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It’s just candy, in Japan’s way. #aetheticallypleasing
Indiana- (this is a requested flag) Indiana. Not very well known, not even for its ingenious clockwork of a flag, but what it lacks in notoriety it makes up for in grace. I will make a poem: Tick tock, tock tick Indiana’s flag was a good pick Clock flag, oh clock flag May your life be as long as the degradability time of a plastic bag I hope you enjoyed my poem. But, all jokes aside, I like the way this flag looks like a clock and the torch is nice. The second slide is a previously used flag and the third slide is the symbolism. 9.1/10- What’s your rating?
Oregon- this is the ONLY state flag with a back side (swipe to see the back)! I really like this innovative idea. The beaver is the state animal of Oregon. The emblem on the front is very nice and I like that they captured the importance of the Oregon trail in American history! The emblem in general is very nice. Unfortunately, they ruined it with the font on “STATE OF OREGON.” The font looks like an elementary school student wrote it. The way the font wraps around the emblem but then settles down is atrocious and no flag should be subjected to this. This flag has a 3:5 ratio, which is my favorite. For these reasons, I will give this flag a 7.9/10-What’s your rating?
Notes Dame- this college is located in Indiana, USA. Their mascot is the Leprechauns, which explains the Leprechaun on their flag. This Leprechaun has quite the personality! This flag is very clean looking and I like the size of the Leprechaun on this flag because it fits very well. The words are clear and concise and are in a nice font. I think the words “Fightin Irish” should be facing the words “Notre Dame” or they should be flipped. Unfortunately these are very average school colors. I will give his flag a 8.8/10-What’s your rating? The second flag is just a banner I decided to add; I had to flip it to make it fit.
German Empire- this looks like an interesting rendition of a Nordic cross flag (🇸🇪 🇩🇰 🇫🇮 etc) ! Most flags have a ratio of 2:3 so in that aspect I like the addition of the black, red, and white flag in the upper left corner. There was a lot of speculation on this flag because there seemed to be a lot of German empire flags. If you have any idea what the difference between all of them is feel free and encouraged to educate us all in the comments. There is a lot of white in this flag which is a bit iffy. I think the coat of arms matches the rest of the flag nicely. 8.1/10-What’s your rating? Don’t take this offensively, this is only a flag being rated.
India- the “saffron” color gives this flag a nice touch and I think that the good vibes this flag gives off would be completely changed if it was red instead of orange. Excuse me, saffron. The next slide says what each color means. The blue spinning wheel compliments the orange nicely. Very nice colors all around. The complexity of the whee is just what this flag needs. I think it might need just a little more. I’m not sure if what, but a little more. 8.2/10-What’s your rating? Comment flags that you want rated; they can be countries, states, cities, previously used flags, etc.
Maryland- this well known flag is quite something! Quite! This is the most well known flag imho, and I’m not even from Maryland. I enjoy the patterns on this flag. It’s not very sophisticated, but I think the state flags need a bit of a change of pace from the other state flags. Very interesting choice of colors; I’m not sure how well the yellow goes with the flag, but I will give it the benefit of the doubt. 9.3/10-What’s your rating? Flagpole restrictions? Sounds like communism to me (jk don’t attack me)
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Japan and Imperial Japan- Japan- well, there’s not much to rate here. So um... good red color. It represents a rising sun. Good symbolism poor execution. 3.5/10 Imperial Japan (swipe)- this is a step up from Japan’s flag. It’s pretty impressive that their flag actually got significantly worse as time went on. It still represents a rising sun but it is better than japan’s I guess. The color is dull which I don’t like. I don’t like the offcenteredness. 6.3/10 Sorry if this rating has some choppy sentences I’m tired.
West Virginia- Country roads, take me home To the place I belong WEST VIRGINIA Anyways, here comes another US state flag. This is definitely a modern looking flag. The coat of arms is nice and reflects the state’s history, but it’s odd that the green reef around it is Christmasy and also they did not need to add “State of West Virginia” on the banner. The white looks a little bland, but it’s not bad. I like that there’s not too much black in the flag because black and blues look like a bruise. Hahahaha. I rate this flag a 7.1/10-What’s your rating? Go to my bio and click the website to MAKE YOUR OWN FLAG!! Send your final product to me (I won’t rate it unless you want me to)
California- I’ve decided to throw in some state, city, regions, and previously used flags into the mix so that I don’t run out of country flags so quickly. I hope you all enjoy this! Let’s get right into the rating. So California technically used to be it’s own nation (only a month) which is why it says California republic on the flag. Usually I’m not a big fan of words on flags, but this is ok. The font is a big no no though. The Star could be a bit bigger but I actually like the location of it. The bear is there because (get this) there’s a lot of grizzly bears in California. The red stripe at the bottom is ok. I debated and debated with myself over this flags rating, which I finally decided should be a 8.3/10-What’s your rating? (Feel free to request flags! There’s no guarantee that I will post them, but I’ll consider it.) just as a psa United States state flags mostly suck, so if this one seems high it’s because in relation to other state flags, it’s good
Antigua and Barbuda- oh wow this is a stunner. Because of all these beautiful colors I decided to start with the meaning of this flag. “Blue represents hope, black is the soil and African heritage and gold, blue & white are Antigua's and Barbuda's tourist attractions, and the yellow represents sun, sea and sand.” I will get right into the rating. I really like the black in this flag. I think it would have a better contrasting effect if the blue and white was switched. I love the sun in front of the black sky even though it technically doesn’t make sense. I will give this flag a 9.6/10-What’s your rating?
Aesthetically pleasing 🍁 • • • • • • • • • • •#aesthetic #aestheticbaby #yellow #yellowaesthetic #aetheticallypleasing #fallaesthetic #hand #art #sunlight #soft
Ethiopia- I really like the simple and refined craftsmanship of this flags emblem. The 3 main colors on this flag are very common for African countries, so I really like that they added the blue. Google has informed me that the star represents Ethiopia’s bright future. Quick fun fact- Ethiopia was never under European control which I can respect. For these reasons, I will give this flag a 8.0/10-What’s your rating?
Papua New Guinea- this flag is not very well known. Very sad. Makes me sad. The bird is a raggiana and the flag was chosen through a nationwide contest. It has great spirit and a thirst for justice with a hunger to be unsheathed. Thy flag I see shan’t perish I decree Its beauty we shall cherish O thy flag I see (Thy flag) 9.6/10-What is thou rating?
Bosnia and Herzegovina- initially, I wasn’t in love with it or anything, but, as with many flags, the more I look at it the more I understand what they were trying to do. I’m still not quite sure what EXACTLY they are trying to do, but they are trying which is what’s important. The simple color scheme is nice but I have some suggestions/constructive criticism. I don’t like how the top and bottom star are cut in half, but after looking it up, I learned that they are cut off like that to represent infinity, which I like. I feel as the right side of the flag should be yellow and the left corner and bottom right corner of the yellow triangle should touch the upper left corner and the bottom right corner of the flag, respectively, as shown in the second picture (swipe). Other than that, this is a nice flag. 6.5/10-What’s your rating?
Wales- I really like the dragon and I don’t understand why not a lot of other countries don’t put dragons on there flags. Bhutan and Wales are both very dangerous (in a good way) looking with the dragon. The green adds refinement to the harsh dragon. I think the dragon might look better multicolored? Maybe the wings. This flag may also be difficult to draw. Other than that, no complaints, stellar reviews, I will give the Welsh flag a 8.6/10- What’s your rating?
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Venezuela- this flag definitely has nice vibes to it. The order of the colors is rather strange but I like the bold idea of not putting the lightest color in the middle. Maybe the blue and red could switch? No big deal though. Google told me that the stars represent the 7 regions that fought for independence against Spain, but there are 8 stars so I’m not sure what’s up that. Instead of the emblem being at the top left corner, it should be below the stars and blue blue should be thicker. Other than that, I like this flag a lot and I think it has elegance. 9.0/10-What’s your rating?
For today flag we will be discussing the well known Union Jack! Many people think this flag is England‘s flag, but it is actually the United Kingdom’s flag which consists of the countries/states of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales (the Welsh flag is not on the flag, but is still part of the United Kingdom). Because I have been around this flag for so long, it is very hard to rate. It is almost as hard as it would be for me to rate the American flag because I’ve seen it so often. I’ve included this to explain why this flag’s rating may be slightly skewed, and if it is, I apologize. Anyways, I will get right into the rating. Although the colors are quite boring I like that the red is consistent and is always in front of the white. This flag reminds me of the South Korean flag (I’ve posted it already, check it out!) because the diagonal red lines don’t line up with each other. I don’t know how I feel about this. The idea of combining flags from these nations I’ve listed previously is a great idea that is forward thinking and really puts the “United” in United Kingdom. For these reasons, I give this flag a 9.2/10-What’s your rating?
Turkmenistan- let’s start with some history; this flag was made in 1992 and the stars represent the five regions of the country and the green background and red tiles “is a symbolic representation of the country’s famous carpet industry.” It’s definitely odd to put one of your biggest exports on a flag, but I love the designs on it. The green is a nice color but definitely looks rather strange with the red and orange pattern. I feel like the white stars and crescent is weirdly places? Idrk. All of that aside, I’m going to judge slightly less harshly on all my flags and give this one a 8.5/10-What’s your rating?
Uruguay- (swipe for a surprise 🤪) I usually don’t love stripes on flags because I think it makes them look cheap, but these aren’t too bad. I completely think this flag would look better with the blue and white switched on the flag since it is hard to see where the flag begins and ends. The sun in the corner is rather refreshing rather than being in the middle like many (many) other flags. But I have a few, uhh... notes for the sun that I think Uruguay should take into account. 1.) Never go into too much detail on a something that is too small. 2.) NEVER (ever) put a humanly face on a sun. Ever. I hope whoever put a face on this sun is happy with themselves because I’m calling the police. If you swipe right, you can see my redesigned sun which I think is much more fitting for this flag. Comment which of the three flags you like the best! 7.5/10-What’s your rating?
Philippines-this flag gives off some great vibes!! I feels friendly and warm. The stars and the sun give it great balance which is always appreciated. Although the main colors of this flag are red white and blue, the yellow complements them all very nicely. This flag deserved to do much better in the flag tournament than it did, unfortunately. Great simplicity, reminds me of the Czechia flag (🇨🇿) a bit. I think a thin white line between the red and blue would give this flag extra crispness. 8.5/10-What’s your rating?
Portugal- okay Portugal I see you. At first the colors were a bit iffy, but I appreciate the bravery in the complementary colors put together. The green is not my favorite, though. I really like the gold wheel in the middle, but the red badge is completely uncalled for. Black would look more sophisticated. I can’t decide how I feel about the uncentered wheel, so I added a second picture of it being centered. Comment which you like better. 7.7/10-What’s your rating?
I really don’t know how he puts up with me.... this was probably the 30th picture I made him take and it was only 11am... maybe it’s because I’m aesthetically pleasing 😂😂
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Barbados- guys. This is my 1 month anniversary of this account! For today’s flag we have a nice blue and yellow flag with a trident in the middle. hm this was an interesting idea they had here. The yellow is almost a Pooh from Winnie and Pooh color? I feel like the yellow looks weird with this flag by idk what would fix it. The blue complements it nicely though! I enjoy the sharpness the trident. This flag definitely reminds me of Barbados. I’m all for simple flags, but I think this one could have used a little fancier of a design. 6.6/10-What’s your rating?
San Marino- For the strangest reason, I LOVE this flag! This may be the definition of simple beauty. The crown displays elegance and the two main colors demonstrate control. Libertas means freedom in Latin, and usually I don’t like too many words on flags, but this is perfect. The only things I think would increase my rating of this flag is if the blue inside the emblem was the same blue as the bottom half of the flag and if the blue was the top half of the flag instead of the bottom. Anyways, this flag represents true craftsmanship. 8.9/10-What’s your rating?
Albania- ooo this flag gave me chills. I looked up what the Albanian flag meant and google said “The red stands for bravery, strength and valor, while the double-headed eagle represents the sovereign state of Albania.” Pretty average symbolism but very nice eagle and combination of colors! It’s simple without looking lazy. Impressive. 8.2/10-What’s your rating?
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Montenegro- idk why I’ve posted so many Slavic countries but I think it’s because their flags intrigue me. This one looks like royalty. The gold is supposed to outline the whole thing but Instagram wouldn’t let me post the whole thing. The red looks quite nice with the gold and I like the consistentcy if the colors with the gold eagle(s?). It’s funny to me that the eagles are sharing the crown. I enjoy this flag, but it doesn’t look like a country flag idk how to explain it. 7.4/10-What’s your rating?
Macedonia- this is a nice happy flag that makes me think of Disney movies for some reason! I appreciate that Macedonia is one of the only slavic countries without a red white and blue flag! I like Macedonia! I don’t like that Greece ignored them for 4000 years then when Yugoslavia broke apart Greece suddenly claimed Macedonia! Not! At! All! Yes, I agree that Macedonia is stretching it a bit with the claim that Macedonians are completely innocent but they’re still their own country. The only thing I think would make this flag look better is if the sun was lower and bigger on the bottom of the flag. Reminds me a lot of the Kiribati flag, too. 7.0/10-What’s your rating?
This tree is super aesthetically pleasing #walks #aetheticallypleasing
Swaziland- whoa this flag is overwhelming. The vibes that this flag gives off is extra and unnecessary. I don’t even think the blue needs to be added! The blue represents stability and Swaziland is not. Stable. At all. The black and white thing is supposed to be a shield but I can only see a messed on yin yang. I appreciate that they really tried to be creative and, errr... out there? but they shouldn’t have. They really shouldn’t have. 4.5/10-What’s your rating
Jamaica- this flag lost to Panama in the second round and I was hoping it would make it further :( this flags colors remind me of Brazil’s and they really flatter the flag! The black compliments the yellow nicely without making it look like a bumblebee. It is fairly common for a flags layout to look like this, but the black on the sides gives it extra flare. The only thing is that this flag sorta reminds me of a pirate flag?? Imagine this flag waving in the wind though, very nice very nice. 8.1/10-What’s your rating?
Panama- I added this flag to the bracket last minute and it made it a lot further than I thought it would (top 4)! I thought Jamaica would be Panama, but Panama narrowly defeated Jamaica in a 51%-49% win. I’ll get right into the rating. Again the colors are bleh but I think we’re all going to have to get used to that. I enjoy the use of the white, as it makes it seem like the flag is being covered by the white since the stars are the same colors as the blue and red below and above them. This is a nice flag, but it in no way shape or form reminds me of Panama. More like Texas. Shame. Anyways, fantastic asymmetrical balance (idk how that’s possible), so I will give it a 8.5/10- What’s your rating?
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