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“Christians belive in a sovereign God who never says "Oops". We believe that all our days ... are divine strokes on the canvas of our lives by the Master Artist who certified his skill, his power, and his love in the Masterpiece of Calvary. If you doubt His skill in painting your life - look at the Calvary.” (John Piper @johnstephenpiper )
Life is nothing but a series of decisions we make. When you can take responsibility for your choices and actions you will see the world not as things happening to you but as the life you designed. The great news is that you can change your present and your future by making different decisions. Stop saying I can't and start saying "I will". I feel so sad in my heart when I hear people say I can't pursue my dream because XYZ. I can't change my career because XYZ. If you are having trouble believing in yourself and the FACT that you can change your life. Its time to do some inner work. Tip of the day: Listen to a podcast daily on your ride to work. One of my favs is Pastor TD Jakes the Potters Touch. Do you have a favorite podcast share it below!
On the way to Woman Thou Art Loosed! 1st Session #WTALMasterClass #TDJakes #CeceWinans
You gotta stay grateful.. that’s the secret. So many things I prayed for in the past, so many times I shook my fist at the universe because I didn’t think I was receiving them. I didn’t realize that there is a final piece to prayer or manifestation. The technique of receiving the miracle. When you ask God for something it is necessary to know how to allow it into your life. This is called “The Art of Allowing.” The first stage is to ask, this can be a verbal request or just simply thinking about something a lot. The second step is to acknowledge and appreciate the fact that God Got You. Before you even ask, it’s already coming. Notice the coincidences and affirmations after you ask for something. The last step, and probably the most important. You have to ALLOW the miracle to flow to you. Think about how you would feel if that manifestation came. Now excite yourself with the fact that it’s actually on its way. And then upon pondering this you start generating the feeling right then and there. Now once the feeling is generated, you’re in the allowing state. After you’ve enjoyed that, forget about the manifestation. Be like “I trust the universe and I know that it’s coming, I don’t care when it comes. I just know that it’s on it’s way fast.” Go about your day as if you really don’t mind if it comes or not, but you know that our creator is bringing it to you. Always be surprise-able. The better you get at this, the faster the manifestations will come. And then God’s going to even start opening doors that you forgot you’ve knocked on. Life can really be fun with the universe on your side, take the Meet God Course and be the miracle the world needs. With love, Stay Blessed.
It's all about progression! It is said separation comes before elevation. In order for you to move on to the new you you must release who you were. #motivationalquotes #tdjakes #forward #letgo #climb #knowledge #elevateyourself
I'm Christian Swan @imchrisswan 4 years ago, I gave up on music and applied to college for engineering. I had just just switched from sax to piano and knew I wouldn't be good enough to audition for colleges. I am now one of the most called musicians in KC and will be graduating in May with a degree in jazz piano. I have no explanation other than God is good! Follow my page @imchrisswan
Text the word POWER to 99888 to receive FREE BOOK “THE POWER OF POSITIVE WORDS” The 2nd most important book you will ever read.
TD Jakes 🙏🏻🗣️🔥 No es mi Culpa El soberano es Dios #alaba #notsorry #imblessed #tdjakes #Repost @lauracardenes (@get_repost ) ・・・ No es tu culpa recibir su odio, tú no has hecho más que recibir la bendición de Dios, y eso lamentablemente provoca la envidia. ¡Tremendo mensaje!🔥👏🏻 Gracias @lennysalcedo por compartirlo.
Love Is Key 💖 🔑 Love Is Important...it's everything✨💖 #Loveiskey #Loveiseverything #TDJakes
God is not a slot machine 🎰 to gamble with. He is the guaranteed I AM. Stop playing games and fully commit to God’s perfect will. It’s not a feeling, it’s a CHOICE.
EARLY BIRD RATES END TOMORROW! Join @bishopjakes @paullouiscole @bishopbronner @markchironna Mike Hayes @stephenmhayes Michael Miller, Bishop Wellington Boone, and more! Register --> Link in bio! #LionsRoar2018
Modern Day Christianity: 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 [Page 1 Of 3] In current day, all one has to do is ”believe in God” and they will be richly awarded the title Christian; that's it! ”Just believe” we are told, only problem is we aren't told ”what to believe” or ”in whom” “specifically” to believe. It’s kinda up for grabs. Just make sure you have a sense of moral direction and your stock becomes a little bit higher. ************************ This is why God took special pains to have His words written down and preserved perpetually over the generations. Despite the endless controversies and fruitless disputes over which is the ”right” Bible translation and how the Bible has been altered by men, every translation to this date still speaks about common themes - God, man, Sin, Righteousness, Heaven, Hell, Right, Wrong, Jesus Christ, eternal life, and eternal death; Coincidentally, those who have allegedly ”tampered with the Book” were terribly remiss by forgetting to restate and revise these most essential biblical themes. 🤷🏾‍♂️ ************************
In front of the lighted “Rose Garden”. So excited for the conference to start tonight. But I can feel the glory as soon as my feet hit the pavement. #wtal #wtalmasterclass #tdjakes
Registration is in session again!!! #WTAL so excited. I watched this conference for the first time in the movie entitled Woman Thou Art Loosed years ago and I literally had the vision that I would one day experience it in person and Look at God. I promise you he answers all prayers. Continue in obedience, giving, being a tither and loving people he will give you the desires of your heart. #wtal #tdjakes #tdjakesministries #womanthouartloosed Here with the bestie from Virginia Catherine (Cat)
God’s perfect plan, not my own . . . #Christian #GodsTiming #Trust #God #tdjakes #Quotes #Faith #❤️ #bishoptdjakes #tdjakesministries
Just live in the moment and pay attention. The truth is in the details. Details of the words and actions. --- What a person says and equally important, not saying. What a person does and also what they don't do. Observation is the 🔑
***Don’t Be Moved By Exhausted Emotions*** See I learned that when you get tired you can’t trust how you feel. Hopefully this message hits someone like it hit me... When your emotions are exhausted they will send you false signals. They’ll make you think you’re in danger, when you’re not. They’ll make you think you can’t trust, who you can. They’ll make you think people hate you, who love you. They’ll make you lash out at people who are really trying to help you because you have exhausted emotions. When you get tired your perception is altered. Find your balance and shout out to the ones who are self aware enough to know when to refill themselves! #TDJakes #PDByTD #Exhausted #Emotions #Move #Grow #StayOutOfFeelings #Focused #ZonedIn
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If you’re in the ATLANTA, Stockbridge, Morrow, Lake City area, I would love to see you THIS SUNDAY!! Damascus Church Intl. Located 5731 Trannell Rd., Lake City GA. 30260. 🔹️ 🔹️ 🔹️ 🔹️ 🔹️ #Faith #IBelieve #Preaching #Ministering #Christ #encouragement #Motivation #JohnGray #TDJakes #JoelOsteen #TripLee #Blessed #Favor #BlessedandHighlyFavored #Share #Transformation #Christian #IGDaily #OllieRichardson #Pastor #Jewels #ChurchFlow #Truth #Blessing #PraiseGod #ThankYouJesus #Grateful
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