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"Are you ready to have some fun?" Her friend asked her with a big smile. Lisa nods and couldn't help but smile with her. "Yes I can't wait to see where you'll take me" Gracie winked "Come on, I got Pearl to watch over the children. We are going to have a blast." Both girls headed out of the house and got into Gracie's car. Lisa couldn't help but feel nervous along with excitement. She is still not good when it comes to crowds but she trusted her friend and knew that wherever they were going it is going to be something thrilling and exciting for her. She was lost in thought. "Earth to Lisa, you there?" Gracie's concerned voice broke through her thinking process. "Hmm? Oh yes. I'm here sorry" The black haired girl apologized "I was just thinking about things." Gracie nods with a frown on her face. "If you want to go back, we can." "No. No. I'll be fine. Trust me" An eyebrow raised in her direction before her friend nodded. "Alright. Just please tell me if you ever get uncomfortable." Lisa smiled softly "I promise" ⠀ The vehicle pulled into a crowded parking lot and Gracie got out of the car. Lisa hesitated at first before getting out herself. "What is this place?" She asked as she took in the crowd of people waiting in line. "This is what you call a club. I remember you telling me that you like dancing. So I figured why not introduce you to a club that has drinking and dancing. Who knows maybe you'll find a date" Gracie explained as they walked to the end of the lineup. "Oof Gracie. I am still learning how life here on Earth is like" The brunette laughed "I'm just teasing you. Besides you know how protective I am." Lisz nodded "Yup I am grateful" ⠀ They stood in the long lineup waiting to get into the club. "Here. This is your identity card." Gracie handed Lisa a piece of plastic with her photo and name on it. The Serbian girl blinked "What is it for?" Gracie explained what it was but Lisa only half listened due to her taking in all the sights. It was truly magical in her opinion. Once they got to the bodyguard, Gracie handed him her ID and then was allowed in. (CIC)
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