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To enjoy life to the fullest is to not care what everyone around you is thinking. In this moment I had felt more free and myself than I ever have since I was a kid. For example if that means dancing around a canola feild in pure happiness, then figurtivly that's what I must accomplish through my journey in life. ▪️ This picture is not perfect, but nothing is. #letmeslapyouwitharealitycheck ▪️ We have no choice but continuing to grow and becoming the best person we can be, for that is what creates a successful life. ▪️▪️▪️▪️ 📸 Credit: @sama_bdesh 💕
HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY @shannonrowbury !!!!! You have been gifted the best birthday present in baby Sienna, & if we don’t shout out our @stronginmymakeup real elites & #ProAthletes in #TrackNation , who will? The original woman in #RowburyRed ! I love knowing that when I need a boost, I just look to your work ethic & strength to stand up for what’s right. Your baby girl has one helluva mama (& grandmama!) to look up to. Love you both, & can’t wait to see you tear it up on the track again when you get back to it!!! Always cheering! . In honor of Shannon’s birthday, I hope everyone does a kind deed or shares a kind word to a stranger today. You never know whose day you will brighten. Link in bio to hear Shannon’s strength & learn from it as told to @pnashhty. ❤️ #AlwaysBeKind #ShannonRowbury #aysharuns #MuslimRunner #StrongLooksDifferentOnEveryone #StrongInMyMakeup
My words could not express how I felt opening my emails today!! It costs you nothing to be kind!! ☺️#YouGetWhatYouPutOut #AlwaysBeKind #GodsGrace #GodsMercy
Can’t wait for tonight pod family!!! 🍷 👚 👗 🧣 👖 💕 . . If you aren’t already a Pod family member join our Facebook VIP group by simply searching “paisley pod vip”!! ❤️💕 SO excited to show off new fall arrivals and give everyone watching FIRST DIBS! ❤️ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #verilymoment #myunicornlife #insearchofjoy #pursuewhatislovely #everysquareastory #petitejoys #fashiondiary #womenwholead #shecan #sheisnotlost #darlingdaily #delight #girlcode #supportlocal #localboutique #boutiquefashion #boutiquestyle #travelstyle #alwaysbekind #girlgang #mamablog #motherhoodsimplified #momsbelike #ihavethisthingwithpink #comegetlost #newblogger #bloggerbabe #momsquad #momofthree #motherhustler
One thing I will never understand is a jerk’s mentality 🙅🏽‍♀️ Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. 💜 Always. (nothing happened personally... just sayn’) #bekind #alwaysbekind #spreadaloha
If you see someone without a smile, give them one of yours 💗 #kindness • • • #smile #passiton #payitforward #alwaysbekind #tossitaroundlikeconfetti #sparkle #letyourlightshine
Yesterday morning the lawn service guy paid us a visit. A nice, younger gentleman named Travis. He worked for the company for 13 years....I’m guessing this job was one of his first jobs and he’s stuck with it. To me, that is very admirable. Anyways, he educated me on some of the breeds of grass in my lawn and complimented me on our curb appeal. He first sprayed in the back yard. He found a few socks scattered around, so he picked them up and tossed them on the deck. ☺️ When he came back out front he asked about our kiddos, their names, how they got their names, etc. it was a fun convo. I asked about his, he shared with me their names which had a relation to Cal Ripken, Travis is a big baseball fan. Travis then told me about his first child, Easton, who passed away at 10 months due to a congenital heart condition. Travis, told me how he and his wife wanted the memory of Easton to live on with their other kids, so they share the middle name of Easton. I thought the idea was novel and really cute. He showed me the inside of his ballcap where he had written in a sharpie on the underside of the bill ‘E3’ and the names of his children and wife. Just typing this story I find myself tearing up.... a parent who endures the loss of a child should be able to live on?? Or shouldn’t they? Of course the do, but how? As my heart was breaking and my eyes were swelling with tears for Travis, he was telling me about Easton with a huge smile on his face and the joy in his voice was undeniably real. I expressed my sorrows for his loss, and he reassured me it was all in the plan. They had an amazing 10 months with Easton that he would never exchange for anything. After Travis left, I went inside and balled like a baby for a good 15 minutes. I am awestruck by this fellas strength and ability to take what was dealt to him even with such grim results and be happy with life. The glow in this mans face was amazing. I wanna be like Travis. Every day.
When your childs awesome teacher gives you props as parents. #soproudofhim #wearedoingalright #feelingproud #waytogobabyboy #1stgrader #alwaysbekind
When your tough week is instantly made brighter 💜 Heart is bursting with pride for my kind girl! #proud #superstar #alwaysbekind #love #daughter @kazmeslohi
"Individually we are just one drop but together we are an Ocean". ❤ #TeamSASS #sassIMPACT
Thank you to everyone for taking part in our bake sale for mind - mental health 💙 it’s been a great day and sometimes we could all do with a little help, never feel ashamed to ask 💙 sprinkle kindness wherever you go, you never know who might need it 💙#mind #mentalhealth #makingawareness #bakeoff #alwaysbekind #keepshining 🌟
When the wind is supportive, GO FOR THE TREK!!! 💨 *** The elements of the world are strong and unwavering, as we should be in the pursuit of our dreams!! Let’s go, abundant hikes await!! *** Sending you all BIG SUPER HUGS AROUND THE WORLD, my Friends!! *** Feel free to order from my EvergreenNow Menu of Life: TRAVEL today, SMILE too much, Laugh All the Time, HUG everyone, SLOW and enjoy, PLAY FULL OUT, Give Freely, Create MAGIC, Open Mind, FUN FUN n FUN, and Always Always BE KIND *** #EvergreenLifeNOW #LiveLoveMatter #SuperheroUS #SmileNLaughAllDay #FriendsForLife #HappyFulltime #BringTheJoy #TreasureThoseCheeks #WhyNot #LetsGo #GratefulHeart #HappinessInside #SoWhatMyBigFace #SingLoudlyandProudly #DanceDanceDance #FriendsIntoFamily #JourneyOfLife #MiraclesAbound #Celebration #FallinLove #LiveFullTime #DontWait #LoveAlways #AlwaysBeKind #TimeTraveler #MagicalWorld #MyUNICORN #AbundantLiving #MyMuskDo #143
Oh my goodness ~ look at these! Heidi, I 💓them.... such a lovely surprise and very much appreciated. This beautiful lady is so kind, supportive and just the best! @h.marler 💕💕💕💕 #vintage #love #surprisegift #thankful #alwaysbekind #vintagelarder
I’m just a meme machine! #cheappun Kindness is so much more attractive than any other quality in a person in my opinion. :) if you feel kind, have a look at all the cool rewards you can get on my Kickstarter! And check on my profile for the art and music rewards you can get. Link in my bio. #kindness #kind #alwaysbekind #opportunity #gratitude #gratitudeattitude #k #denim #youaresacred #mememachine #leanmeanmememachine #humankindness #kickstartercampaign #kickstarter #kickstarterrewards #kickstartme #kindnessrocks #kindisbeautiful #giving #feelinggenerous #generosity #supportingthearts #supportingartists #artandmusic #jeansmeme
Past my curfew you say but I was at the bestest birthday pawty it was the one and only DJ Carlee birthday pawty mom . Help me my furever friends you know who trying to ground me whatever that means says I stayed out too late . #helpadoodleout #doodleinstagram #alwaysbekind #whatsacurfew
In our garden of life our minds are the soil and our thoughts the seeds. Choose loving, kind, respectful thoughts and water them with patience and compassion for yourself and others and your garden will be overflowing with the true riches that the Universe has to offer🦄🌈🦋
A few weeks ago, I mentioned that each week I was going to try to do one random act of kindness for someone I didn't know. I've been sticking to it, paying for someone's coffee in the drive-thru and it's such a good feeling. It all started with someone doing it for me when I was having such a rough day. I realized that's probably true for a lot of people grabbing coffee for lunch rather than sitting down and enjoying a meal. So consider surprising someone with a free coffee the next time you're sitting in line at Starbucks. You'll be happy that you did. photo by @__adeuh . . . . . . . . . . #payitforward #payitforwardfriday #payitforwardchallenge #starbucks #blessing #bless #cupofcheer #coffeebreak #alwaysbekind #randomactsofkindness #randomactsofkindnessday #starbuckspayitforward #prattvillealabama #montgomery #alabama #spreadlove #spreadcheer #quote #quoteoftheday #qotd #instaquote #instalove
A simple act of kindness 💛It's free and can brighten someone's day. #alwaysbekind
‘Helping one person might not change the whole world, but it could change the world for one person.’ ••••• #helpingothers #bubblesandbrilliance #alwayshelpothers #weallneedhelpsometimes #kindness #alwaysbekind
Treat everyday like your last and walk in with a smile, laugh a lot, try your hardest, and don't give up. . We learn this a little late, but we still learn. Start living and you'll never have a truly boring day again. Thank you coaching and all my teammates for teaching me that 💙
Happy hump day friends! Make it great. 🇺🇸🏡❤️ #alwaysbekind #remaxleadingedge #londonohio #realestate
A sweet story shared by Mummy @mia_sani014 about her eldest child and only daughter. 💕 : Tomorrow, 5pm is the closing date for our giveaway! Do not miss your chance to be a part of it! 👦🏻👧🏻❤️ : The highlight for tdy is my eldest.. Tiara Qistina.. she's 9yrs old... is a big sister to 2 brothers... Danish, 7.. Danial, 2 and her little girl cousin Sabrina, 3... Today I received a call from Tiara's Cikgu saying that her Malay short story of her teacher was published in the BH sub-paper called Gen-G.. such a prius moment for us.. Recently too, my mum shared while she was minding the kids for me.. Tiara stopped her younger brother Danial den smacking her and she said No with a stern face.. told him to "apologise" then she said firmly" It's painful.. you cannot beat kakak.." and after the apology, she hugged him... Yesterday too she did the same when Danial wanted to lash out at me for not having his way.. She takes gd care of her brothers especially the young one who keeps roaming around.. And she can easily persuade the young one to bathe while mummy here struggles cos he refuses.. She was also a big help during my confinement and even till now.. Helping to take things for her adik and even clothes.. Being the eldest has not been easy for her but she's a tough cookie and I forget sometimes that she's still a child.. She really is truly my princess and my no. 1 and I will try my best to do right by her.. Thank you Tiara for making me a mummy and never tire of showing how much u love me in your own way... May Allah always bless you and protect you in HIS own way... Mummy loves you.. #happychildrensday : @theresourcecampus @projectforthesoul #projectbighearts
Great, what to do when your connecting train gets cancelled and makes you wait a whole hour? Right, find the next McD's and get your caffeine fix! Unfortunately I got a regular instead of a grande but the really nice staff immediately got my another regular for free so I got even more coffee!🤩 And staying calm and kind, while telling the lady that we're all humans and mistakes happen apparently made her day. Good deed done!😊 Now I'm back to waiting but it shouldn't be much longer😃 #booksellerslife #dayoff #bohopants #mixedprints #summerhippie #bohemian #coffee #alwaysbekind #everybodyhasdemons #karma #smile #happyprincess #mentalhealth
If you dont know how you are supposed to be loved on, how are you supposed to know how do you know how to love on someone else. Get the love you need so that you can give others the overflow of love from your cup. #healingisnecessary #hurthappensbutsodoeshealing #emotionalhealth #physicalhealth #relationshiphealth #loveisahealthything #getsomereallove #read #beinspired #smile #helpothers #alwaysbekind
Just beautiful. We are here to be ourselves, in our uniqueness, our individuality, each one of us worthy of our place. Don't let anyone try to tell you otherwise #onenessconsciousness #worthy #wisdomseeker
Exactly! No time for tears!
One day...
It feels so fuc$king good, to feel good 🙃. I’ve not been my self for about two months. I was in the worst funk I have ever been. I lost my spark and did everything half-ass just because I didn’t have the energy and that actually made me feel worse. . I did all the things I would tell my challengers to do, affirmations, listing three things I was grateful for ever day, working out, eating clean and nothing was pulling me out or stopping me from going in deeper into the funk. . Until I handed it to God. I truly prayed and believed he would set the path for me. And in the last three days my prayers have been answered. I knew it was coming, I started to feel calm and seeing my lucky number everywhere and BAM my passion and energy is back, and I’m me again🦄 . If you don’t like something change it, life is way too short to live life unhappy or not feel like yourself. Im diving back into my girl gang and ready to fill this world 🌎 up with amazing ladies who want to live a happy life, be kind, healthy and strong!! #behappy #liveyourbestlife #ifyoudontlikesomethingchangeit
So after having a terrible day yesterday, I went back to my friends where I've been stopping, I felt absolutely defeated. I was in a right mess.. I switched on radio one n heard a lil snippet from a podcast, voices in my head I think it was? Either way, it was about psychosis and it really hit home for me. I was admitted into hospital last year after a really bad spell, i was diagnosed with reactive psychosis.. my episode was enhanced due to certain drugs I was taking at the time. I've suffered since a young age with depression/anxiety and have had a number of episodes throughout the years. When I was diagnosed a lot of things started to make sense..The point in this post is to spread a bit of awareness, I don't think it's recognised enough by people as a serious mental illness. I also think people who suffer with it struggle to speak out. Personally I chose to not take medication, as I had a bad reaction to the ones I was prescribed. There are plenty of people living with this illness, it really does make life difficult sometimes. It infects my daily activities and thoughts, sometimes it completely eats me up inside. I've never really spoken out about this to anyone, but I'm finally ready to open up about my illness. I've been personally victimised a number of times due to my mental health prior to and after my diagnosis, people are treated so poorly by this countries system.. hold your head high, try to not let them get the better of you. Whatever you're going through, you got this my dudes. It's okay not to be okay 👊🏻🌱#vegangirl #vegansofig #veganshare #selfmedication #cannabisisthecure #stonergirl #veganstoner #vegancommunity #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #speakingout #psychosis #survivor #plantbasedwarrior #veganuk #depression #lifewithmentalillness #alwaysbekind #meatfree #dairyfree #crueltyfree #itsokaynottobeokay #thingswillgetbetter (also an apology to anyone I've ever been crazy with, n to my friends.. love u all just can't help it sometimes ok x) kept putting this off but fuck it, it helps explain me a lil more 🙌
Romans 10:17 “So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” I’ve had some crazy hearing issues for several months. Before the cancer diagnosis I couldn’t stand loud noises. After radiation, my right ear had hearing loss. After I started chemo, I now have hearing loss in my left ear. Both ears would ring often and it felt like I had cotton in my ears. I had a tube placed in the right ear in March. My last two MRI’s showed fluid under my left ear. So yesterday, I was scheduled to go back to the ENT. I really do not like not being able to hear. I couldn’t hear the TV and only about half of what my grandkids and other people said to me. Then I read the above scripture and realized that hearing comes from the word of God. I prayed, claimed God’s promises, and yesterday morning I realized that my ears were a bit better. The dr examined them, completed a hearing test, and said although I have hearing loss, they are fine. Once again, God showed me that faith comes by hearing the word of God. Or, if you can’t hear, you can read it. His promises are real and alive. Trust him today. If you’re having an issue, give it to God. If you are sick, give it to God. If you are worried, give it to God. He cares all about you and is simply waiting for you to ask for his help. He loves you so incredibly much and wants the very best for you. Now, we must act like Jesus did so the world can see what true love is. Share your blessings with others. Be extra kind today. Share your story. Hug and smile big. And be very thankful for your hearing and eyesight today. #alwaysbekind #staystrongmightywarrior #itsonlycancer
🎃✨GIVEAWAY TIME✨🎃 Giving away one Mickey Halloween Party for today! September 19th & I’d like to give it to ONE of my lovely FOLLOWERS!✨ Make sure to repost one of my pictures & tag me loves👻 The more friends or family of yours follow me the more chances you have! (Extra for sharing me on your story) There’s little time left but it was all unexpected & instead of selling it I rather give it away to a lovely follower of mine👻 I will be updating at 10:00am on my story✨ #disneyland #disneyhalloweenparty #disneyfans #makesuretofollowme #giveaway # disneyhalloween #dontforgettotagme #alwaysbekind #showinglove #xoxo
Always be kind 💖 I’m feeling a bit down today as last night I received a rather nasty message from a customer saying that they were embarrassed to give my card to the recipient because it’s of very bad quality (& a few other nasty comments) That one little word...embarrassed, has made me question myself & my work. I receive 100s and 100s of lovely positive feedback, but the bad ones stick out in my mind. I pride myself on quality and my designs and I hope that I don’t over charge...I try to price my products fairly. It’s okay for someone to not be happy with a product, and it’s okay to let the seller know your opinions but please be kind when doing so. You don’t know what’s going on in the sellers personal life or what struggles they are having and criticising their business that they have built and are building up could make them feel 1000 times worse. If you buy from a small business, it’s likely one or two people running the business alone along with a family life. We’re not big hard businesses that brush it off, harsh nasty comments do affect us. I know this one has affected me. So always be kind, even if you’re not happy...💖 #alwaysbekind #bekind #bekindalways #supportsmallbusiness #shopsmall #shopsmallbusiness #etsyseller #etsyshop
H A P P Y W E D N E S Y A Y 💗 Throw kindness around like confetti! ______________________ #EquispireInspired #EquestrianBlogger #HorseBloggers #EquestrianSocialMedia #EquestrianLife #CountryLife #Equestrians #WednesdayWisdom #Kindness #BeKind #AlwaysBeKind
Have so many appliances so using this baby today ..kids have work straight after school so a quick feed and send them on there way #lovemykids #airfryer #chickennuggets #quickandeasyfood #smithandnoble #10ltr #spaceship #delishious #alwaysbekind #bethebestyoucanbe #adelaide #happyhumpday
Happy Wednesday! ♡♡Give free hugs and cakes to grumpy shitty people today #lovecakes #alwaysbekind #hugs #dontbeshittyperson #careforothers
You cannot help but be moved when you read this story shared by Mummy @diah_tan_ about her daughter who takes care of her elder brother with Autism. : Tomorrow is the last day for the #ProjectBigHearts giveaway! Share your stories with us before 5pm! 👧🏻👦🏻❤️ : #Repost @diah_tan_ with @get_repost ・・・ Having Alif who is diagnose with Autism and non verbal is a worries for us. He lack with social communication. And Alif only have few friends. Having Aliya around him, make us less worried. Yes she develop a sense of responsibility of taking care of his elder brother at the age of 3yrs old. She take over her elder brother role. Shes the only friend that play with Alif. And she always give in when we told her Abg scared to go indoor playground whenever she want to go and play. Instead of crying she will be like, ' oh ok its ok Abg, nxt time we play when Abg not scared OK.' Ibu feel bad at yr age, u already help US to take loving care of Abg. We proud of u Aliya. And Thank you for helping us and understand Abg Alif condition. @theresourcecampus @projectforthesoul
Always be a little Kinder than necessary. You never know, you could be making someone's day. #kinder #bekind #alwaysbekind #makesomeonesday #kindness #kindnessgoesalongway #kindnessquotes #inspiringquotes #meaningfulquotes
It is with humility that I entered these doors and then exited with a committed sense of respect. @rabbibergy Kol Nidre is a time to reflect upon my past and way to proceed in the present to future. You touched my heart and soul tonight with the same sense of intimacy as you did a decade ago in NJ for a special Bat Mitzvah day. Thank you for having invited me ( and Tab ) to share the sunset and Erev Yom Kippur with you. #onroshhashanahitiswrittenonyomkippuritissealed #respect #alwaysbekind #wearemorealikethandifferent #yomkippur #kolnidre #tradition 🙏🏻✌🏻💓
#tougetherforever 😀😘🎉✨💙🌞 #funtime #alwaysbekind #best #
Kaaboo with the #festiebesties 🎶 💃 🍷 🍻 🌞 🌊🌴#kaaboodelmar #art #word #sandiego #kaaboo #alwaysbekind
Do you know where this is located? Or you just never realized it before? Either ways it’s so cute💀 #disneyland #disneyhalloweenparty #disneyfans #makesuretofollowme #giveaway # disneyhalloween #alwaysbekind #showinglove #xoxo
For a moment I thought it was IT but no Disney California just playing with my emotions 🤡 #notsurehowtofeelaboutthis #disneyland #disneyhalloweenparty #disneyfans #makesuretofollowme #giveaway # disneyhalloween #alwaysbekind #showinglove #xoxo
It’s a small world 🌎 ( best ride in Disneyland when it’s hot cause the AC be a beast!) #iloveyou #disneyland #disneyhalloweenparty #disneyfans #makesuretofollowme #giveaway # disneyhalloween #alwaysbekind #showinglove #xoxo
I love this ride too bad my daughter can’t handle haha #1yearold #problem #disneyland #disneyhalloweenparty #disneyfans #makesuretofollowme #giveaway # disneyhalloween #alwaysbekind #showinglove #xoxo
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