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Fuori la Sizzy. Terzo round: votate sempre chi volete Elimimare! . . . #shadowhunterbooks #shadowhunters #eliminatoria #ship #vote #clace #jessa #wessa #malec #jemma #sizzy
did I ever said that I love Magnus and Alec with all of my heart? Because I do and they deserve to be happy together ♡ #magnusbane #aleclightwood #malec #otp #shadowhunters #magnus #alec #sh #drawing #ship #cute #small
ѕн: malec♡ - ✧edιт мío, ѕι υѕaѕ da cc✧ ✦ѕιgυeмe para ver мáѕ pυвlιcacιoneѕ coмo eѕтa✦ ✧~a5✨✧ - #cdsedits 🎗 ↫↫↫↫↫
Lamento mucho el desorden pero he estado muy ocupada. Colegio 🤦‍♀️ • • ||Follow me: @runanefilim || ❌Si tomas, da créditos❌ • • #cassandraclare #claryfairchild #jaceherondale #shadowhunters #themortalinstruments #clace #malec #sizzy #jonathanmorgentern #isabellelightwood #aleclightwood #magnusbane #simonlewis
— clace + quote my baby jace suffered so much.. also DOM IS A FREAKIN CUTIE AND I LOVE HIM SFM - keep tweeting with #SaveShadowhunters !!!
a post from my old account. ac; me cc; bravenry shakes; rcbirths [ #adamasgrp ]
He looks so good! 🤗 #aleclightwood #malec #matthewdaddario
#season1 #episode3 I just wanted to start my new theme with his amazing face and this amazing pink-purplish filter😍😍😍 . 👉Filter credit : @shrunes moving to @polarrtist
I’M BACK ANGELS ➰ All my exams are done and I’m back into editing (and writing which you’ll find out about soon) —your volume 🔊will need to be up as this edit is about all the songs I’ve used in all my video edits so far (as I do get asked this quite a lot) 💪🏻 and scroll down my profile to see the full videos :))
Some Malec for y'all😏 • Can we please appreciate Matt's body, I meeeeaaan😍😍🔥 • #q :Books or movies? #a :Tbh both • [1×08 Bad Blood]
My queens ❤️ Strong independent women 💪🏽 • • • #Shadowhunters #Season1 #Clary #Izzy #Lydia #Fray #Fairchild #Lightwood #Branwell #TheInstitute #Malec #GirlPower #katherinemcnamara #emeraudetoubia #stephaniebennett #SaveShadowhunters • • • Shadowhunters has such great representation for empowering women. So grateful to have these amazing characters brought to life. I miss Shadowhunters so much 😭 I've bee rewatching the series since it's untimely cancellation and it still doesn't soothe my soul. #Season4 #PickUpShadowhunters
Note: the flow of the story was decided from the start. I had a idea about how angsty it will be so wait for only two chapters and I promise to give y'all fluff 😊😉 ____ Alec knew magnus went to the club named ‘Edom’ every Friday night. He has arrived in Beijing a two day before his campaign would start and planned to meet magnus and get to know him again. So here he was, sitting on a chair just besides the bar, waiting for magnus to make his grand entry. He was nervous on the level which made palms of his hands sweat. His heart was already beating fast and he haven’t even seen magnus yet. He couldn’t even imagine what will he feel after actually seeing him. _ He glanced at the entry point where he saw magnus finally entering with some of his friends. And for a moment or two, whole world stopped moving for him and he could only see magnus and nothing else. Magnus has changed, he started to use make up as alec saw magnus’s eyes painted with what was supposed to be kohl, hairs spiked up with the hint of glitter in it, lips painted faint red and he had an ear cuff in his left ear. He was dressed stylishly with some designer jacket and very tight jeans. Even though magnus’s appearance has changed from the innocent looking young boy to the flashy man, alec desperately hoped he hadn’t changed as a person, that this magnus was still the person he knew. _ He swallowed hard running his fingers over his messy hairs. As compared to magnus, alec hasn’t changed a bit. He looked the same old, same boring. He just hoped, magnus will recognize him. _ He followed magnus as magnus crossed him. He felt like pang in a heart when magnus didn’t notice him. magnus disappeared at the corner of the room and alec wasn’t sure of he should follow him or wait outside. but he was done waiting, and was excited to see him again, so he followed further only to see magnus making out with some boy. Right into business, not even caring about enjoying drinks first. Suddenly his excitement to meet magnus vanished and he stormed out from them towards the drinks. 👇👇👇 _ #theothersidemalecff #malec #shadowfics
M•A•L•E•C❤🏳️‍🌈 • • •Am I the only one who finds gays and things sweeter? •I am pleased about criticism. :) • •Warlocks are great! Haha I love Magnus Bane. • •@shadowhunterstv @harryshumjr @matthewdaddario #ShadowHunters #Malec #Gay
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