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Def Leppard – High’n’Dry (1981) Produced by Robert John Lange Is this the greatest hard rock album ever produced? Could well be, ‘cause this thing smokes! Every song is killer – I even like the power ballad, ‘Bringin’ On The Heartbreak’, the version on here being way superior to the remixed version released subsequently. I remember the b-side to that single, ‘Me and My Wine’ being a staple on the early days of Rage – one of the great early 80s music videos. The Mutt Lange production on the album is a sonic feast for the ears – I think this could be my favourite sounding rock album ever. When Rise of the Rat recorded our first album, I gave this as reference to Matt, our friend recording us – “Make us sound like this!”, I said. Ha ha, we could but try. There’s still enough harmonised vocal for it to sound pretty slick, but not to the extent that ‘Pyromania’ would go (which I really love that album, too) and then ‘Hysteria’ where it would be totally overused, which pretty much ruined the band in my opinion. Look, it was probably just the climate of music in the late 80s that ruined them, to be honest. I used to think that Pete Willis getting kicked out of the band was what ruined them, as although he was gone by the time Pyromania was released, he still co-wrote half that album and played rhythm guitar on it. But I’ve heard the stuff he did in Roadhouse in 1991 and it’s just as tame as Hysteria, ergo, it’s just what most rock bands did in that period. It’s a shame, because in 1981 Def Leppard rocked hard. Hated the cover art when I bought this back in ’86, but it’s kinda grown on me. Not one of Hipgnosis’s best designs, but it’s pretty memorable, I guess. #defleppard #highndry #vinyl #heavymetalvinyl #80smetal #80shardrock #riseoftherat #hblock101 #albumreview #80s #muttlange #albumcoverart #petewillis
Day 244: Sleeping At Last - Atlas: Oceans This is a 2014 release, the 6th in the Atlas series from Sleeping At Last. Usually Ryan O'Neal of Sleeping At Last uses an approach combining rock, classical, folk, and alternative, however this album really just sticks to the more classical side with minimal vocals and no lyrics. The EP features 5 compositions each inspired by an ocean of the world. You can occasionally hear musical flavors from cultures surrounding the waters. I like the swells and rhythmic feeling featured in many of the compositions, similar to that of waves. Favorite Track: Indian . I'm listening to an album everyday, leave me your suggestions! . #musicreview #albumreview
No audio due to copyright. Today’s #albumoftheday is Fort Minor’s Petrified/Remember The Name. This was the American hip hop/alternative hip hop project’s debut extended play, released in 2005. Released as a vinyl single and an exclusive iTunes extended play, this release features edited and album versions of both Remember The Name and Petrified. In addition, there are instrument versions of both tracks as well on the extended play. This release is primarily for collectors and mega fans, who want to own every release from Mike Shinoda’s hip hop project. Having the instrumental tracks are nice for collectors, but are somewhat dull, as with most hip hop songs, the beat is pretty consistent with very little variation in the instrumentation. This isn’t truly a problem, but instrumental versions of hip hop songs are extremely barebones, as the meat of the track stems from the vocals, unlike a metal or jazz song. This all makes this extended play somewhat unnecessary to own, but will still make the rabid fans and ultra collectors very happy, such as myself. My favorite songs off of this extended play are Petrified (Edited), Petrified (Instrumental), and Remember The Name. #fortminor #mikeshinoda #petrified #rememberthename #hiphop #alternativehiphop #alternative #rap #rapper #band #bands #album #albums #linkinpark #lp #ep #record #records #vinyl #art #artwork #musicreview #albumreview #review #reviews
SKM’s imaginative second act | By Maheen Sabeeh for @instep.thenews On their second album, #36 (Chhatees), Sikandar Ka Mandar (@sikandarkamandar ) showcase just why they are one of the most revered bands in the present-day music scene. Link: http://tns.thenews.com.pk/skms-imaginative-second-act/#.W6cscjN-A0M September 23, 2018 | #InsteponSunday #TheNewsonSunday #Chhatees #SikandarKaMandar #music #Pakistan #albumreview #subculture #longoverduereview
Love this album: Choker - Honeybloom. I can listen to this nonstop. He gets a lot of comparisons to Frank Ocean. To me his music is a little more trippy & unpredictable. I believe he also produces all his own stuff. This is my favorite rnb album of the year so far I think. 🍯🌸
Mörkrets Intåg (2018) is the debut album from the Swedish black metal project Höstblod. Höstblod is a one man band, or project, that sprung up seemingly out of nowhere. The man behind Höstblod is Johan Nilsson who shows off immense talent and diligence throughout the course of this album. Mörkrets Intåg is a beautiful album that blurs the lines of black metal into a whole new majestic beast. This album dares to push the rigid boundaries of black metal while still keeping the black spirit of the genre alive in the music. Balladry meets crushing riffs meets delicate passages of music and on top of it all a chorus of children. Definitely far from your typical black metal album, but still one of the finest releases of the year. The music is great, and deep with emotion as Nilsson wrote it as he dealt with his mother slipping into demntia and eventual death. This emotional weight is felt, but not overbearing, and brings a whole new perspective to the album wholly. If you're into more avant-garde black metal, then you'll dig the fantastic work of Höstblod. Check out Mörkrets Intåg today! Stand out tracks: Mörkrets Intåg, Höstblod, Tomheten Del 2, and Tystnaden. Mörkrets Intåg gets a frosty 8.5/10! 😈😈😈 #höstblod #mörkretsintåg #wolfspellrecords #blackmetal #postblackmetal #metal #avantgardemetal #swedishblackmetal #sweden #undergroundmetal #undergroundblackmetal #debut #johannilsson #heavy #kvlt #music #review #albumreview #metalreview #musicreview #ppbdr #ppbdr2018 #metalhead #tomhetendel2 #tystnaden #readthis #listentothis
Dreamers - FLY EP (09/07/18) . 4.5/5 . The Cali-based pop rockers dropped the second EP in a trilogy of releases earlier this month. July’s Launch EP was full of hooks but lacked substance. FLY immediately delivers what was missing with opening track “The Last Love Song.” Quite possibly the best breakup song of the year, it’s an anthem for anyone coming out of a messy relationship. “Misfits T-Shirt” is like the synth-rock modern day version of Blink-182’s “The Rock Show,” offering up a fabulously infectious chorus. The EP’s lead single “All Washed Out” shows the band’s ability to craft a song that seems to fit right in with some of radio rock’s classics. Maybe it’s because it sounds so dam familiar, kind of like a polished Nirvana. Overall, a bit more to grab on to with these four tracks and leaves me anticipating a solid finish to the trilogy.
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“Mexico (South Broadway)” full video in bio. Album “There’s Something Wrong With This Picture” by The Little PPL out on all streaming platforms. Directed by @juliusconwayvisual
Mexico (South Broadway). The intro to our project “There’s Something Wrong With This Picture”. Full video link in bio. Share amongst loved ones 🕴🏾 Directed and Edited by @juliusconwayvisual
"While others may see Disease as a softer progression for the band, I see it just as lyrically brutal as the previous offerings, only now @calebshomo  isn’t playing the victim anymore, he’s the survivor guiding others through their own journeys and struggles..." @beartoothband deliver yet another exceptional release. Full Review at WallOfSoundAU.com
Anthemic and empathetic in the best way possible - review is up, link in bio! #spectrumpulse #hiphop #brockhampton #music #albumreview #iridescence
The wait is over... @liltunechi #TheCarter5 is out and we will be previewing it tonight exclusively on @phillyjamz953fm #whogotnextradio 📻🎶🔥 click link in BIO to listen or download the app @jamz953fmphilly 10p-12am #NJ #Philly #Delaware #worldwide #Raw #Uncut #HipHop #R &B #Throwbacks #classics #NewMusic #IndieArtist #InternetRadio #unplugcommercialradio 🔌🎤🎼🎵 #undergroundpirateradio 💀🎤🎼🎵 #notop40loop 🚫🚫 #nothingbuthitsboom 💣 #homeoftheindieartist 🙈🙉🙊 #youngmoney #Weezy #AlbumReview #lilwayne #Tunchi
Tonight from 10p-12am click link in BIO to listen or download the app @jamz953fmphilly @liltunechi dropped #TheCarter5 and @phillyjamz953fm #whogotnextradio 📻🎶🔥 has it on deck for you to preview tonight #NJ #Philly #Delaware #worldwide #Raw #Uncut #HipHop #R &B #Throwbacks #classics #NewIndieArtistinRotation #NewMusic #unplugcommercialradio 🔌🎤🎼🎵 #undergroundpirateradio 💀🎤🎼🎵 #notop40loop 🚫🚫 #nothingbuthitsboom 💣 #indieartistinrotation 🎤💿📻 #IndieArtist #homeoftheindieartist 🙈🙉🙊 #Lilwayne #AlbumReview #youngmoney
Death Grips- The Money Store Experimental hip-hop A trio comprised of MC Ride, Zach Hill, and Andy Morin, does not play games. Coming after the groups first mixtape, "Exmilitary," "The Money Store" takes us through a chopped, screwed, and glitched project that is comparable to a thrill ride. The instrumentals throughout the project are beyond experimental. Loud synths are disorganized drumming creates a cacophonous, yet satisfying noise. They take every element of hip-hop music and amplify it by 100x. Then, MC Ride's seemingly insane vocals come in. The vocals are erie, tuned up and down, and crazy. These vocals, combined creates an atmosphere around the listener that is not describable, you almost don't know what's going on. "The Money Store" is a very tough listen, but if you dedicate some time to it, you'll see the disturbing yet amazing sound that is Death Grips. SCORE: 8.5/10 Fave tracks: I've seen footage, get got, hustle bones #hiphop #deathgrips #experimentalmusic #albumreview
Recent Stories: Take a listen to @_goldierebel_ “Dyin 2 live, Livin 2 Die” album. The entire album is still a banger ❤️ [Link in bio] Article written by @camitzu_ - - - - 📷: @hitkidd - - - - [Tags] #stories #recent4recent #recentstory #blog #music #musicblog #article #hiphop #indie #indiemusic #memphis #legend #albumreview #visitus #linkinbio #ssmediatv
Artist: Kurushimi Album: What Is Chaos? Release Date: September 13, 2018 Genre(s): Experimental, Jazz, Jazzcore, Avant Garde, Grind Jazz, Noise Favorite Track(s): Feast; What Is Chaos?; I Know You (Itsuwari no kao); Embracing The Delicious; A Smile, A Wish; Yuruyaka na shi no ma no kanbi naru mezame Least Favorite Track(s): n/a Review: The sophomore LP What Is Chaos? from Australian experimental and avant garde jazz/jazzcore/jazz grind/noise collective Kurushimi has surely been highly anticipated by myself since I randomly discovered (on Bandcamp!) the group's debut, self-titled LP in 2016 (which wound up very high on my AOTY list for that year). Kurushimi creates a chaotic melting pot with elements of prog, noise, metal, drone, psychedelia, and jazz conjuring a brilliant, frenzied, hyper, unsettling, and awe-inspiring sonic experience. Although I listed several genres from which Kurushimi delves into, so as to give you a roadmap for what to expect, the highly improvisational project actually eschews any specific sonic categorization. They push and bend all of the sonic boundaries here, creating a style all of their own. From 1-minute transition tracks like C8H10N4O2 (which is the chemical formula for caffeine, btw) to 12-minute monsters like Feast (the album's best and one of my favorite of the year), What Is Chaos? is one of the craziest and most experimental listens of 2018. Released by the great label Art As Catharsis, and though not for everyone, this album will be an unforgettable experience. Score: GREAT #newmusic #2018 #2018music #album #albumreview #review #bestnewmusic #kurushimi #whatischaos #jazz #improvize #experimental #psychedelic #australia #sydney #artascatharsis #grind #bandcamp #instrumental #metal #saxophone #guitar #bass #drums #🤘 #weeklyalbumreviews #war @kurushimi_via @artascatharsis
Supreme Blientele by Westside Gunn ◾◾◾◾◾ Metabritic Average Rating = 83.8/100 Community Score = 84.8/100 (29 votes) ◾◾◾ One hell of a head nod to Ghostface Killah as Westside Gunn manages to maintain traditional hip hop ideologies while creating a stylistic lane of his own. ◾◾◾ Member Ratings: @thatonerapfan - 9.2/10 @bigfishhiphop - 8.7/10 @hiphopenth - 8.5/10 (full review on page) @fanatichiphop - 8.5/10 @ultimate.hiphop - 8.5/10 @hipxhopxbible - 8/10 @rap.godzz - 8/10 @world.of.hiphop - 8/10 @nation.of.rap - 7.5/10 @ratingalbums - 7.5/10 @hiphophomework - 7.4/10 @rapmusixs - 7.3/10 Other Contributing Pages: @rainyhiphop - 10/10 @onlybuilt4rap - 9.5/10 @cloutmeister - 9.5/10 @culturalyokai - 9.3/10 @rap.prodigy - 9.2/10 @thehiphopalley - 8.5/10 @dylanmusicstuff - 8.5/10 @jaredmorganvinyl - 8.5/10 @lyricalraponly - 8.5/10 @hippidy_hoppidy_ - 8.5/10 @imperial.hiphop - 8.4/10 @hiphops.mostwanted - 8/10 @culturalthing - 8/10 @willdreviews - 6.5/10 ◾◾◾ I think this a record number of outside contributing pages, you guys some GOATs for messing with us like this. More coming soon. ◾◾◾◾◾ Next Review: Room 25 by Noname
Death Valley Scenic Drive. Soundtrack is Walk In Desert 4 by @marcodistasio marcodistasio.bandcamp.com
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Drop the Soap (2018) is the debut release from the Norwegian hard punk n roll band Hella Rebelliön. These guys call the Scandinavian nation of Norway home and crank an dirty brand of punk n roll. Not to say the lyrics are dirty, but there's a certain amount of crust to the music on Drop the Soap. It's 8 tracks of blistering fast punk based rock n roll. At times the band finds ways to work in elements of both black metal and melodic death metal into their mix. Kjøde has a certain melodeath flair to it in the beginning. Hella Rebelliön is a band that I can see reaching pinnacle heights. They have a unique sound and can definitely carve out their own niche in the world of punk. If you're looking for something a little different today, then give Hella Rebelliön a spin. Check out Drop the Soap today! Stand out tracks: Poison, Death Proof, Kjøde, Rebelliön, FYCC, and Summerknife. Drop the Soap gets a crusty 8/10! 😈😈😈 #hellarebellion #dropthesoap #robmulesrecords #punk #punkrock #punkmusic #hardcorepunk #punkrocknroll #hardrock #crustpunk #underground #norway #scandic #music #review #albumreview #musicreview #ppbdr #ppbdr2018 #metalhead #poison #deathproof #kjøde #rebellion #fycc #summerknife #readthis #listentothis
Erupter (2018) is the self-titled debut album from the Italian instrumental band Erupter. Here's some music you can definitely get lost in as Erupter brings you into their world of music. The music isn't straightforward metal and instead finds balance in between post-rock and post-metal. On top of the post inspirations, they also infuse heavy dosages of prog flavoring. The music is deep and intriguing. Perfect for throwing on for a time of peace and relaxation. Erupter has a soundscape that you will find yourself floating away on. I'm not normally one for instrumental music, but Erupter and their self-titled album was definitely worthy of a spin. Need to take a trip and get lost, then check out the excellent musical offerings of Erupter. Stand out tracks: Resumption, Ilcic, Katena, and The Dread Accusation. Erupter gets a swell 7.9/10! 😈😈😈 #erupter #selftitled #metal #instrumental #instrumentalmetal #postrock #postmetal #prog #progressiverock #progressivemetal #atmospheric #music #review #albumreview #metalreview #musicreview #ppbdr #ppbdr2018 #metalhead #resumption #ilcic #katena #thedreadaccusation #readthis #listentothis
Logic - Young Sinatra: Undeniable (2012) Lyicism B+ Beats/production B Flows A Delivery A- Content B Creatively B- Replay Value B- ° This is Logic's fourth Mixtape and the second tape in the Young Sinatra series. I loved the first Sinatra tape for it's ability to stay air tight despite it's lengthy 22 track long tracklist. The Undeniable Sinatra tape is very good as well, but it does fall a little short in quality if compared to the previous tape. On some tracks Logic sounds hungrier than ever; "Set The Tone", "The Spotlight", and "Young Sinatra III" for example. The track samples are also quite good and mixed very well. I Especially like the Nas samples throughout the album. Where the album falls short are the attempts at singing these corny love songs/hookup songs; "What You Want", "500 Days Of Summer" and "I Made It" for example. I hate to keep comparing Logic to himself, but on his last tape there are nearly no skippable songs. On this tape I found myself waiting for the track to hurry up and finish quite a bit. Overall I like most of this mixtape quite a bit. I absolutely love the tracks where he's ripping through the beat and rapping like his life depends on it. I'm not crazy about some of the more mellow tracks or the relationship fueled ones. This album could have been much better if some of the fat were trimmed and reduced to the best 15 tracks or so. Favourite Tracks #SetTheTone #DeadPresidentsIII #Disgusting #Relaxation #TheSpotlight #YoungSinatraIII #AllSinatraEverything #DearGod #Numbers ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° #Logic #youngsinatraundeniable #rap #hiphop #newmusic #hiphopjunkie #albumreview #moncton #ysiv #YsChallenge #fortheculture #fortheculture #rapculture #boombap #Sinatra #everybody #theincredibletruestory
Depths Below Space and Existence (2018) is the 3rd album from the Finnish black metal band Mormânt de Snagov. 2018 marks the bands first 10 years of existence, and in that time have a built a repitore of traditionally based black metal. With this the bands third effort, some evolution was put forth. A new logo is the first noticeable change, then the music itself has a shift in brutality. Mormânt now infused death metal into their sound which pushes them nearly into The Black Dahlia Murder territory, though with a stronger focus on black metal. They also used keys for more than just background noise and actually used it to create full on atmosphere and soundscapes to blend with their sheer brutal mix of blackened death metal. Depths Below Space and Existence is a fun and dark ride through some underground black metal. If you're looking for some lesser known metal, then give Mormânt de Snagov a listen today! Stand out tracks: Never Speak Aloud, Stories Untold, You're Next, Writhe Infinite, and The Roots of Grief. Depths Below Space and Existence gets a heavy 8.3/10! 😈😈😈 #mormantdesnagov #depthsbelowspaceandexistence #pestrecords #blackmetal #deathmetal #blackeneddeathmetal #finnishblackmetal #finland #undergroundmetal #undergroundblackmetal #heavy #music #review #albumreview #metalreview #ppbdr #ppbdr2018 #metalhead #neverspeakaloud #storiesuntold #yourenext #writheinfinite #therootsofgrief #readthis #listentothis
Thank you @metalhead_community for reviewing Fragmentation, check out what did they say about it 🤘 By shirts and follow their awesome site: @metalhead_community https://heavymetaltshirts.net/halo-one-fragmentation-album-review/ #newmetal #heavymetal #albumreview #haloone #fragmentation #newmetaltracks #alternativemetal #heavyrock #metalheadcommunity
Got a nice little write up in Issues Magazine run by @commodityfetishrecords which y'all should check out if you haven't; they're pretty rad. Thanks to @alightamongmany for submitting our stuff to them on his own sweet volition. #giardia #jazzmetal #albumreview #livemusic #denvermusic #metal
The Cars (1978) is the debut album from the new wave titans The Cars. The bands self-titled album is easily one of their best and highest selling records. The Cars features several of the bands biggest hits, including the stacked front end of the album. Side A features Good Times Roll, My Best Friend's Girl, and Just What I Needed. If you remember Circuit City, then you'll definitely know Just What I Needed, as that was the companies song for commercials for the longest time- or at least until they went out of business. The new wave and electronics on this album sound so fresh, and that's even 40 years after its initial release. The synth and keyboard is clean and crisp and breathes fiery life into the bands sound. This electronic sound also pairs well with the bands brand of guitar driven power pop. They borrow from the pop music of the 60s and give it new life. I still enjoy this album, it's definitely a golden oldie, and one every music fan should jam. It's almost impossible to not enjoy the music crafted by The Cars. Check out The Cars today! Stand out tracks: Good Times Roll, My Best Friend's Girl, Just What I Needed, Don't Cha Stop, You're All I've Got Tonight, Bye Bye Love, and All Mixed Up. The Cars gets a classic 8.8/10! 😈😈😈 #thecars #selftitled #elektrarecords #newwave #powerpop #rockmusic #rocknroll #rockandroll #classicrock #retrospective #music #review #40thanniversary #albumreview #musicreview #ppbdr #metalhead #goodtimesroll #mybestfriendsgirl #justwhatineeded #dontchastop #youreallivegottonight #byebyelove #allmixedup #readthis #listentothis
Artist: Deicide Album: Overtures Of Blasphemy Release Date: September 14, 2018 Genre(s): Death Metal Favorite Track(s): Crawled From The Shadows; Sealed The Tomb Below; Defying The Sacred Least Favorite Track(s): Destined To Blasphemy Review: Floridian death metal veterans Deicide return after five years to drop their 12th studio LP Overtures Of Blasphemy (OOB). The band has had a roller coaster-like discography quality-wise over their career. Some of their earliest releases (their 90s stuff) I would consider "classic" death metal efforts. I would argue that Deicide hasn't had a great or notable record since 2006's The Stench Of Redemption. Honestly, I was a bit hesitant to even devote time to checking out OOB, but I'm glad I did. OOB is full of chunky riffs, groovy hooks, and great tremolo guitar work. The twelve tracks keep to the band's usual anti-religion/anti-christian themes, and although Glen has given up his screeching vocal styles completely on OOB, his growls are still strong. The production is modern but not too much over the top as to still leave a raw, old school aesthetic. OOB is slightly weaker toward the back of the album, as I found most of the standout tracks to be earlier in the tracklist. OOB is also a bit "meat and potatoes" death metal at times, too, where some of the tracks didn't seem to bring any fresh ideas to the genre whatsoever. However, OOB is definitely a step upwards for Deicide and I would rank this album higher up overall in their discography. OOB is a very decent death metal record for a band very deep in their career. A final remark, the album cover is amazing! Score: GOOD #newmusic #2018 #2018music #album #albumreview #review #bestnewmusic #deicide #overturesofblasphemy #death #metal #deathmetal #florida #oldschool #glenbenton #growls #christian #bandcamp #christianity #christ #antichristian #religion #antireligion #guitar #bass #drums #🤘 #weeklyalbumreviews @deicideofficial
EP Review: Ever Changing by The Neighborhood (ft. Various Artists): This EP was actually really good. 5 songs is all it took to make something that can complete against full albums. The beats in the music was very relaxing and the lyrics all had a meaning. For an EP this is a perfect 10/10. There sadly isn’t much to say besides.... Damn. -💸 #thenbhd #theneighbourhood #albumreview #hiphop #chill
EP REVIEW: Eight months after their excellent third full-length ‘Ruins’, First Aid Kit have shared an aptly-named companion EP, ’Tender Offerings’. Featuring four neatly packaged leftovers from the ‘Ruins’ sessions, the Söderberg sisters are in usual form. Bound together by the lush, bittersweet melodies and heart-melting harmonies that have become First Aid Kit’s trademark, all four cuts are tender offerings worth your time. Score: 💌💌💌💌/5 (Words by @ryanpinkard )⠀ ⠀ #firstaidkit #tenderofferings #ivewantedyou #allthatwegot #ruins #thelionsroar #indie #indiefolk #columbiarecords #ep #albumreview #minimusiccritic
Album Review: Proper Dose by The Story So Far: After a long time teasing, we finally got a new album from these guys. The album however was interesting. It really gave a vibe of neck deep’s newest album and sounds a lot like it too. There’s really not much to say about this album. I rate it a 6/10 because it was good but very unoriginal and didn’t sound like something TSSF would make. I love the band but this album disappointed me. -💸 #poppunk #thestorysofar #albumreview #properdose
The Great Mackintosh likes this band. Can you tell? Maybe you should read this and find out just how awesome Acts of Swine are. If you are into Death Metal, and you don't like this, then pig's arse to you is all he can say.. Oinkcellent is the word! https://themetalwanderlust.com/2018/09/22/album-review-sadistically-speaking-acts-of-swine/ #actsofswine #sadisticallyspeaking #albumreview #deathmetal #oldschooldeathmetal #osdm #metal #heavy #swine #gore
“You know how to whistle, don’t you Steve?” Although he’s probably still traumatized from watching me “dance” with him on the main stage @epfestival @nilerodgers & #Chic have a new album on the way. Follow the link in the bio for the full review @hotpressmagazine . . #chic #soul #rnb #disco #dance #itsabouttime #hotpress #music #album #albumreview #musicreview #dublin #ireland
One week.
Album: Blond Artist: Frank Ocean Genre: R&B, avant-soul, avant-garde, psychedelic pop . 'Blond' is considered to be the album of the year 2016 and I really couldn't agree more. When I first listened to this album I was like 'ok' and then went to sleep. But I couldn't sleep for quiet a time because I was craving the sounds of this album. Then I woke up at 5 am and relistened to the whole thing. This album is so different and unique it's beyond comprehension. The story telling is great the instrumentals are out of this world and it has a morally high standard. The album starts with the song 'Nikes' which is one of my favourite particularly because of how different it sounds. The production along with the ridiculously high pitched bits of lyrics that Frank puts out is simply just...ADDICTIVE. The track is followed by 'Ivy' which is another brilliant song. This song literally plays like a background music in my head whenever I think about the person that I love. Not only are the lyrics very realistic but the production is FRESH and so is the flow. After that comes ANOTHER brilliant song, 'Pink + White'. That track is by far my favourite because it is simply everything. If you close your eyes listening to any of these tracks they all give off a certain vibe which takes you some place else. 'Be Yourself' is a short skit based on the morale high ground related to peer pressure and people ruining their lives over and I gotta say it really got me thinking when I first heard it. The album just has so much amazing sound variation its spectacular. 'Solo' is another song with great vocals and a rejevunating voice. 'Skyline To' is one of the few songs in this record that are comparatively more lyrics based and have a lot of room for interpretation. It kind of gives me a rock song vibe although it's much more calm and slow - it's bizarre. Self Control is similar to Ivy in terms of sound but it's a little more calm. It's just simply another great track like everything else on this project really. It made me a little angry that the Solo (Reprise) was only a minute long even though it had extraordinarily sounding vocals. CONTINUED IN COMMENTS - - - - - - >
Link in bio: It's been a true honor to speak with @williamfitzsimmonsofficial about his stunning new album, some artists you've gotta listen to (spoiler alert: @andyshauf , @realaimeemann , and @michaelflynnmusic ), music as catharsis, and so much more.
58. The Mars Volta - Deloused in the Comatorium (2003) I sometimes wonder if The Mars Volta are somehow ahead of the curve of human evolution by a few hundred years. Perhaps in the year 2318 everyone will be listening to music this dense, fast, abstract and chaotic? Over the course of ten years, The Mars Volta released six albums of unrelenting complexity, using this debut as a starting point and disappearing further and further into strange panic fractals with each one. I kept up with Frances the Mute, had a good crack at Amputechture but never really made it much further than that. At the Drive-in had always been abstract and frantic, but with a big dose of hard, gritty directness that kept it all anchored together. With The Mars Volta, Cedric Bixler-Zavala and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez left such earthly hindrances behind entirely and transcended to a whole other plane, drenching their operatic post-punk in latin rhythms, psychedelic textures, shards of noise and electronics, and fifteen minute long song suites about near death experiences and hallucinogenic madness. Deloused in the Comatorium combines the best of ATDIs power and drama with these new sounds and textures to create a prog-punk odyssey. ‘Inertiatic ESP’ opens up with the most familiar offering here, a relatively straightforward four minute barnstormer that offers up the same screeching guitars and shuddering drums that At the Drive-in fans had come to expect, but periodically dressing it in rhythmic pile-ups, warped  For the full write-up go to 100albumcountdown.tumblr.com - Link in Bio #themarsvolta #atthedrivein #cedricbixlerzavala #omarrodriguezlopez #progrock #progpunk #delousedinthecomatorium #top100albums #musicgeek #musiclist #musicreview #albumreview #music
Lupe Fiasco - DROGAS WAVE Review -9/10 -Best Tracks: A lot -Worst Tracks: Ehh -There is a lot to talk about so I am going to summarize this. This is Lupe Fiasco’s most artistic album period. This is Lupe’s most conceptual album period. This has the best trap beats Lupe has used period. This is Lupe Fiasco’s most boundery broken album period. This blows DROGAS Light out the water. This right here should end Lupe Fiasco’s rap career with on a great note. This is worth the hour and 39 minute listen. #rap #hiphop #rapandhiphop #albumreview #review #thhtofficial #rapreview #newalbum #lupefiasco #drogaswave
NEW MUSIC: Although better singers could probably be found in your local pub on karaoke night, this in many ways sums up the band’s ethical approach. There is no polish, no sheen of AutoTune, the songs come straight from the Mods, through very little filtering, into your ear. Who cares if nobody likes it? Certainly not the Sleaford Mods. 7️⃣/🔟 Full review -> link in bio
•Album Review• •Zoo: Russ• •Zoo is Russ’s second studio album. •The production on this is meh and nothing too experimental or different just very average. •As history shows Russ doesn’t like features and he only get 3 of them with this project. He puts 2 of them on one song as well which isn’t good as I don’t want to be hearing Russ so much and think he would’ve worked better if he got more. •One thing I will give Russ is that he actually does a good job of sticking to a few topics throughout this thing. He talks about how he has a lot of money, bitches, and that he is the best. Also comes at the media a lot for not liking him. •To be honest I really don’t care for a lot on this album. It really isn’t something different it’s average some of the songs make me want to fall asleep. Some have good beats and Russ ruins it. Sometimes he has good verses but the beat ruins it. He fails to stay too consistent or show that he is any different that other artists with this style. •I really didn’t enjoy this project to be honest. At the time of writing this I have 15 full listen throughs of this project and I still can’t find a way to enjoy it. He just comes off as basic and annoying to me and doesn’t have anything different or special that I can’t find elsewhere. •Favorite Song: Outlaw, Kill Them All, Voicemail, Parkstone Drive •Least Favorite Songs: All of the ones I didn’t like... (besides Last forever) •Rating: 3/10 #russ #zoo #album #music #review #musicreview #albumreview #new #art #albumcover #rick #ross #rickross #snoop #dogg #snoopdogg #boring #albumrelease #cover #coverart @russ
PORTLAND RECORD FAIR My vinyl weighs a ton and I got a bunch of heavyweight tough as nails dudes to add to my collection •M.O.P.’s album Warriorz (This is such a perfect over the top in just the right way album. Ridiculous braggadocio and beats to match. If I was truly pressed to pick my favorite hip hop album from the 90s I might just choose this one.) •Ben Webster’s album Atmosphere for Lovers and Thieves (He was a hard man. Harder than M.O.P.? Well, maybe. But it goes without saying that love and deceit go hand in hand with this guy. Don’t be fooled by titles like “Autumn Leaves” and “Easy to Love”, Webster hits every note like a punch on the nose.) •John Coltrane’s album A Love Supreme (This is the complete collection reissue by @impulserecords . It contains 3LPs - the stereo master plus two discs of sessions. This album is often referred to as Contrane’s zen release but The Trane is absolutely ferocious. McCoy Tyner on the ivory, Jimmy Garrison on the low-end, and Elvin Jones with the sticks, Coltrane leads his brutish gang to such great heights.) •Iggy and the Stooges’ album Raw Power (This is the European 2LP release with both the original Bowie production plus the 1997 Iggy reproduction. You wanna get tough? Try Detroit in the early 70s tough. Raw and wriggling and that’s just the way we like it.) #acemreview #portlandrecordfair
Favourite: Song - Squalor Opera Deep cut - Deep Red Solo - TerrorVision Riff - 2:01 - 2:12 (Vaspertine Decay) Lyric - “hold a mirror to society, a perfect display of misanthropy” - TerrorVision My most anticipated album release of this year - Aborted’s “TerrorVision” (2018) is one of the greatest technical displays of metal in recent history. I was hoping for this album to be a sort of sequel, or run on, from their 2016 release “Retrogore” and boy was I not disappointed. Starting off with how any Aborted album kicks off - with a sample and synthesizers creating that horrific and evil atmosphere in a sinister way before the band launches head first into the depths of their first track “TerrorVision” which sports non-stop blast beats in the drums, the signature riffing from Ian and Mendel which sees them using the entire neck of their guitars, and a thundering bass tone. The solos in this album are all insanely technical and perfectly crafted trade off perfectly with the skull crushing riffing. “Leave every hope” (the translation of the opening track) is the perfect way to describe the lyrical journey that you’re taken on. Sven’s writing is as on point as ever. Exploring the typical themes of humanity, violence, and gore, Sven dives a lot deeper in terms of style, imagery, and diction. In “Retrogore” (2016), the samples they used helped a lot in terms of creating a storyline and imagery in the songs, and although I was a bit disappointed at first with the lack of any samples in this album - Sven makes up for it through the countless lyrics that are simply beyond incredible. I found the guitars to have a much more thrash-inspired style, although in a much faster tempo, and more significant in songs like “Vaspertine Decay.” The riffs are put together so well and they lead into each other perfectly and actually compliment the vocals surprisingly well. The drums are, as usual, complexly kick ass, technical, fast as fuck, and the fills are skull crushing. The intros to all of the songs are just beyond describing. Like how the samples were a highlight for me in “Retrogore” the intros in “TerrorVision” are one of the best aspects of this album... (rest in comments) 🤘
Are you guys excited for YANDHI? Or worried? Or could you care less? Me, personally, I’m worried because yeezus, The Life Of Pablo, and Ye felt kind of like a trilogy on the mind of Kanye West that ended perfectly with Ye. I don’t know man I’m worried about this one. - @thekrazyjproductions
Fuck, bro. This shit is damaging because whenever I heard him speak about certain pain I could relate soooo well. He was one of the artists I looked to when I was going through a dark period, I saw part of me when I saw artists like you and it gave me comfort. I rocked with Mac as a person more than his music tbh. But his music undeniable. You shifted culture bro and most people don’t even know how much of a hand you had in a lot of artists’ careers that we know and love. This my first time being able to speak on this. I hate I can never get a verse from you or even meet you. Always admired how you were an artist in the purest from once I learned how you create. I keep hearing people blast your music driving pass and that shit hits me every time. Love all life bro. @macmiller
@johnfaraone first album ‘Light Upon’ is out! Head to PVDlive.com to read our review and celebrate at @columbustheatre tonight for the record release show with special guests EDT & @mountainess_music _ _ _ #livemusic #pvdlive #ourpvd #music #blog #city #theatre #concert #record #writing #albumreview #providence #rhody #rhodeisland
"No Light For Lies" by the gloriously-named UK band Fie!Fie!Fie! is a beautiful album about courage, truth and love. I so admire this band's philosophy and dedication to their craft, and love their music and powerful lyrics. Link to review in my bio. @fietheband #alternativerock #folkrock #indiemusic #electropop #ukbands #birstall #albumreview
Thanks for the review, @dyingscene ! Full review of the EP at the link below! https://dyingscene.com/news/ep-review-suburban-samurai-short-but-not-short-enough/ #dyingscene #punkrock #poppunk #melodicpunk #skatepunk #albumreview #vermontmusic
Check out the blog for my review of the new Guerilla Toss album “Twisted Crystal”! http://thefinschise.blogspot.com/2018/09/guerilla-toss-twisted-crystal.html #thefinschise #musicblog #albumreview #newmusic #musicblogger #guerillatoss #twistedcrystal
#nightfall91 é o novo álbum do @observerdriftofficial , projeto do músico Collin Ward que demonstra amadurecimento ao referenciar e explorar totalmente a década de 80 ***** Veja a resenha completa no @urgesite **** Link na BIO **** #albumreview #80sstyle #collinward #observerdrift #urgesite #urge
Adlt Swm - Don’t Grow Up, It’s A Trap (https://open.spotify.com/album/6WpFQeZWBnbSX5411FiEMO?si=WxunTmVWTdWL6XhIjWhbtg) DOPE: Shaolin Daughters, First 48, White Jesus, I Don’t Like This Place WACK: Sways Genesis, Elie’s Origin, 24/7 FAVORITE: First 48, White Jesus RATING: 4:3 @adltswmmusic (@swaymooyoung x @elielaurent ) (Instagram) #ShortNSweet #AlbumReview #Music #JustMyOpinion #criticallydope #album #mixtape #beattape #musiclover #dope #dopeness #ADLTSWM #mookchallenge
Artist: Aphex Twin EP: Collapse EP Genre: Electronic/Experimental Electronics Release Date: 9/14/18 Rating: 7.0/10 • Fav tracks: T69 Collapse, MT1 t29r2, abundance10edit... • Least favs: 1st 44 • Aphex Twin’s latest EP is quite obviously the work of a veteran, with a very free flowing and yet focused set of songs which move from mood to mood. The tracks here have crazy rhythms which can be very hard to wrap your head around until you’ve had a few listens. “T69 Collapse” kicks off the album with a very computer-esque soundscape and almost sounding like a distorted gaming console going haywire. Heavy bass and clapping drums lead the next track “1st 44”, with jumpy synths layed all over, and a chaotic climax before soothing out and fading into ambience. The third track is probably my favorite on the EP, and I’m gonna sound repetitive here but it’s yet another really jumpy, fast paced techno song with some really cool and soft keyboards and vocal samples laced in. It’s a chilling track which’s fast paced nature contrasts in an unsettling way with its low register instrumentation. “Pthex” closes out this project with stuttering drums and more freakish off kilter synths and is just as mind-spinning as any of the other tracks here. Overall, this project I think serves as a reminder that Aphex Twin is still capable of making some of the most disorienting electronic music out there, albeit it’s not crazy experimental or anything but it’s still a very solid EP. • #aphextwin #collapseep #richarddjames #syro #selectedambientworks #richarddjamesalbum #musicrecommendation #musicreview #albumreview #newalbum2018 #newmusic #newmusicalert #newmusicfriday #electronicmusic
Album Review ▪▪▪ (Info) Album: QUARTERTHING Artist: Joey Purp Release Date: September 7, 2018 Features: RZA, GZA, Ravyn Lenae, Cdot Honcho, Queen Key - (Analysis) Chicago based rapper Joey Purp manages to escape his contemporaries shadow on "QUARTERTHING". With one of the more dynamic and lively albums of the year he explores his own versatility successfully. The album starts up where we left him on "iiiDrops" but quickly transitions to eclectic bouncy tracks like "Aw Sh*t!" and "Elastic". I loved the production on this 4 track portion of the album and names from Pharell to BROCKHAMPTON to even a little JPEGMAFIA were coming to mind as instrumental comparisons. Once we've experienced this section Purp switches it up again to a trap leaning sound for a while. Some absolute slaps like "Karl Malone" I would never have seen coming beforehand. Surprisingly this may be his most lyrical section as well if you look underneath the ignorant flows. Nothing sounded forced or overdone, he just consistenetly bodied all these styles. Joey really pulled all the tricks out of the bag on this one constantly shifting and recreating himself in front of our eyes/ears. I really wish there were some dope features to soup things up a bit especially on some of the bangers but I still love where the spotlight settled. Joey Purp is no longer an afterthought behind Chi artists like Saba, Chance, Mick, and Noname after this release. Phenomenal replay value and very adaptable. - (Overview) Best Tracks: 24k Gold/Sanctified, Aw Sh*t!, 2012, Karl Malone, LeBron James Worst Tracks: Hallelujah, Fessional/Diamonds Dancing Recommend If You Like: Saba, Vic Mensa, Pharell Overall Rating: 8/10 ▪▪▪ Check the next episode of my podcast The Hip Hop Enthusiast on iTunes and Apple Podcasts for more analysis of this album!
REVIEW ALBUM: Michael Learns to Rock - Colours (1993) Single: Wild Woman, Sleeping Child, 25 Minutes, Complicated Heart, Out Of The Blue Best track: Sleeping Child, Out Of The Blue, Something Right, 25 Minutes. . Basically album ini ngga jauh beda sama album debut mereka. Tapi yg jelas Ada perkembangan di lagu-lagunya. Album ini jadi sebuah tonggak besar untuk karier MLTR. Dari album ini, mereka bisa sukses secara International. . 1. Wild Woman Dibuka dg track yg fresh, garang, manly dan fun yg merupakan ciri Khas MLTR. Moodboster bgt. Cocok buat sambil nyetir sambil ala-ala main gitar. Music kaya gini ini nih yg bikin banyak orang terinspirasi. 2. Something Right Kurang lbh sama kaya track sblmnya, cuman ini agak lebih pop. Tapi enak Dan lebih upbeat. 3. Sleeping Child Best track on the album. Lagunya ini keren bgt lho. Walau rock, lagu ini juga masukkin genre Country kontemporer, yg termasuk kategori sulit di chord nya. Liriknya pun indah. Menggunakan bnyak majas. Plus temanya yg berupa "Universal Love" match utk siapa aja. Reff nya nendang bgt asli. 4. I'm Gonna Come Back Lagu Rock upbeat lagi yg bikin Kita bangun. Enak banget 5. Complicated Heart Abis loncat-loncat dg lagu sebelumnya, langsung dapet lagu galau Alternative Rock ala MLTR. Enak lagunya. Chilling tapi tetep maskulin. Cuman buat gue lagu ini agak bikin bosen. Setidaknya harusnya peletakan lagu ini ngga langsung setelah lagu upbeat. Tapi lagu ini Cukup hits lho. 6. 25 Minutes Lagu paling terkenal dari MLTR. Dan lagi-lagi lagu galau. Tapi enak kok. Pas masuk mulai dari intronya saja, lagu ini bisa bikin Kita penasaran terus gimana lanjutnya. Eh masuk Reff langsung deh.... Bikin ikut nyanyi. Vocal Jascha Richter disini nendang bgt. 7. You Keep Me Running Balik ke lagu upbeat yg lebih ke pop rock. Tapi lagu ini agak mirip lagu-lagu MLTR yg lain. 8. Out Of The Blue Outstanding Rock Ballad! Enak bgt lagu ini sih. Lumayan hits juga. Vokalnya juga outstanding. Nada tinggi nya ada di Reff. 9. Ocean Of Love Abis kalem, lanjut ngerock lagi. Menurut gue lagunya biasa banget, cuma buat filler. Nadanya Flat. Tapi aransemennnya patut diacungi jempol bgt sih. . Lanjut di komen 😃😃
Ima be real with you all, this album fucking depresses me. I don’t know what’s really up with that but I guess the whole narrative around this boyband is really hitting me. I think the reason why it’s hitting me harder than other shit is that the SATURATION trilogy essentially represented the millennial dream. This idea that people could get together and create, learn from each other, HELP each other and make their own life on their own terms is something that was a major source of inspiration for me. It gave me hope when I think I really needed it. This album however, makes me anxious, but it also functions as a cathartic and relatable release for already existing anxieties- resulting in an album that shifts from moods of terrifying ‘back against the wall’ determination to one of introspective distance and melancholy. This is represented in how opening track ‘New Orleans’ begins all frenzied, with Dom unloading a fiery verse amidst a cacophony of squelchy snares and then seamlessly transitions to “Thug Life” which features these heart-melting Bearface vocals and Dom, amidst some serene instrumentation returning to pretty much tell us he’s fighting with a lot of suicidal ideation. Honestly the album’s blatantly emotional moments are what get to me more, I feel like because the orchestral and piano instrumentation feels more direct (oooh, and those double time drums ahhhh). There’s Kevin’s verse on “Weight” about looking after the group, there’s the moment on “J’Ouvert” where Joba snaps in pure unrestrained aggression and just Bearface’s singing all round. “San Marcos” and “Tonya” really fuck me up, the former feels like a beautiful reminder that ‘fame’ isn’t the be all and end all of success and the latter (with serpentwithfeet) functions as a moment where they’ve allowed all the stressors they’ve been facing to catch up with them for just a moment. This is a really good album, only really held back by a bit of repetitiveness in sampling techniques, a couple moments where the abundance of autotune became overbearing and occasional lack of chemistry in verses. I can’t wait for the rest of the trilogy. I STILL wanna be Brockhampton when I grow up.
“This is the sound of @joycemanorofficial growing up” - Yesterday Joyce Manor released the incredible ‘Million Dollars To Kill Me” via @epitaphrecords - You can review the full review over on our site now
Logic - Young Sinatra (2011) Lyricism A Beats/production B+ Flows A+ Delivery B+ Content A- Creatively B+ Replay Value B ° This is probably the mixtape people are referring to when they say they prefer the old mixtape Logic. At this point he's fixed virtually all of my gripes with then first couple of mixtapes he released. Young Sinatra is the most polished, well-mixed tape so far. It feels like Logic really sat down and tweaked all the sounds to a perfectionist standard. Not only does Logic choose better samples to rap over, but they're also mixed with much more professionalism. Logic's biggest strengths have always been his Lyricism and his creative flows. On this tape he has only improved on those. I went through these 22 tracks with a fine tooth comb and I have no flow complaints. I don't even recall a particularly weak bar. Logic keep his strengths consistent, he also vastly improved on his weaknesses. His delivery has become by much smoother and organic especially on tracks like "Beggin", "Are You Ready", "Let Me Go" and "Growing Pains II". Those are just a few examples. With 22 tracks on the album it can be a bit exhausting to get through, but if you add just about any of these songs to a large playlist you'll likely love when any of them come up. Some may not love the heavy use of samples but they're mixed so well that it doesn't matter in my opinion. The mixing of classic hiphop tracks breathes fresh new air into them when it's done right. Overall I think this very great mixtape. It's extremely inspirational at times. Other times it's just fun to hear Logic rip through a beat. There's barely a misstep on the project. Sometimes I have to remind myself that this is a free mixtape. Favourite Tracks #One #30000 #AllIDo #Beggin #MindOfLogic #AreYouReady #StewieGriffen #YoungSinatraII #LetMeGo #GrowingPainsII ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° #rap #hiphop #newmusic #hiphopjunkie #moncton #albumreview #rapnation #rapdevil #killshot #logic #ysiv #bobbytarintinoii #mgk #bobbytarintino #ultra85 #binge #franksinatra #theincredibletruestory #underpressure #everybody
(My thumbails just keep getting worse and worse) It's back to long reviews from me, boys! Today: the long awaited Iridescence from America's favorite boy band Brockhampton. It may be hit or miss for some fans, but personally I think it's amazing. Thanks for reading! -Syd - #brockhampton #iridescence #kevinabstract #mattchampion #dommclennon #joba #merlynwood #bearface #hiphop #albumreview #musicreview
It’s our very first album review!! Many thanks to @sandymmay Anouk and Joules for having a listen! And of course, thanks to @theovercastnl for their support! ❤️ Link to the online version in the bio! . . . #attitudeofgratitude #newalbum #newmusic #albumreview #familyreview
“This life is a beautiful mess, that’s what zoo is a beautiful mess.” Amidst the flashing lights and celebrations of wealth the typical person may perceive their favorite artist's life as perfect. Russ on his recent album pulls back the curtain of fame to show the pitfalls of success & how not all prayers are answered without a price. Expanding on his trademark approach of self sufficiency, ‘Zoo’ by Russ, dives deep into the artist’s personal introspection & the emotional turmoil that seems to be inevitable while being apart of the entertainment industry. Focal points of the album include the artist’s acclimation to new found success, the effect that has on his loved ones and his attempt to reconcile these issues presently despite repeatedly drifting through nostalgia. Crisp melodies and thoughtful lyrics, delivered with Russ’ signature style can be found throughout the fourteen song collection. The easy to listen to sonics of the album often contrast with the caustic content topics of divorce, pride, ego and family mishaps. ‘Zoo’ contains a balance between his musical approaches ranging from aggressive braggadocious cuts, emotional pieces and melodic pop-rap ballads. @Russ displays emotional vulnerability on multiple songs including, “Parkstone Drive” and “Begging You” which cover the apparent suffering resulting from the dismantling of the only family Russ ever knew. A highlight of the album is “Voicemail” which is Russ’ call to God, which is recorded after seemingly not being answered after multiple failed attempts, yet Russ exclaims at the end of the song “I guess I’m gonna just keep calling, one of these days you’ll pick up, hopefully”. The complementary structure of the album takes listeners on a trip through Russ’ zoo, full of beautiful moments even in times of disarray. Would you agree now, that there really is a wolf? #zoo , #newhiphop , #albumreview , #russ , #vteknique
Dziś premierę ma najnowszy krążek od @abortedmetal. Czego można było się spodziewać po tym albumie? Biorąc pod uwagę poziom wpierdolu i klimatu jednocześnie utrzymany w poprzednich dwóch krążkach, "Terrorvision" to kolejny czołg w świecie death metalu. Zaryzykuję nawet stwierdzenie, że to najcięższy album wydany przez Belgów. Cały album przepełnia czysta brutalność połączona z melodyjnych solówkami i zapadajacymi w pamięć riffami. Idealny początek zapewnia nam tytułowy "Terrorvision", a podobny początek daje nam "Final Absolution" gdzie gościnnie wystąpił Julien z Benighted. Poza tym do perełek albumu trzeba zaliczyć "Vespertine Decay", "Squalor Opera", "Deep Red" i " Altro Inferno". Krążek moim zdaniem znajduje miejsce w top 3 najlepszych albumów od tego zespołu. #terrorvision #aborted #abortedmetal #grindcore #deathgrind #deathcore #deathcoremusic #heavymusic #extrememetal #extrememetalmusic #deathmetalmusic #headbangers #growl #scream #deathmetal #albumreview #benighted #metal #metalhead #metalboy #metalmusic #music #horror #gore #grind #extreme #blastbeats
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