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Taking notes helps me retain information...even when studying the Bible. This week’s study had me tracking Jesus’ linage, crying at the reminder of how much he loves us, and knowing that this month we will celebrate his birth. #seamlessbiblestudy
God’s love for us is a beautiful thing. When I feel like I’m about to be consumed by fear and hopelessness, I just need to remember to stand firm and let God fight for me. I can’t imagine the overwhelming fear the Israelites were feeling when they saw the Egyptians coming after them that day. But God kept his promise and made a way out for them. ❤️ #seamlessbiblestudy #exodus14 #standfirm #Godspromise
I will be starting a group bible study on "Job" by Lisa Harper at Lifeway Christian Book store next month but wanted one that I could do at home on my own. Found this study the other day....love her style of writing; she is so easy to relate to. #seamlessbiblestudy #timewithgod #studyhisword #biblestudy #lifeway #lifewaychristianstore #womenwholovegod #quiettime #alonewithgod #alwayslearning #angiesmithseamless
These girls. ❤️ I “met” them over FaceTime when our small group first started. I couldn’t attend for the first 4 weeks due to a lupus flare. I had no voice and couldn’t communicate but they included me in their group via technology and made me feel loved and important. The first day I actually met them in person, it wasn’t a big deal. No big fuss was made. They welcomed me with open arms and treated me as if I’d been there from the start. ❤️ It was perfect. These girls are amazing. Gracious, funny, forgiving... real people doing real life and showing the love of Jesus through it all. Now I’m just sad that I won’t see them every week. I’m sure they have no idea the extent, but I’m so very thankful for each of them. 🥰 . #seamlessbiblestudy #smallgroup #churchofthehighlands #macnicolmania
Had a great night of Bible study. 💗#obidence #HIStory #seamlessbiblestudy
Finishing up spending a little time with my Jesus!! I am learning so much about him through this study! It has already been such a blessing to me just two weeks in!! I encourage you to grab a study that interests you to help you grow closer with him ❤️ #angiesmith #seamless #seamlessbiblestudy #christianblogger #christianwife #christianmother #christian #christianity #walkbyfaith #myreedeemerlives #biblestudy #scripture
I’ve been such a slacker for the past month....Let’s get back to the Word....also re-reading a great book #gettingbacktotheword #thepurposedrivenlife #seamlessbiblestudy #priorities #mygod
On slow mornings when we’re not rushing to get out the door, I sit in the living room and read my devotion while the kids eat breakfast or play. Most of the time, my sweet girl crawls up in my lap and occasionally will ask questions about what I’m reading. (Today she brought her makeup too!) Of course, what I’m reading is over her head right now, but I explain it anyway because it won’t always be. . I want to starting preparing her (and her brothers) now. I want to teach them young about the love of Christ. I want them to have a foundation on which to grow and learn. I want them to grow up with a desire to learn about God and to know Him. . My most precious calling is to be their Momma! And that means showing them that it’s important to always be learning. That just because they know who God is doesn’t mean that they know everything about Him. That in order to share His love with others, they have to understand and accept it for themselves. I pray that they are always as inquisitive as they are now and that they develop a deep love for knowing God. 💕 . . . #trainupachild #proverbs226 #Godscalling #momswhoshareJesus #mybestcalling #momlife #proverbs31mom #momswhoreadtheBible #dailydevotion #seamlessBiblestudy #todaywasaboutpaulsletters #lettersfrompaul
Joshua 1:9 “I command you-be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.” #catchinguponmyreading #reallyneededthis #seamlessbiblestudy
Starting my day early this morning with black coffee, bible study, my cozy robe, and then a workout. I’ve realized that starting my day as soon as I hear the kids get up is not what is best for me. When that happens I usually wake up more grouchy, more rushed to get things done, more stressed... On the days I wake up early, drink my coffee, spend time with God or doing some sort of personal development, and sometimes even getting a workout in, I am SO much better off. The hardest part is getting out of bed. I am guilty of pushing snooze 75% of the time. I feel a New Years resolution coming on!! Are you a morning person? . . . . . . . . . . . #morningroutine #raedunn #seamlessbiblestudy #heysisterstudy #metime #morningperson #newyearsresolution2018 #momlife #momoftwo #busymom #workingmom #happiness
Recharging on so many levels #seamlessbiblestudy #starbucks #kindle ✈️ Airports are making travel so much more efficient when you’re in better mind, spirit and body! #lovetotravel #workstation #lovelivinglifewithmybestfriend #expierences #refuelyoursoul #fuelyourpassion #blessedlife #thankfullife
Bible study tonight...who knew there was so much drama...lies, drunkenness, and deceit. Yet, so much obedience, love, and trust.
This morning I was able to spend a little time in my Bible while I had my coffee. I don’t get to do this very often because of, well, kids. But today, only two got up extra early and they stayed calm long enough for me to read a bit. . This morning’s lesson was on the beginning of the church, being filled with the Holy Spirit, and The Great Commission. I consider it part of my calling as a mom to teach my children about these things daily. One of the ways I do this is that the four of us pray on the way to school every morning and I ask God to help them show His love to everyone they come in contact with. At 6 and 3, learning to show God’s love is a vital step to them later being able to share His message with people. 💕 . Matthew 28:19-20: “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” . . . #thegreatcommission #matthew28 #seamlessbiblestudy #trainupachild #proverbs31woman #morningbiblestudy #wordbeforeworld #proverbs226 #showGodslove
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I don't know what it is about donuts with sprinkles 🍩, especially this guy with a smile. Oh and coffee! I am so ready to get back to a somewhat normal day and week. These last couple of months have been rough and emotional. God is good through it all. Ready for my Bible study today. . . #donuts #donutmug #coffeemug #coffee #coffeeisamust #godisgood #biblestudy #seamlessbiblestudy #seamless #nurse #nightshiftnurse
I never set out to collect Bibles, but apparently that’s what i do now. Lol This is the Illuminated Bible from @crosswaybooks and I’ve loved it since I first saw it in @myhippielifecoach ‘s posts. There’s room to journal in it, but I’m not sure I can bring myself to do it (I have another, plainer Bible for that). I’d love to do more Bible studies similar to the Seamless one by Angie Smith. Any suggestions? * * * #discoverunder10k #joyfullife #discoverunder5k #joyfulliving #discoverunder1k #discoverunder100k #liveyourbestlife #nourishyourself #biblejournaling #biblejournal #faithmindset #illuminatedbible #christian #godlywomen #biblestudy #seamlessbiblestudy #seamless #bibleverse
Did you grow up reading the Bible? I did not, and don’t know ALL of the major events. I know the BIG ones, but not many others. I never thought about reading children’s bibles to help get a better understanding of some of these other stories until starting #seamlessbiblestudy So much easier to comprehend! 🤯
In the midst of our growing family an online bible study opportunity presented itself to me. Initial goal was to spend 20 minutes each morning, I haven’t met it yet but a Saturday afternoon with a sleeping babe by my side and the other two men in the House fulfilling their PlayStation fantasies, it’s time for me to hit the reset button and see where this journey will lead me #week2 #seamlessbiblestudy @casey.renner7 is the best for taking charge and leading over 60 women
Tonight is our final session. What a wonderful study this has been. Come and join us as we discuss the final week. The lovely Beth Ann is hosting us AND feeding us this week! Check our Facebook page or message me for the address.
You guys.. this bible study has changed my life and I’m only halfway done 😱 If you’ve never read a page of the Bible in your life or have insecurities, doubts, or questions, I encourage you to get the Seamless bible study and make a promise to God that you will devout 6 weeks to learning His word. This book is so relatable, easy to understand, and makes it such a fun experience ☺️ HUGE thank you and shoutout to Madi & Karris for organizing this bible study
Preparing for my sisterhood group. I love this book and the author, Angie Smith. #seamlessbiblestudy #angiesmith #sisterhood #jesus #knowledge
This was the last week of our Seamless study. I love how different it was from ones of done in the past. Love the history it covered and the linking of chapters & stories. The things that were brought to my attitude that I’ve never heard before. Really makes you dig a little deeper.
You know you’re a work from home mom when your kids ask you where you’re going when you put on jeans 😂🙌🏼💯 Soph took this picture because she said “we need to remember the special moments mom, like wearing pants!!” 🤣💖 Anywho 😂😂 so excited for tonight! Headed to my very first Bible study! So expectant for the next 8 weeks ❤️❤️
Tonight was our 4th week of women worship group studies. #seamlessbiblestudy #thankful #grateful #blessed #drivenbygod
Tonight was our 4th week of women worship group studies. #seamlessbiblestudy #thankful #grateful #blessed #drivenbygod
Wow! Reading the words... “The Lord Regretted that He made man. Oh, how He must be grieved today. I never want my Father to regret me. I want to love a life worthy of the cross and His sacrific. #bible #jesus #seamlessbiblestudy @angiesmith19 #jesus #p31 #biblestudy #biblestudyfellowship
I’m really enjoying this #seamlessbiblestudy . It’s a nice overview of the big picture of the Bible. I’m also loving #Inktober and how I now find myself drawing more often- like on the cover of my workbook. Thank you @angiesmith19 and @allikdesign for each teaching and inspiring in your own unique way! 💜
I’m reading and doing the Seamless Bible Study by Angie Smith. Anyone else doing this? I’m on Chapter 3 and I am amazed that even though Adam and Eve sinned he still took care of them. He is a good Father 💗❤️♥️ #jesus #seamlessbiblestudy #bible #biblejournaling #scripture #jesuschrist
Our second to last session is tonight! Join us at my house at 6:30pm!
Pretty awesome that these girls think I’m cool enough to lead them in a bible study. @angiesmith19 #seamlessbiblestudy #biblestudy
Started Couch to 10K this morning. I will be doing this on my non Peloton days. So, I figured that equaled a very relaxing spot for my morning devotions. 40° Is the perfect temperature for this cozy spot. #couchto10k #peloton #seamlessbiblestudy #thisis40something #plantstrong #nomoreexcuses #vegan #godtime #morningdevotional #coffee #familiesthatpraytogetherstaytogether #pnwweather #fallinlovewithfall #bestlandlord @bealsbecky
So excited to be reading my new bible study... perfect way to spend Baby Ainsley’s nap time catching up. Love all the things I’m learning with an amazing group of ladies @heystudysisters 🙏🏼Who wants to join us 🙋🏻‍♀️ Thanks to @heymadinelson and @karrishudson for creating an online bible study to meet every Sunday. After a long week, it’s nice to be refreshed gather with empowering women feeding on the nourishing words from our Father to us. (Frankincense is great for grounding during prayer and being in the word!) 🙌🏼 #biblestudy #seamlessbiblestudy
Getting a good start this morning with my new book from women’s bible study @activechurches and my devotional that was given to me from the sweetest lady Bev💕 If anyone wants to join come to Active Church ⛪ on Bryant street Tuesday mornings 9:30-11:30 with child care for mamas like me who need a connection group #startwiththeword #seamlessbiblestudy #newroutine #selfcare #betterme
Waiting for the group to arrive and praying over our time together. Tonight we wrap up the Old Testament and this week we launch into studying the Messiah against the backdrop of our newly acquired historical context. . This study has taught me so much in just 1 month! The gospel is such a strong contrast to the struggles of the Old Testament. Can't wait to share with my sisters tonight! . Also, purple pens make me happy. . #seamlessbiblestudy #idahograce #gracewomen
Goal: get my Bible study done and be in bed by 8:00. #seamlessbiblestudy
And that’s a wrap! • I just completed my favorite study yet! I have been discouraged over the past year or so because of my lack of knowledge and understanding of the Bible. I have tried doing small studies here and there, and have tried reading the Bible chapter by chapter in the order they’re listed (which you’re apparently not supposed to do). I always found myself getting frustrated and discouraged whenever something didn’t make sense to me. I thought, “I’m 26 years old, I should know this by now!”. But, the truth is, we’re all always learning more about God’s word. You should never feel less than because you’re not at the same level as another Christian. The author of this study, Angie Smith, read children’s bibles in college to get a better understanding of God’s word - I don’t know about you, but that encourages me to not be so hard on myself! Angie goes through the Bible from beginning to end in this study and really helps us grasp an overall understanding of the Bible. She puts things into perspective and digs into the small details that I have always overlooked and deemed unimportant. I feel so full after this study and cannot wait to learn more and be able to help others know Jesus! #seamlessbiblestudy #biblestudy
This is what I do at 5:50-ish in the morning. I am beyond blessed to work from home, so before work, I work on my #jamesbiblestudy and my #seamlessbiblestudy . #biblestudy #blessed #understandingthebible #youveneverfailedmeyet #believer
If you guys would please add me to your prayer list I’d really appreciate it.❤️🙌 Back to the doctor tomorrow... 😬 #monday #prayers #prayersneeded #prayerrequest #womenoffaith #faith #hope #isaiah4031 #biblestudy #seamlessbiblestudy #toniscommunity #fall #happiness #pain #praying
This is our second to last week of Seamless and this week we begin connecting the Old Testament to the New Testament. I’m excited to see how more of the Bible will come into focus after all we’ve learned.
Sunday morning quiet time! Digging into my new study our group started I am loving it! Has anyone else done #seamlessbiblestudy
“Seamless” by Angie Smith is the Bible study 📖 series that we are reading in our women’s group. It’s so good and she connects everything so ... seamlessly! 😇 #thehappystamper #biblestudy #biblestudyfellowship #womensbiblestudy #seamlessbiblestudy #angiesmith #faith #friends #understandingthebible #quiettime #quiettimewithgod
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Great reminder from @angiesmith19 today! We look forward to seeing you for Bible Study tomorrow at 9:30 in Tucker Hall! . . . . #seamlessbiblestudy #oldtestament #intothepromisedland #promisedland #galileechurch
We’re over halfway through our Seamless study! I’m looking forward to session 5 with you. See y’all Thursday! (Remember, your presence is a blessing so come even if every day isn’t completed. We’d love to fellowship with you!)
I feel like the devil is using my cat this morning. #nottodaysatan #seamlessbiblestudy @heystudysisters @heymadinelson
Ending my #seamlessbiblestudy was so bitter sweet! I was so sad because it was such an amazing study but then I was excited to start on The Quest!!! (So far it’s been amazing) But I wanted to post today that my sweet friend @laurensimmonsphoto and I are going to be doing an advent study together (not sure which one yet) and wanted to see who wanted to join us?! I’ll set up a weekly text conversation for encouragement, discussion, questions and prayer. Comment below if you’d like to join 👇🏻 we would love to have you join in!!
#last90days still in full effect...Up early to study His word! #seamlessbiblestudy #newglassescomingsoon #esvstudybible #halloween
I didn’t get up in time for my workout today, but I did get up in time for hot coffee, praise music and my bible study before the sun came up. Taking that time to do something for myself before the chaos of the day, even if it’s just a short time, is so good for the souls💕 @heystudysisters @heymadinelson #seamlessbiblestudy #coffeeandjesus #metime #personalgrowthjourney
Starting the week with a new devotional. And what better place to start than at the beginning? • • • • #devotional #eveningdevotional #seamlessbiblestudy #biblestudy #bible #photooftheday #picoftheday #potd #instadaily #instagood #igers #life #igdaily
Its been a couple weeks but so happy to have some #soulcare and be with my girls. Sometimes when life is cray... you just need to be around some positivity and God! 🙏 #soulcare #biblestudy #smallgroup #positivity #heisgood #seamlessbiblestudy #gratitude
🚨 Calling all ladies (and gentlemen) interested in joining a 6 week bible study on Instagram with 2 awesome leaders (@heymadinelson & @karrishudson )🚨 I love how much they are stressing that this is for EVERYONE no matter how much you’ve read the Bible or if this is your first time ever cracking it open. Go follow the account @heystudysisters & watch their live video for all of your questions to be answered! This is such a fun opportunity, go watch because the intro video is only going to be live for 24 hours!!! 💗
Hope you’re all enjoying the first week of the Seamless Bible Study! See you all tomorrow at 7pm as we continue to dig in! #vfchurch #vfwomens #seamlessbiblestudy
A quiet house. Some quiet time. A good cup of coffee and a chocolate waffle. Sunday bliss. . . . . . #sunday #quiet #🍁 #coffeethoughts #coffee #fall #waffles #glutenfree #healthymind #healthyspirit #healthybody #☕️ #betterwithsteph #decor #seamlessbiblestudy
So special to meet these beautiful souls in person! @angiesmith19 you are someone I look up to and have only the highest praise for the #SeamlessBibleStudy @katie.__.young and I loved meeting you! @meremusic you brought us into His presence this weekend with worship and @kaimyshelves thinks you are pretty awesome as well!! Such a fun moment for us girls to say hello and meet y’all face to face 🖤 •• #fgfsocial #freahgroundedfaith #seamless #yourenotalone #sisters #infuselbk #galsofinfuse
IT'S NOT TOO LATE to join us for this adult Sunday school class based on Angie Smith’s Bible study, Seamless. Class is held in the Commons Conference Room from 10-10:45 a.m. every Sunday morning throughout this Fall! #thisisfortdodge #forfortdodge #seamless #seamlessclass #seamlessbiblestudy #fpcfd #fpcwalkinlove
God loves to take the broken and weak things of the world and make them beautiful for His glory. • I so many times, have been down on myself and wonder.. why.. I ask God “why”. But instead.. I should be asking: “How can I use this to serve? How can I spread the glory of you through this weakness?” Because in my weakness, He makes me strong! Today is another migraine day, which is causing me to have some anxiety.. I didn’t sleep well last night either... so I am in a bit of a fog. Normally, I’d let it get to me. I’d let the situation drag me down... but nope, “I’m telling the devil, no, not today” - @hillsong • What is something you feel has made you weak that you could use to help someone else? How do you think you could serve others through your weakness? • Paul: “Therefore, in order to keep me from becoming conceited, I was given a thorn in my flesh, a messenger of Satan, to torment me. Three times I pleaded with the Lord to take it away from me. But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. ****For when I am weak, then I am strong.****” 2 Corinthians 12:7-10 Scriptures to Read: Philippians 4:11-13 ; Jeremiah 29:11 ; Isaiah 40:29-31 #seamlessbiblestudy
Loving our small group bible study this semester and so thankful for mommas to study with! #seamlessbiblestudy #learningtogether
Rayna and I decided to use our Thursday mornings together to work through a teen Bible Study! #seamlessbiblestudy
Now living in South Florida there’s one thing I truly miss living back in the mountain state....FALL! I miss the leaves 🍁 , brisk air, bonfires, WVU football etc. I can’t complain too much because I have sunshine all the time and I’m not too far from the ocean (red tide sucks) so in order to make me feel like fall which includes : bible reading, pumpkin spice waffles, and last but def not least: hot tea with Thieves! Thieves is such a wonderful smell but it reminds me of fall back home every time I smell or taste it! Thieves is a combo of cinnamon, lemon, clove, eucalyptus radiata, and rosemary. Theives also kills 99.96 of bacteria and germs! And the best part about it is that it’s natural! You also get Thieves vitality in your awesome premium kit with so much more! So here’s to thieves for being my new fall bff 🍁🧙🏻‍♀️🍂🌙 #essentialoils #mountaineersarealwaysfree #fallsmells #seamlessbiblestudy #yogitea #localhoney
We’ll be discussing session 4 tonight at Stacey’s House! Please check the event or message us for the address!
Tonight we meet and discuss the homework from session 1 as well as the into to session 2, The Patriarchs. I hope you can join us!
I'm so excited to have you all in my home this week! Thursday at 6:30pm will be the start of our first session, see you there!
In all transparency, my studying of the Pentateuch usually ends with Exodus. After that, well, the others are kind of (okay, very) hard to read. This past week, the study I’ve been following (Seamless by @angiesmith19 ) led me through the other three & y’all, I had been missing something oh so important that I couldn’t help but share. I knew Moses never entered the promised land because he sinned against God—but I had never read Deut. 34. God took 120 year old Moses high on a hill & showed him the land he had promised his people. Then, right then & there, He buried Moses. What a tender image of God showing His beloved Moses that He kept His promise. Then, God Himself buried Moses’ failing body & brought Him Home to be with the Father. Almost as if to say: your work here is finished—they made it—now come enjoy enternity. Oh, my heart.
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