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🔥Сегодня я хочу поговорить про МОТИВАЦИЮ🔥 ~ В наши дни практически каждый первый ищет способ, как себя замотивировать 💪🏻в чем-то. Иногда это просто встать с кровати пораньше или же сделать зарядку с утра. Для некоторых это сесть на диету и наконец-то похудеть. ⠀ 😎На мотивации сейчас построена целая бизнес индустрия, где так называемые «коучеры» рассказывают людям о том, как же им себя нужно правильно мотивировать. По моему мнению это полный абсурд.😪 Все эти методы не работают. ⠀ 🤔Для примера приведу одну ситуацию, которая произошла, на одной из тусовок «Synergy». На сцену вышел один из самых авторитетных бизнес-мотиваторов🤑 и спросил у многотысячной аудитории: «Кто после моей последней лекции начал программу по саморазвитию и мотивации?» (практически весь зал поднял руки), «А кто прошёл первый этап этого курса» (половина зала подняла руки) «А кто дошел до конца второго этапа моего курса?» ( подняли руки меньше 30ти человек) «А кто дошёл до конца моего курса?» (поднялись неуверенные 2-Е руки). ⠀ Это реальная история! Вы представляете, из нескольких тысяч человек до конца дошли только двое, хотя все заплатили за полный курс обучения.😱 ⠀ 🔥Единственная мотивация, которая существует в этом мире, это ТЫ☝🏻! Если ты не возьмёшь себя в руки и не сделаешь, то что хотел, ты никогда ничего не добьёшься. Ты можешь потратить всю жизнь и все деньги на поиски абстрактной мотивации, которая в итоге, ничем тебе не поможет. ⠀ Так-что те, кто сейчас в поисках мотивации, я говорю вам ИДИТЕ И ДЕЛАЙТЕ!💪🏻 ~ #MARK_TABUBLOG #blog #aboutme #daily #motivation #bershka #блог #обомне #ежедневность #мотивация
Hey @maaz_sohail_ ! Thank you for tagging me . . So here goes the list! 🌸I'm a proud Muslimah , pursuing Biotechnology from St. Xavier's college Kolkata 🌸 I'm ambivert. Pretty cool on social media though I don't socialize much offline. Love being myself and I'm definitely happy in my own world. 🌸I love making mandala, doodle and crochet! Here's my Pg! @sameen_art ! (Feel free to order 😊) 🌸I love hogging on street food! My favourite being Papri chat (Dahi wala!) 🌸 Chicken is my favorite be it burger, fried , binaani or soup! PS:I'm an onion hater! 😒 . . . Further tagging : @_hashtag_flavors_ @_food.addiction . . Use #spoonfulofgourmet to get featured in my story! . Happy eating! Keep Drooling ❤ . . . Follow me for drooling updates! @Spoonfulofgourmet Follow @Spoonfulofgourmet Follow @Spoonfulofgourmet . 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 . For any queries you can dm/email: kolkatastreetfood17@gmail.com . 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 . . #aboutme #me #myself #biotech #lovemyself #hobby #happy #blessed #motivate #happiness #20likes #ifoundawesome #photooftheday #igers #f4f #photography #followforfollowback #love #instagood #me #tbt #photooftheday #instamood #iphonesia #tweegram #beautiful #happy #instagramhub #candid #likeforlikes
hi everyone, I’m emily 👋🏼 happy almost friday! I thought I’d take the opportunity to introduce myself to my followers with a couple fun facts! leave one about you below so I can get to know YOU better 💕 . . . 1) I was born and raised in the portland, oregon area and still happy to call it home! 🌲 2) I have natural red hair and eyes to match. 👀 3) I graduated from the university of oregon last year with a degree in public relations. now I work at a full-service agency doing food pr! what could be better?! 🥧 4) I’ve always been obsessed with makeup! my favorite brands include tarte, urban decay and colourpop. 💄 5) when I was a kid, I wanted to be a chef. I’m still very passionate about food. 🍽 I love trying to restaurants, cooking cool finds from pinterest and baking. my favorite food is a cheeseburger! . . . p.s. the fuzz on my shirt in this pic bugs me but nobody is perfect! . . . #blogger #bloggerbabe #aboutme #pdx #foodie #beauty #beautyblogger
Meet the owner: Angela Meyer! • •🌱 I’m a 200 hour Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor. I’m also a country music artist, dog mom, cowboy’s sweetheart, sucker for all things vintage, and even have a bachelor’s degree in business! • •🌱 I LOVE connecting with people. Small talk is not my thing. I want to know if you believe in ghosts, who your grandma was, and how you got to be who you are today. • •🌱 Nothing makes me feel better than writing a good old fashioned to-do list & riding a good horse. • 🐴: @nolanhorses 📸: @ellennolan#Stablevibesyoga #horseyoga #equestrian #namaste #barnyoga #cowgirlfashion #westernfashion #eventing #dressage #rodeo #harmony #strength #selfworth #yogaeverydamnday #poseoftheday #inspiration #yoga #goodvibesonly #appaloosa #ropehorse #westerninspiration #cowgirlstyle #dogmom #aboutme #meettheowner
Find yourself someone who looks at you, like I look at my new mug... 😂 but seriously, can we just appreciate the mug for a second? 🍉 . For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Ellen, the designer behind Melon & Ink 😁 I don’t often post about myself on here, but I thought I’d share a few things about me! . I’ve probably watched Friends about 11 times through, I could probably quote each episode word for word 😂 and I’m not even exaggerating 🙈 . Autumn is my favourite season 🍁 probably because I’m an October baby (heads up those who want to buy me a present 😂) and I love anything to do with Christmas, 96 days to go and counting! #sorrynotsorry . . Four Legged friends are my favourite thing in the entire world 🐶 I’m more obsessed with them, than I am with avocados... and that’s saying something! My next goal in life (other than helping more clients brand their business) is to adopt an office dog and I can’t wait for that day! Watch this space 🙈 . This is officially the longest post I’ve ever written, but for those of you who stayed till the end to learn more about me, thanks so much 🍉😁💚 hope you have a wonderful evening! . . . #melonandink #allaboutme #aboutme #designerlife #businessgoals #graphicdesigner #branddesigner #brandingdesigner #brandlifestyle #lifestyleshoot #brandstylist #thebrandstylist #lovewhatido #happylife #brandinginspiration #designerinspiration #femaleentrepreneurs #freelancedesigner #dowhatyoulovetodo #freelancer #lifestylephoto #headshots #logodesigner #logomaker #brandphotography 📷: @olly.sanders
What I Am This is my RBF. The face I have when I’m not laughing. So me 75% of the time😏. My zero f**** Safety Manager work face. How about I start a challenge. #wordsunclearlyspoken #thadschallengeaboutyou #selfiewithapoem Write a statement about yourself. I’ll start, now it’s your turn. Tagging a few. Cmon play along. #wordsunclearlyspoken #aboutme #soiwrite ✍🏾 #thisismyface #poetryislove #fullyfunctioninghumanalmost #flawsandperfections #noexcuses #thenewme #sheerfuckery #zerofucksgiven #sometimesiwrite #poetictruths
• FACE OFF • What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself • “BUBBLEMEN” is my personal project • Follows the other short story only here! • #francescochiappetta #joshheronstevens #men #bubblemen #love #guys #manabouttownuk #7thmanmagazine #another_man #love #model #nononsense #heromag #guys #militaryfashion #aboutme #fashionblogger #fashions #london @nacho_pelaez @davidesantangeli @matteopagani @ostap_chumichev @mattiablandino__96 @_tomholland
Мне тут @chikitaphoto сказала, что у меня очень рельефная рука и много линий на ладошке. Не знаю, никогда не обращала внимание на линии и ладошки других, но стало интересно. У вас тоже все в треугольничках, палочках, заломчиках?) Может мне к хироманту пора или на шоу "Битва экстрасенсов"?) Вдруг это предзнаменование моей необычайной судьбе, восьми бракам, богатству и власти, и сверх способностям?) Говорят по каким-то заломам на пальцах видно количество мужей и детей 🤔🤔 а где заломы , которые говорят откуда деньги брать? #hands #myhands #hiromans #lights #sunlights #sun #sunshine #coloroflove #fingers #me #aboutme #magic #home #magichands #littlehands #goodmood #хиромантия #мистика #гадания #экстрасенсы #goodlife #happytime #orsik
Hi everyone! I decided to do another introduction as it’s been a little while! My name is Vanessa. I’m 31 and live in Omaha NE. I am single with no kids, just two fur babies who are very spoiled. I’m very committed to #gettingoutofdebt . My full time day job is a purchasing assistant and my part time job is a receptionist in the evenings. I have a pretty crazy schedule 2-3 days per week of working 7-4 & 4:30-8:15 plus an occasional Saturday morning 8:30-12:30 at my part time job. I also do mystery shopping and craft/vendor fairs during the holiday season. Hopefully I will be finding a source of income soon that I can work from home and quit my part time job. • My family is very important to me and I try to attend as many of my niece and nephews sports as I can...they also live 1 1/2 hours away from me. To some, they may think I’m crazy for driving 3 hours on a work night to go watch a volleyball game but I think the #memories are worth it. It’s one thing I don’t want to give up doing on my #debtfreejourney . The older two are already 16 & 17 1/2 (sophomore & senior). Plus, my niece plays varsity so it’s not like I go watch her sit on the bench. On weekends it’s better because I can hang out with my family longer and even stay the night. In my very limited spare time, I will be honest and say that I like to be king of lazy and sit at home and watch Netflix, read a book, watch YouTube or maybe even take a nap! I really need to get a life lol 😬🤷‍♀️😬 #singleforever 😂😂 • • • • • #aboutme #introduction #hi #debtfreecommunity #debtfreejourney #debtfreedom #debtfreesomeday #multiplestreamsofincome #smallbusinessowner #family #familyisimportant
Hey guys, @nidia_serrano_ here. . . . Guess what?? I'm joining the Latino World Travelers team!! . . . As a passionate traveler, I will be curating this feed alongside my partner in crime @merenguera0425. Together we will connect Latinos around the world through unforgettable experiences. . . . About Me: Dominicana, living in NY (Westchester), love to travel. More about me in our stories. #latinoworldtravelers #latinotravelers
Three of my favorites and here are some fun facts! 🐶📚☕️ . I’ve always been an animal lover since I could remember. Dogs are my favorite! I get excited when I see a dog and I always have to say hi! Lol truth ask my hubby! If we had the means I would rescue as many pups as I could. 🐶 . I didn’t start drinking coffee until my hubby started drinking it when he graduated the sheriffs academy (2006) and was working nights. I can only drink it with creamer. ☕️ . I started reading personal development books when I started my health journey. It’s so important to strengthen your mindset as well as work on your fitness and nutrition. It’s made a huge difference in my life and makes me feel good! I recommend it for everyone, health journey or not. 📚 . . . #FunFacts #AboutMe #MyFavorites #Puppies #AnimalLover #DogsAreMyFavorite #BooksAreLife #Bookworm #Mindset #PersonalDevelopment #MyHealthJourney #WellnessJourney #Coffee #HubbyStartedIt #WakeUp #GoodMorningCoffee #FillYourCup #TakeCareOfYou #CupOfCoffee #WhatsInYourCup #BoyMom #DogMom
"Меньше бы дергалась, было бы лучше!" — @margretttte aka любимый фотограф, "который видит красоту" . . . . #septembervibes #autumnday #autumnvibes #autumn #september #spb #saintpetersburg #petersburg #city #lifestyle #life #inspiration #inspirationmyinstagram #littlestory #aboutme #littlestoriesofmylife #makemoments #feelfreefeed #vsco #vscocam
Факты эбаут ми: Часть 1 🌻 1. Я боюсь бабочек 2. Умею собирать кубик-рубик 3. Если бы я училась в мед.академии,то на врача-нарколога 4. Если бы я была не девочкой,то меня назвали бы Ваней (слава богу,я не мальчик) 5. Моим кумиром является , ШурА и вообще обожаю культуру 90-х,если ЭТО можно назвать данным понятием 6. Мой любимый писатель,пожалуй -Жюль Верн 7. В 9 классе утверждала «На кого-на кого,но на юриста точно не пойду», учусь на юриста. 8. Самая нелюбимый продукт- кинза 9. Обожаю сериалы «Чёрная лагуна» и «Ранетки»,я серьезно 10. Есть собака ,зовут Борис,не могу вспомнить почему назвала его так 11. Каждый день по дурацкой привычке смотрю гороскоп ~ #aboutme #factsaboutme #фактыобомне #фактыосебе #подсолнухи
I’m the girl who: ▫️loves pumpkin spice lattes ▫️loves to wakes up early ▫️loves being a wife ▫️loves being a mom ▫️loves to decorate ▫️loves the holidays ▫️loves country music ▫️loves health and fitness ▫️loves helping others ▫️loves the beach ▫️loves country concerts ▫️loves camping ▫️loves to travel ▫️loves to have fun ▫️loves the opportunity of meeting new friends . . #nicetomeetyou #aboutme #wife #mom #sister #friend #goodvibes #fun #love #strong #fit #countrymusiclover #thursday #home #utah #lovestotravel #lovescamping #countrymusiclovers #lovesthebeach
По дороге в гости к устричкам🏃🌅🛶🥂 #me #aboutme #mylife #mylove #mybaby #summertimesadness #sea
TBT da melhor viagem da vida. Setembro/2018 - Chile 🇨🇱 🌎✈️❤️ . #happy #happiness #lifestyle #travel #eatpraylove #chile #dream #fly #flyaway #myself #aboutme
A little bit about me: I have turned into a crazy cat lady! I adopted Coco in February 2010. She has a lot of personality and loves exploring our neighborhood in Waxahachie. She greets me at the door when I come home, much like a dog. I grew up with dogs, and I still love them. But Coco and I were meant for each other. She keeps things interesting! What pets do you have?
Hey! 👋🏼 I’m Megan. . I’ve never really introduced myself on here so here are a few things about me. . 1. I love to paint, restore, and transform furniture! I’ve always been creative and over the last year and a half I jumped into it! 2. My husband Mike and I are new to Morgantown, WV and slowly chipping away at a little fixer upper. We are born & raised cheese heads out of Southern Wisconsin and have been married almost a year — where does the time even go! 3. I’m an obsessive mom, but to an almost 10 year-old bulldog, Bronx. (forewarning: obsessive videos and constant smothering will be plentiful) 4. I am officially a student again and working toward a second degree in Interior Design! This also means I get to play on the WVU club soccer team! I have played my entire life and I love it. A ball at my feet or a paint brush in my hand are probably when I feel most confident and the most me. . If you want to know more, you can head to my about me section of my blog here: http://megdeldesign.com/about/ or direct link in my bio @megdeldesign. . I’d love to know something about you, too! Where ya from? What do you love to do?
Lmao I have no theme but I’ll try to make one... any ideas? - - - - - - #niche #nichememe #nichememes #BTS #bangtenboys #taehyung #shanedawson #blankets #boys #new #comfy #warm #aboutme #gettiknowme #hello #memes
⭐️3 things about me, you may not know⭐️ 1) I LOVE animals! 😍 All animals. Comparable to Elmyra from tiny toons. I will squeal for joy, get giddy, and want to touch whatever it is. Doesn’t matter if it’s a cow or grizzly bear. 🐻🐮 2) I suck at fractions. Like hardcore. Like when my husband tells me there’s 2/3rds of a tank of gas left in a car, it means nothing to me. I need to physically see the gauge. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😬 3) I totally cheat when I play board games. Especially monopoly. I like to play banker and I will steal money. 🤑 Tell me something about you people may not know??? 😁 #IGDAY2 #aboutme #myootd #bizbuilder #successmindset #girlgang #squadgoals #lifehacks #goalgetter #girlsthatgrind #gritandvirtue #attemptofinesse #funfactsaboutme #animallover #fractionssuck #boardgamechamp
Non pensi mai a come sarebbe se non ci fossi? . . . . . #poerty #words #memories #frasi #aboutme #alone #nightmare
Hello! It’s been awhile since I’ve introduced myself! My name is Lindsay, and I am the face behind @saccostudios I recently moved to Florida. I love my family, my dog, my friends, a good California Cabernet, and my mother-in-laws mac n cheese. I also help with animal rescues in my spare time. Tell me a bit about yourself and your business! Thanks for stopping by and all your support. #doglover #aboutme #smallbusiness #thehustle #etsyseller #saccostudios #florida #blogger #stationerydesigner #designer #illustrator #graphicdesigner
Settling in from my trip to #ATX last week. Being in Texas always energizes my spirit. Where does your heart call home? Sound off below! 💕 oh! And swipe left to see the little souvenir I took home to Colorado. - - #personalpost #texasbaby #yellowrose #tattoosaskeepsakes #myheartlongs #tejas #austin #traveller #homeoswheretheheartis #aesthetic #southerncharm #rambleon #adoptdontshop #aboutme #behindthebrand #coloradogirl
I know I don’t show my face much around these parts & I’m thinking that should probably change! So here I am, & here’s a little about me. ☼ I’m Andrea, I love to paint (shocking I know!), I’m a Gemini & will always be the first to joke about my big forehead. ☼ I tried selling my art, that I taped around my desk in 3rd grade. I spelled “pictures” wrong on my little “pictures for sale” sign. ☼ I’m a terrible speller. ☼ My degree is in graphic & advertising design. I’ve taken two adult oils classes & used oils for ONE b&w portrait project in drawing in college but other than that I guess you could say I’m self taught in that medium. Maybe, self learning is a better way of putting it because I’m learning something new everyday. ☼ One of my art teachers in high school focused on watercolors, that’s where I received my “formal” instruction for them. Despite the fact that I was an art major in college I was not allowed to take any art classes as electives & there weren’t any classes that used/taught watercolors at all available in the curriculum for my degree... makes a lot of sense right? State schools. So it’s been a long time of remembering/practicing what I was taught in high school as well as a lot of self teaching here too. ☼ Aside from hiking, camping, traveling I love to ski, I’ve skied (on the east coast) since I was in 5th grade! I’d love to get out more, get out West & to Europe as well & learn how to ski the backcountry as well as tour. ☼ (Semi serious note) More & more I’ve dealt with and very slowly I’m learning about depression. Last winter I spoke with a therapist, whom I did not have a good experience with, she but gave me one singular good piece of advice. She suggested when I’m feeling really low to make something just for the sake of making something. No rules (I’m a rule maker), no expectations, just pure experimentation. That’s where the fluid paintings I did came from and honestly it was a great experience and sort of helped my head stay out of that really low place where it’s hard to do anything. I figured maybe that could be a good/helpful piece of info to actually share! ☼ If you’re into this, tell me something about you! Let’s share more! 💘
Caramel Super Shake กินอะไรแบบเบาๆ ... เบาหวานอะ🙄 _______ #dessert #caramel #popcorn #delicious #sweet #meeting #sometimes #something #sonewhere #cafe #snap #filmphoto #aboutme #yesterday #nighttime #mood #enjoyeating #bkk #bangkok
ПРО КИНОФИЛЬМЫ. Всем привет! Продолжаю отвечать на ваши вопросы обо мне и некоторые выношу в отдельные посты, потому что очень хочу с вами поделиться более подробно. Итак какие фильмы я предпочитаю. Я люблю смотреть фильмы с глубоким смыслом, которые заставляют задуматься о чем-то. Также люблю экранизации по книгам Стивена Кинга. Обожаю работы Тарантино. И концептуальные фильмы вроде фильмов Девида Линча . А также странные фильмы вроде фильма "Мечтатели". Не обошли меня стороной и сериалы HBO. Все перечислять не буду, но скажу, что слежу за "Игрой престолов", смотрю "Острые предметы" ну и многие многие. Часто ли мы ходим в кино? До появления в нашей жизни ребенка, мы каждые выходные ходили в кино. А теперь по возможности, если есть хороший фильм и есть кому оставить сына. Стараемся раз в два - три месяца ходить. Люблю театр, но туда ходили уже очень давно, ребенок подрос, будем наверстывать. А какие ваши любимые фильмы? #мояжизнь #мойстиль #мойобраз #повседневныйстиль #повседневныйобраз #чтояношу #обомне #настиле #модастиль #самсебестилист #мнетаккрасиво #стильныйблогер #блогерволгоград #mystyle #myself #mystyle #styleelennazuu #whatiworetoday #whatiwore #wiw #wiwt #ootdshare #ootdpost #ootd #aboutme #falloutfit #youlikeme
Regatul meu e inima #september #aboutme #stopcadru 🎬
"A gente cresce sem saber pra onde..." Rosa p.s. encrenqueira desde sempre, a mão na cintura prova isso. #tbt #eu #me #sobremim #aboutme #myselfie
Well, I guess I forgot to add the Margarita's...... #favoritethings #america #pizzaislife .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #kyanwolfe #blogginggals #bloggingvibes #bloggers #budgetbloggers #aboutme #introduction #harrypotter #furmom # dogmom #disney #books #bookporn #lifestylebloggers #favorites #iloveblogging #ohwowyes #debtfreecommunity #budgeting #helloitsme #hithere
This is my story 🖤 Das ganze Video findet ihr auf meiner Homepage über Sevi ... You can find the whole video on my homepage in about me 🖤 Thanks for watching #sevikoch #beyourself #mystory #landshut #passion #aboutme #truewords
lots of new faces calls for an introduction! ✨ Here’s 20 fun facts about me. 1. I don’t own a single pair of sunglasses 2. I was born in FL, but live in TN 3. I’m a newlywed (less than a year) 4. I was a distance runner in high school 5. I’m tall (5 feet and 7 whole inches 😂) 6. I have a kitty named Luka 7. I don’t like popcorn or pickles 8. I’m a true introvert 9. My middle name is Rose 10. I’m too obsessed with all things Disney/Pixar 11. I’m a nanny for an 8 year old boy 12. I can water ski 13. I do photography on the side 14. I have an extremely large family 15. I love scary movies (Grant just “can’t even”) 16. I’m a wellness coach/leader for YLEO 17. I love adventuring/traveling 18. I’m learning to actually like reading 19. I recently learned how to snow ski 😅 20. Water sports are my jam tell me about you!!
Hi Guys! I’m Kayleigh for anyone who doesn’t know me, I am a fashion & lifestyle photographer from Bristol (well Portishead to be exact) I thought I would come on here and introduce myself 🙃 Fun fact, I’m a Taurus 🐮 I’m 22 🎂 & I love taking pictures (if that wasn’t obvious) I’m currently studying an FDA in Professional Photography at City if Bristol College University Centre. I LOVE shooting fashion & feel like even now I still learn so much from every shoot 💗 If you want to know more about me then just head to my website or send me a DM... www.kayleighgrestyphotography.com/aboutme ***EDIT*** It was very windy today... hence why it looks like I haven’t brushed my hair 😂
Зовнішність - відображення внутрішнього світу . . . Щоправда, жінки несуть красу у світ постійно. Ми посміхаємося, одягаємося, робимо макіяж, зачіску і йдемо підкорювати світ. Жінка в будь-якому віці незмінно красива і неповторна. Успішна жінка випромінює впевненість, гармонію і спокій. Цінуймо свою здатність бути світлими та позитивними навіть у похмурі дні. Не дозволяймо дощу чи хмарам впливати на погоду в нашому житті 🌿 Appearance - reflection of the inner world . . . However, women bring beauty to the world constantly. We smile, dress, do makeup, hairstyle and go to conquer the world. A successful woman has confidence, harmony and peace. We must appreciate our ability to be bright and positive even on dark days. Don't let rain or clouds affect the weather in our lives 🌿 Aspetto - riflessione del mondo interiore . . . Tuttavia, le donne portano costantemente la bellezza nel mondo. Sorridiamo, vestiamo, facciamo il trucco, acconciatura e andiamo a conquistare il mondo. Una donna - sempre invariabilmente bella e unica per ogni età. Una donna di successo emana fiducia, armonia e pace. Apprezziamo la nostra capacità di essere brillanti e positivi anche nei giorni bui. Non lasciare che pioggia o nuvole influenzino il tempo nelle nostre vite #success #woman #incredible #smile #positivevibes #motivationalquotes #selfdevelopmentforwomen #hairdresser #hairstyle #aboutme
I was born and grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland. An early memory takes me back to 1990 (I was 7 years old) when we watched fireworks over the Forth Rail Bridge, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to celebrate its centenary. I loved the construction, the colour, the purpose, today carrying 3 million passengers a year. I don’t think there would have been trains crossing on the night of the fireworks though! I love the fact that until recently, by the time they’d painted the whole bridge, it was time to start painting it again, with 240,000 litres of paint! At 2,467m in length, it is a little shorter than the iconic Golden Gate Bridge at 2,737m but I think it is a bit prettier. I remember my Dad telling me that over 4,000 men were employed to build it and 57 lives were lost during its construction and I still think to this day how lucky we are to have this incredible bridge on Edinburgh’s doorstep. My sister got married with this bridge as a backdrop. What a day. What memories. What a bridge. Oh, and what a stamp!
“E se um dia um demônio se esgueirasse em tua mais solitária solidão e te dissesse: . ‘Esta vida, assim como tu vives agora e como a viveste, terás de vivê-la ainda uma vez e ainda inúmeras vezes: e não haverá nada de novo, cada dor e cada prazer (...) há de retornar (...) . Não te lançarias ao chão e rangerias os dentes e amaldiçoarias o demônio que te falasse assim? . . Ou viveste alguma vez um instante descomunal, em que que lhe responderias: . ‘Tu és um deus e nunca ouvi nada mais divino!’”.
ПОСТ-ЗНАКОМСТВО ⠀ я решила что всё-таки чем раньше сделаю такой пост, тем лучше. чтобы люди имели хотя бы примерное представление о том, кто я такая и чем люблю заниматься❣️ ⠀ 🧚🏻‍♀️ я Лиля, живу и учусь в городе Полтава, Украина 🧚🏻‍♀️ изучаю английский примерно три-четыре года, а немецкий - год 🧚🏻‍♀️ люблю писать всякие короткие атмосферные тексты, которые кстати планирую тоже иногда сюда выкладывать под фото чтобы разнообразить посты 🧚🏻‍♀️ люблю готовить, но знаю не очень много рецептов, а ещё мой любимый завтрак это овсянка на растительном молоке❤️ 🧚🏻‍♀️ обожаю фотографировать и обрабатывать фотографии в стиле ретро 🧚🏻‍♀️ МАКСИМАЛЬНО перфекционист, вы даже не представляете насколько. все мои конспекты сейчас чуть ли не под линейку сделаны, а если на уроке мы пишем слишком быстро, дома я вырываю эти листы и переписываю все заново. ненавижу хаос, когда невозможно что-то найти. хотя иногда в комнате у меня бывает полный бардак, но даже тогда я знаю что где находится 🧚🏻‍♀️ у меня начинается паника когда на телефоне остаётся меньше 60% заряда 🧚🏻‍♀️ последнее время мне нравится вышивать крестиком, это очень успокаивает ⠀ #information #facts #aboutme
Wellllll hey there new friend! 👋🏼 There are lots of new friends/ followers so I figure I should let you know a bit more about me so you know what you are getting into 🤪 👉🏼I am the baby of 7 kids, all but 1 are girls 👉🏼I met my husband and instantly fell in love 😍(legit love at first sight), yet it took him about a week (and liquid courage) to realize I existed. Engaged 6 months later 👉🏼I for real “hid” that I 💩 from the hubs for almost a year 🤦🏽‍♀️ like I would drive to my sister’s house to poo so he didn’t hear or smell it🤷🏼‍♀️. 👉🏼Speaking of bodily functions... I have a legit fear of people hearing me pee or poo. I will either turn the water on, or wait until a bathroom is completely empty. I cringe when I am forced to go. 👉🏼I am an extrovert- introvert. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a person who loves the idea of being in a group setting but really could also seclude themselves at home for days/weeks at a time. 👉🏼I love hard, trust easy, and give freely. That is a great quality of mine, but also has caused me sooooo much pain. I wouldn’t change it about me tho. 👉🏼When I am given alone time, you will either find me strolling down the aisles of Target 🎯, or watching some trashy Bravo Reality tv show. #givemealltherealhousewives 👉🏼I have lived in so many different places, some for only a summer time, but I keep in touch with everyone I met. Even ones I met at 11 years old. #connectionsaremyjam 👉🏼I was overweight and self loathing my whole life, until one day a dear friend asked for me to do a challenge with her. I continued, she got pregnant 😂, I lost 115 lbs in a year. I am up 25 of those lbs, and working to get my groove back into working out. 👉🏼Nursing student, turned stay-at-home mamma turned Momtrepreneur. I got signed up with one of those pyramid schemes 🤣😜, fell in love with the products, decided to tell everyone I knew about them, and here we are - almost 700 families on my team later.. mind.freaking.blown. I had no idea what my passion and purpose was, until I discovered these little bottles of plant juice! Oily like a Mo Fo now and forever! 🙋🏽‍♀️🌱 💦 ❤️ (More in comments)❤️
#messedup #prettiggestoord #aboutme #me Warrior mentallity 183cm / 6feet Gifted and gratefull with a fast metabolism= low fat % v high energy Lonewolf Eq type but love philosophy Spiritual Moluccan wild blood and BAKA AF ♡ the Chaos i am - Balance - Give your inner child and demons the freedom within your soul and fck all the fake rainbowfarting positivity for most people life is hard Lies are for the weak Most my life was hell mainly because of heroine adicted parents criminal family and heavy abuse by fosterparents age 6-9 so i was always alone but luck was on my side at the moments most needed The worst was all the fake i feel sorry for you that i got instead of help that could have been given ez Ive been around and i am social so i have enouf exp🖕🏼the ignorant selfish bitter dutch / people Here most after age 25 work to much and lie to get and keep things with no real worth or they smoke weed and this trash yolo new gen omfg I hope ill be there when the world is on fire ill burn / die when my time comes with a smile However i do respect everyone meaning i NEVER bother others often this is not mutual... Bad things dont go away you grow stronger and carry them or they slowly crumble you Never back down and accept concequentes Laugh true and live free For those 'branded' like me: to feel is to live and we feel so much more ride that storm It took me a long time to get this perfect Strength & Luck
Haven’t done an intro in a while so I figured hey, why not ☺️ 🌿I’m Brikelle and I love oils (if you haven’t figured that out). I was introduced to them in January this year and have ever since been learning and incorporating them in our daily lives and they have been life changers! I’m always sharing about them because I’ve seen the difference they make and I just want everyone to have them! 🌿 I also loooove to decorate and learn about interior design. I can’t ever keep anything the same. I’m always changing out wall decor, painting, rearranging pillows. Just ask my hubby about all the nail holes in our walls 🙈 🌿 I’m also fascinated by personality types. I’m an enneagram 2. And a maaajor introvert. What’s your type?! 🌿 if I could go back to school, I would get a degree in holistic health. It’s crazy that they don’t teach holistic wellness in high school. Hellooooo, self care is important! You gotta take care of yourself if you want to take care of others and succeed in life! I could go on a long rant about that but I’ll save that for another day 😉 So that’s me in a nutshell! Now tell me about you! Comment below and tell me a little sumpin sumpin. How did you find this account & what inspires you? Let’s connect 💕
Adoro i prodotti di @fitvia.it . È da quasi un anno che li utilizzo e ne sono dipendente! Associati ad una corretta alimentazione e attività fisica sono una bomba! #fitvia #fitviadetox #fitviafamily #lifestyle #routine #beauty #style #styleblogger #first #firstpost #benessere #loveit #happynewyou #cute #cool #fashionblogger #italiangirl #aboutme #me #annalisamonna #followers #followme #napoli
Высокомерие? Нет, нет такого качества у меня! Близкие люди знают, что я очень добрый и отзывчивый человек. Да, возможно есть у меня защитная реакция от людей малознакомых, выражение лица или глаз , но нет. Не отношение к человеку. Отношусь я к каждому по его поступкам. В отношении меня и моей семьи. Лицемерие, что это? Это когда тебя в глаза любят, за глаза нет. Конечно, можно найти оправдание таким людям, как качество выживания они используют разные способы. Но считаю это недостатком образования и ума. Необходимо выбирать, любить или не любить , сразу и навсегда. Я живу так. Я измеряю всех по себе и часто остаюсь разочарована в людях. #мыслиидумки #какясчитаю #моивсегдамои #преданадрузьям #преданабыла
Take a ride around Bologna🛵 Totally in love with my new kimono @sheinofficial . . . . He's been sailing on the website. His code is https://m.shein.com/it/Calico-Print-Contrast-Piping-Self-Tie-Longline-Kimono-p-381573-cat-1878.html?utm_source=instagram&utm_medium=blogger&utm_campaign=sashanocera_it&url_from=sashanocera_it&ref=it&rep=dir&ret=mit
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