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Vance Desmond has had runs in OVW & appeared on Impact Wrestling, along with winning the top title in just about every promotion he's ever been in. He's a focused wrestling machine and one of the most violent humans on earth. Enter Joe Keys. He's had a tremendous amount of success early on in his career. But he's also a king of sarcasm and making his opponents look like fools. Can Joe throw Vance off his game? Can Vance ground the younger athlete? Does Vance know what swiping right is? Find out a week from Saturday, October 27th, at A Nightmare on State Street! Plenty of tickets still available. Don't miss out, order yours today! #IWantRevenge #RevengePro #ErieWrestlingWars #ErieWrestling #ANightmareOnStateStreet #mcwwrestling #theviolenceacademy
Just signed for Saturday Night October 27th! The Savage Gentleman Victor Benjamin​ with Lady Frost​ will have his biggest test to date. He puts his undefeated streak on the line against former ECW & current 205 Live Superstar Colin Delaney​! Can The Extreme Underdog break the streak? Can Victor Benjamin beat one of the world's best pure wrestlers? Be there live at A Nightmare on State Street at The Avalon and see for yourself! #IWantRevenge #RevengePro #ErieWrestling #eriepa #ecwwrestling #205live #colindelaney #raw #smackdownlive #indywrestling
I got stung by a bee on my forehead... it’s kinda hard to see but it hurt haha #beesting #bees #sting #manup #ouch #forhead #iwantrevenge
Revenge returns to The Avalon THREE WEEKS FROM TODAY for A Nightmare on State Street. Just signed, Pretty Boy Smooth will take on Evolve superstar "The Bone Collector" Dominic Garrini. PB has been on a roll in Revenge, trying to prove he can wrestle every style out there. He's fought a suplex throwing hoss, an arrogant high flying hybrid athlete, and now he tests himself against a master of mixed martial arts & catch wrestling. "The Bone Collector" is a legitimate Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitive fighter. He's a regular for Evolve. He's also one of the best catch wrestlers in the world. He's battled UFC legend Dan Severn, & UFC star Tom Lawlor before, and now he comes to Revenge looking to prove Mr Fresh 2 Death can't master his style. On October 27th size & strength battles technique and skill. The Pretty Boy vs The Bone Collector!
Friday Night Fights 2018 is now available on DVD & Digital Download! Our DVD Teaser will be up on Facebook & Youtube later tonight. Check it out and feel the excitement. #IWantRevenge #RevengePro #FridayNightFights #ErieWrestlingWars #ErieWrestling #eriepa #indywrestling #laddermatch #streetfight
At A Nightmare on State Street Saturday October 27th we've partnered with @joe_the_beard to take part in a charity raffle for Spirit of Children. You can win a 6 Foot Tall animatronic Jack Skellington! 100% of all donations benefit Shriner's Child Life Department. Each donation gets you a Spirit of Children bracelet. 1 ticket for $2, 5 tickets for $5, & 15 tickets for $10. Help us support a great cause! #IWantRevenge #RevengePro #ErieWrestlingWars #ErieWrestling #eriepa #spiritofchildren #spirithalloween #charity #shrinershospital #jackskellington
A.K.A. has beaten Chris LeRusso twice in a row now after making him tap out at Friday Night Fights. LeRusso was enraged he lost again and attacked A.K.A. after the match. A.K.A. then said he's beaten him twice now, and he can do it again... in one night. Then he challenged LeRusso to a 2 out of 3 Falls Match at A Nightmare on State Street. Was it just a fluke? Can he beat Lerusso twice in one night? Will Lerusso finally prove that he's better than AKA? Only one way to find out! Be there live October 27th at The Avalon. Second row seats still available. Email RevengeProWrestling@aol.com to pre order now and skip the lines. #IWantRevenge #RevengePro #ErieWrestlingWars #eriepa #ANightmareOnStateStreet
Working ring side camera at @revengeprowrestling thank you for the opportunity. Photo credit @tmkprowrestlingphotography #iwantrevenge
We are exactly FOUR WEEKS AWAY from A Nightmare on State Street at The Avalon! Plenty of second row seats available. Email us now to pre order at RevengeProWrestling@aol.com ! The main event is a no rules Nightmare on State Street fight! It's also Big League's return to the ring from injury. In his first match back in over a year, Erie Elite teams for the first time in 3 years! "Big League" John McChesney & The Cruiserweight Horror Story "Omega" Aaron Draven team up against "The Remix" Kevin Bennett & The man with War in his name... Wardlow! #ANightmareOnStateStreet #RevengePro #IWantRevenge
You never know who is going to show up at a Revenge event! "Luscious" Rocky Reynolds made his Revenge debut as a surprise bonus 7th entrant in The Remix Riot Title Ladder Match. And he brought that jacket that helped launch him into a viral sensation. Who wants to see Rocky Reynolds return on a future Revenge event? Who would you like to see him wrestle? #IWantRevenge
You never know who will show up at a Revenge event! Krimson has made the jump and now is Revenge exclusive in Erie! The King of The Wicked Ones came down in the middle of Wardlow vs War Child... and spit mist into War Child's face. Why would he do that to his own creation? While Krimson loves choas, he usually has a plan for everything he does. What will happen at A Nightmare on State Street with Krimson & War Child in the same building again? Be there live at The Avalon October 27th and find out! #IWantRevenge #Krimson #ANightmareOnStateStreet
Watching the boys have so much fun tonight was everything. Eli took a photo with one of the wrestlers (who I suspect is now his favorite) while Kevin enjoyed meeting several of the talent from the show. They had an absolute blast and couldn’t stop talking about it on the way home. Now they’re asking for front row tickets to the October 27th show. Request granted. 👍🏻 #revengeprowrestling #iwantrevenge #professionalwrestling #prowrestling #indywrestling #independentwrestling #wrestlingshow #theavalonhotel #erie #eriepa #funnight #fridaynight #fridaynightfights #familynight #familynightout
“Hello Erie 9-1-1? Yeah I want to report a mauling.” 🍯🐾🤕#streetfight #callthecoroner #iwantrevenge @revengeprowrestling
🦁🔥🦁🔥 vs 🇨🇦🇨🇦 | TONIGHT @revengeprowrestling • • • • • • • • The Avalon Hotel 16 West 10th St. Erie,PA #RevengeProWrestling #IWantRevenge #TheAvalon #EriePA #RemixTagChamps #LittyJourney #LittyTagChamps #IHATEIT #ALLSTARWEEKEND #Metahuman #TME #W2TME
Tonight is the night! 8PM bell time. Doors open at 7PM. Tons of seats still available. $10 Adult GA. $7 Kids 12 & under GA. Let's break that Erie attendance record tonight! #IWantRevenge #FridayNightFights
If you're on the fence about attending Friday Night Fights, this should change your mind. The excitement, the passion, the energy that our roster has is indescribable. Do not miss our debut show at The Avalon THIS FRIDAY NIGHT! Only 7 second row seats left! Online orders end at 11PM tonight. Plenty of tickets available at the door. Don't miss out on our debut at the historic Avalon! Get hyped by watching the video we just posted to our Facebook & Yotube pages! #IWantRevenge #RevengePro #ErieWrestling #FridayNightFights
Since day one Omega said he was bringing the best pro wrestling to Erie. Not only is he bringing the best pro wrestling, he's bringing The Riot to Erie too. This Friday Night it's a Six Way Ladder Match for The Remix Riot Title at The Avalon. Plenty of tickets available at the door. Don't miss out on this huge event and being a part of history! #IWantRevenge Full video up on Facebook & Youtube.
#BreakingNews The Cruiserweight Horror Story "Omega" Aaron Draven has just captured The Remix Pro Wrestling Riot Title in a Fatal 4way match! We can now confirm that Remix has agreed to allow Omega to defend his title THIS FRIDAY NIGHT at Friday Night Fights! Your main event is now a 6 Way Ladder Match for The Remix Pro Riot Title! This huge event just got even bigger! #IWantRevenge #RevengePro #remixpro #laddermatch #FridayNightFights
Draven's flea market is open here at @remixprowrestling_. Get your fix of Omega merch! #cruiserweighthorrorstory #IWantRevenge #remixprowrestling #indywrestling #fridaythe13th
One more week until I take my nephews to this show! Friday night fights with the family. 👍🏻 #revengeprowrestling #iwantrevenge #prowrestling #professionalwrestling #wrestling #indywrestling #wrestlingshow #eriepa #familynight #fridaynightfightswiththefamily
Our debut at The Avalon is ONE WEEK AWAY!! And the card is straight fire. Monsters smashing each other's faces in, a crazy ladder match, technical wrestling, women tearing it up with no restrictions, our own stuntman... we've got it all. You do NOT want to miss this show! You can still buy your tickets online until Wednesday at 11PM! We'll still have general admission tickets to buy at the door. But if you want second or third row you should buy your seats online now! Email us at Revengeprowrestling@aol.com today. #IWantRevenge #RevengePro #ErieWrestlingWars #ErieWrestling #eriepa #indywrestling #laddermatch #WomensWrestling #iwcwrestling #AIWwrestling #eswwrestling #FridayNightFights
Our debut at the historic Avalon Hotel is ONE WEEK from tomorrow! The deadline to buy pre-sale tickets is Wednesday night at 11PM. If you want to sit close to the action get your orders in! Only 10 second row seats are left. Only 27 third row seats left. We've pre-sold 180 tickets already. This event is going to be huge! Email RevengeProWrestling@aol.com & avoid waiting in the ticket line by buying your seats ahead of time. Let's make history & break the all time Erie attendance record! #IWantRevenge #RevengePro #ErieWrestlingWars #ErieWrestling #eriepa #FridayNightFights #indywrestling #TheAvalonHotel #laddermatch #streetfight #WomensWrestling
This Saturday night @remixprowrestling_ gets to see someone get stabbed in the face with a pitch fork. Okay maybe not, but we're gonna get a little fucking crazy for sure. I know Riot Title Matches don't have any rules, does that apply to machette's too? 🗡💀⚰ #aarondraven #letsstartariot #cruiserweighthorrorstory #remixprowrestling #IWantRevenge
The Queen of The Silver Screen says she's also The Queen of Erie. She's beaten Honey Badger before, and plans on cutting her from the cast. Will she be able to handle the aggressive rowdy beast that Honey Badger is in a Street Fight? Can Katie prove she's the leading lady of Revenge or will Badger rip her face apart? Only one way to find out. Be there NEXT FRIDAY NIGHT! Full video up on Facebook & Youtube. #IWantRevenge #RevengePro #ErieWrestlingWars #ErieWrestling #eriepa #katiearquette #WomensWrestling
Pro wrestling first. Safety second. Hope you guys brought your helmets. Friday September 21st The Stuntman Rex Brody makes his debut! Get your tickets now. Less than 10 second row seats left. Less than 20 third row seats left. Get as close as possible to the best pro wrestling action in Erie! #IWantRevenge #RevengePro #FridayNightFights #ErieWrestlingWars #ErieWrestling #eriepa #AIWwrestling
"The Savage Gentleman" Victor Benjamin had a decisive win at The Battle of Lake Erie. He plans to keep his winning streak going at Friday Night Fights. Who will step up & face him? Will Lady Frost get involved? Find out Friday September 21st. #IWantRevenge #RevengePro #FridayNightFights #ErieWrestlingWars #ErieWrestling #eriepa
Due to unfortunate circumstances beyond our control, Team Storm's original opponents for Friday Night Fights are unable to compete. As we finalize the deal to sign their new opponents, we received this video from JaXon Argos. He's sick and tired of the focus being on new stars coming into Revenge. He believes the sole focus of Revenge should be on #TeamStorm . Well at Friday Night Fights September 21st, something tells us the new team they have to face isn't going to sit well with them. #IWantRevenge #RevengePro #ErieWrestlingWars #ErieWrestling #eriepa #iwcwrestling #FridayNightFights
BADGER TRIBE! Here’s where to catch your H.B.I.C in action this month. Don’t see your city listed? Ask your local promoter to bring the Honey Badger to your favorite wrestling promotion!🍯🐾
Puf has never been in a ladder match before. He also happens to have a severe fear of heights. But he's got two things to help him win his very first ladder match. A heavy duty super strength ladder, and a plan to be the Star That Steals The Night Away on the 21st Night of September! Full video up on Facebook & Youtube. #IWantRevenge #RevengePro #ErieWrestlingWars #ErieWrestling #eriepa #eswwrestling #FridayNightFights
Pretty Boy Smooth has strong feelings on Tre LaMar's attitude. At Friday Night Fights on September 21st he plans on teaching him a lesson in humility. Will size & swag overcome speed & striking power? Can Tre backup everything he says? This one has potential to steal the show. Get your tickets now so you don't miss this one. Less than 10 second row seats remain. Get one of the best seats in the house while you still can. Email RevengeProWrestling@aol.com ! Full video up on Facebook & Youtube. #PBSmooth #TreLamar #IWantRevenge #RevengePro #FridayNightFights
When PB Smooth heard we signed Tre LaMar to compete at Friday Night Fights, he was the first one to request a match with him. PB is on a quest to prove he's the best all around wrestler on the independent scene today, by proving he can adapt and defeat wrestlers of all styles. He defeated one of the best suplex throwing hoss'es at The Battle of Lake Erie in July. Now he's going to attempt to beat one of the most breath taking high flyers around. Can Tre keep his arrogance under control long enough to out wrestle "Mr. Fresh 2 Death" with speed and strikes? Can PB use his size and strength to catch Tre & ground him? Only one way to find out. Be there LIVE at The Avalon on Friday September 21st! #IWantRevenge #RevengePro #ErieWrestlingWars #eriewrestling #eriepa #FridayNightFights #AIWwrestling
Confirmed by Big League in his Update Center video, Andre Kanan Alexander has accepted Chris LeRusso's challenge. In a Battle of Lake Erie Rematch A.K.A. battles "The Heir Apparent". Will AKA double down and prove he's the better athlete? Or will Chris LeRusso prove that it was a fluke? Only one way to find out. Be there live at The Avalon on Friday September 21st! #IWantRevenge #RevengePro #ErieWrestlingWars #ErieWrestling #eriepa #iwcwrestling #FridayNightFights
While everyone is getting ready to go ALL IN tonight on pay per view, we're all in on our next match announcement. Former ECW Superstar and current 205 Live mainstay, "The Extreme Underdog" Colin Delaney​ goes one on one with 1/5 of the AIW Tag Team Champions, representing "The Production", Eddy Only​! This match has the potential to steal show for sure. Be there live September 21st at The Avalon! #IWantRevenge #RevengePro #aiwwrestling #FridayNightFights #ErieWrestlingWars #ErieWrestling #eriepa
"Big League" John McChesney is back in The Revenge Update Center to talk about Friday Night Fights in style! September 21st is going to be the biggest independent wrestling event in the history of Erie. You don't want to miss this event. If this video doesn't get you hyped you don't have a pulse! Posted on our Facebook & Youtube pages. Exactly 3 weeks from today! Get your tickets now! #IWantRevenge
September 21st Revenge is going to see the debut of The Stuntman. While Erie fans may know the name Rex Brody, he's not the same man he used to be. He's on his own now and he's been making a name for himself in AIW. The Stuntman doesn't work with a safety net or do second takes. He's balls to the wall, hoping he doesn't fall while risking it all. But no need to worry, he always brings his helmet. Safety first! #IWantRevenge
We are exactly 4 weeks away from Friday Night Fights at The Avalon! Only 19 second row seats left. Get them now before they're gone! At The Battle of Lake Erie Andre Kanan Alexander defeated Chris LeRusso in the middle of the ring. Chris LeRusso is having trouble accepting that. It's consuming his every thought. Well he has some advice for AKA, and a challenge for Friday Night Fights. Full video on our Facebook & Youtube #IWantRevenge #RevengePro #FridayNightFights #ErieWrestlingWars #ErieWrestling #eriepa
Traveling into Erie from out of town for Friday Night Fights? Our venue that night is a hotel, and they've extended discounted rates to everyone coming in for the show. Even if you live in Erie and just want a room so you can have a few drinks downtown or at the hotel bar worry free, you are eligible. Reserve your room by September 10th and let them know you're there for Revenge. You get a discounted rate of $79.99. You're within walking distance of all the bars in downtown Erie to keep the party going after the event. Call 814-459-2220 and let them know #IWantRevenge (and a discounted room). You will still be eligible for the discounted rate if you book a room the night of the event, but they can't guarantee rooms will be available. So make your reservation by September 10th to lock in that rate! **Only available for Kings / Doubles. Rate 79.99 plus taxes. Rate based on availability. Rate valid only September 21, 2018**
We're always on the look out for fresh faces to give an opportunity to. No one has been blowing up more in the area than Tre` LaMar. Trained by Johnny Gargano at The AIW Wrestling School, Tre` has wrestled for AIW, Black Lable Pro, IWC, & IWA Mid-south to name a few. He blends amazing high flying skills with hard hitting strikes. And he walks the line between confident & cocky, but this new breed of hybrid athlete is exactly what Revenge is all about. Tre` LaMar makes his Revenge debut at Friday Night Fights September 21st at The Avalon in Erie. #IWantRevenge
When your trash ass friends don’t wake you up from your 12AM “power nap”(...!!! 😅) so you sleep through peak party hour and now you’re on a train ride home at 5AM doing the #WalkofShame 😭😭😭 #iwantREVENGE 😩😩😭 © #higz
At Friday Night Fights on September 21st, we're giving the Revenge fans a sample of some new talent. Representing "The Production", Eddy Only is 1/5 of the current AIW Tag Team Champions. Eddy Only was trained by Ricky Shane Page and in his young career has already held gold in AIW, & competed in IWA Mid-south. He calls himself the stage hand of The Production, and he's coming to Revenge to scout their next project... and kick a little ass. Watch his debut live Friday September 21st at The Avalon! #IWantRevenge #RevengePro #aiwwrestling #eriepa #eriewrestling #eriewrestlingwars
We are exactly 5 weeks away from Friday Night Fights at The Avalon! Less than 20 second row tickets are left. make sure you get your orders in now to Revengeprowrestling@aol.com. The Revenge Women's Division was kicked off at The Battle of Lake Erie in a big way. Katie Arquette was not expecting a wild beast to accept her open challenge. The only thing that could stop Honey Badger was a chair shot to the spine. After Katie stole the win, Badger made the challenge. At Friday Night Fights these two athletes are gonna take to the streets for a good old fashioned Erie Streetfight! #WomensWrestling #IWantRevenge #RevengePro #streetfight #eriepa #ErieWrestlingWars #eriewrestling
Everyone wants to be on the winning team! Check out Waylon Reavis & A Killer's Confession at Sherlocks tonight. You know Waylon wants some REVENGE. #akillersconfession #waylonreavis #johnmcchesney #IWantRevenge
Oh shit new merch! I'll have these bad boys in time for Remix & Revenge in September. Available in S - 3XL. $20 #aarondraven #cruiserweighthorrorstory #kingofcruiserweightchaos #IWantRevenge
Starting with our next event after Friday Night Fights we'll be moving to a three man booth for our DVD Commentary. Veteran Erie play by play commentator, former The Violence Academy -Erie, PA graduate, and stand up comedian Johnny Kase will join Dorian Monroe & Joe Rosa. He used to call himself The Laugh-lete, but now let's hope he has a sense of humor when Dorian & Joe drive him crazy. #IWantRevenge
😹 No one on insta gunna know who this is but..🔥🎤🤠 James Brown 🤠🎤🔥 #guttercatt #guttercattgang 😸😺 #jamesbrown #funk #papadonttakenomess #thepayback #livinginamerica #funkmusic #legend #goat #getup #revenge #immad #iwantrevenge #portrait
Get your tickets now for Friday Night Fights At the Avalon! Front row is completely sold out. Only 23 second row seats remain. $12 for second row. $10 for general admission. Pre order now to avoid waiting in line. Send us an email at Revengeprowrestling@aol.com to put in your order today! Second row will sell out before September 21st!! Don't miss out on the biggest wrestling event in Erie history! #RevengePro #IWantRevenge #ErieWrestlingWars #ErieWrestling #eriepa #FridayNightFights
♞ ɪ ᴡᴀɴᴛ ʀᴇᴠᴇɴɢᴇ —————— After four shots at an MSW, I Want Revenge (Stephen Got Even - Meguial, by Roy) broke his maiden in his fourth start at Hollywood Park. Looking for a spot in the starting gates the first Saturday in May, Revenge would begin targeting prep races in 2009 after his second in the G1 CashCall Futurity. It didn’t take long for Revenge to become a favorite; after a third in the G2 Robert B. Lewis Stakes, Revenge won the G3 Gotham Stakes by an impressive 8 1/2 lengths and the G1 Wood Memorial Stakes by 1 1/2 lengths. The morning line favorite for the derby, Revenge was scratched the day of due to an ankle filling that only worsened in the following days. Days later, his career was in jeopardy and he would be off racing for months. Revenge received therapy, and in 2010, Revenge made his long awaited return in the G2 Suburban Handicap for a third place finish, then topped the G3 Phillip H. Iselin Stakes field but once again ran third. Unfortunately, Revenge never won again and was retired sound in 2012. He now stands at Millennium Farms for $5,000 and his first winners just arrived last year in July. Currently, his top performer is Gia Michael. —— @racing_.horses 📸: Sarah K. Andrew
Your second half of the Double Main Event on September 21st is a 6Way Ladder Match! If you enjoyed The Big League Invitational at The Battle of Lake Erie, it's time to take it to the next level. Let's add a whole bunch of ladders! Five of the six entrants have been announced. "Cruiserweight Horror Story" Aaron Draven, "Xerxes" Zac Vincent, "The New Age Plague" Gory, Andrew Palace, & Puf. Who will be the 6th entrant? Be there live at Friday Night Fights to find out!
In case anyone missed it, event photos from The Battle of Lake Erie have been posted in the photo section on our Facebook page. Thanks to Debbers Deickhoff & Brennan Goho for the great shots. #IWantRevenge #RevengePro #BattleOfLakeErie #ErieWrestlingWars #ErieWrestling #eriepa
You never know who is going to show up to a Revenge Pro show. Sometimes we don't even know. "Mr. VIP" Joe Rosa joined Dorian Monroe on our DVD Commentary Team at The Battle of Lake Erie and did a great job. Joe Rosa has had his fair share of battles in Erie, so it was great to have him lend his voice to the event. Joe & Dorian made a great team, make sure to check the out when our DVD of the event becomes available. *hint* This Week *hint* #IWantRevenge
It was announced by Big League at The Battle of Lake Erie that War Child has signed on to join Revenge. War Child is no stranger to Erie. He's held tag team gold as a member of The Dead Wrestling Society and destroyed everyone put in his way. He went over four years without being pinned. And now he's ready to tear people's arms off and club them to death with them in Revenge! Come out to Friday Night Fights at The Avalon September 21st and see what all the hype is about. #IWantRevenge #WarChild
In just one day we've pre sold over 130 tickets to Friday Night Fights at The Avalon! Your main event is not going to be a traditional wrestling match. It's going to be two monsters throwing bombs. Dead Wrestling Society member War Child makes his Revenge debut! He goes one on one with the man with War in his name @wardlow_1. And that's exactly what this match is going to be, a WAR. Don't miss out. About 30 second row seats are left, and plenty of general admission seats remain. Make sure you're there to see the two monsters try and rip each other's heads off. #IWantRevenge #RevengePro #ErieWrestlingWars #ErieWrestling #FridayNightFights
Remake Coming Soon 🙏🎬😈💪🏾 #Iwantrevenge #savvomell #mpfentertainment18
The Facebook Event Page is live for Friday Night Fights At The Avalon! Go click going and let's keep the party going! #IWantRevenge #FridayNightFights #TheAvalonHotel
Chugging beers with one of the best in the world. A perfect way to celebrate the end of a killer first show. #IWantRevenge
What a jam packed crowd! Thanks to everyone that made last night a success. More event photos soon. #BattleOfLakeErie #IWantRevenge
Thank you to each and every fan that came out to our debut show. We appreciate every single one of you. We had the largest attendance of any July Erie Wrestling show ever! 316 fans showed up and said #IWantRevenge ! Our next show is Friday September 21st, Friday Night Fights at The Avalon!
Awesome show tonight at the first ever revenge pro wrestling show ! Big league John Mcchesney please let me be a part of this movement as a ring crew and pay my dues! Thank you for a great show with great talent , also great to see ms. Lady frost there! #everydaysmoos #dapperdugan #crazyworld #eatsleeprepeatwrestling #alldaywrestling #wrestlingislife #iwantrevenge #revengeprowrestling #letmegetin
It's been too long since I saw the crew, but we all know that revenge is a dish best served cold 😈 #iwantrevenge
Awesome turn out for the very first show for revenge pro wrestling , so looking forward to this event! Front row center #dapperdugan #crazyworld #eatsleeprepeatwrestling #alldaywrestling #wrestlingislife #dreamneverdies #revengeprowrestling #iwantrevenge
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