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My little kids painted pumpkins today. A four year old, two year old and ten months. They all did good and no one are the paint. Yay! #allysangels #pumpkins #paint #halloween #crafttime #myjob
Know your WHY and keep it at the forefront of your mind always. Sometimes you need to change your why, sometimes you need to reevaluate the whole damn plan But always, ALWAYS find your why Want to lose weight? Why? Not just because you want to fit in those jeans, really dig deep - find why Want to run long distance? Why? Want to step on that pro stage & win your crown? Why? Want to set these goals & reach every one? WHY?? I’ve had to reevaluate my why, my whole damn process, my whole damn reasoning and life recently. Its brought me to an motivational dip, some serious self-doubt, and internal questioning. I’ve noticed that when life gets hard I go into survival mode and my grind because strong, my willpower hardens, strengthens. I dig deep to channel into a positive goal. But now that life’s taken a turn with a brief relief I find myself standing still while the dust settles. I’m questioning my why now that I’m standing in the quiet, peaceful rubble, picking up non-fitness related pieces of my life. My energy & time are both limited, they’re valuable and as dedicated as I am I need to have my whys laid out in order to prioritize, to shape how I am to rebuild myself, my life. Don’t get me wrong- I’m still following my meal plans, and training splits and @aliciagowans_wbffpro and @allysangels_fitness I’ve come to know as family have been amazing. But in my head I have moments where I have to stop, and really think “why am I doing this?” “what do I want out of all this?” “how will this play out into my life long goals/plans?” “what am I going to do with this?” “what is the point?” “how can I use this to move myself forward, to progress?” I am constantly keeping my whys at the forefront of my mind. I put them on my phone screens, on post its, on the writeable surfaces in my home like my fridge so I am constantly reminded. Because if you lose your why it will be that much harder to push, to really dedicate yourself. And to succeed you must know your why, you must become comfortable with being uncomfortable, you must be obsessed with improvement. When your motivation dips, your willpower is low & you want to throw in the towel that is when you remember
3 week check in... 4kgs down. 4 cms off my waist. Confidence is coming back and i did just burn my kale chips while posting this. haha. lame. Even though its only a little difference iv got to massively thank my beautiful fiance @speak_easy_ for helping me stay on track and reminding me nearly everyday of small victories, encouraging me and just being there. And a second thank you to @aliciagowans_wbffpro for being so positive and supportive about even the small changes. Just. Happy. 😊 @allysangels_fitness #burntmyfood #woops #fitness #allysangels #supportgroup #support #bemybeyonce #fatloss #journey #toinfinityandbeyond
Outfit goals 🔥🔥🔥 @mzkriz7 . . #FitnessFashion #STAX 🛒 shop via link in bio @staxlivin
Our beautiful girl @matilda.lm evolving, progressing, and not giving a shit about anyone that says otherwise. . You will evolve. Not everyone will get it. Evolve anyway.
Our girl @motherfitnessrn_wbffpro thanks our team but it’s athletes like this beautiful girl that makes the @wbff_official and our team so incredible! . Thankful Thursday!! Today I am beyond grateful for my amazing coach @aliciagowans_wbffpro . Not only has she helped me make my dream of stepping on stage come true but she gave me new dreams!! I've been dreaming of stepping on stage since I was 21 but never dreamt beyond the initial act of stepping on stage. I never even thought of going pro until after the first time I stepped on the wbff stage. Now I have developed new dreams and all thanks to this amazing woman I have the privilege to call my coach! So honored to be an angel!!😍⠀ .⠀ .⠀ Photocredit: @dallasfitnessphotos
Our beautiful girl @elena88c who just recently finished top 3 in the world at @wbff_official worlds!
Getting so excited for my 40th Party tmrw night!!! 💃🏼💖 It was hard not celebrating last week with #wbffaus18 but I am so ready to let my hair down, enjoy some amazing food, enjoy a champagne 🍾🥂with my family, friends and have a dance with the help from @tashalosan 💃🏼💃🏼💖💖 Can’t wait !!! Party time ❤️ Much love xxx
When it comes to sports, I never was a girlie girl....I'll leave the Barbie roll to all of you that want it. Personally, I'd rather be a warrior! #beastmodeactivated #trainingforwbff #allysangels @aliciagowans_wbffpro #getfitordietrying #findyourfitwithmissbee #vancouver #holistichealth #splitsquats #resistancetraining #scotianpride #mixedgirls
#Repost @eveliennellen • • • Did Some funny little bit bodybuilding posing 😜 . 2,5 weeks out of the WBFF European pro show 🎊 . What do you think? Condition coming slowly in. Still 64 kilo - that is 3,5 kilo’s heavier than last prep in dec for the WBFF Atlantic City show. I gained a lot of muscle mass on my legs And back❤️ . Wearing Nebbia Signature line @nebbia_fitness . . #2 ,5weeksout #allysangels #wbffpro #wbff #nebbia #nutrend #gains #posing #shredded #fitangels #wbffnetherlands #nellensports #bodybuilder #fitness #fitmom #fitmum #dedication #beautifulbeast #contestprep
Our girl @aisling_wbff_figure making all sorts of progress! @wbff_official
Two of our my most favourite people @sharellegrant & @kaaylahughes 👸🏼🔥❤️ . You can tell a lot about a girls character by the way she trains in the gym. - The women who train with intensity are mentally strong- they grow as a result of enforced failure, they don’t let anyone walk over them, they know their own self worth, they radiate confidence, they put the work in, day in day out, without complaint. . They educate 📚 inspire 💫 and empower 💪💕 I admire and respect these women❤️ . . TAG A STRONG WOMAN YOU ADMIRE 😙⤵️ . . ft @kaaylahughes 💙
#Repost @eveliennellen (@get_repost ) ・・・ I am a strong woman. I don’t sit around feeling sorry for myself, nor let people mistreat me. I don’t respond to people who dictate to me or try to bring me down. If I fall I will rise up even stronger because I am survivor and not a victim. I am in control of my life and there is nothing I can’t achieve! . Photo by the amazing photographer @stefhartog . . 2,5 weeks out 😊 @wbff_official @allisondillett @paul_dillett @allysangels_fitness . . . Bikini by @nebbia_fitness . . . #wbff #wbffpro #wbffeuropean #divafitness #stefhartog #nebbia #nutrendathlete #dedication #strongwomen #fitmom #legs #abs #nellensports #allysangels #contestprep #beautifulbeast #glamour
‘Choose your lady wisely. She represents you too’ ❤️ our beautiful girl @bridie.jane looking incredible in this shot!
One of newest @wbff_official pro the beautiful @motherfitnessrn_wbffpro 🙏🏻❤️ . Happy Humpday! Can't wait to see pics from Saturday's comp!! . My last comp as soon as I got my pics I picked myself apart! I wanted to print some and circle my weak areas, the areas I didn't like that I felt I could be better in . Although I didn't print them out I kept in my mind what areas I didn't like and I for sure wanted to improve. I kept that vision in my head every time I trained. What fueled me was the desire to be better than I was my last comp and my biggest fear was to not change my physique at all or even worse...have a weaker physique! 😱 . I'm so glad that my hard work paid off!! I'm so glad that I placed better and went Pro, now I can't wait to get my new stage pics and probably pick myself apart again lol. . Some may think that's unhealthy but for me that's the only way I get better by being honest and acknowledging my weaknesses so I can convert them into my strengths❤
Our girl @kaaylahughes lighting the @wbff_official stage on fire! . Walking outta #HumpDay like 💁🏾‍♀️ Thanks to @jala_allouche_fitness for the vid!
Walking outta #HumpDay like 💁🏾‍♀️ Thanks to @jala_allouche_fitness for the vid!
Same same but now I have a waist and a jaw 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 _ Just a lil tip for the gen pop; if someone you know is ‘dieting’ or trying to eat healthfully, or especially (like my case right now) prepping for a physique show, you need to be respectful when we say no to ‘lunch dates’ or ‘going for drinks’ on a weekend. You do not have to understand the reason behind why we ‘do this to ourselves’, nor do you have to follow along or try to replicate or even support our journey, however, you do need to respect that the way we eat and the lifestyle we live is our choice. _ “Just one drink?” “Just one meal” “just a mouthful wont hurt”. When it comes to changing body composition, everything you do or do not put in your mouth, every workout you do or do not do, is going to impact our results. So when we say no to eating out, or no skipping gym, understand that it is nothing personal, we are just committed to our goals and right now is a time to put the work in. _ @allysangels_fitness @fitangelsworld
Hey Ladies , we are looking for Perth based fitness models to shoot for our next campaign this Saturday (20.10.18) . 10-1pm. . If you or anyone you know would love the opportunity please comment on this post or tag your friends ❤️. . #PassionOverEverything
The shoulder pump is real @alisam_fit . Who loves a good shoulder pump? Me 🙋🏼‍♀️ same can’t be said about the lean scarecrow face 💀😂
Our beautiful girl @suzanna_petrich 🔥🙏🏻 . Putting good quality food and supplements in your body is probably the most important thing that you can do for yourself. Nutrition affects everything - our general health, our mood, how our brain works, our physical strength, and of course our looks. It amazes me that people can spend a lot of money on clothes, houses, cars, holidays, but they try to save on food !!!! When it comes to food, I always buy the best ingredients i can possibly get - I try to go for organic, fresh, high quality produce that doesn’t contain chemicals or pesticides. Organic usually costs more than other “normal” produce, but I prefer to have less dresses, shoes, bags and other non important things than compromise my health. By buying top quality ingredients you are actually saving long term. You’ll need less expensive creams and skin treatments because your skin will be glowing naturally. You won’t need expensive medications, as you’ll be full of health. You will take less sick days and will be more productive at your work. You will come up with new amazing ideas because your brain will be sharp...... there are just so many benefits !!!! So don’t feel guilty about spending extra money on high quality food and supplements. It is your best investment !!!
✨Meals ✨ 125g Basa Fillet (Cooked in chilli, garlic and tamari) 100g Asparagus 25g Almonds If you want to be the best athlete possible and perform to the best of your ability as well as continue to improve .......... Nutrition is Key 🙌🏼 Our bodies are high performance vehicles so for them to function at optimal level you need to be fuelling it with the best. There is no better feeling than good health, not being bloated or feeling lethargic and being able to absolutely smash out your training session 💪🏻
Happy #wcw ! 👯‍♀️❤️💙 . One of my absolute favorite things from this past weekend was all the strong, beautiful, genuine women i met within the WBFF! ✨ backstage was seriously like a huge encouragement party. Every single lady was cheering each other on, lifting each other’s spirits, and smiling from ear to ear. It felt incredible to be surrounded by women who all worked SO HARD to get to the WBFF Stage and who actually understood. . . A special shoutout to @mrsphysique who i feel like I’ve known for years, but we literally met this past weekend. There was one moment I started to panic backstage because I wasn’t sure what pose I wanted to do for the L walk with my formal gown. I looked over at krystyna and I was like I don’t know what to do with straight up fear in my eyes and she looked at me and said, “Taryn, it’s going to be okay, just be yourself.” And she was completely right and immediately i just felt better. So thank you krystyna ❤️ And a huge congrats for earning your pro card!! So so so deserved 😘 and I can’t wait to rock the stage together again soon! . . @wbff_official @paul_dillett @allisondillett @wbff_athletes
oh wow, guess what day it is AGAIN. LEG DAY. 🤣💪💦 gotta get these babies to grow. #allysangels #girlsthatlift #wbffprointraining #legdayeveryday #gymselfie
#WCW #CoachAppreciation #WomenCrushWednesday to my beautiful coach @aliciagowans_wbffpro 💕 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ . . Not only has Alicia changed my life and hundreds of others, she brought back my confidence. My perspective on food and fitness has changed so much, for the better, being under her wing. ✨ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ . . Weeks on weeks of prep for worlds, she never gave up and always found a way to reignite the fire and motivate me to keep going. Here we are, second prep of the year, and she is still pushing me to my limits. I don’t see myself being coached by anyone else 💕 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ . . Ally, thank you for the continuous motivation, thank you for being a trustworthy coach that puts my health before anything, and thank you for being an important aspect in my life ❤️ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ . . @allysangels_fitness @fitangelsworld @compcoach @wbff_official @allisondillett @paul_dillett
There is no secret that I’m all about positive vibes and the good vibe tribe BUT I’m not stupid either, I know the journey isn’t always going to be roses and sunshine and not everyone is going to agree or like you along the way. I know this because my journey to self discovery and running my own business has not always been an easy ride, I have good days and bad, that’s life. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Don’t be afraid of pain, or negativity, use it!!!! What do I mean by that? The ability to take pain and let it drive you to success is a very valuable trait. A lot of people don’t use negativity and pain correctly. They let it consume them causing a negative outcome rather than letting it fuel them. Someone tells you that you can’t, either you can believe it or use it as fuel to freaking dominate! Someone doesn’t believe in you? That’s ok use that shit to create a bonfire of success. Let that pain or negativity be a tool that you use to take productive action towards your goals. PROVE THEM WRONG! It’s not just about only believing in good vibes and positivity, yes trying to keep a positive outlook on life in general is the best thing to do BUT you have to remember negativity is out there, bad things happen and they happen to good people. You can either crumble from those situations or you can step up to the damn plate and let that fuel your fire as well. Learn to use both positive and negative as fuel and you will DOMINATE! Your dream life is out there! You just have to be willing to stick to it when the days are both good and bad and no matter what anyone else says or does because YOU CAN!!!! •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Conquer your goals and live that dream life because you are worth it and you can do it! It’s up to you. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Next goal for this girl, conquering that @wbff_official stage in LA in April with my amazing team @allysangels_fitness @fitangelsworld and queen @aliciagowans_wbffpro ready to light it up 🔥🔥🔥 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Unedited 📷 @toby.harrison @allisondillett @paul_dillett #jfit #allysangels #wbff #wbffdiva #bikinicompetitor #fitness #fashion #entrepreneur
Strength doesn’t come from things you can do. But it comes from overcoming things you thought you COULDNT do. If there’s something you want to do, want to achieve, go after it with EVERYTHING you have. You’ll never know who you’re inspiring along the way🍃 . BTS snapshot from my first ever photoshoot with the beautiful @angelrileyphotography ✨ . #humpday #allysangels #photoshoottime
Our beautiful lady @vanessamcfall_ looking absolutely stunning on the @wbff_official red carpet! . I think it’s beautiful the way you sparkle when you talk about the things you love ~ Atticus 💖
That moment you realize how much dedication, time and discipline is actually needed to do this sport. Shoutout to the pros who do this year round.... it's my first day and I'm already craving what I can't eat 🤦🏽‍♀️😂💪🏽 #disciplineondiscipline #donttalktomeaboutfood #findyourfitwithmissbee #allysangels #icandothis #bravingtheroadlesstaken #resetdiet
...reshifting my focus. I have always struggled reversing out from a show, and accepting that inevitable softening and saying farewell to stage physique. Since my show in Vegas I've gained the equivalent of a small domestic cat. Yes this is an acceptable unit of measurement. My once defined back and delts are history. My waist... bye bye. And what the fuck are abs? For years (and yeeeears) how my body LOOKS has been the focus of my training. Because at the end of the day, the judges don't give two tosses what you can lift, your technique and overall health and fitness. With the idea of competing again on a FAAAAAAAR back burner, I'm now SUPER excited to be focusing on my Agility Strength Flexibility Speed And overall fitness. I've even started running and haven't managed to knock myself out with my boobs. They're short runs, but were getting there. I'm enjoying all the FOOOOOD to fuel my workouts and aid in my recovery. Being able to go out for pasta and a wine and ENJOY myself. A special thanks to Energizer Bunny @matthewlogovik for these insane sessions. Note: this video has 100% NOT been sped up. We had a really good preworkout. . . . #MelG #TheMelGShow #ThePrideWithMel #DarranPettyFilms #AllysAngels #fit #fitness #fitnessmotivation  #gym #trainhard #nutrition #food #weighloss #muscle #coach #lifestylecoach #health #transformation #mindset
@stella_x_x_ ❤️🔥🔥🔥 . 🛒 shop via link in bio @staxlivin
Our amazing angel @the_cm_lifestyle is going to be lighting up the @wbff_official Atlantic City stage!
Our beautiful lady @eveliennellen is ready for the @wbff_official London pro am stage bringing something she’s never brought before! . I am a strong woman. I don’t sit around feeling sorry for myself, nor let people mistreat me. I don’t respond to people who dictate to me or try to bring me down. If I fall I will rise up even stronger because I am survivor and not a victim. I am in control of my life and there is nothing I can’t achieve! . Photo by the amazing photographer @stefhartog . . 2,5 weeks out 😊 @wbff_official @allisondillett @paul_dillett @allysangels_fitness . . . Bikini by @nebbia_fitness . . . #wbff #wbffpro #wbffeuropean #divafitness #stefhartog #nebbia #nutrendathlete #dedication #strongwomen #fitmom #legs #abs #nellensports #allysangels #contestprep #beautifulbeast #glamour
16 weeks of prep, 560 meals prepped, 230+ hours spent in the gym lifting heavy, 168+ hours practicing posing over and over and over again, 50+ hours of cardio, 112 days of no processed foods, no gluten, no sugar, and no alcohol, countless hours of asking questions to my coaches @aliciagowans_wbffpro and @toby.harrison making sure I was doing everything just right... 1 weekend of bringing all of this hard work to WBFF Santa Monica, 1 night of being up on the WBFF stage, 1 beautiful moment of hearing my name called to receive the 1st place prize and Pro Card. 😭❤️👑 I would've worked over 1,000 hours if I had to for that one moment. I did what it took, I didn't give up, I didn't look back, I kept pushing forward, and I would do it all over again in one heartbeat. I think I deserve this d*mn cheesecake... maybe even 3. 🍰🍰🍰 . . . @paul_dillett @allisondillett @wbff_official @wbff_athletes @allysangels_fitness @fitangelsworld @compcoach
Без лишних слов , купальник 👙 от Nebbia ⭐️ В наличии в лососёвом черном , в размере s m 👀 www.nebbia.ua @eveliennellen ・・・ . . #wbff #wbffpro #wbffeuropean #divafitness #stefhartog #nebbia #nutrendathlete #dedication #strongwomen #fitmom #legs #abs #nellensports #allysangels #contestprep #beautifulbeast #glamour
I am a strong woman. I don’t sit around feeling sorry for myself, nor let people mistreat me. I don’t respond to people who dictate to me or try to bring me down. If I fall I will rise up even stronger because I am survivor and not a victim. I am in control of my life and there is nothing I can’t achieve! . Photo by the amazing photographer @stefhartog . . 2,5 weeks out 😊 @wbff_official @allisondillett @paul_dillett @allysangels_fitness . . . Bikini by @nebbia_fitness Shoes by @silhouette_schoenen . . #wbff #wbffpro #wbffeuropean #divafitness #stefhartog #nebbia #nutrendathlete #dedication #strongwomen #fitmom #legs #abs #nellensports #allysangels #contestprep #beautifulbeast #glamour
Could not be more proud of this man for winning the men's Pro fitness category on the weekend. ° I have to admit...I'm not surprised though... I'm positive that no one worked harder, was more disciplined and focussed, and took prep to the level that @freshianrucker did...and does, with every comp. ° He deserved this win. He is a next level athlete & I couldn't be happier or more proud of my man. 💙👑💪 #wbffaust18 #wbffpro #goals #dreambig #prodebut #allysangels #team #compprep #winner #athlete #fitness
Did Some funny little bit bodybuilding posing 😜 . 2,5 weeks out of the WBFF European pro show 🎊 . What do you think? Condition coming slowly in. Still 64 kilo - that is 3,5 kilo’s heavier than last prep in dec for the WBFF Atlantic City show. I gained a lot of muscle mass on my legs And back❤️ . Wearing Nebbia Signature line @nebbia_fitness . . #2 ,5weeksout #allysangels #wbffpro #wbff #nebbia #nutrend #gains #posing #shredded #fitangels #wbffnetherlands #nellensports #bodybuilder #fitness #fitmom #fitmum #dedication #beautifulbeast #contestprep
I dont think i have ever been so excited to eat so many carbs in one sitting. @allysangels_fitness @aliciagowans_wbffpro #allysangels #highday #knackered #glutes #delts #tired #gym #lifechange #theadventurehasbegun
My mini vacay up here in QLD has come to an end. As expected, it was a hectic weekend, but it was so refreshing being able to spend quality time with family & close friends after the comp and just having some flexibility with food again. . I’ve enjoyed my time away but I’m ready to head home. Ready to go back to the drawing board, and to get some new goals written up. I actually love setting goals for myself. Being so goal focused is something that motivates me & helps me stay on track. Can’t wait to get back into routine again with my training and nutrition & to start making some good gains for 2019 ✨👑
I won’t stop! I will be keep going until I reach to that point when I walk off the stage and I feel happy 💯 with my presentation! My physical look! Also, so much important some little things they play a huge role on the stage. Shoes! this time I had not my style, which made some lack of my confidence, my stomach was bloated like crazy from all that stress, I was in pain when trying to tight it in. My bikini! I forgot to put one important part on the middle that constantly caught my attention when I looked in the mirror.. Hair! It was a beautiful style, but not me! I wanted that look, but I didn’t feel comfortable with it! All those little things make huge impact on your confidence. ———————————————- Bikini @elitepro_elitepro Coach @allysangels_fitness @aliciagowans_wbffpro @allisondillett @wbff_athletes @paul_dillett @oxygenmagau #wbffposing #mealprep #healthyfood #healthyrecipes #healthyfood #comprep #wbff #wbffaust #wbffgc18 #wbff2018 #allysangels #girlswithmuscle #iamoxygen #posing #fitnessjourney #protein #fitnessmotivation #bodybuilding #bikinimodel #bikinicompetitor #fitness #wbffbikini #bikinidiva #fitnessbikini #fitspo #fitfam #fitmum #stage #posingpractice
Our beautiful lady @tarynslaterfitness after going pro this weekend at the @wbff_official Santa Monica show! . Thank you for making my dream bikini come true @all4meonline ! 😍👙 It was absolutely perfect in every way possible. This whole entire weekend still feels completely surreal. I feel as though I am in a dream and I can't believe the weekend is already over. I can't even put into words the feelings I have or how happy my heart is. 😭❤️ All I can say is, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Never put your dreams on hold, because you never know what could happen. Have a Beautiful Monday everyone.
We had to reshare this amazing post from a 👸🏼 of the @wbff_official and fitness industry. Such an amazing lady! . One of the highlights of my life so far. I won’t say it was the best moment of my life because I’ve had some other amazing life changing moments like getting married and having my children. However, I’ve met some people where they would do anything to have this moment like befriend certain people and do some crazy unheard of things. Took me awhile to understand why but it’s because they have nothing else to offer in life and they need this moment to justify who they are. I now feel sorry for people like this because it’s so obvious and obvious to others. They begin to lose respect for you as a competitor and or person and hearing the disappointment from people is so not worth it. Bottom line for motivation Monday. Honesty and integrity go a long way don’t compromise who you are and lose respect because you need a crown to justify who you are. And once you achieve the crown don’t treat people like they are beneath you and you are the Queen. Last I heard the Queen was Queen Elizabeth and she lives in England. One lady I truly respect in the fitness industry and truly admire is @aliciagowans_wbffpro mad respect for this lady and her hard work and dedication and I’ve never seen her treat anyone like they were insignificant always a pleasure and someone to truly look up to. And if you think I’m talking about you in this post, maybe it’s because you have been guilty of something like this in life not necessarily in the fitness industry. Every industry has its crown holders.
💦Rainy mornings💦 in a modern world chase the things that make you feel free, happy and makes you smile with only a thought ❤❤🦋🦋🦋☮☮🌴🌴🌴🌹🌹
never skip a monday 💪💕 it's leg day for me 🔥🍑 what about you? #allysangels #wbffdiva #strongwomenlift #wbffprointraining #progresspics #gymselfie 💪
What does it take to get the next level with anything in life whether it be a weight loss goal, business goal, whatever the case may be? What does it take? The first thing it takes to be successful with anything is to realize that what you have always done WILL NOT get you to the next level. In order to achieve greatness, or a different end result you must be willing to do something you have never done. In order to get a new and better outcome you have to become better yourself and sometimes that means getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. What helped you lose 20 pounds might not be the thing that going to help you lose the next 20. What got you your first promotion will not be the thing that is going to get you your next promotion. We must be willing to keep pushing, to put forth more effort, to try something new in order to keep progressing with our goals. The moment you realize that, accept it and then get to work on something new, that’s when you will start to accomplish the unthinkable, that’s when you will start to exceed your own expectations. That’s when the journey to the best version of you starts to take place. Step out of your comfort zone, grant it may be a beautiful place but nothing grows there. Strive for greatness not just average. It’s time for me to step it up myself, so with that being said May the next few months be some of my best yet! •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #jfit #bodybuilding #bodybyjfit #htfu #htfuclothing #personaltrainer #entrepreneur #motivation #monday #health #weightloss #fatloss #idlife #fitmom #fitness #wbffdiva #allysangels #bikinicompetitor #gym #workhard #dowork #makeithappen #bestversionofme #earnednotgiven
Thank you for making my dream bikini come true @all4meonline ! 😍👙 It was absolutely perfect in every way possible. This whole entire weekend still feels completely surreal. I feel as though I am in a dream and I can't believe the weekend is already over. I can't even put into words the feelings I have or how happy my heart is. 😭❤️ All I can say is, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Never put your dreams on hold, because you never know what could happen. Have a Beautiful Monday everyone.
Glitz and glam ✨🌟🔥💫 Bikini @elitepro_elitepro Makeup @kellylanemua @wbff_aust @wbffbeauty @wbff_official
E D U C A T E | BUILD BETTER HAMSTRINGS 🥓 🔯Did you know we build MORE muscle and are STRONGER through eccentric (lengthening under load) than concentric (shortening) muscle contractions. #science . . ➕You can try this in 2 different ways: ☝️ONE Add more load to lower E.g. Hamstring curl up with both legs but only lower with one . . ✌TWO Slow tempo for the eccentric portion E.g. Lift the weight in 2 seconds but take 5 seconds to lower it . . ⚠️Prepping @aliciagowans_wbffpro to build bigger hamstrings while her neural tension is flared up. #noexcuses #allysangels #swiftmovementacademy
ᴇᴠᴇɴɪɴɢ ɢᴏᴡɴ 💙 @wbff_aust our gorgeous lady @mzkriz7 looking sensational for the evening gown round!
Two words... SQUAD GOALS. . This was our super successful team of Angels and Alphas that hit the @wbff_official @wbff_aust Australian Pro-am stage. We came with some lofty goals and we hit the mark with success overflowing! But what’s even better? We encouraged each other’s journeys, OTHER competitors journeys and have now set some new goals and continued to progress onto the next. So proud of this team!
Thank you everyone for your support, for all your messages 🙏🏻 Slowly I will coming back to some points and some aspects that I think were important during that day.. With every comp you learn something new and analyze this day over and over, what you would you change, what you will or won’t do again.. You learn to loose if you lost, it’s so much harder to get up after you fall regarding the comp results.. when you expect better outcome but you completely fail. I know I am not, but this this how you feel, mixed emotions and disappointment.. I would be lying if I will say I am happy with it anyway, because it’s the Instagram where everything seems to me perfect, to be honest I am learning to accept it. At the first I felt deflated and wasn’t sure if I want to experience that feeling again, especially when you are sacrificing so many things.. If you are following my journey you know how much I wanted to bring my best to this show day and I did better than last time in May and every next comp I will do better. So I will give a year of hard work and take it to the stage next year and next level, probably in Sydney or even New Zealand, depends on family. Eventually I will get that top three placing, ideally the first. Watch me💪🏻 😉 Thank you @aliciagowans_wbffpro for always being there with me and whole our @allysangels_fitness team.. Bikini @elitepro_elitepro Thank you girls! @alisam_fit @tenille_duncan @sandra_angela @_aliciabloom @georgina_nuccio @rachel_curd @janere_reid_wbffpro and many more... @allisondillett @wbff_athletes @paul_dillett @oxygenmagau #wbffposing #mealprep @asntoowoomba #healthyfood #healthyrecipes #healthyfood #comprep #wbff #wbffaust #wbffgc18 #wbff2018 #allysangels #girlswithmuscle #iamoxygen #posing #fitnessjourney #protein #fitnessmotivation #bodybuilding #bikinimodel #bikinicompetitor #fitness #wbffbikini #bikinidiva #fitnessbikini #fitspo #fitfam #fitmum #stage #posingpractice
Our beautiful lady @sarah_blackopsfit absolutely crushing her @wbff_official @wbff_aust debut! ・・・ "@wbff_aust What an incredible first time experience ✨ . Thank you so much to everyone who has been part of this journey with me ❤️ . Everyone of you helped me more than you know and I can’t thank you enough! . My coach @aliciagowans_wbffpro and @xkyrgios for creating this unreal opportunity for me and being there for me every step of the way @toby.harrison for giving me the confidence on stage and helping me with my poses-(you’re a real magician and one of the nicest guys I’ve met!) @leoandlola and my brother @jameswhatyo you guys are the epitome of what family means and I’m so so grateful that you made the trip up to watch me and how much you’ve supported me since I told you guys I was doing this . My @f45_training_tuggerah where the eff do I begin ??!!! You guys are the BEST!!!!!! Seriously I had to do touch up make up back stage so many times because of all the messages and unbelievable support I was getting from you all. I am beyond words grateful for you guys and for having you all in my life and cannot wait to see you all for the biggest hugs and celebration burpees 😆 . Thank you to those who’ve also been there helping me with my prep and creating the best physique I’ve ever achieved @supersupps_tumbi (if you’re on the central coast there seriously no better supplement store or couple to help you with your fitness goals ) @nu_tuggerah what would I do without you guys!! You made my meal prep a million times easier and holy hell even got me loving asparagus and broccoli now 😱 @glamfitbikinis you guys definitely came through on my bikini it looked absolutely stunning and literally shined like a 💎 . Thank you to my girls who’ve also been so encouraging and literally had my back since day one and have done nothing but supportive and done all they could to keep that smile on my face 😁 And my @allysangels_fitness team you girls are AMAZING and I’m so glad to have met you all 😘 . And to my partner Trev. You have been my rock, my saving grace, my absolute everything I needed.
Our beautiful lady @maytivate.pt after an exceptional pro debut on the @wbff_official @wbff_aust stage! ・・・ "PRO DEBUT Thank you so much to everyone who sent me messages of goodluck and best wishes! I am still getting back to you all but please know the impact of your support is immense! ° I placed 7th in my first pro show. I'm pretty damn proud of the progress I have made this year working with @allysangels_fitness and the gorgeous @aliciagowans_wbffpro. Winning my pro card in August was the actual dream and placing 7th in Australia is the cherry on top. ° I'm definitely not done yet. I have so much more to bring to this competition. Am proud as punch to be a WBFF PRO an as always... I'm chasing that progress 💙👑 ° Thank you to all of my beautiful girlfriends backstage for the hangs, the laughs and the photos. You girls are honestly a big reason why I do this! 😍😍😍😍 ° Thank you to @glamfitbikinis for my incredible bikini! It fit my body perfectly on the day. I could not have imagined a better bikini. 💙 ° Thanks to the beautiful @chonny_mua who came to the rescue on the day and was the only one who was able to match my makeup to my tan! So grateful for you girl💙 ° Thanks once again to my hairstylist @alisha__wbff From @allure_hair_beauty . She always has a plan for my hair well ahead of time! So thankful for you girl👑👑👑👑 ° Thanks to my amazing coaches @xkyrgios @aliciagowans_wbffpro. The @allysangels_fitness team is like no other 👑 ° Congratulations to my man @freshianrucker for taking out men's pro fitness! I knew he would do it. So proud of his efforts and thankful for his support throughout this year💜 ° We are enjoying our last day on the gold coast and back home tonight!"
This was taken morning of comp day 🙈🍫 . 2 Days post Comp & I’m still living it up. Enjoying the food I’ve missed while on prep & still celebrating with a few ciders in hand. I can honestly say I don’t look like this anymore lol but at the moment I’m just living my best life. Spending quality time with family before I head home to Sydney tomorrow. I’ll then focus on reverse dieting and getting my body back to a good maintainable state. Im still on a high from this past weekend. It was the best feeling being up on that stage! Safe to say I’m already thinking about my next stage appearance with the @wbff_aust family. Watch this space 💫💎
I can’t even put into words how happy I am 😭😍 last night was an absolute dream come true ✨ I could not be more honored to be going home with 1st place and my PRO CARD 🥇👑 I stepped onto the WBFF stage for the first time ever in my life and completely fell in love. I felt as though I could be completely and utterly ME... big, curly hair and all. 💁🏻‍♀️ . . HUGE THANK YOUS to @allisondillett @paul_dillett for believing in me, rewarding me my pro card, and creating such a BEAUTIFUL federation @wbff_official . I am beyond honored to be apart of the Pro Family. ❤️😭😍 . . Thank you to my gorgeous coach @aliciagowans_wbffpro for EVERYTHING. 💋 for answering my millions of questions, putting up with my hangriness, and PUSHING ME! I will forever be grateful and I am so honored to be apart of @allysangels_fitness 😇✨ . . Thank you to @toby.harrison for posing me! 👠 I seriously could NOT have done this without you! Thank you for giving me so much confidence, letting me rock my hair, and watching video after video of me. . . Thank you to my sponsor and dear friend @primaldomain who literally helped me in every way possible, answered my MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of questions, pushed me to do this, made sure I wasn’t stressed a single second, and made me a priority. 💙 thank you!! . . To my entire team of Angels and Alphas. I love each and every one of you. Thank you for always sending so much encouragement and telling me that yes, I CAN do this! I love you all 💋💋💋 . . And thank you to all of my friends and family who have supported my entire journey thus far. I know it’s been hard with me not being able to go out and do things and legit bringing my own food into restaurants and being hangry constantly but THANK YOU for loving me all the more and for supporting and pushing me. 💗. . . I did it y’all!!! 😭👑🥇🏆 and this is only the beginning.
Only 7️⃣ weeks left to beat this girl right here ☝🏼 • • • As my beautiful @allysangels_fitness teammate & fellow @nutrition53 athlete @danielle_shaffer posted the other day: competing is all about personal growth & being the best version of YOU ✨ • • • Sure, this sport relies heavily on aesthetics however the journey to the stage is SO much more than that. You can’t determine your success on a placement or an outcome of a show. Success is not a destination that you ever reach. Success is the quality of the journey. If you love what you are doing, you WILL be successful 🦄⛅️💕 • • • #selflove #progressnotperfection #personalgrowth #wbff #wbffpro #allysangels #nutrition53athlete #prodebut #watchmework #fitfam #wbffprodiva #wbffatlanticcity #fitlife #strongissexy #bostonfitgirl #fitnessmotivation #fitspo #whatisyourwhy #bostonfitness #bostonfitnessphotos #wbfffitnessmodel #bikinicompetitor #trainhard #girlswholift #healthylifestyle #igfitness #bostonphotography #billromanowski #bestprotein #lean1
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