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[Closed RP with @sladestroke ] Lady Shiva moved quietly, as if not to make a sound along the perfectly polished marble floors of the museum. In the past few months they had ramped up their security after multiple robberies of precious jewels and artefacts headlined the city news. One of Gotham's big players had given her a contract to kill the city's museum curator the other day,  who was a corrupt individual that hoarded the many antiques across the museum and sold them both locally and internationally to make a quick buck.The balding man, her target, spent a few hours every night inside his office located in the basement of the museum 2 more floors down, which is where exactly the police would find his dead body the next morning. When she finally spotted the first guard patrolling, Shiva went to work quickly and silently. She moved in from behind him, swiftly using her gloved hands in opposite directions to twist and snap his neck in one fluid motion. She slowly let the lifeless body slump to the ground, without making a sound. Shiva grabbed the access card from the guard's belt and slipped it in her own pocket as she moved towards the double doors into the next exhibit. Except that the double-door that led to it did not need an access card, and the next door leading to the Greek exhibit on the main floor did not either. She walked into the wide, open hall with its high ceilings and pillars and furrowed her brows in confusion. Priceless artefacts encased in glass and beautiful art lined the walls around her. The museum's whole security system was down, which was near impossible. There was no doubt somebody else was in here, who had manually disabled their lock and alarm system to gain access to the place. With one hand on the hilt of the katana sheathed at her hip, Lady Shiva kept her guard up as she crept along the maze-like halls of the Gotham Museum.
[closed RP with @scourge.of.santa.prisca , way overdue I'm SO SORRY!] ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Lady Shiva and Bane, the two were like rabid dogs. Brute strength with masterful skill. Together, an unstoppable force. Shiva had been waiting at their rendezvous point, here at the outskirts of the city as a small drizzle of rain dampened her hair and clothing. The abandoned powerstation towered above her with its rusty columns and high ceiling. Lady Shiva was well aware that the smaller town gangs generally used this place for their dirty business dealings. "The League will do everything in their power to kill me, or it's my head." she started to explain when Bane did arrive. "I need to stay one step ahead of them, you will update me on their whereabouts and in exchange I will help you retrieve the venom you so desperately need." There was a sour tone to her voice, as if she was almost ridiculing him for his dependence on the drug, but she held a deep respect for Bane and his skill nonetheless. They had approached each-other respectfully for an exchange of information, and the two would hold their promises. Both were individually responsible for the shit they had gotten themselves into. It was a matter of both their lives. She began to walk, footsteps echoing on the concrete floor expecting Bane to follow. "Hiding in plain sight." The woman started to make her way towards the clearing, but something felt terribly out of place. And her hunch was true as silhouetted figures made their way. Instinctively Shiva sprang into action before armed individuals with swords lashed out at them. They were being ambushed, by the League? Had Bane already betrayed her? What in the world was going on?
[Direct continuation from 2 posts ago! Honestly didn't know where I went with it but I guess it's something different from how I usually write, or portray Shiva lmao, kind of dramatic. Don't get too comfortable though! Also excuse the errors, continued BELOW.]
These are just my opinions, and if yours differ I’d love to them! But yeah, here a a few of my thoughts on DC’s top five (or technically six) martial artists; based ONLY on abilities in martial arts #dc #dccomics #dcuniverse #batman #brucewayne #dinahlance #dinahdrake #blackcanary #bronzetiger #benturner #ladyshiva #sandrawusan #richarddragon #cassandracain #batgirl #blackbat #orphan #jla #justiceleague #justiceleagueofamerica
DC Character Profile: Lady Shiva •Name: Sandra Woosan (Wu-San) •Category: Anti-Hero, Supervillain, Assassin •Affiliation: The Brotherhood of the Fist, League of Assassins •Special Traits/Abilities: Martial Arts Grandmaster, Multiple Fighting Styles, Assassin - - - #ladyshiva #sandrawusan #dccomics #assassin #batman #brucewayne #brotherhoodofthefist #leagueofassassins #dceu #dc #comics #anime #cool #facts #trivia #follow #f4f #follow4follow #awesome #comicnanimetrivia
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(Dark Fact/Instance) DC never fails to make things dark. I like it 😉. • • Do you like the dark side of DC? It wouldn’t really be DC without it! • • • • #dc #dccomics #dccomic #comic #comics #comix #cass #cassie #cassandra #cain #cassandracain #batgirl #orphan #blackbat #dark #darkfacts #darkdc #dcdark #davidcain #business #batman #robin #ladyshiva #sandrawusan #thedcplanet #toomanyhashtags
(Comic Review) I definitely suggest you read this. Strong writing and excellent portrayal. • • Do you own any of her comics/have read them? Answer in the comments below to be tagged on the next “Comic Review” in my next set of character posts! • • • • #dc #dccomics #dccomic #comic #comics #comix #cass #cassie #cain #Cassandra #cassandracain #comicbook #comicbooks #comicreview #excellent #davidcain #ladyshiva #sandrawusan #thedcplanet #toomanyhashtags
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(Fact) Apologies for not posting in a while! I’m back to the daily schedule. (Check story highlights if you are unfamiliar with my feed.) • • Answer the question in the comments below to be tagged on the next “Fact” post in the next set of character posts! • • • • #dc #dccomics #dccomic #comic #comics #comix #cass #cassandra #cassandracain #casscain #cain #cassie #orphan #batgirl #cassandracainbatgirl #cassandracainblackbat #comicbook #comicbooks #ladyshiva #sandrawusan #davidcain #batman #batmanandrobineternal #thedcplanet #toomanyhashtags
Over on Tumblr a follower suggested I draw a series of “under-rated Batman villains”, especially the gals. Figured I would do so as warm-ups! Here’s the first, everyone’s favorite mom. #ladyshiva #sandrawusan #batvillains #batmanrouges #supervillain #dccomics #leagueofassassins #birdsofprey #batmanfanart #fanart #art #badlemonade
Lady Shiva ⚔️ (3/3) • ft. #BlackCanary 💫 • "I won't waste my time on misplaced mercy!" -Lady Shiva • { Follow @comixisland for more posts like this!} • #ladyshiva #sandrawusan #jadecanary #leagueofassassins #birdsofprey #gotham #jla #justiceleague #justiceleaguemovie #unitetheseven #comic #comics #comicbooks #comicbookart #dc #dccomics #rebirth #new52 #pre52 #dcuniverse #dceu #dccu #dctv #comixisland
Sandra Wu-San aka Lady Shiva #sandrawusan #ladyshiva #batmanarkham
Sandra Wu-San, AKA: Lady Shiva, as she appears in Vol. I issue# 2 of 'Robin' -- February 1991 #dccomics #comics #comicbooks #SandraWuSan #LadyShiva
LADY SHIVA Heroclix DC Joker's Wild 043 KEYWORDS: League of Assassin, Assassin, Martial Artist TEAM ABILITIES: Batman Enemy RANGE: 0 TARGET: 1 TOTAL CLICKS: 5 POINT VALUE: 50 BACKGROUND: Lady Shiva is most likely the deadliest assassin in the DC Universe. Shiva has trained Batman and has also trained the third Robin, Tim Drake. Shiva's daughter, Cassandra Cain, would later become the second Batgirl. THIS IS HOW I DEAL WITH THE BAT (Trait) Once per turn for all characters with this trait, if a character uses the Batman Enemy team ability to replace its attack value with Lady Shiva's, also modify that character's attack value by +1 if it is a close attack. THE FIRST ONE WAS JUST TO KNOCK YOU OFF BALANCE (Movement) Lady Shiva can use Flurry and Precision Strike. When she uses Flurry, if the second attack is against the same target, you may keep the result of one of the dice from the first attack, and if you do, the second attack roll can't be rerolled. I AM THE ULTIMATE TEST (Defense) Lady Shiva can use Combat Reflexes. Adjacent opposing characters can't have their combat values increased when making close attacks. COME NOW, I CAN THROW TWO PUNCHES TO YOUR ONE (Flurry) YOU MAY HAVE SOME INTERNAL BLEEDING FROM THAT ONE (Exploit Weakness) FIGURE CLARIFICATION: Lady Shiva has Precision Strike (pink circle with "attack symbol") listed as a standard attack power on her card and has Precision Strike (pink colored box) in her attack slot on clicks 1-3 for the dial on the back of her card. REAL NAME: SANDRA WU-SAN SIGNIFICANT APPEARANCE: BIRDS OF PREY 6 (2011) Follow for more Heroclix reviews and battle reports! #WizKidsGaming
Lady Shiva Alias: Sandra Wu-San Comic: Batman #509 (Volume 1) Artist: Kelley Jones and John Beatty Theme: Throwback Thursday With the failure of Bruce Wayne's encounter with Batman in Robin #7 weighing on him, Wayne turns to his old foe, Lady Shiva, for help in retraining! #comics #comicart #dccomics #dcwomen #womenofdc #dcbombshells #dcgirls #dc #dcuniverse #villain #supervillain #covergirl #coverart #womenofcomics #dcdivas #dctv #batman #ladyshiva #sandrawusan #kelleyjones #johnbeatty #tbt #throwbackthursday #themeoftheday
#BirdsOfPrey vol 7: #PerfectPitch by #GailSimone #PauloSiqueira & #RobinRiggs is a lovely team book with a satisfying amount of quality character interaction that maintains characters' individual personalities. I love seeing #LadyShiva working with the Birds, and all the little segments that focus on one of the main characters. A plain pleasure to read. #comics #comicbooks #DCcomics #WomenOfDC #BlackCanary #DinahLance #DCBirdsOfPrey #BarbaraGordon #Oracle #Huntress #HelenaBertinelli #LadyBlackhawk #ZindaBlake #Gypsy #CindyReynolds #SandraWuSan #SandraWoosan
Ladies: You have to pick one. Whose place will you take in the comic book world? Fellas: You're being reincarnated, and these are your choices of super powered women to come back as. Who will it be? #Vixen #MariJiweMcCabe #Angela #AldrifOdinsdottir #AsgardsAssassin #PowerGirl #KaraZorL #KarenStarr #LadyShiva #SandraWuSan #JadeCanary #SheHulk #JenniferWalters #WonderWoman #DianaPrince #MarvelComics #DCComics #Zambesi #Heven #Krypton #LeagueOfAssassins #Avengers #JusticeLeague #ComicbookChildhood #NerdPost #GeekPic
~#AsianCharacterAppreciation ~ Sandra Wu-San aka Lady Shiva Shes a really interesting character I also did a mini bio on her a while ago,read it here if you want -> #cbwladyshiva Shiva appears in one episode of 2002's Birds of Prey,in the animated movie Superman/Batman: Public Enemies.Shes a playable character in Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes and appears in Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham & Batman: Arkham Origins #ladyshiva #sandrawusan #dccomics #cbwladyshiva
Death crept closer to the old man's life with each heartbeat. His weak, hunched frame slowly used up the last of his energy to engrave delicate script onto thin paper that cracked on the edges, which was now just as fragile as his lifeline. Lady Shiva watched silently as the old man's wrinkled and aged fingers traced the outline of words beginning to form. "The greatest pleasure of writing is not what it's about, but the inner music the words create." He'd say, lost in a blur of thoughts. This is how Shiva's sensei wanted to spend his last days—with the paper and pen, the two mightiest weapons at that he'd also say. Shiva disagreed with this belief wholeheartedly. The most mightiest weapons were strength and courage. This mentality had sharpened her to the state of perfection. Perhaps the death of even Sensei could not clear her clouded judgement, allow her to see both sides of the picture. He died peacefully that night during his sleep.
She spoke calmly. Her eyes seemed to dig right into mine–she knew me more than I knew myself,yet I could still never see past her cold exterior. The woman's story was unknown to me, bits and pieces were told while she trained me, although her motives, reasons, and state of mind were quite odd indeed. Come to think of it, Lady Shiva was still as strange as when I first began to train under her.
Chang cowered backward, realizing that his guards lay unmoving on the cold ground. He was screwed. With a futile effort to defend himself from his killer, Lady Shiva casually took this gesture to her advantage. Grabbing the balding CEO's outstretched arm, she used the side of her palm to swiftly strike hard at the crook of his shoulder. He cried out in pain, realizing that his whole left arm was now paralysed. Within a matter of moments, Chang was lying on the ground like his other lifeless guards, with a foot at his throat. Shiva didn't kill him just yet—she gave Chang a few moments to observe his last view of the rotting alleyway of his home city. Spectating the chipped paint on the buildings in front of him, he awaited the feeling of death, knowing it was imminent. His vision soon clouded over as the looming woman above him, almost boringly snapped his neck. Sympathetic or pitiful she was never. But for Lady Shiva, this was just another contract fulfilled.
Today's comic villain is the deadly assassin known as Lady Shiva...one of the top killers in the DC universe Real Name - Sandra Wu-San Powers/Abilities - one of the world's deadliest assassins Affiliations - League of Assassins, Birds of Prey Nemesis - Batman First Appearance - Richard Dragon, Kung Fu Fighter #5 Claim to Fame - originally training in martial arts to avenge the death of her sister, Sandra Woosan took up the name Shiva when she went after her "killer" Richard Dragon; eventually it was revealed that Dragon was not the real culprit but had already killed the man...Shiva joined Dragon as she had nothing to live for except her skills; Shiva would become a deadly assassin that worked alongside many others including Dragon and Bronze Tiger; she would also go on to help train Batman as well as the third Robin Tim Drake; Shiva's origin would change following the Crisis, when she discovered the assassin David Cain killed her sister...Shiva eventually fought Cain he beat her; following this, Shiva was inducted into the League and through Ra's Al Ghul machinations Cain and Shiva conceived a daughter Cassandra; Cass would later abandon her father who trained her to kill, and take up residence in Gotham...Cassandra would become the successor of Batgirl as she struggled to control her violent past Great Failure - Shiva has rarely been beaten and thus has little weaknesses Popular Appearances - Batman: A Death in the Family/Knightsend, Batgirl (former ongoing series), Birds of Prey (former ongoing series), Robin: A Hero Reborn, Nightwing: Death Of The Fanily, Red Hood and the Outlaws: League of Assassins, Batman: Arkham Origins Final Fate - active #YearOfVillainy #villain #evil #bigbad #photochallenge #LadyShiva #SandraWuSan #Batman #RasAlGhul #LeagueOfAssassins #CassandraCain #Batgirl #DavidCain #BatmanArkham #nerdwednesday #newcomicbookday #assassin #DCcomics #comicvillain
The shimmering skyline of Gotham overpowered the stars that now seemed faint before her. Red Robin would be here anytime soon. Shiva had saw much potential in him years back, and had trained him to the fullest—there was no doubt he'd trace the man she'd killed to this very spot she was standing. The rooftop was quiet, but the woman could sense the shift in the air. Little Bird was behind her, and Lady Shiva did not have to turn around to sense his presence. "Little Bird. It has been quite long." She started in her calm, mysterious voice. "Quite amusing you still cannot sneak up on me yet." She sneered. Besides, she needed a favour, and Red Robin would suffice in the task she had prepared for him. [ CLOSED with @gothamslittleredbird , take your time with replies and sorry the picture is kinda crappy but oh well😦 ]
"Heroes are forever. The rest of us are just part of the story."
The Himalayas, 6:00am Shiva entered soundlessly into the earthen fortress, stopping in her tracks to see the silhouette of him, poised comfortably in a meditative state. "I know you're awake, Richard Dragon." She uttered into the depths that seemed to carry through every corner of the cave, hearing an echo of her own voice bounce back. Silence hung in the air till Dragon finally gave up and spun over. "Lady Shiva. How did you find me?" He asked in his once familiar, calm voice. Shiva was half hidden in the shadows, her usual attire of boots were replaced with locally bought sandals and a brown coloured shawl draped over her shoulders. "Locals." She shrugged, still wondering why Dragon had disappeared for so long. The two hadn't crossed paths in years, Shiva remembered the skills, experiences, duels, and they had perfected and practiced together through the years—they had shared a mysterious love/hate relationship with eachother and this was the longest interval they'd gone without the smallest of communication. The two quietly attempted casual conversation for a few seconds, but it died out just as easy as it had started. They both could sense the tension in the room and there was no denying the fact that important matters were to be discussed. [...]
Lady Shiva Sandra Wu-San is a highly skilled martial artist.She works as an assassin for hire and is known for killing her targets with her bare hands.She is considered to be one of the best fighters in the world and Batman himself said that she is a better fighter than he is. She has no superpowers but she is able to predict her opponents next move by studying their body language.She once took down Batman and Nightwing at the same time on her own.She has also defeated Catwoman, Black Canary etc.After Batman was deafeated and "broken" by Bane he turned to Lady Shiva and asked her to train him so that he could face Bane again. She also trained Tim Drake (3rd Robin) and her daughter Cassandra Cain who later went on to become Black Bat/Batgirl #ladyshiva #sandrawusan #dccomics #dcwomen #comicbookwomenbio #cbwladyshiva
She had vanished in thin air, gone without a trace. The League, her allies and enemies presumed that she was dead, it was hard to come to the realization that one of the greatest martial artists they'd known had disappeared. The truth? Lady Shiva was still alive. And she was back in Gotham. Cool autumn air sent a chill up the woman's spine. Her gaze was calm, calculating as she eyed the starry horizon of the city off the rooftop of an abandoned edifice. A city that was plagued, but all in all brought her the thrill and adventure she'd always seek. Gotham was home to many she'd come to respect, fight, challenge, kill and of course train. She saw the world's flaws and strengths and it was magnificent in its own way. Constellations of light glimmered, car engines rumbled, crime was done, fought and the cycle repeated itself. Lady Shiva was back in Gotham, simply seeking what had to be done for herself. [OPEN RP! Any length is fine with me tbh]
Ranked 3rd, Sandra Woosan, or Sandra Wu-San. For the longest she was the best hand to hand fighter on the planet. She's embarrassed many a fighter, from David, to Bruce, Conner, Tim and the rest. She's a master in combat, with only Richard Dragon and Cassie being among the few to defeat her. #LadyShiva #SandraWoosan #SandraWuSan #LeagueofAssassins #Tengu #Assassin #Killer #martialarts #martialartist #DC #Comics
"Slow down. Remember to breathe. It's simple. It's the essence of life." -Richard Dragon #wisewords
Nightwing arrived at the scene too late, and as he looked upon the dead body the woman had killed, she finally stepped out of the shadows, revealing herself to , "You're failing this city...so much potential, and it's gone to what?"
"Her hobby is hunting down the best fighters in the world and beating them to death with her bare hands."-Barbara Gordon #ladyshiva #batman #assassin #mercenary #dc #comics #arkhamorigins #xbox #videogames #graphite #pencil #sketch #drawing #art #sandrawusan #darkknight #dcuniverse #fighter #martialarts
The females top two most terrifying assassins were put together to watch out for their prey, sitting in the private room above the club below them. The window was see through from inside and pitch black outside where all the music was played and blazing out of the speakers, luckily that room was sound proof. It wasn't even that much interesting with the emerald eyed woman only having watched everyone having fun down below, without a care in a world. Jade sighed, tapping her sharp poisonous nails on her upper arm, and nibbling on her lower lip. She wasn't a very patient woman unlike Shiva who was just standing there keeping her eyes on the dancing fools, even with Cheshire bugging the other assassin with random sayings little by little they just poured out her lips. Turning her head to look at the woman handy with katanas she grinned before getting up, despite what Lady Shiva said. "There's a bar right there if you want something." Shiva pointed with her gloved thumb gestured towards the unused bar with many, many expensive strong drinks. Jade rolled her eyes simply walking out with the door closing behind herself. Slipping and wiggling through all the sweaty bodies on the dance floor just at the entrance to the private rooms were, her eyes narrowed pushing her way towards the crowd. A hand slipped to Jade's rear end. 'This is what I get for ignoring Shiva.' Jade thought to herself waiting five seconds till that hand let her body, stupid drunk teenagers these days. Turning on her heels she gripped the wrist that belonged to a dirty blonde guy, she smirked before twisting his wrist and spinning him till his hand was pressed behind his upper back. Jade having only used a single hand with a secure lock. "I suggest you keep your hands to yourself if not ... " she leaned forward her mouth near the frighten mans ear. "I'll cut it off." Jade was serious, her grip tighten to prove she wasn't someone to mess with.
Hong Kong [8:13 pm] - Multicoloured lights on the crowded streets blinked rapidly, a multitude of bursting colours that caught the eye with the different pinks, greens and yellows. It was beautiful in its own unique way actually, the congested traffic and the signs added more ethnicity to the area, and made the one of the busiest streets in Hong Kong....more cheerful you could say. The woman walked at a steady pace, enjoying the streets that were now becoming familiar to her after about 2 weeks time in the oriental city. - Of course Shiva was aware of Canary's arrival in the city, but for what she was unsure about. Lance was unaware of Shiva herself knowing where she'd arrive when she got to the city. You could say....she had her sources. As a yellow cab pulled onto the side of the road, out popped her former ally, blonde hair tucked back, a backpack fastened behind her shoulders. Sandra was a safe distance away, she hoped to startle the blonde, she hadn't seen her just yet. "It's been awhile..." Came out a voice from behind her. "And I'm wondering why you've come to this city anyway?" Asked the fighter, eyebrows arched, arms crossed. [CLOSED @fishnetfighter , I hope you'll manage, I wasn't feeling very creative, and also I might get in a reply late night today, or either tomorrow.]
In the corner of the room stood a woman, an assassin sitting crossed legged, her eyes shut. She was meditating. - Shiva's mind was also closed shut, her back straight in a regal position. She blocked everything around her, the pictures that floated in head were like ancient spirits calling, dwelling her further into this silent oblivion. Now, meditating was the only way to block the world around herself, and nonetheless it was a world which she did not like at at all. Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in. Soft breaths escaped her lips, while silently humming, this was the only source of peace the assassin could find in her fast paced life. Shiva did this for a long while, she didn't know how long, but again she was at peace. Nothing could ruin this temporary peace, not even a gunshot, an earthquake, or a grenade exploding.....but there was one sound she heard that raised the hair on her back, and startled her out of the wall she had created around herself. It was the sound of footsteps, growing louder and louder with each passing heartbeat and immediately, the woman's eyes fluttered open, her back to the intruder. [OPEN ROLEPLAY! Please reply, also today is International Women's Day!]
"The One Who is All" - The answer for creating the perfect warrior was in genetics. She was brought into the world to become a bodyguard, but things didn't work out. Cain had an insane scheme, the moment she was born, the woman left. - And so she had come not something she had expected ever, but she walked in not as an enemy but a mother. At the bedside, she sees the young woman stirring, healing from the previous battle. Her eyes flicker open, and she looks up at her visitor. "Mother," she says weakly. One her hands raises slightly. Shiva grasps it. She doesn't know what to say. What can she say? What words could help her daughter now? What comfort can she, a woman who only entered her life to try and kill or be killed by her, give? Words come and Shiva opens her mouth to speak. Cassandra steals the words, saying them first. "You were right," she says, and she turns away, her hand dropping out of Shiva's hold. "Cain." She snarls, and without another word, she is gone. [just something cool I found online]
Come out..." She started, her voice echoing off the maze off walls around her, breaking the silence. Automatically her eyes seemed to adjust to the darkened part of the mill. Shiva kept her breathing rate exceptionally limited, taking soft breaths every 30 seconds. Her perfected stealth had maintained her at a slow pace, looking behind her back every few moments. The feeling she felt was new, she was itching for a fight with a more than worthy opponent. Shiva had simply turned against her ally. the agent and shiva were working together to retrieve certain documents. One retrieved, Shiva had taken the papers as her own. She needed to get him off her trail, and return to the League. They'd both started in the dark streets of Gotham, eventually ending up into the heart of the Steel Mill. It was exceptional fist fighting between the two starting, but now it was a petty little game of hide and seek. The heat the factory was protruding from the heart of the mill was immense. A small bead of sweat formed on her face. She looked below her, about a 5 meter drop, nothing she couldn't handle. She landed gracefully with a small *thud* on the concrete floor. "Come out....!" shiva purred, breaking the heart-wrenching silence yet again. She smiled as she saw a shadow coming out of the corner. Instinctively, she shielded her arms near her face, ready to continue duelling. <>
"You fought well. And so I grant you the favor of a quick death." - Sandra Wu-San aka Lady Shiva of Batman Arkham Origins. You can also see her in the show "Beware the Batman." #batman #badtothebone #batmanarkham #batmanarkhamorigins #arkhamtrilogy #wbgames #playstation3 #xbox360 #pcgames #sandrawusan #ladyshiva #villainesses #quotes #bewarethebatman
Lady Shiva this was a request by @lady_Shiva_swu who wanted this specific version. I hope you like it:)