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Time is often viewed as this ‘illusion’ that can’t be measured, but in reality, it can be wasted; essentially when high deadline-priorities are concerned. Visit #TheAhrtBar .com to learn #TheAhrtOf not wasting anymore time.
Every ahrtist experiences creative block. That ahrtistic rut doesn’t determine who you’ll be tomorrow. You’re still an ahrtist! You just need to remember ways to refuel your creative juices. Visit #TheAhrtBar .com to learn about 6 Reminders for the Uninspired Ahrtist. #TheAhrtOf
No seriously, who? #TheAhrtOf #TheAhrtBar
Life is so precious. Don’t speed through it. Be present. Cherish every bit of it. Visit #TheAhrtBar .com to learn #TheAhrtOf not growing up too fast!
Obsession isn’t always a bad thing. You actually need a whole lot of it in this one specific area in your life! Find out which one at #TheAhrtBar .com #TheAhrtOf
*sighs* If only everyone could love themselves the way Kanye loves Kanye. Great news! We have a few ways you can. 😉 Check out our blog post on how you can master #TheAhrtOf self love at #TheAhrtBar .com
This ‘regular degular schmegular’ Trinidadian-Dominican Bronx native, with the BEST non-filtered personality ever, doesn’t only make money moves- she makes history moves too! She was the first to break A LOT of music industry records. Find out which ones at TheAhrtBar.com #TheAhrtOf #TheAhrtBar
#TheAhrtOfTurningMistakesIntoMoney This ahrtist accidentally heated up a whole bunch of mula and his only ingredients were his pockets, a chocolate bar, and the.. Read more at TheAhrtBar.com #TheAhrtOf #TheAhrtBar
#TheAhrtOfTurningMistakesIntoMoney Meet the man behind one of the products that make reading so much easier. A solution that has him retired and STILL living in luxury. Read more at TheAhrtBar.com #TheAhrtBar #TheAhrtOf
#TheAhrtOfTurningMistakesIntoMoney Mr. Frank Epperson, the guy behind the mistake we are all so very grateful for- especially during those stifling hot summer days. His accidental ingredients included a stick, a glass, wa.. Read more at TheAhrtBar.com #TheAhrtBar #TheAhrtOf