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Hey loud crowd, check this out!!!Theres an app called “Loud House Ultimate Treehouse”. 🙌🧡📱🏡 #nickelodeon #theloudhouse #loudhouse #tlh #loudcrowd #cartoon #ilovetlh #ultimatetreehouse #appstore
@theloudhousecartoon : Ultimate Treehouse is now available FREE on the APP Store! #theloudhouse
Lincoln: Hey there Loud Crowd!👋Lincoln Loud here, and I’ll never gonna believe this we FINALLY got our own game app and it’s called, The Loud House Ultimate Treehouse!🙌Isn’t that exciting you get to help me and Clyde and my sisters build the tallest treehouse. You can download it now on the App Store or Android have FUN!🧡💙💚💜💛❤️🖤💝💙💚💞 #theloudhouse #theloudhouseapp #loudhouse4life #exticedtoplayit
Missed Connection was a cute episode #theloudhouse #tlh
❤❤❤😍😍😍 #theloudhouse
You guys have GOTTA check this out, @nickelodeon & @theloudhousecartoon has just released a new app for Apple iOS called, Ultimate Treehouse! Download and experience it for yourself! 😃📱🧡🧡🧡 #newapp #ios #ultimatetreehouse #loudcrowd #TheLoudHouse #loudhouse4life #longlivelouds
#TheLoudhouse treehouse game is now available 😱💛💜❤️
‪The NEW Loud House app Ultimate Treehouse is now available on the App Store I’ll give a review next week! #TheLoudHouse
I really like this episode of #TheLoudHouse ! Lori & more Bobby really feel how much they love & care about each other! This is another favorite Season 3 episode! 💘📱🍕🍴👍
Man, this is an amazing week of new eps, I love all of them 🧡 (If you miss the new eps, the ep list is in my bio, just press the 🇺🇸 symbol and enjoy) #theloudhouse #chrissavino #kylemarshall @theloudhousecartoon
⚠️ WARNING DON’T READ IF YOU DON’T WANT SPOILERS ⚠️ So, tonight dudes, marks our last new episode of this week. Decided to do my ratings all at once. Hope all my dudes and dudettes enjoy my ratings and reviews. - House of lies: rating 7.5/10 : This episode was ok my dudes. The episode is basically about Lisa creating these lie detector glasses to keep her family from lying. I hardly enjoyed this episode because it kind wasn’t the true Louds, Lying all the time. Also, the lying kinda got annoying as well. - Game Boys: rating 9.5/10 : This is my favorite episode out of all of these. It was also the one I was most excited for too. I love how the title card is used as a Mario reference. The only reason I give it a 9.5 is because Clyde kinda worried a bit too much. I did love how I can kinda relate to this episode too dudes. Ever heard of Nintendo or had a DS? I would never let my sister lend a hand on it. 😂 - Sitting Bull: rating 6.5/10 : I enjoyed this episode yet I didn’t enjoy this episode dudes. Like always, I do pay more attention to the Loud sisters more than anything else. Lynn tbh was kinda annoying in this episode. Also, she was kinda abusing the children in a way. Not right for kids to watch. But in the end she learns a valuable lesson and Lori, Luan, Luna, and Leni as well. Lynn just needed the right type of kids to babysit. - The Spies Who Loved Me: rating 4.5/10 : ok, before u all rant in the comments. I kinda disliked this episode. One, it was too short and plainly boring. Nothing really exciting happened in it at all. We mostly saw her other family members instead of Ronnie Anne tbh. I so hated how it felt so short too. Nothing really I liked about it too. - Missed Connection: rating 9.5/10 : ok, yes, I did say Game Boys was my favorite but I loved this one as well. I liked how they showed Lori’s parents talking to Lori and Bobby’s parents talking to Bobby at the same time. It was totally rad. I do also ship #lobby my dudes as well. My OTP. I’m also glad Lori and Bobby got to see each other again too. - Welp, that concludes this dudes. Hope you all enjoyed my ratings and reviews. What was your favorite episode and why? #theloudhouse
Repost from @theloudhousecartoon using @RepostRegramApp - TONIGHT! Lori and Bobby are reunited! ❤️❤️❤️ Don’t miss their reunion at 6/5c! #theloudhouse
throwback thursday to i was watching the loud house #theloudhouse #throwbackthursday
throwback thursday to i was watching the loud house #theloudhouse #throwbackthursday
All new episode is done It was awesome What do you rate this all of episode? #theloudhouse
Hey, Loud fans! Today I’m going to review the 5 episodes of @TheLoudHouseCartoon that premiered this week: •House Of Lies: I thought Lisa was taking this lie-seeking game a little too far, but in real life, we all have to be honest. But, other times, when failure leads to disappointment on the inside, you’ll still have to show some respect no matter what. •Game Boys: This episode reminds me of the time when my preschool friend: Bobby shared his GameBoy with me, the way that Clyde shared the Snap game with Lincoln. Sharing means caring, which brings the best in all of us, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. •Sitting Bull: This episode was pretty sweet. I didn’t know that Lynn can actually babysit at age 13. This episode actually reminds me of the other episode: Mall of Duty, when Lincoln babysat his little sisters. •The Spies Who Love Me: It was nice that Ronnie Anne’s family stopped being overprotective in the end, but it’s too bad Lincoln didn’t get to be in most of the episode, especially without the new Flippy flavor or the nachos that he wanted. Honestly, I liked it better when the Loud family had most of the attention throughout the series, especially Lincoln. •Missed Connection: I hate it! Well, that’s all for now, and don’t forget to check out the next episodes: “Jeers For Fears; Tea Tale Heart” on October 29th. Catch you later! @Nickelodeon @CollinDean12240 @TexHammond @NickAnimation #TheLoudHouse #Nickelodeon #TVReviews
Missed Connection has finally aired in the USA! The episode was good, and I finally was able to see it! Feel free to talk about the episode in the comments! #theloudhouse #missedconnection #newepisode
‪What are your thoughts and what do you rate today’s episode out of 10?? #TheLoudHouse
That's all guys and so long summer. I'm back I haven't post tho #theloudhouse #nickelodeon
That concludes this week’s new episodes!!! What was your favorite episode? 🙌👍❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤💓 #nickelodeon #theloudhouse #loudhouse #tlh #loudcrowd #cartoon #ilovetlh #newepisodes
The Loud House - Missed Connection (clip) #loriloud #bobbysantiago #theloudhouse #nickelodeon #originalairing
Watching the last of the five new episodes of #TheLoudHouse this week, Missed Connection on #Nickelodeon #LoriLoud #bobbysantiago
Drop your phones because another new #TheLoudHouse episode is on.
Lucy's poem at the end of Head Poet's Anxiety, so heartwarming 💟 #TheLoudHouse #Nickelodeon #luanloud #lucyloud
"Honey, Lucy's hugging someone, get the camera!" Episode: Head Poet's Anxiety #TheLoudHouse #Nickelodeon #luanloud #lucyloud
The Loud House - The Spies Who Love Me (clip) Though Ronnie Anne’s voice sounded slightly different. #theloudhouse #nickelodeon #originalairing
Mi computadora portátil tiene un problema con su programa que no pude resolver. algunos amigos me sugirieron ciertas cosas para repararlo, lo resolveré tan pronto como pueda, mientras tanto no podré subir dibujos en formato digital Una disculpa :’( _______________________________________________________ my laptop has a problem with its program that I could not solve. some friends suggested me certain things to repair it, I will solve it as soon as I can, meanwhile I will not be able to upload drawings in digital Sorry :’( #theloudhouse #luanloud #luaggie #luanny #fanart #drawing #tradicionalart #originalcharacter #notice
"NO, You hurt my feelings!" 😟😞😢😭😭😭😭 poor Darcy #TheLoudHouse #Nickelodeon #LisaLoud
Watching Friend or Faux, one of my favorite episodes of #TheLoudHouse , it has a heartwarming ending and also introduces Darcy!(voiced by Maurel Sheets, known for voicing Sally in #thepeanutsmovie ), before watching today's new episode, that episode premiered a year ago today #Nickelodeon #nicktoons #Nicktoon #LisaLoud
Aquele abraço maravilhoso que nos acalma! #TheLoudHouse #Nickelodeon #Love #Amor ❣️
Here's a fan wallpaper of my favorite characters that I did yesterday. 😊 #nintendo #supermario #theloudhouse #linconloud #winxclub #winxclubstella #myoc #fanedits #fanart
How do I look with orange hair? 😁👩🧡 Like, is it totes adorbs 😍 or totes ugg? 🤢
‪Lori and Bobby mend their relationship in a NEW Loud House Episode today at 6e/5c on @Nickelodeon ! #TheLoudHouse
I’m video chatting my old friend, Ronnie Anne! We may live far away from each other, but we’ve become much closer friends!
Thankyoumoreplease 🙏🏽 #tbt to last week to my first time working on the animation side for @nickanimation and I’m smitten❣️ what a wonderful group of talented and lovely people. Big ups to my dude: @deanpanarotalent . . . @theloudhousecartoon
TONIGHT! Lori and Bobby are reunited! ❤️❤️❤️ Don’t miss their reunion at 6/5c! #theloudhouse
I also made this poster for the episode a year ago! I could give it an update to show Darcy walking with Lisa, as they're now friends! #theloudhouse #tlh #lisaloud #darcyhelmandollar #myart #fanart #friendorfaux #nickelodeon
Today marks the debut of "Friend or Faux?", one of my favorite episodes of The Loud House! Lisa is definitely a genius, but she also lacks social skills and must make a friend! After she studies friendship by making observations on her siblings and their friends, in comes Darcy Helmandollar. Lisa then settles on being friends with Darcy, but it all falls apart because Lisa lied to her about being her friend to boost her grade on social skills. After Lisa was being punished, she realizes the mistake she made, and make amends with Darcy, who offers her a cookie to make her happy because it's what friends do! They became pals for now on... The title card of "Friend or Faux?" is really sweet by showing Lincoln and Lisa watching the sunset together...aww... #theloudhouse #tlh #friendorfaux #lisaloud #lincolnloud #darcyhelmandollar #nickelodeon
its my qpps birthday!!! @consume.pepsi
#Repost @nickelodeon ・・・ Bobby's back on tonight's new episode of #TheLoudHouse and we couldn't be more in love with his date idea 😍😂 @theloudhousecartoon
After being shown around the world, the episode "Missed Connection" has finally arrived to the U.S.! Will Lobby stay together? ;) #theloudhouse #tlh #loriloud #bobbysantiago #missedconnection #myart #fanart #nickelodeon
Lori and Bobby reunited! Missed Connection, the new episode of @theloudhousecartoon you’ve all been waiting for is TONIGHT! (I watched this full episode back in July because of @Nickelodeon_AU airing it). #theloudhouse
Ready to train Lynn-atics? #lynnloud #theloudhouse #fanart #alternateoutfit
Quick Facts: Jessica Dicicco (voice actress of Lynn and Lucy) and Yuyu Sutisna (Indonesia Air Force Chief of staff) shares a same birthday (10 June) #aviation #aerospace #avgeek #airforce #pilot #pilotlife #voiceacting #tni #tniau #theloudhouse
Bobby's back on tonight's new episode of #TheLoudHouse and we couldn't be more in love with his date idea 😍😂 @theloudhousecartoon
Which Lincoln Are You Today ? #theloudhouse #lincolnloud
El día del grito de independencia en México el ya saliente presidente Peña Nieto no supo ni hacer un corazón con las manos xD #TheLoudHouse #LeniLoud #PeñaNieto #México #vivamexico
Happy Birthday @shtodis 🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉 keep drawing, you have a lot of talent 👌(something simple xD) #TheLoudHouse #LoudHouse #LeniLoud #Nickelodeon #Fanart #HappyBirthday
The older sisters #theloudhouse #tlh
“Sitting Bull” Clip #theloudhouse #tlh
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