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Dinner set. #carebearsecrets 👩🏻🧔🏻💋🤖
AHOY #carebearsecrets 👩🏻🧔🏻💋🤖
Did you order pizza?? I think this is the address.
Week 35 of 52: Humanity Our Humanity causes us to want to save all animals. But I still think that pink one looks great next to my eggs in the morning. 🙂
What did I think of @avorthai ? Who can tell me what Yelp Elite means, so that I can either keep doing this or jettison it entirely! @yelppittsburgh #carebearsecrets 👩🏻🧔🏻💋🤖
Lunch @teppanyakikyoto. What did I think about it? Go to Yelp! (I’m still doing it! Somehow!) L-R: bang-bang chicken, fancy melon soda, takoyaki (with dancing bonito!), kara-age (official fried chicken of my relationship with @arteraser ), hiyashi ramen.
Another day another late breakfast.
Haven’t been here since I hung out at the Flatbush bars.
Late Breakfast
Dinner stop then Home.
Justin’s French toast from @joeyssnackbar @abbitheawesome @smallmangalleypgh @relish.pgh #carebearsecrets 👩🏻🧔🏻💋🤖
Fried egg. Scrambled egg. Cheese. Two meats. Hashbrowns. Brioche. Brussels sprouts. I ate the whole thing. So touched that I got to see @abbitheawesome and experience some of her outstanding eats. I met her when she was but a wee barista, and as I see her career blossom, I am honored to be a customer. You NEED to try her food. You NEED to eat @joeyssnackbar. You NEED to get yourself to @smallmangalleypgh. Tell them Bender sent you!
You guys, I wrote a Yelp review today. I give it either 6 months or the rest of my life. Let’s see how it goes. @yelppittsburgh #carebearsecrets 👩🏻🧔🏻💋🤖 🍛
Summer’s ending, but that’s okay. There was still time for a Thursday mid-day treat. 👩🏻🤖☕️ @addacoffeehouse
Late breakfast. What else is new.
Sweets: cherry scone with clotted cream, peach loaf, madeleines and bouchons, almond butter on toast. #carebearsecrets #BendingHighTea 👩🏻🧔🏻💋🤖☕️ 👇Comments Below!!👇
Saboteurs: quiche, cucumber sandwiches, pea purée on toast. #carebearsecrets #BendingHighTea 👩🏻🧔🏻🤖💋☕️
🤖 “Sweet kitten of Great Britain, does that man know how to party. . .” (I know Hermes said it. Don’t get on me.) #carebearsecrets 👩🏻🧔🏻💋🤖 🍪
I eat a lot of ice cream, @supperpgh. The trio of PLUM (what?!?!), vanilla and chocolate was OUTSTANDING. The chocolate has mouthfeel as silky and deep as a ganache. The vanilla is custard-like. The plum perfectly captured the fruit without resorting to lots of sugar. Omg. #carebearsecrets 👩🏻🧔🏻💋🤖 🍨 @federalgalley
🤖 “Perfect!” (And it was some dang fine falafel, @supperpgh ! . . .with duck fat fries. . .) #carebearsecrets 👩🏻🧔🏻💋🤖🦆🍟 @federalgalley
🤖 “Doll, can you. . .maybe a different angle?” @supperpgh @federalgalley #carebearsecrets 👩🏻🧔🏻💋🤖🥙
Bouchon au chocolat. B. Bending Rodriguez. Un bel home. Un latte del mélasse. Mon café préféré. #carebearsecrets 👩🏻🧔🏻💋🤖 @addacoffeehouse
Remembering when I got a dang fine vanilla @rememberwhenic last night #carebearsecrets 👩🏻🧔🏻💋🤖🍦
A correctly sized pecan pancake.
A festa da Alycia só teve espaço para alegria e diversão🎉🎉 Decor: @carlacarvalhoeventos Fotos: @familyfotografia #diversaogarantida #toybuffet #party
Aquele close na mesa! Decoração: @drinefestas Bolo: @buffetliriodosvales Tortinhas de lembrança para as mamães: @maniadedoceslz #festainfantil #festamoana #moana #toybuffet
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