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i deadass think i’m psychic
Ariana, i just wanna say thank you. thank you for making such incredible music, and always spreading love and positivity. :)
goodnight 💜🤧
a cutie pie 🐝
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when they say ‘everyone’ do they mean the 10 people sitting in that empty ass arena😭
i love her sm. she’s so strong.
ntltc reversed...this is creepy asf creds: @bizzle.gang
Çok tatlı çıkmamış mı? . @arianagrande .En sevdiğiniz Ari şarkısı hangisi?
my family is so fucking annoying. they always telling me i never socialise and that they want a daughter who is pretty and talks. like i don’t understand them. they think ima want to talk to them while they keep saying this shit. they always ask me why i’m always talking to people on my phone and that’s cus they are the people that make me feel loved and don’t say shit ab me 24/7. like they’re soooo annoying and y’all might find me rude for this but honestly if u knew what i was talking ab u would know
hi this is my new fav pic of her
Y’all excited for Christmas ?!🎄✨
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I don’t have words. I cannot believe @leahashe liked my post and commented on it. she is truly incredible and I love her so much. I have been with her since 300k subs on YouTube and I have seen her grow into a beautiful woman. I’ve seen her get married. do crazy challenges and go on roblox! I’m so happy and I’m speechless. I’m crying! I never thought this day would come but it finally has and I’m just so happy I’m bursting with happiness! all I’m here to do is to support my idol I don’t care about how many likes I get or how many followers I only care about Leah and I always will. I love you so much @leahashe and I never will stop loving you <3
mads should definitely wear glasses more often !!!😍😍😍
she is so adorable
i miss tour
thank u guys sm for 50k ilysm
i miss the HMT 🤧🤧
ready for sum10 cute
hey bitches
Who miss dangerous women tour
Thank you for someone with a brain for clearing this mess up @ellesrants ✨<3
Y’all go & follow my Twitter (@breathinn__ ) got all my opinions on this over there don’t come for me just please try and keep an open mind when u read it and give people a change , some of you arianators are so nasty n unkind it’s horrible y’all need to stop n think & be kinder to one another! I love y’all who follow me n I love @arianagrande most of all hope she doing okayy I hope this hasn’t set her back!!!!!🖤🖤🖤🖤
@arianagrande hope ur happy and at peace rn. the world doesn’t deserve u. love u so much
🖤🖤🖤 imaaagine a world like thattt i love this song bye
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( UPDATE : CHECK MY HIGHLIGHT « PETE » TO CHECK MY OPINION I made long text it’s really important )**********************************ALARMING TWEET OF ARIANA ....I really hope Pete is okay ... please leave him alone ... he doesn’t deserve this , stay positive and share peace and love , be gentle with people around you , be understanding , everybody make mistakes ... we love u Pete ♡
Can’t y’all just ever leave her alone like she was just trying to have a joke wit y’all n all you can ever do is take it so serious n start bringing someone down you see this the only true ariantor will have her back all u stand n locals don’t rlly give a fuck n uno it so please just take a minute n think about the queen herself and leave her the fuck alone.
pornhub snapped😍
moving on ! this cutie dropped a song and tour dates in the last 2 days, cant we talk about that. let’s keep ariana out of this situation. let’s talk about imagine
So... it's all over ... our dangerous woman is now going to start the project she describes as "the best era" and "a very personal project" ... I'm going to miss it all a lot ...💘😭💍 Thank you for everything ... for the smiles, for the laughter, also for the tears💧 ... for the best moments of my life ... 😭💘 just to think that all this has passed, and that nothing will return, that I will not receive more news on this wonderful tour ... 😭💖 This era was everything for me ...💘💍 I remember coming home sad and tired, picking up my cell phone and listening to "Dangerous Woman" and suddenly everything has improved ... 💖 Anyway ... thanks for everything ... thanks to this fantastic woman that makes me feel good when I feel so sad and without strength ... 😭💖 I love you with all my heart and will always be part of me Thanks to all who helped this beautiful woman to be who she is today, including the haters ... yes, even the haters because they helped this princess to become the queen she is Thank you, Dangerous Woman. This was for all the moments you gave to me and to all those who accompanied you ... 😭💖🔙 #AG4iscoming 💖
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