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Vatican City- not many flags can pull off yellow! Kinda reminds me of a flAG I MADE ON THE WEBSITE IN MY BIO WHICH YALL SHOULD CHECK OUT. This flag also does not need balance which is rare. I don’t know how I feel about a square flag. The colors match very well and there was no need for any more. I think maybe a zig zag border between the yellow and white would be super UNORTHODOX (HAHAH). For the reasons listed above, I’m gonna have to give this go-getter a 7.6/10- What’s your rating?
Canada- very simple and optimistic flag that really seems to be inviting of the future! The maple leaf makes sense since maple syrup and Canada is peaceful, but it seems to be a bit odd to put on a flag. There’s nothing too special about it except its simplicity which is why I will give it a 6.5/10- What’s your rating? The brackets have come out! Sorry they’re sideways it wouldn’t fit normally. Before anyone says anything, yes I know Greenland is not a country but it has one of my favorite flags of all time so I included it. Tomorrow I think I will post on story polls for Kiribati vs Montenegro and Greenland vs Albania. You can do research if you want to or you can go into the polls unbiased, I don’t really care which you do. Sorry I posted this late!
Haiti- What is this.. this.. thing? Why.. why is the symbol in the middle outlined in white?? Why is the symbol so small??? The symbol looks like clip art. I literally have to zoom in to see it. I’m really disappointed. Haiti is putting me in a really hard position here because I never want to give a flag a 0 but idek. Who made this flag and what’s their address? I just wanna talk. 1.1/10
My posing in the ICONIC cat shirt 😌💗 lmao I love this shirt sm cuz I’m such a cat person #catlady #kindavintage #aetheticallypleasing #80saesthetic
Uganda- At first I really didn’t like this flag but it’s really growing on me now. The bird in the center is called a grey crowned crane. It’s a bit random and the colors remind me of Germany ( 🇩🇪 ) quite a bit but that’s ok. The flag colors complement the bird’s colors very well and it’s well balanced with a clear pattern. 7.3/10- What’s your rating?
Israel- I really enjoy the simple colors of this flag without the violence of red! Most of the flags I’ve posted so far have red in them and this one is quite refreshing. Regarding the Star of David on the flag, I understand that Israel is the birthplace of Judaism, but there are other religions such as Christianity and Islam that Israeli citizens follow. About 75% of people in Israel are Jewish, 18% Muslim, and 2% Christian, so the Star of David is understandable even though they have freedom of religion. Then again, many (many) flags have crosses in them. I like this flag quite a bit which is why I give it a 6.8/10- What’s your rating?
Belize- I think this flag would look nicer with the red outlining the entire flag rather than just the top and bottom. The emblem in the middle has impeccable detail and I appreciate the diversity. The Latin in the bottom of the emblem means “Under the shadow of the verdant” which is funny because verdant means grass and the sentence is under the grass. Quick fun fact: Belize is the only country in Central America who’s official language isn’t Spanish. Great balance and colors, very consistent. Although, I feel bad for the belizean children like how do you draw that? 8.1/10-What’s your rating? •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #thinkaboutthechildren #belize #🇧🇿 #belize 🇧🇿 #belizeflag #geography #geographynerds #flag #aetheticallypleasing #ratetheflag
Y-yes 🙊
Spain: I really like the simplicity of this flag. The colors complement each other well and it really makes me wanna go have a churro. Truly reminds me of Spain. The emblem is well balanced (zoom in). I also like how the three stripes aren’t the same size. I’m also a sucker for horizontal striped flags that have the same two colors on the top and bottom; see my Bahamas flag post. Anyways, rave reviews. Also CHECK OUT THE WEBSITE IN MY BIO TO MAKE YOUR VERY OWN FLAG!!! 7.7/10- What’s your rating? •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #spain #🇪🇸 #españa #spain 🇪🇸 #spanishflag #geography #geographynerds #flag #aetheticallypleasing #ratetheflag
There’s something super aesthetically pleasing about my Abuelitas garden. #textures #jardin #aetheticallypleasing #mexico
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