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Oops🤷🏽‍♀️idek what to say I’ll just leave it to the comment section🤧 #teacherxstudent #love #agegaprelationship #confessions #girl #teacher #student
Simmer by @authorstephanierose is a single mom, older woman/younger man romance. Check out my review at anasattic.com (link in bio) — — #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #audiobookstagram #audiobooksofinstagram #bookreview #audiobookreview #chef #singlemom #agegaprelationship #romancereads #bookrecommendations
« 1️⃣5️⃣ Our Current Gap 1️⃣5️⃣» - Until I turn 34 next month #birthdaymonthcelebration , you in?! - Someone asked how I knew SJS 👴🏻 was my person. #noshame - You’d die if you knew that I inadvertently manifested him being mine. I used to joke with @chrissyfbabyyy and @zealous_nurse all the time and BOOM 💥Universe! 💫 - Should I tell you? #accidental #lawofattraction ———— Side note: my future hubs stole all my abs in this picture.
happy birthday 💓 @springsteen
it’s so nice to be able to wake up early in the morning without a hang over! • spending the morning watching hot dave fish at the dam • it’s really so beautiful out here. it’s still foggy and chilly and so quiet. • i’m so thankful for these times we can spend together out enjoying life instead on being stuck at home in bed. • it’s also great cooking weather! and i’ve been inspired by the thanksgiving editions of magazines. so! i’m doing a mini thanksgiving for us tonight 😍
Happy 1 year anniversary love😘 I love you with all my heart and I can't wait for many more lovely years with you😘😘😘❤❤❤ #love #1year #anniversary #like #follow #agegaplove #couple #happy #endlesslove #like #follow #maydecemberromance #maydecember #agegap #agegaprelationship #goals #instadaily #photography #instagood #couplesofgoals @couplesofgoals
with fall upon us, it’s time to cook! • i never really cared much about my health before. • when i started my recovery journey, i was the heaviest and most unhealthy i had ever been in my entire life. • i knew i needed to make a change before it was too late. • i decided to try lazy keto and get on a vitamin weightloss program and let me tell you, it has been the easiest and most maintainable thing i’ve ever done in my life. • i lost 60 pounds in less than a year and it’s stayed off! • last year, i was unemployed from september to february and spent most of that time in my kitchen playing with recipes. i’ve never been much of a baker but my homemade spice cake with brown sugar icing is something to behold. • cooking brings me so much joy and helps with my anxiety immensely. and in the end, you have something yummy that you made and can be proud of. • now, to dive into these mags and pick out something special to make with my honey tonight for a little stay in date night 💕
This week’s episode (50), we discuss age gaps in relationships. Vicki thinks about the emotional connection, Michelle thinks about their penis. What’s the biggest age gap you’ve had? Thoughts?
because we’re just beautiful people with beautiful problem s
i used to never have a problem going out alone. • probably because i would always just go to a bar alone. • tonight, dave and i were supposed to go see a documentary together. • i tried to do it as a surprise date night but plans change, like they usually do in our situation. • it’s our weekend with the little and we only get her for a short amount of time. • i was just going to go out alone, because he didn’t want her to have to go to a babysitter. i get it. but i was sad. i was sad i was going to go do something alone that i wanted us to enjoy together. • and i knew if i went i’d be miserable all night only to come home to a quiet house with everyone asleep and be even MORE miserable. • so what i decided to do, was to stay home and spend time with the people i love the most and have a really good night instead of going out just to justify losing the money i paid for the tickets. • my life is so different now. i think less about myself and more about others. • when i got home, i got the biggest hugs and kisses and shrieks of happiness that i finally arrived. how could i leave that? how could i just be like... well i paid for it so i’m just gonna go and you guys can stay home. • “i’m so happy that you’re home”. • those are words of love. that is what means more to me than something that i just wanted to do for myself. • so we’re having a family fun night in together instead. • what used to feel like a chore, because i’m not a parent, and kids are stressful (ya know it’s true), now just feels like a part of life. an ENJOYABLE as HELL part of life. • i feel like i finally found my place in this world.
This was so funny. I was trying to get Buddy involved in the unpacking and inspection of the baby swing (if you didn't notice) lol...Lees face and reaction made me crack up! He clearly doesn't see my Buddy boy as a human that needs to be involved like I do. I did have a grump back at him shortly after 😂 #grumpy #babyswing #babies #unpacking #firstimpressions #agegaplove #agegaprelationship #couplegoals #highfive ❤️
i’ve struggled with trying to feel valid since becoming sober. my identity is no longer my addiction. so what is my identity? • my family is my identity. • we probably have the weirdest dynamic there ever was. • we have a 17 year age gap, he has 3 children. • i’m in recovery and really have nothing. • i’m always hesitant to call myself a step mom. why? • for all the flack i get for it. we’re not married (yet), his oldest is only 4 years younger than i am, we haven’t been together for a zillion years. • so what makes me not eligible to be a step mother? because i can’t buy their love? because of what someone else thinks is “right”? • i don’t need to buy them. i don’t want to be bought either. while i can’t provide gifts, money or the latest gadget, i CAN always provide unconditional love, a listening ear, and a hot dinner. to me, those things are more precious than anything else there is. • that shows how much you love someone. by caring for them. not by buying something so they leave you alone for a few minutes. i’d rather endure a temper tantrum in the middle of the store than to reward bad behavior and make it a habit to become expectant. we’ve become so expectant as a society. why would i want them to expect me to do anything? • there is no expectation as far as i’m concerned. i don’t do things expecting anything in return. but what i do expect is a simple please and thank you. that’s so small but so important. • i endure judgements of all kinds. i get told i’m not allowed to or i shouldn’t or i don’t deserve it. • but at the end of the day, those opinions come from miserable, irrelevant people. not from those who actually matter. • my tip for anyone struggling with needing to be validated, look at who you’re wanting to validate you. do they actually matter in the grand scheme of things? do they have any significant positive impact on your life for the long run? are they even apart of your inner circle? • if the answer to any of those things is no, you don’t need their validation. • you are valid exactly how you are.
Gah, this novella! I need more..so much more of Justin and Callie’s story. This is one of the sexiest lil May/December romances I’ve read in a while. I just love me a sexy, well seasoned cowboy. @loreleijamesauthor #woundtight #roughriders #blacktopcowboys #crossovernovella #westernromance #justinandcallie #1001darknightsnovella #maydecember #agegaprelationship #loreleijames #steamyromance #sexycowboy #cowboys #bookstagram #readersofinstagram #booksofinstagram #igreads #bookstagrammer #igblogger #booklover 📖
Val surveyed Jordan from head to toe.  Nature’s first green is gold, she thought.  He was naturally appealing, his lips and skin soft with youth, his body firm and supple before age stopped hiding his bad habits.  She guessed that in a few short years, his face and body would start showing the grey of cigarettes, the wear of labour and drink, the bad teeth of a gig rat who couldn’t afford dental.  She, on the other hand, would go on glowing for many more decades.  The disparity in life expectancy between rich and poor, once measured by good old-fashioned lifestyle was gaping ever wider, especially in the last twenty years, due to science and technology.  Valkyrie Snow took care to buy only the best treatments and therapies.  But for now, nature is on Jordan’s side, she thought.  Jordan raised his hand to brush a lock of hair behind his ear.  Val’s eyes followed the movement greedily.  Jordan had beautiful shining hair. “How old are you?” she asked. “Twenty-four.”
today i’m sitting at my job, hating it like always. and one of the loan customers comes in. • she’s thin, and pretty and blonde and going on about how she’s getting married this sunday and how they’re closing on their construction loan on monday so they can start building their big beautiful house. • as i’m sitting there, hair natural, no make up, clothes that are too big because i lost so much weight but i can’t afford to buy anything new that’ll fit, i start to feel bad about myself. • in a way, i wished i was her. i wish i looked effortlessly beautiful and was having all of these exciting things happening all at once. • why couldn’t that be happening for me? • i started thinking about if i hadn’t fucked myself up so bad for all those years, maybe that would be me. maybe i wouldn’t be so far behind. • i used to get a twinge of jealousy every time i saw someone from home getting married or having a baby. • because those are the things that i really want for myself. • and i’ll have those things eventually. i don’t want to rush it and it feels forced and we’re not in the right place and then it backfires. • dave even said to me, we’re happy and healthy. everything else is just stuff and in the end, we return to the earth and we don’t take anything with us. • and he’s absolutely right. • so the end note of this story, everyone’s journey is beautiful. just because yours doesn’t look like every one else’s, or you feel like you’ve fallen behind, it’s just not your time yet. • and that time is coming.
This 19-year-old has married her now husband just five-months into their whirlwind relationship despite their 16-year age gap. Read the full story at the link in the bio. - - - - - #agegap #agegaprelationship #agegaplove #agegapcouple #agegapdating #agegapcouples #agegapmarriage #agegapdoesntmatter #agegapromance #agegapsdontmatter #maydecemberlove
A lot of people were not supportive of Monica and mines relationship because of the age gap. People make comments but we never let it get us down. To us age isn’t anything but a number. She’s 21 I’m 39 but we meet in the middle. Our family’s love each other and my son looks up to Monica and that’s all we need. When you find the one, you know that they are THE ONE regardless of what anyone thinks. Follow your heart and it will only lead to eternal happiness. __________________________ #agegaplove #agegaprelationship #truelove #theone #wifegoals
Subway selfie. Acting like 2 year olds we don't get out much 😂 #selfie #couples #agegaprelationship #agegaplove #fun #enjoylife ❤️ #livelifehappy
MY MAN PERSON! #divinemasculine I’m so very proud of this dude meeting his own demons head on and doing incredibly well while recovering and recuperating after a Hip Surgery. And I simply love this photo -third eye activation and little orbs and stars to keep reminding me of who he is 🌟 This Sacred relationship stuff is bloody hard and challenging!!!!!! 💪🏼 Those of us feeling called to do our work in partnership are being challenged over and over again to stay focused and to rise above the ego games that are determined to keep us separate from our true nature...that of Peace and inter-connectivity ✨ If you are feeling the tug of bonds at the moment and feeling challenged by relationship take time for yourself separately and feed yourself the love you need...be compassionate with where you are and know that you are loved by the divine consciousness ...slow down, and have faith in the essential goodness of your heart...the winds of change are upon us now astrologically calling all couples to stay strong yet soft and gentle! Peace Lovers ❤️ #consciouslove #divinemasculine #divinefeminine #divineunion #soulgoals #innercelticgoddess #loveislove #sacredrelationship #rainbowhawk #consciouscouples #astrology #goddess #magik #oracle #venusretrograde #saturnincapricorn #capricornmoon #twinflames #soulties #northnode #kaypatcha #jefferywolfgreen #pluto #plutodynamics #agegaprelationship #livingmybestlife #autumn 🍁
Soon to be Mrs. T 💍👰🏽❤️
New story! It’s called Kingston Café. Ship:Rom Howney/RobertxTom @tomholland2013 @robertdowneyjr "You're really innocent." "You've told me that already." "I know...I just can't wait to take that innocence from you." A innocent eighteen year old barista from Kingston, England gets a call from a twenty-four year old waiter in Manhattan, New York who's far from innocent... #romhowney #robertdowneyjrxtomholland #tomhollandxrobertdowneyjr #tomholland #robertdowneyjr #youngrdj #youngrobertdowneyjr #wattpad #barista #newyork #england #kingston #boyxboy #maybesmut #smut #agegaprelationship #lgbtq #gay #bisexual #daddykink #daddysprincess #daddysslut #daddysbabyboy #innocentboy #daddy #imsorry #ahhh
We did a thing 🌞 F/F Age Gap Relationship 🖤 Check us out on YouTube! LINK IN BIO ✨ #agegaprelationship #girlfriends #soulmates #oldsouls #youtube #couple #love #spirituality #metaphysical #wisdom #magick
We did a thing 🌞 F/F Age Gap Relationship 🖤 Check us out on YouTube! LINK IN BIO ✨ #agegaprelationship #girlfriends #soulmates #oldsouls #youtube #couple #love #spirituality #metaphysical #wisdom #magick
We did a thing 🌞 F/F Age Gap Relationship 🖤 Check us out on YouTube! LINK IN BIO ✨ #agegaprelationship #girlfriends #soulmates #oldsouls #youtube #couple #love #spirituality #metaphysical #wisdom #magick
My #mcm will forever be my goofy fiancé Joseph. I love your dumbass so much baby 😍🙏❤️ #homo #followme #fiance #mancrushmonday #love #marryme #soulmate #instagay #agegaprelationship #mycrush #lover #imhittingthat
#husbandnotdad took the time to interview us today, it was refreshing and so warming. definitely took up more of their time, cried when I should’ve been answering a question, while ignoring the next question to share more frustrations about the views on #agegaplove or to share another story from our book. #husbandnotdaddy is comforting because it’s a reminder that others our going through this too. Once we were done being dumb and realized #loveislove and that we don’t need to explain that to anyone. #agegaprelationship #lovehasnocolor #keepinitsimple #iloveyou #pigletschow 🥑 #leftcoast 💌 #letsconnect 🍑 #pigletchow 🥦 #mjscored
This man loves some TRAIL MIX! Ours usually ends up being a mixture of banana chips, honey roasted peanuts, coconut chips, m&ms, dried fruit (cranberries, oranges, etc.) yogurt covered raisins, glazed walnuts, and an assortment of nuts (pecans, almonds, cashews) plus whatever else might be at hand. PHEW! What's in YOUR favorite trail mix?? . . . #trailmix #trailfood #snacks #instafood #backcountryfood #hikers #hikerlife #appalachiantraildiet #at2018 #appalachiantrail #trektheat #hiking #coupleswhohike #hikingtogether #hikingcouples #deafhiker #cochlearimplant #bionicman #agegaplove #agegaprelationship #beardsofinstagram #beardlover #saltandpepperbeard #oldermendoitbetter #menwithglasses #olderandwiser #lightheartgear
I was looking through an old copy of our hospital magazine earlier & came across this picture of my now husband. Then a total stranger. It was an article introducing him to staff as the new Chair of Medical Oncology. I remember seeing it thinking how handsome he was & how interesting he sounded! I then spent about three years passing him in corridors thinking how his 6ft6 slightly awkward frame was even more handsome in real life... & that he wouldn’t ever know who I was because he was super important, super intelligent & I was just some girl who worked in the charity office. As fate would have it, he did know who I was. He’d even picked up on my love of ducks & attempted to flash his duck socks at me in the carpark one day. 🦆 I sent him an email one Friday afternoon after a meeting we’d been in. To my surprise he replied with some banter. Then I replied with some attempted banter. Before I knew it we’d exchanged over 200 emails & had a date the following week. . . We met for a drink after work & I had an escape plan ready in case it didn’t go well. I had to take my friend to a wedding at 8pm. When he reminded me I was due to take my friend to a wedding - at 11:30pm as the pub was closing - I knew I didn’t want to spend another moment apart from this hilarious, entertaining, fascinating, intelligent, generous, slightly geeky, handsome man. . . The point of my ramblings is that I read an article today about how over 40% of people aged 35-50 meet at work. It discussed at what point you should declare your relationship to your boss & does your employer have a right to know what happens in your private life? Our journey was tough & lots of people thought I wasn’t good enough for the eminent Professor! 😂 . . Where did you meet your significant other?? I’m a sucker for a love story!! ❤️❤️ . . #learninghowtomum #lovestory #ourstory #fallinginlove #fate #relationships #relationshipsatwork #happilyeverafter #findinglove #agegaprelationship #ageisjustanumber #truehappiness #lovewins #parentingjourney #ihopeoursonhashisdaddysbrain 🤓
I can’t tell you how much this warmed my heart🖤🤗 • • • • • • • #agegaprelationship #agegap
🎉2️⃣3️⃣🎉 Thankful for all the loved ones in my life right now, pizza, and cheesecake for making today great 🍕🎂
«💍 365 Days Ago...💍» - Wanna know something? - We were having a fart off before the timer went off. 💨💨 #wearegross - It’s also been an entire year since SJS got on a knee and asked 💍me to do the rest of life together. 👴🏻♥️💁🏾‍♀️ - I’m convinced that life and love are about finding your people that are as weird and gross as you. - I totally notice how important this is even building my online biz and team of girl 💁🏾‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️💁🏿‍♀️bosses!! - 14 year age gap and all, there’s no one else I’d rather go through life with...stinky farts and all; SJS will tell you my farts never stink though! 🌹💨 - Happy 1 Year of Engagement, Babe!! - - ———————————————— #nowedding #eloping #wifey #isaidyes #engagedaf #agegaprelationship #agegaplove #agegap #bwwm #oneyearengaged #mylovefuturehubs #ialreadycallhimmyhusband #marriagechangesnothing #myoldman #interracialengagement #interracialcouple #interracialcouples #icunurse
got out kayaking today! . . we even saw something AMAZING! a seal! yes, like an atlantic ocean seal in the river. with the hurricanes and flooding, totally not impossible! . . this was my first river trip this summer. last year i also only went once but it was so hung over it took half the day to feel better. . . a hang over free sunday is something to behold, it really is! i’m so blessed to be able to get out and enjoy nature with my most favorite adventure partner!
One our favorite things to do is walk around the pearls farmers market ❤️#pearlfarmersmarket #curlyhair #latina #agegaprelationship #satxbloggers #satx
We did a thing 🌞 F/F Age Gap Relationship 🖤 Check us out on YouTube! LINK IN BIO ✨ #agegaprelationship #girlfriends #soulmates #oldsouls #youtube #couple #love #spirituality #metaphysical
We did a thing 🌞 F/F Age Gap Relationship 🖤 Check us out on YouTube! LINK IN BIO ✨ #agegaprelationship #girlfriends #soulmates #oldsouls #youtube #couple #love #spirituality #metaphysical
We did a thing 🌞 F/F Age Gap Relationship 🖤 Check us out on YouTube! LINK IN BIO ✨ #agegaprelationship #girlfriends #soulmates #oldsouls #youtube #couple #love #spirituality #metaphysical
Wilson's reaction to the new Age Gap Diary social media pages I have created. He always says to me "Jy vang enige ding aan," when I start something.... This is what it's like in a generational gap such as ours. Oh yes, if you didn't notice, he was cleaning to kitchen for me. Lol . . . #agegaplove #agegaprelationship #agegapcouple #agegapissues
• E condannato a morire di buon amore nell'agonia felice di un giorno qualsiasi dopo i miei cent'anni • #marquez #gabrielgarciamárquez #memoriasdemiputastristes #memoriadellemieputtanetristi #quotes #citazione #italianversion #old #love #agegaprelationship
i so love the days where we have nothing going on and take a ride through the country and sometimes stop and visit our favorite farm stand. . . i love that we have these little treasures all around for us to enjoy. (by the way, BEST whoopie pies ever!) . . and i’m so glad i get to experience these things with the person that i love the most in the healthiest mindset i’ve ever been in, and living my best life!
i was checking my emails this morning and i saw one come through from bethel woods (woodstock! ✌️) and they’re showing exit through the gift shop this coming friday. . . i thought it would be a really fun (and cheap!) date night for dave and i! . . i’ve always loved banksy’s art and even got to see an original piece when i was in brighton england a few years back. . . friday nights used to consist of bartending or plain getting loaded. . . now? arts and culture 🙌
❤️ “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” – Lao Tzu. #agegaprelationship
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