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Insecure actress @yvonneorji recently spilled the tea on how her prayer for a man in her life blessed her to find a true partner in former NFL player /ESPN Analyst Emmanuel Acho. We love love stories like this, do you? Orji posted the prayer on her Instagram page under pictures of the couple posing together on vacation. Get your notepads ready! The prayer is below, with some of her hilarious hashtags! 'Dear God, May he have abs like David• Skin like Sampson• A smile like Joseph• Fingernails like Solomon• Eyebrows like John The Baptist &• A heart (and finances) like yours• In Jesus’ Name• Amen• 😂🙌🏾🙏🏾 #YallAskedForTheSpecificPrayer #ThatWasntItButItWasClose #HeGotMeAboutToStayInTheGym #ButTheWayILoveCarbsTho 😩😩 #HisAbsAreDisrespectful #insecure #bleackexcellence #insecurehbo #prayer #faith