i’m going to use this font now because it’s easier to read and i just think it makes my edits look neater. let me know if you like it and thank you for almost 800 followers! it means so much! - - -
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