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“Rescuing a friend” Arnold is at the top of a hill with his eagle guide spirit by his side jungle night view base on my fanfic https://my.w.tt/56EaAR33kP #pencildrawing #pencilart #arnoldhelga #samypama #jungleart #craigbartlett #heyarnoldfanart #heyarnoldfanfiction #heyarnoldjunglemovie
So here's some dumb comic based on something I think happened in Cool Party (offscreen). I know it's shit, I know. #heyarnold #heyarnoldfanart #90snickelodeon #90snick
😱AAAHH!! Real Arnold!😱 Spray paint on wood, approx 11 X 9.25 inches! $40, two other background colors available! Contact me for sales info! 🙃 if you would like to adopt this one and need it shipped please include your zip code in your DM or email! X X X X X X X X X X X X X X #aaahhrealmonsters #aaahhrealmonstersickis #90scartoons #90sNick #90sNickolodeon #90skids #heyarnold #heyarnolds #heyarnoldfanart #heyarnoldreference #90sstyle #90sparty #contemporaryartists #contemporaryartdaily #contemporarygallery #contemporaryart #contemporarypopart #pdxart #pdxartist #pdxartists #portlandart #portlandartist #portlandartists #stencilart #stencilartists #bestofpdx #spraypaintart #popartfusion
No Alejen mi sol, You are my sunshine #pencildrawing #arnoldhelga #heyarnoldfanart #craigbartlett #samypama
So I drew Lorenzo playing viola on his roof. #heyarnold #heyarnoldfanart #90snick #90snickelodeon
I stay being too comfortable too soon with new people
So I made this AU based on a movie you totally never seen or heard of before (jk u know it) and I think this was pretty fun. #heyarnold #heyarnoldfanart #90snickelodeon #90snick #tarzanau
i've been watching hey arnold! a lot lately & i have some very strong feelings about Helga Pataki. mostly those feelings are love & also a headcannon that she's a trans girl. so here is some art of that. shoutout to @cosmicleggy for validating my headcannon & gushing over Helga with me! 💘 #heyarnold #helgapataki #heyarnoldfanart #copicmarker
Here's some crappy drawing of Sid and Lorenzo dreaming of each other being together in Seattle I guess. #heyarnold #heyarnoldfanart #90snickelodeon #90snick
Arnold reading my fanfic story, My first digital drawing. This was a quick digital sketch #heyarnoldfanart #helgapataki #helgapataki #fanfictionstories #samypama #quicksketch
Here's Sid playing on some bongos. #heyarnold #heyarnoldfanart #90snickelodeon #90snick
i fucking love #embroidery 🗣 it gives me something to look forward to, something to get better at, something that makes me so happy and proud of myself. every etsy order, every person who wants a custom hoop and even every view on my shop makes me truly so fucking happy and excited to keep going which is something i haven’t felt in a long time. so thank you again to everyone who’s shown love <3
I’m not really a fan of drawing pre-existing cartoon characters, but I thought this came out surprisingly well. I relate to Arnold so much in real life. He taught me how to be a true friend. **Reference photo that I do not own rights to was used.**
Story Time!!!!!: once, many moons ago (I was 15/16) I went to hot topic and bought Vampire Red Manic Panic and a bleaching kit. I was so excited and was gonna dye it before my mom got home from work. As luck would have it, I had just stared mixing the bleach when she got home. And she had a major cow and threw it out and said that if I dyed my hair any “unnatural” color she would shave my head. So there went my plan of being a rebel. Piercings other than on my ears were a definite no, even though I wanted snakebites, a nose piercing, and a belly button piercing more than anything in the world. When I turned 18 I got my tongue pierced and when my mom found out she threatened to rip it out. She told me that when I moved out I could get all the tattoos and piercings and do whatever I wanted with my hair. I never could though cause i started working at Starbucks and at the time, you couldn’t have visible tattoos and piercings and unnatural hair. And then I had stupid grown up responsibilities like rent and bills to put before spending money on tattoos and stuff. Le sigh. Oh! But get this! my sister was allowed to dye her hair BARNEY FUCKING PURPLE when she was like 13. Being the first child in a strict mexican household sucked ass sometimes. Not that I’m bitter or anything... Also, my parents thought any music that was guitar or scream heavy was satanic or just a bad influence. This included Pop-punk or things like Linkin Park or My Chemical Romance. Lol they said it was just a phase...lol So yeah. I was remembering those days and then drew this one of Stinky and his dad. And I actually like how it turned out. Lol. #heyarnoldfanart #heyarnold #HAfanart #stinkypeterson #mowhawk #drawing #sketchbook
"Arnie was a joke about when we get really ugly animation back from the studio. We turned that into an ep." - @craigbartlett New sketch currently in progress. Happy #FanArtFriday , everyone! #HeyArnoldfanart #HeyArnold #Arnie #WeirdCousin #sketch #fanart
A: “What’d you guys get for 14?” P: “Falsó.” R: *sighs* A: “Rhonda? you ok?” R: “Huh?” A: “i asked if you’re ok...you seem kinda...” P: “absent-minded? You haven’t answered a single question on your study guide” R: “I’m fine. Just...thinking” P: “I’m sure you’ll do fine on the exam if...” R: “it’s not Spanish I’m worried about. It’s my life” A: “Is everything ok?” R: “Well, do you ever want something that you swore you’d never be caught dead with?” A: “Like?” R: “well like...florals” A: “Florals? Like flowers? R: “yes, arnold, florals. Floral PRINT. I’ve always said I’d never be caught dead with florals cause they’re geeky,annoying &...just...hideous. And I, Rhonda Wellington Lloyd, am known to have the hottest...clothes. I have a reputation, a type. &now! All of a sudden florals are cool&they want him! I mean, them. But if anyone should have it, it’s me! You know?” A: “well...you could get your own, right? I mean, it’s not like there’s only one...um...floral outfit. Right?” R: “That’s the thing. How do I know I really want it&I’m not just like...doing it cause everyone else wants it? I mean, everyone knows how much I hate them! I’ve voiced my hate for him, um...them, since I was a kid &if I just show up &am in florals? People will talk! People will definitely judge me. And I’m not even sure I’ll like the florals once I have them. Like what if I was right? What if the minute I have them I just change my mind?” P: “can’t you just...try it? You never know, you may really like florals if you give them a try” A: “Yeah, I mean you might just need to give them a chance. Our tastes change&besides,it’s not like you’re stuck wearing them forever” R: “true, it’s not like I’m choosing to spend the rest of my life with him...them.” A: “I mean you could always start small. You know, wear it on the weekends or like as an accessory” R: “Arnold! You’re brilliant! I can just try it on! ¬ wear it in public! No one has to know! That way, I still get what I want!” *bell rings & Rhonda gets up&runs out* A: “wow, Rhonda really is passionate about her outfits huh?” P: “something tells me this was more than just a wardrobe dilemma” #hafanart #heyarnold #heyarnoldfanart
S: “sooooooo *cackles*” R: “Shut up. It’s not funny” S: “I dunno, i think it’s hilarious. Curly and Rhonda. Rhonda and Curly. Doin the dirty with Curly *snickers* it’s great.” R: “we aren’t doing the dirty you disgusting pervert. Is that all you think about?” S: “what Can i say? I’m a healthy teen boy. I think about sex and music and food, and boobs and more music and more sex.” R: “healthy. Yeah right, more like a disgusting pervert meddling in other’s personal life. Besides, we aren’t doing...that. Not like that’s any of your business. we just...make out a little bit. And I swear, if you say anything to anyone I will ruin you” S: “oh come on, Curly is a great dude. Kinda a nerd, ya know, with his dorky hobbies. Ya know, Wizards, Jedis and hobbits, Oh my! But he’s a great friend. And to be honest, he may be a huge virgin on the street but I bet he’s a kinky freak in the sheets, ya know what I mean?” R: “You’re sick. And I know he’s a great guy it’s just...he’s...Curly” S: “Cause it’s Curly is why you like him. I mean, you can have any guy you want, and you go with Curly. There has to be something about him that you like and is good enough for you. So what if he’s not the popular jock or the pretty boy? You like the dude.” R: “What do you know? I mean you’re just a little shrimp with stringy hair and big ears and your hat on backwards” S: “Im taller than you. And my hair isn’t stringy anymore. And you know you love me” R: “Yeah right. I’m serious Sid, you can’t tell anyone about this. What’ll it take to make you shut up?” S: “you think you can buy my silence? That I’d blackmail you? I’m offended.” R: “Wouldn’t be the first Time. Remember when you blackmailed me in 8th grade?” S: “Yeah, that was great. But, I was younger then. I won’t say anything, just remember, "Do not be fooled by its commonplace appearance. Like so many things, it is not what is outside, but what is inside that counts." R: “what kind of fortune cookie crap is that?” S: *shrugs* “Aladdin. Anyway, I gotta go.. think about it though.” #HAfanart #heyarnoldfanart #heyarnold #sketchbook #doodles #cartoon #headcannondoodles
My Shitty Hey Arnold doodles& their backstories are back!!! Sorry!!! . . S: “Soooo...my maaaaannnn!” C: “Nothing happened. We were just studying and...” S: “Studying...pft. Anatomy?” C: “It’s not...it’s not serious, I mean, she’s...ya know, Rhonda.” S: “Yeah i know! Like I said, ‘my maaaannn’” C: “I just...Dude I like her, a lot. But to her this is like...a game. You know? It like, thrills her or something.” S: “Kinky” C: “You can’t tell anyone. What you saw...I mean, we were just...” S “‘studying’ yeah I know. Curly, my son” C: “Not your son” S: I think it’s time for me to share some wisdom with you. Man to man” C: “God.” S: “i mean after all, not to brag or anything but I have pretty decent game with the ladies. I mean, I am no Gerald but Still...chicks did musicians. Especially guitarists. Magic fingers, if ya know what I mean” C: “You’re gross.” S: “I am experienced. And I am gonna help you! Hey im like that little green dude from your geek movies! Yoda! Think of me like Yoda! Come on, I’m your bro! I’m BROda” C: “you’re not even remotely cool enough to be Yoda. Besides, How on earth will YOU help me? I mean, it’s not like you can make Rhonda like me enough to be in a real relationship with me. So no offense, but forget you even saw anything. And don’t tell anyone, please. Especially Helga. She’d go off on both of us” . Sid eventually finds out that Rhonda and Curly have been sneaking around. Also, I totally stole the Broda idea from HIMYM, so I can’t take credit there. . Anyway. Sometimes I lowkey wanna take all my drawing and just post them in a separate account cause this one is just a mess and I feel like a loser having all these dumb drawings here. but honestly, that’s too much effort and I lowkey don’t care. #HAfanart #heyarnold #heyarnoldfanart #sketchbook #garbagedoodle #90skid
So I drew Sid as some dark wizard I guess. #heyarnold #heyarnoldfanart #90snickelodeon #90snick
So I drew Sid as some cave person because I was bored I guess. #heyarnold #heyarnoldfanart #90snickelodeon #90snick
all i wanted was his stupid hat... AND WORLD DOMINATION!!
So yeah Lorenzo's thinking about Sid here. #heyarnold #heyarnoldfanart #90snickelodeon #90snick
Tomorrow’s #InternationalFriendshipDay and we can’t think of a better salute than Arnold & Gerald’s secret handshake. 👍🏾✨👍🏼 An @officialheyarnold #SundayScribbles by @theloudhousecartoon NICKtern @alocricchiodesigns ! 🧡
Okay so I guess Sid has some really awful sleep deprivation or something. #heyarnold #heyarnoldfanart #90snickelodeon #90snick
So I drew teen Eugene and yeah he's been through a lot but he's okay. #heyarnold #heyarnoldfanart #90snickelodeon #90snick
Arnold holding his cellphone. Who is he recording or is he texting someone special? 😘😉 #helgaandarnold #pencildrawing #heyarnoldfanart #arnoldshortman
So I drew Lorenzo as a superhero. #heyarnold #heyarnoldfanart #90snick #90snickelodeon
I love hating my own style and not improving in any way :) ___________________ #helgapataki #heyarnold #fanart #heyarnoldfanart #digitalart
So I drew what I think Lorenzo's school picture would look and yes I imagine his last name to be "Cazares". #heyarnold #heyarnoldfanart #90snickelodeon #90snick
“Don’t cry little guy .. my mother did what she had to do to protect me too” 💔 #heyarnold #heyarnoldfanart #cubone #pokemon #90scartoons
Here's some shitty comic based on some vine I saw. #heyarnold #heyarnoldfanart #90snickelodeon #90snick
When you feel that your art is trash, just do a #drawthisagain and realize that your art may still be trash but it’s less garbage-y than it was before. The original was done in 2015 and I got so frustrated with it that I never finished it (not much has changed!) But I finished this one! And while there are a few things I wish I had done differently, I’m kinda proud of it. Cheerleader Lila and Football player Harold #hafanart #heyarnoldfanart #heyarnold #art #drawing #copic #copicmarkers
Some sketches for #FanArtFriday . Thanks, @ethangonzalez7333 , for suggesting the third picture in this gallery! #HeyArnold #ArnoldShortman #HelgaPataki #Rugrats #AngelicaPickles #sketch #fanart #HeyArnoldfanart #Rugratsfanart #Shortaki (I couldn't resist)
Rhonda Wellington Lloyd. . . I could do better. First sketch of her in such a long time! Aye. #rhondawellingtonlloyd #heyarnold #heyarnoldfanart #nicktoonfanart #nickelodeon #nicksplat #rhondalloyd
I drew Lorenzo as a robot I guess. #heyarnold #heyarnoldfanart #90snickelodeon #90snick
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