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Fav. Human & one of my fav. Sarees 🧑🧑🧑 #nilasaree #motherhood #mom #pregnancy #aarnavleoharan #littlebugharan Photo: @oceanandmoon
#Repost @nilaharan (@get_repost ) ・・・ Hello😊 We've both been under the weather last few days .. πŸ€’πŸ˜· but still had so much fun at @chummy02 chithi's Valakaapu β™₯️ . . . Aarnav's outfit: @silkshopinc My outfit: @casipillaidesignercollection Earrings: @manyatadesigns #aarnavleoharan
Aarnav's teething ceremony day. #aarnavleoharan #baby #socute #canthandle
Aarnav-You are a special baby; many aunts and uncles out there love you just the way I do.. #aarnavleoharan #babyboy #portrait #drawing #artislove #derwentcoloursoftpencils @nilaharan thanks for this opportunity
Yessss!! Mission completed βœ… #babyboy #portrait #aarnavleoharan @nilaharan
My sweet bean at 6 months and 3 weeks 😍 Captured by his Dada @divinemethodphoto #littlebugharan #babyocean #aarnavleoharan #babygap #iamgap
For my son β€β€πŸ‘« #aarnavleoharan #raisingaman
THE most beautiful moment of 2016 ***sigh*** 😌 #aarnavleoharan #littlebugharan
The most precious gift of all ... my family 😚 #aarnavleoharan #littlebugharan #babyocean #babysfirstchristmas #minisantabear
A quiet christmas eve morning with my boys πŸ˜™ #sivaandnila #aarnavleoharan #snabode #littlebugharan #babysfirstchristmas
It's been three weeks of radio silence. Three weeks of being a father. Three weeks of floating and wobbling around in this dreamy reality. Aarnav, you have no idea of the profound change you have brought to me and my life. I know they say priorities shift, I don't think that's the case; my life has just become much bigger than just my self and wife. And so the priorities now include you in it and in many way it makes everything else become either that much better, or not worth it anymore. You are a sifter in my life full of bits and pieces. Holding you in my arms, I get to think, is what I am about to do today going to make your life, and our life and the future more beautiful for doing what I do today? Or am I just bogging on about some meaningless task? The answers become clear with one look at your face. We do everything in life because or for, the relationships we have. We get married for them, we go to war for them, we cry for them and we hold on and we let go; all for relationships. Relationships make the world go around. Having a three week old infant who has no control over his limbs or his facial muscles make you understand that fact so clear and so fast. It literally has put new meaning in to what I do. So my little guy, one day when you are old enough daddy will help you ask questions at the world, I hope you are as curious as you look in this image. I wish you abundant love from all those you come across and I wish you give them an ocean of love back. I don't need you to change the world, but I hope you share your love with it. #aarnavleoharan #littlebugharan
Our Little Family 😊 Captured by our good friend Sangeetha from @devi_by_kumarimages πŸ˜™πŸ˜™ #aarnavleoharan #littlebugharan #babyocean #family #sivaandnila #blessing
Jelly Bean πŸ‘ΆπŸ› #littlebugharan #aarnavleoharan #babyocean
Hi! I'm Aarnav. I'm Chummy Chithi's little chellam. She hasn't been able to hold me yet because she's sick. But one day soon, she's gonna get her hands on me and smush the tiny little life outta me. I also heard her say she wants to bite me....should I call someone? Whatever, I'm sure it's nothing I won't be able to work through in therapy when I'm an adult. I just know that Chummy Chithi is gonna be there for me for anything. She already thinks I'm the cutest thing in the world. Literally better than every other baby ever. She's gonna play with me, and spoil me. And when I start acting like a spoiled brat, I'm sure she'll just take her wine and go home to leave my parents to deal with my crap. Can you blame her? Okay, I should go now because I know Chummy chithi just hates it when babies talk in first person on the internet. Sorry Chummy chithi. I love you! #littlebugharan #aarnavleoharan
Agent Aarnav 770 😎 & his Sidekick, Eluff the Elephant. Mission : Sleep through photoshoot πŸ˜… #aarnavleoharan #babyocean #littlebugharan #mywholeheart
My little guy, greeting the world. Haha. Meet Aarnav Leo Haran. His first name means ocean. Because we hope that when he grows up he is known for his heart the size of one. Leo, because both Nila's dad's name (and mine too) means lion so he can carry their names with him and use it if he wishes. The ocean and the moon are connected in more ways than one so it makes sense that Nila (meaning moon) is connected in more ways than one with Aarnav. #babyocean . #littlebugharan #daddylife #aarnavleoharan
AARNAV LEO HARAN πŸ‘Ά aka #littlebugharan πŸ’™πŸ’™ Born September 7th, 2016. 8lb 11 ounce bundle of magic making amma and appa's heart explode with happiness 😍 #babyocean #aarnavleoharan #newborn