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good night ✨😭😭
happy birthday mac. 😫😍
@notnjomza via her insta stories 😢 "this was on your 23rd birthday. celebrating you today. happy birthday mac." #njomza #macmiller #ripmacmiller #happybirthdaymacmiller
@ddlovato congratulating @arianagrande on her new single 🥂💍 #7rings #demilovato
imagine thinking i aint crying......i miss him so much.
my whole world just turned upside down WHAT
New Ariana Lockscreens 💕 Don’t forget to follow me @bibblelocks ~ I try my best to make a few lockscreens daily ♡ I hope you enjoy these lockscreens. For better quality you can find them in my highlights! ♡ #moonlightbabies #arianagrande #arianalocks #lockscreens #butera #arianagrandeedits #sweetenerlockscreens #bibblelocks #sweetener #lgbt #lgbtq #arianaxvogue #BED #DanceToThis #Grandson #Petiana #godisawoman #breathin #successful #everytime #goodnightngo #notearslefttocry #blazed #betteroff #macmiller #maciana #cloud #thankunext Don’t forget to follow me @bibblelocks
I see it...I like it...I want it...I got it
Trying to make my feed look snazzy 😂
7 rings is #1 in the uk!💍
how many likes can get @realpiggysmallz
u like my sweater? Gee, thanks, just bought it 💍
dear malcolm, it hasn't been that long, but it feels like forever. your music saved my life. i think about you a lot and i always end up smiling. happy birthday, angel. we love you. #ari #ariana #grande #arigrande #arianagrande #arianagrandebutera #pete #mac #petiana #maciana #sweetener #dangerouswoman #billboard #thankunext #likeforlike #ag #agb #7rings #sweetener
this was meee 😂 - - - via @mrgrandeofficial ‘s story, he’s my fav youtuber 😍 tag him if you can relate💭
Happy birthday Mac ❤️
happy birthday mac 👼🥰 we all love and miss you so much 🥺💔
focus or 7 rings ? ✨💍
🙃🖤 @kingtoulousc
“how do you know i'm breathing, when i'm holding my breath ?” -ag
an angel malcom🖤
Happy birthday Mac ! we miss u so much please be sure that nobody will forget u , one year ago I saw your smile in real life and couldn’t believe it your voice your smile and your love for your fans is everything .... we will always remember you , thank u for everything , happy 27th birthday , love u forever and ever @macmiller
Miss u every single day its hard to think that your gone love u happy birthday 🖤 Cr: @ariana.memep
- i’m back again! 7 rings is amazing n i cant wait to see ariana on tour! 💍 ➳1/19/2019 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #arianagrande #arianagrandeedits #onelovemanchester #thankyounext #ariana #petiana #dangerouswoman #sweetenertour #sweetener #dangerouswomantour #like #follow #7rings #buteragrande #butera #arianagrandebutera #imagine #ag5
If you want this comment "💍"
Happy Birthday Mac 💛
my fav ntltc performance ♥
she's sooo cute ✨
Happy Birthday Mac 💛
a day doesn’t go by without thinking of u and carrying u in my heart. having a light like u in this world is sucha beautiful thing bcs u help so many people. u taught me that love will always win, how to be a fighter, how to fight for women rights. thank u. thats literally the best thing anyone can possibly do. this family, they are my fav people. we wouldn’t exist without u. u are the center of this whole thing. i have to mention my fav lil person ever who’s always there to make me feel better- @myarianashappiness . thaaats literally my bestfriend. she always knows how i feel so she literally makes me happy with just one lil message. shes an angel. i luh u mia <3 and lets go back to u, ari. u made this world zillion times better. without u, my decisions would be so dumb, my heart would be lonely n i would still feel so empty. no one understands me like u do. soooo pls can i give u a big, warm hug already? pls? i need u. u know me the bestest. when im about to fall, u catch me. when im about to give up, u remind me that i should always fight for myself n work as hard as i can. u really are there for me huh :,) the reason im happy today is u. u are the reason of my every emotion. when u cry, i cry. n when u are happy, im happy with u. n issa thing that will never change. people are happy with money, iphones, expensive cars n houses, but me? im the happiest human in the world when i stare at your smile. and knowing that i support a human like u is sucha nice n unreplacable feeling. we’ve been through some same shit n pain in our lives so we understand each other. u are the only human being i can actually genuinely trust. i can tell u all my struggles n express myself to u and u wouldnt tell anything to anyone but u defffinitely would make me the happiest ever. i need u to stay okay so i can stay breathing. thank u for understanding :,) @arianagrande #happiana
hello 💕💖💖💗💞💗💕💓💗💖💕💗💓💕💗💞💕💞💖💗
tysm @maile.source 🎀✨
They say, "Which one?" I say, "Nah, I want all of em’💍 @arianagrande ———————————————————— Comment “💄” to be tagged in my next post’
هارتم خب:') ما گلز بچ هنوزم دارتش ولی فعالیت نمبکنه ‌ 7💍or ntltc ? کدوم؟ تیک تاک یا موزیکالی؟ سفید یا مشکی ؟ ▪اریو تگ کنبد🖤
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