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This is the last post from #HangingRock , because I am only slightly obsessed with my new @patagonia hat and this trail pup who discovered she was part-mountain goat on our trek. ⛰🐐🐶 #LiveSimply
The views from the summit of #HangingRock were worth the early morning drive from Raleigh.
@wildduluthraces 50k in the books, but the chapters wouldn’t have been written without the love and support of all the people who make this race possible: the RDs, volunteers, spectators, friends and family... okay you ALL are my family at this point. Blog post coming to ya soon ✨ a special shout out to my trail angel Annie for helping me through post-bonking 😇 📷: @lapl0047
Northern light🧡
Focus. Game face on 🏃🏻‍♀️ Yesterday’s @valleyvertikiller race was a huge challenge for me. I usually run longer, slower, more conservatively. But this time I ran the shorter 16km distance, as fast as I could, trying to give it 100% right from the start with an audacious (and unrealistic) goal of making the podium. I didn’t podium. And I’m totally ok with that. I pushed myself so far out of my comfort zone, tested my limits, felt the thrill of the chase and of chasing, and finally, finished with nothing left in the tank. The competition was FIERCE!!! 💪🏼And I love that! It pushed me so much harder than I thought I would have to push trying to catch those strong top women! At the end of the day, the most important thing isn’t where I placed (I‘m still stoked with my 6th female/13th overall finish!!) but that I gave it everything and tried my best, had fun along the way. And I did! 😁 So grateful for this success to end what has been an incredible season of racing, training, adventure running, learning and growing so much, and building beautiful friendships in this community! ❤️ Cheers to the crazy stupid awesome dreams and goals for next year!!🍻 📸: @tsweimer @valleymtbcrew #trailrace #trailrunning #valleyvertikiller #runvertical #abbytrailrunningclub #pushit #focus #nolimits #justdoit #goals
@kenziecat6 // “After a long week of work, I find my escape in the mountians. I feel the pressure of petty things that have caused me anxiety all week lift right off my shoulders. I choose mountians because they help me let go of all the small things and remember that the world is a big place where everyday something new can happen.” . . . Chosen by ambassador @mackd12 . . . #ChooseMountains #ChooseMountainsWomen . . . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For gear, visit choosemountains.com or follow the link in our bio. Tag us to be featured!
Fall Sundays in #NorthCarolina are for hikes and epic views. ⛰🍃 Photo credit: @zak_solis 📸
Little hike to Isak Heartstone created by Danish artist Thomas Dambo
At times, I look around with such my gratitude it makes my heart feel like it’ll explode. & then there’s other times, when I have everything I’ve ever wanted, and I just can’t even really fake a smile. Today is one of those days. Feeling blah. In a funk. In a rut. Whatever you want to call it - its the ebb & flow of our humanness. I don’t say this looking for sympathy, but I know what is shared from the heart reaches the heart & maybe if you’re feeling similar, you can know you’re not alone.
@vegzeppelin // “I #choosemountains because my soul wakes up in the beauty of the nature and makes me feel blessed to be part of it. The best way to recharge myself is to be connected with such a magnificent creation, mountains are great masters if you can feel their silent power!” . . . Chosen by ambassador @mackd12 . . . #ChooseMountains #ChooseMountainsWomen . . . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For gear, visit choosemountains.com or follow the link in our bio. Tag us to be featured!
Sandy, salty and slightly intoxicated on some other Sunday that passed 🍃 🍃🍃
Dreaming of last weekend’s Larch March in The Enchantments!
Let us be remembered for... The lives we touched The people we helped The wisdom we shared The stories we told The laughter we initiated The love we gave The affection we showed The good role models we were The communities we inspired The youth we guided The hungry we fed The needy we assisted The success we created The risks we took The world we changed 🙏🏼 -Dave O’Brien
...and into the mountains I go, to lose my mind and find my soul... ✨🏔🍃
You’re powerful. You’re loved. You’re a spiritual gangster. You smell amazing. You’re beautiful. You're magical. You’re rare. . . Working on a new skill this week, which involves grabbing my foot in my inversion 😘 anything is possible with focus and work! happy Friday y’all! . . . . #WildWomen #SpiritualGangster #YogaGram #Affirmations #ThirdEyeTribe #YogaBooty #Backbend #Flexiblility #GirlswithMuscle #Andshedopetoo
I’m always amazed by the simplicity of Colorado. Yes the mountains cause dramatic landscapes that adventurists travel thousands of miles for. But then you find that simple moment-turning the corner at just the right time, the squirrel jumping around in snow covered pines, the coursing river filled with fresh snow melt-and it’s just the most simplest thing that you would never find anywhere else and makes you fall in love with life and this state just a little bit more. Love you long time Colorado-thanks for reminding me to soak in the little things.
Can't believe that my last big trip of the year is less than a month away. Headed to Copenhagen and the Faroe Islands and I am ecstatic about it! Has anyone else been? Lemme know where I should go! Have a good weekend, everyone. 😬 . . . #newzealand #nz #foxglacier #glacier #travel #onabags #patagonia #adventure #americanair #travelchannel #instatravel #travelgram #travelblogger #wanderlust #cntravel #optoutside #travelandleisure #asdt #andshedopetoo #dametraveler #roamearth #discoverearth #travelstoke #earthfocus #exploremore #traveldeeper #traveltheworld #travelthroughtheworld #instapassport #aroundtheworld
Hey Utah, happy I decided to take a chance on ya 4 years ago. You sure know how to make a girl happy. 🤙🏻
It’s race day tomorrow, my first race since @squamish50 and last race of the season, and I’ve missed these finish line feels!! Also, I get to run with all my friends or see them at aid stations and the finish line!! The distance tomorrow at @valleyvertikiller is barely a fraction of what I ran at Squamish 50/50 but it’s my clubs race, on some of my favourite trails, and they’re SO FUN!!! Happy Friday friends!! Enjoy this last weekend of summer? Fall??!! I dunno what it is but it’s great! 📸: @brianmccurdyphotography #fbf #finishline #finishlinefeels #raceweek #raceday #trailrace #sq50 #8weekstosq50 #fridayfeels
The happiest pups in the happiest place running toward the happiest season. ❅ #theroadwesttraveled #atlasthesam #forceofnature #dogsthathike
We are SO excited that resorts are opening & we have some fun news to share with you soon! We would LOVE if you’d click the link 🔝 in our bio and fill out the quick form! #coshredladies #newthings #girlgang #supportyourgirlgang #chixwhorip #andshedopetoo #coloradoshred #openingweekend #bignews #excitingthings #behealthygetactive #b4bc @b4bc @shredlovepark @sheshredsco
4:30 AM wake up with this beauty was totally worth it! Beach time, babe time, bootay shakin’ & building a legacy with empowering women is such a gift ✨ • So grateful for you girl! We’ve come a long way, yet have so much more room to expand. Love doing life with you, Sister ❤️
You can call me, “The Master Crag-Napper.”
Lead With Love is a heart-centered social impact organization for people committed to shifting culture from fear to love. . Nick and I went to their summit last year and I can honestly say it transformed my life. It’s happening again this year and VERY soon!! October 25-28 💫 . The summit includes movement, meditation, conscious capitalism talks, & tangible tools for impact and change that you can take home with you. . A few of my favorite presenters this year are John Mackey(CEO & Co-founder of Whole Foods), Rod Stryker(ParaYoga), Jaquille Johnston(Urban Yogis), Sarah Herron(SheLift), & SO many more. . If you’re interested in attending all 4 days I have a discount code for you! ELIZALOVE . For more information - click the link in my bio.💗 Join me and be part of the change. . @sarahherron @yogaruparodstryker @ileadwithlove
The days that have it all... glorious fall foliage, sunshine, a fabulous friend to run with ( @warmvanillasugar ) and a fast and flowy downhill, and spectacular views everywhere you go. Just soaking up every precious moment of these last sunny fall days... 🍁😍 📸: @tsweimer #sunnydays #adventure #trailrunningviews #autumn #fallfun #trailsisters
This weather already has me looking back at all the fun things we did this summer! Although we had planned to do A LOT more, I am so happy we invested in our new pup. Now next summer will be even better!
When the day is so good and then sunset is amaze, you get super extra cause someone points a camera at you and you end up getting strangled. A day in the life. The end. 🧡
👆🏼My happy place in 2018. 👉🏼My happy pace circa 1982. • 📷: @studavid70 / my dad • @growingupbamfield #growingupbamfield
🍂“I hope I can be the autumn leaf, who looked at the sky and lived. And when it was time to leave, gracefully it knew life was a gift.” - Dodinsky 🍂 When my time is up, will I look back on my life (if I’m lucky enough to have time to reflect) and know with certainty that my life was a gift? A gift that I valued and appreciated and was always grateful for? And did I live my life with grace and passion, maximizing my talents and gifts to DO MORE in this world FOR OTHERS?? I know it may seem cliche, but autumn is such a time for reflection. I think that in the business of our lives, it’s so important to take that time to reflect and dwell on who we are, who we could be, who we WANT to be! So, who do you want to be? What do you want to do with your gifts in this life? How will you make it happen? You can do anything you set out in your heart to do! 🙏🏼❤️ 📸: @tsweimer #mondaymotivation #reflection #autumn #fallfeels #grateful #love #fallcolors #trailrunning
I have self doubt. I worry. I experience low self esteem. I’ve been on the bathroom floor in tears because all I feel is darkness and I don’t know why. . Why am I telling you this? Maybe to show you that I’m human or to tell you that you’re not alone. . These worries & fear do not own me or identify me. Everything is impermanent, and there is only room for one of the two words in your brain - love or fear. There is not space for both. . As someone who has not overcome fear, worry or self doubt, but as someone who is experiencing it - my best advice is... . To move. . Your brain wants to be happy, and movement has the potential to immediately shift our mindset & mood. Add in your favorite song in the background, and there you have a complete recipe for what makes me feel the most alive. . What makes you feel the most alive?
Beach Vibes Only 🏝
When it’s too cold to even make a fire, you make drinks and play uno bundled up in the tent for hours.
Rainy TN days have me thankful that I'm not out on the trail. Day long wet toes pictured here, attempting to dry out by the heat of the fading Alaskan sun and a priming whisper lite stove... . . . . . #backpacking #alaska #denali #frybake #msr #hiking #outdoors #forceofnature #keepitwild #wilderness #adventure #andshedopetoo #stateparks #wild
Best friends 5ever » Not many people can make you laugh until you cry, but put us back together and we sure can. » #forceofnature #linger #happybirthday
May this Monday be just as calm as this walk 🤞🏻
It’s my fave when unexpected plans brings friends from different circles together at my fave spot on island. One more amazing day in the books. Is it the power of the place or the power of the people? Or perhaps both?💙
@juliewilusz // “I choose the mountains because when I was younger, it was my place of peace and serenity and my place of quiet and stillness. I choose the mountains because now, as a parent, I have the deepest, most profound conversations and discussions with my kids. It is where they feel at peace and feel free and open enough to ask questions or bring up subjects they would otherwise not feel comfortable talking about. I choose the mountains because as a trail maintainer for nearly 20 years, it is my absolute privilege and duty to preserve and protect these natural wonders for future generations of moms and kids to enjoy and share and talk and connect!” . . . Chosen by ambassador @mackd12 . . . #ChooseMountains #ChooseMountainsWomen . . . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For gear, visit choosemountains.com or follow the link in our bio. Tag us to be featured!
This moment. This pure, precious, wonderful, glorious moment that feels me with intense gratitude for this beautiful life I am blessed to live. ❤️My heart is so full. Thinking about the work week coming up... the challenges, the frustrations maybe... and hoping that the joy and peace that filled my soul here today, carry me through this week with so much light and love and compassion for everyone I meet. Happy Sunday evening my friends 😍 📸: @tsweimer #blessed #happyheart #mtbaker #fall #runhappy #trailsisters #trailrunning #mountainrunning
SUNDAY | Sunday adventure back on the radar today! Two months of near rest off the leg since heading outside for an adventure with the girls. A lot of chica chatter, laughter, fishing, taking in the views & just ‘being’ outside was fabulous.👍🏼 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • _____________ #getoutside #portland #pnw #thisisthenorm #sostoked #chica #sundays #leftcoastisthebestcoast #instablogger #mountains #lakes #forrest #fishing #oregonian #texans #escapethecity #pnwonderland #twomonths #walkwalkwalk #trifecta #newnorm #adventuretime #patagonia #andshedopetoo #seeyouthere #peoplewhoadventure #pnwcollective #thatpnwlife #rei1440project #wildernessbabes
It’s been two years this month since we went to @gohaidagwaii and I haven’t stopped thinking about going back.
Here's to another trip around the mountains ᨒ Cheers to 26 ᨒ Photo by: @ellendohen #theroadwesttraveled #forceofnature #happybirthday #optoutside #letitsnow
Just exited Jasper National Park on mile 1,000 on the trip odometer, with thousands more to go. I almost didn’t go on this adventure because I really don’t like being cold. But I grew up in the Midwest, so my baby blood mixed with the sheer excitement of waking up every day snuggled together under 5 giant blankets on a handmade bed in the back of the 4Runner, condensation dripping or frozen over all the windows to stare at stunning, see-thru teal glacial lakes and massive mountains makes me feel a little silly for almost passing this RoadTrip up. Heading southwest through Canada to the coast, hoping for whales, bull moose, and backwards fall colors. Life is magnificent and beautiful, but I already knew that. I hope you do too 😘❄️🍁🏔 : : Doubling up on wool 🧦 in my @lemsshoes giving pyramid mountain googley 👀 (can you spot the one last big fall tree? 🍂) : : : #mtnchicks #lemsshoes #mountaingirls #lifeofadventure #roadtrippin #goatworthy #adventurentusiasts #exploretocreate #stayandwonder #expandyourplayground #jaspernationalpark #exploremore #amongthewild #wildernessbadass #ourplanetdaily #roamtheplanet #freshairandfreedom #andshedopetoo #choosemountains #womenexploringnature #nationalparklife #explorecanada #mirrorlake #reflection_shotz #exklusive_shot #staywild #mountainscape #gltlove #herwanderfullife #nationalparkgeek
Real life trying to get cute dog pictures
If there’s a Girl Scout patch for hiking up a mountain in freshly fallen knee-deep snow, I earned it yesterday. ⠀ ⠀ But I’m happy to accept this view in its place.
#fbf to exploring RMNP - gotta get back out there soon! Bummer to be missing the ASCE Convention out there this week 🤓 but more excited to watch some friends tie the knot tomorrow 👰🏼🤵🏻
@sabbaticalsteph // “Every time I’m asked why I moved to Calgary last fall, the answer is always for the mountains. I choose mountains because every mountain adventure feels like a vacation and yet home at the same time.” . . . Chosen by ambassador @mackd12 . . . #ChooseMountains #ChooseMountainsWomen . . . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For gear, visit choosemountains.com or follow the link in our bio. Tag us to be featured!
@photocait // “My dogs helped me chose mountains. Nothing beats seeing them run free through the forest. I am more active because of them, more patient and they remind me to slow down and take it all in.” . . . Chosen by ambassador @mackd12 . . . #ChooseMountains #ChooseMountainsWomen . . . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For gear, visit choosemountains.com or follow the link in our bio. Tag us to be featured!
☦Job 33:4☦ The Spirit of God has made me, And the breath of the Almighty gives me life. ___ 🙏Follow excape_ltd for more!🙏 ___ #Godsbreath #life #love
Staying on the path can be overrated, just ask @corrinajewel.
This mode of uphill power hiking is called “trying to fasten your vest with numb fingers after putting a long sleeve on because it was frigid at the top despite the sun and you weren’t very well prepared for the cold so you have to keep moving at all times so you don’t freeze.” 😜 It looks like a glorious sunny weekend is ahead of us 😁buuut just a little reminder that if you’re adventuring up high in the mountains, it’s WAY colder up there as autumn is on its last legs and winter is coming fast! Prep right! Don’t be like @warmvanillasugar and I last night without layers/gloves!! 🙈 Happy Friday friends!!!!! 🍻 📸: @warmvanillasugar #fridayfeels #adventuretime #sunsetvibes #sunset #sharechilliwack #elkmountain #autumn #winteriscoming
Don't worry, I got the shot. ↟ Photo by: @ellendohen #theroadwesttraveled #forceofnature #ospreypacks #canon
First tour of the season. 21” of powder on October 10, 2018. Feels good to not hike 10+ miles for 200 feet of snow. #skiUtah
This sweet girl celebrates 7 months today! She's starting to grow out of the excited pee-when-mom-comes-home thing + spends mornings cuddling before getting out of bed. She hasn't stolen a sock in over a month + lemme tell you that is a V I C T O R Y. she loves to hike, run, play with other dogs of ALL sizes + sleep by the refrigerator... just in case food falls out.
My best pal @photocait soaking up some love from the goodest girl ever
Our future is bright. @baileygoldstone #mountainbike
If you sing with me in the car imma keep you for sure
Get out and run. 🏃🏻‍♀️ ⛰ It’s always worth it! Especially when adventuring with friends! 😍Even when you haven’t slept in a day and a half because nightshift then road trip, and you tripped over your toes and nearly face planted at least 10times on the downhill and your vision was going blurry because you were so intently focused on not falling on the downhill but your brain was so done 🙄 📸: @ryanshephard17 #throwback #tbt #icicleridge #leavenworth #sharetheadventure #sleepdeprivation #worthit
Here is another dog for your feed because, dogs. » #theroadwesttravelled #forceofnature #optoutside #dogsthathike
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