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welp kenz won!!!🥰🥰 • • • im so bored of my acc should i just stop posting?? • • • #mackenzieziegler #jojosiwa #paigehyland #brookehyland #likepost #followme #maddieziegler #kendallvertes #kalanihilliker #abbyleemiller #dancemoms #boredofthis
hey this is nia (@promisejenzie ). i changed my user because i really liked pleausured, but i’m still an account for the zieglers :)
BREA I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! this time last year little did i know i was talking to one of my bestest bestfriends. it’s crazy to think that i’ve now known you for 31536000 seconds. that’s 525600 minutes. which is 8760 hours. and ultimately 365 days. i’d make you a cute ass edit but i have no editing skills at all so hopefully whatever this is it counts. you are literally my rock. you are the most down to earth, understanding, loyal, talented and we must not forget absolutely hilarious living person i know but i have to say you don’t beat those aliens up on mars :). i love you so much and i genuinely have no fricken idea what i’d do without you. you mean so much to me. all i wanna do is run up to you and give u the biggest hug in the world and one day we will. i promise. happy one yr bb i love you with all my heart 💞💘💗💕💓💖💝💟❤️💛❣️💜💙💚🧡 @breahn.a @pleausured
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what are some good songs
i guess the zieglers like to lift dogs in the air?
Now my Instagram is looking better with my idols pics ❤️ This is definitely the prettiest human bean💕💕💕 @therealabbylee #abbyleemiller
I couldnt help myself. Abby is sooo beautiful everyone. I am using the repost app. I hope that works for Instagram. I felt liked my account was looking lonely without Abby pictures. She makes everything better 🥰🥰🥰 Love you xoxo @therealabbylee #abbyleemiller #aldcalways
I cant believe that next week is February already. That’s my birthday month. I am trying to plan a trip to LA again for my birthday. I hope it happens 🙏🙏 @therealabbylee #abbyleemiller
The first dancer we are presenting to all of you is Brady Farrar @bradyfarrar !! He is 14 years old, being the oldest member of this new competition team. And his birthday was two days ago, so happy birthday Brady! This year you had an amazing birthday present!! He comes from Miami, Florida. Also, fun fact, he is the first boy dancer to make the cut and becaming a permanent member of Dance Moms at the ALDC. Pretty cool!! From the videos that I've seen his forte is contemporary, however he is really good at lyrical, ballet, tap and even ballroom, which I am really excited for. He is going to be an amazing partner to all the girls!! Just want to wish you good luck! Give it all you've got! You are amazingly talented Brady!! We are really excited to see how all the group dances are going to look with an amazing dancer boy like you on them!! Looking forward to see you on Dance moms!! @bradyfarrar @therealabbylee #dancemoms #dancemomsseason8 #dacemoms8 #thebestisyettocome #amazingdancer #bradyfarrar #abbyleemiller #aldc #aldcpittsburgh #aldla
I finally made it to the room full of magnificent merchandise with @itsjojosiwa all over it! Yippee!! When you see @jimmyfallon in NYC tell him, “I’m available”! #ALDC #dancemoms #abbyleemiller #thebestisyettocome #aldcalways
yeah 🌺 @kenzie
dwts💫 @kenzie @sagerosen
ahaha who remembers maddie’s first kiss?🤣💋 (this was one of my favorite episodes! comment your favorite episode... • • • • • #maddies1stkiss #pittsburgaldc #thegoodolddays #yesorno #abbyleemiller #firstkiss
More from the editing computer. Makeup by me on this pretty, famous face, it's Ashlee Allen from Dance Moms! #dancemoms #edit #dancing #momslife #momsmakeup #abbyleemiller #makeupartist #famous #camera #photoshoot #celebritymakeupartist #picoftheday #famousfaces #mua #beautiful #angelafriis
follow @dancemoms.dailyy for daily posts of Dance Moms clips! ~~~ Season 2 Episode 13 “Abbygeddon” ~~~ I found Abby to be really sweet in this situation regardless of what the other moms said about her not caring about the other children. I think it’s just because Abby and Maddie had a special connection and it really wasn’t expected from Maddie to forget her dance and act like this.
I lowkey adore this new profile picture! #kenzieziegler
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Simple I know.. Ac: I forgot. Dt: @kenzie ib: idk {#kenzieedit #mackenzieziegleredit }
Hiii im probs gonna take a break from this acc:( im gonna post more on @glossy.kenz so yeah byeee :) btw i tagged the people i love:) and please dm me on my other acc:)
officially confirmed ? 💋 @ashtonarbab @kenzie
love these 🥰 @kenzie @maddieziegler
@brynnrumfallo 🥰💗
another edit ahah
i’m having a fun time making these edits lol
❤️ follow @dancemoms.dailyy for daily posts of Dance Moms clips! ~~~~ Season 2 Episode 15 “Night of the Living Dancers” ~~~~ This is my first post! i’ve been in the dance moms fandom for almost 5 years but i’ve only just started an instagram account about it. I wanted this to be my first post because it’s one of the most iconic moments on the show. Kelly was always one of my favorite moms for many reasons. Hope you enjoy my account :))
okay so I’m going to my auntys tomz for a few days so I won’t have wifi. So I won’t post but im going to make heaps of edits 💗
sooo i tried a different type of edit, it’s my first time trying this type of edit and i like it ♡
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