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There's a piece of you in there, that won't stop judging me. #trendingtalkers #gainwithcarlz #kenyanrapper #musiclife
Dear woman crush, I hope its Wednesday when you hear this hope I ain't late, for you girl I had this message Got some things say to you, let alone do to you Got a pen and paper just so I can really get to you Gat them angel eyes and you gat them beautiful thighs You, gat a nigga like me just wanting to spend all your time And, if you ain't got any then baby we could use mine Like a dollar or a dime then later girl we could dine Young visionary I'll take my time like a missionary Waiting on you baby, I know that you are relating Cupid with the arrow, shot and left for love baby We could go from playing hard to get to playing tennis Women are from Venus but girl I see you around Ey, Did I land in Venus, or maybe I'm in your world Ey, Knock knock major, I am a big spender Investing in your love from January to December @thenaiboi @djshiti_trhk @khaligraph_jones @billybenkenya @carolinacarlz @kyki_su @pollyn_254 @regine_deena @wes_mbogo @producerkim_kim @riccobeatz @craftyhubstudios @longchasis @ms_sonn @just_kawesani @diana_mogi @bboyharryafrica @chilubadance @nrgradioke @chiefokuzo #gainwithcarlz #trendingtalkers #gainwithcarlz #rap
I look into the heavens I say thank you Jesus For loving me without the Gucci and the Jesus Pieces I wake up in the morning I know what peace is In you I find a home and that is what peace is Tell me what is greater than life And spending most of it right with the love of your life Sometimes I feel like I am falling into the deepened You either catch me now or later that is what this is Lately I ain't got time for shii Even my girl out here she's trynna catch up me This is the life that I didn't choose I'm just a victim of it Them late nights out, random girls, I have to get lit And if I ain't the man I used to be to you girl I am sorry Sometimes you got to do what you got to do don't you worry I'm just a young man following dreams And when I get there its gonna be a beautiful thing I'm just a young man following dreams And when I get there its gonna be a beautiful thing Is Rapper Alf @thenaiboi @djshiti_trhk @khaligraph_jones @billybenkenya @carolinacarlz @kyki_su @pollyn_254 @regine_deena @wes_mbogo @producerkim_kim @riccobeatz @craftyhubstudios @longchasis @ms_sonn @just_kawesani @diana_mogi @bboyharryafrica @chilubadance @nrgradioke @chiefokuzo #gainwithcarlz #trendingtalkers #gainwithcarlz #rap
Got my lawyer cousin doing law out here And my sister cousin doing French out here Is another day another dawn out here Got another bill I gotta pay out here Damn outta 10 boy she a 10 She wanna get my autograph I tell her get a pen Right Now you looking at a lion in a den Issa bad man ting, tell that girl to get a ring Praying on Sunday and I go to church Making mistakes and who are you to judge She came with her friends and they want a minaj And they all got that ass like they Nicki Minaj Pretty boy Pretty boy Pretty boy You ain't got bars you a lazy boy Pretty boy Pretty boy Pretty boy I got the bars that you looking for Rapper Alf be the name that they all chant You might think that I am on top of the charts While I am with your girl And she loving the shag No making mistakes, I am learning my lessons In fact i feel like its blessings on blessings Sit down and relax it is just the beginning I might be the best that you hearing I will just stop at the ending @nasty_csa inspired @thenaiboi @khaligraph_jones @billybenkenya @carolinacarlz @kyki_su @pollyn_254 @regine_deena @wes_mbogo @producerkim_kim @riccobeatz @craftyhubstudios @longchasis @ms_sonn @just_kawesani @diana_mogi @bboyharryafrica @chilubadance @nrgradioke @chiefokuzo #gainwithcarlz #trendingtalkers #gainwithcarlz #rap
and in the spirit of TBT-ing with my last night's pictures, S/O to everyone who was part of this record @jaystringsofficial @1inamillion_lincoln @billybenkenya @the_oga @wb_kenya @sherzy_sherz @shelstar_lebrone #gberemole #trendingtalkers #gainwithcarlz
Tempted by the demons inside me I hope I get to heaven, There's promise of honey Rapper Alf @billybenkenya @producerkim_kim @nakipoinvestments @wb_kenya @just_kawesani #gainwithcarlz #trendingtalkers #considerthesebars
People will eliminate themselves from you once you start climbing the ladder............... And that's why you have to climb higher and higher for the true one's who are genuinely behind your 🔙 will stick by you all the way............ #your success is a nightmare to some people gotta grind hard. #gainwithspikes #gainwithcarlz #gaintrick #gaintrick #gainwithxtiandela #TrendingTalkers #gainwithfinestrepublic #love #instagood #photooftheday #beautiful #happy #cute #fashion #me #picoftheday #selfie #summer #friends #instadaily #girl #fun #repost #art #smile #FollowTrick #followforfollow #travelinglove #spacehabih
I'm just a regular guy, working on the come up Tryna murder these beats, so you can feel my balance You got questions to this? Well I gat all the answers With you girl in the sheets I swear is getting warmer Too much wisdom in my head I don't need no bj and I'm walking round rongai Slaying in my PJs Need a shot coffee now? We can go to cjs Shot out to my nigga Gift Yeah this is how we replay Too much hate lately bado me siwapi time Jipe kazi sai Skiza vile ninarhyme Hata nikuwe rich aje Bado siwezi tupa dime I'm the best that you've seen Prolly tangu E-Sir's time #gainwithcarlz #trendingtalkers #freestylesforbreakfast
Should've been born in the era of E-Sir Rap ni marathon kama David ninaiRudisha Silly rappers wanna get the dollar bill quick Most of these rappers hawawezi tutisha I got a friend and a friend and a friend and they are family Nina washikaji toka Dar hadi Arusha @billybenkenya @producerkim_kim @nakipoinvestments @wb_kenya @just_kawesani #gainwithcarlz #trendingtalkers #considerthesebars
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