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All natural 🙌🏽🙌🏽
Before & after first session of microneedling with red LED light therapy, cooling hydro mask, hyaluronic acid serum, laser aid and SP50+ applied after for maximum protection and healing. (FYI those lashes are real 😍😍)
Exfoliate your lips 💋
What she said lol #DrSmiles #NewTeeth #CelebrityTeeth
Dental Implants are not just for the older generation. Therefore, if you have suffered an accident or injury and have lost a tooth (or multiple teeth) then we can help. Book in for a consultation to discuss your options today. . . . #prosthodontics #cosmetic #cosmetics #cosmeticdentistry #london #dentalveneers #veneers #specialist #dentalspecialist #niceteeth #modelteeth #pearldentalclinic #dentalveneers #porcelainveneers #emax #lumineers #hollywoodsmile #newteeth #celebrityteeth #celebritysmile #smile #dentist #dental #toothbrush #happy #health #healthy #healthyliving #dentalimplants
Don’t forget to do your top ups! Teeth whitening can last up to 12 months, however drinking a lot of red wine, coffee, soft drinks and smokers would require a top up every 3-4 months to keep it bright and white 😁
Acne facial - first step is to kill the bacteria and to stop it from spreading! Using AHA’s & BHA’s to remove the dirt and using vitamin A to help fade dark spots, treat acne and fine lines and wrinkles. The pumpkin Enzyme helped to brighten the skin too 😍
My girl with the pearly whites 😍😍😍 yes, she’s beyond the whitest S2 on the scale with her fourth session (top up/maintenance) woot!! 😁
Floss like a boss
Use a charcoal toothbrush to help remove excessive stains, toxins and harmful chemicals on your enamel. Charcoal is known for absorbing and removing bacteria. Note: Always use a soft to medium brush. Using a hard bristle can damage the enamel.
Rather be in bed with this weather 😭
FATHERS DAY PROMO: Triple Teeth whitening for $80 (RPP $100) Valid until end of September
Smile with confidence 😁
Hi all! For everyone’s convenience, my booking system can now take online deposits. Apologises for the inconsistent and multiple messages to clients to get bank transfers through. I now require a 40% of your requested service as a down deposit and all bookings be made online. Enjoy your Friday night ☺️🍷🍾
▫️ Glowing skin ▫️ White teeth ▫️
▫️Skincare ingredient info▫️ KOJIC ACID This acid is an extremely effective skin lightening treatment and is being used in many skin care products as a powerful skin lightening agent. It is great for the treatment of hyper pigmentation on the skin.
Gloomy days be like this. Almost done at the spa ☺️
Say hello to white teeth 😍 this is the fourth treatment which is just a maintenance procedure to keep up white and bright teeth 😁
Microdermabrasion and extraction results ✔️ #jobdoneright
NEXT WEEK AVAILABILITIES: Friday: 6pm 6:30pm 9pm Saturday: 10:30am 11:00am Sunday: 12:00pm Enjoy your Sunday night ☺️☺️
Don’t forget your skin care routine morning and night! - cleanse - exfoliate (only twice or three times a week) - tone - serums - moisturise - sunscreen
Q. How long does a client have to wait after having their braces removed before having a teeth whitening treatment? A. The cement residue from the braces can last for 3-6 months. It is best to allow at least this time to ensure the teeth whitening treatment has a clean tooth surface to work on. If there is still cement on the teeth no whitening will occur where the cement residue is resulting in a patchy unsightly result. . . -SSR ✨
😍😍😍 Can I just introduce you all to my natural and beautiful sister in law 😍😍😍 she is the type of woman who can easily walk out of the house with no make up on! And then she sends me this pic saying “this is how I look caked face” 😂 She is definition of inner and outer beauty ✨✨✨
Activated charcoal benefits on the skin: Removes and pulls the dirt from unclogged pores ✔️ Helps lighten the skin ✔️ Reduces excess oil ✔️ Treats bacteria from acne ✔️ I offer this treatment called ‘Deep Sea Facial’ which includes an activated charcoal mud mask. For more information, please click on the service tab on the SSR website ☺️
Smile! Happy Friday! 😄
▫️TEETH TIP▫️ Limit sugary foods and drinks, drink plenty of tap water (especially if fluoridated) and enjoy a wide variety of nutritious foods to avoid tooth decay.
Are you drinking enough water to stay hydrated this winter?
When hubby is your biggest regular for microdermabrasion lol. I love analysing the filter. Yes that filter was white before. And that is all the dead skin removed ✔️
I love how a woman can look insanely gorgeous in a minimal way! @gigihadid 😍😍😍
Wow. Natural beauty 😍😍😍
Smile 😁 2nd treatment on this beauty! Let’s talk about the use of an LED light lamp for teeth whitening! . . Q. What’s the benefit of using an accelerator lamp with the teeth whitening gel? A. Using an led teeth whitening machine accelerates the teeth whitening gel, causing it to react faster when breaking down stains! What this means is you can achieve the same result as you would normally take around 14 hours with whitening gel alone in a one hour treatment. The use of the accelerator lamp speeds up the process of the molecular breakdown of the whitening gel which makes the oxidization of the stains occur more rapidly. There are several benefits for your client to using this process: they only need to do the white diet once instead of for weeks and the client gets instant results! ✨
Thank you again for another busy week! Unfortunately next week I won’t be working Saturday and Sunday. If you are needing an appointment next week, DM or message me for a specific day if needed on Monday and Tuesday (only available after 5:30pm). Here are availabilities: Wednesday: 6pm & 8:30pm Thursday: 6pm & 7pm Friday: 6:30pm, 7:30pm & 8:30pm . . -SSR ✨
I wish I didn’t move on the after photo! Slight blur but I think the skin glow was too much for my camera to handle 😅 #skingoals 😍 I rarely get the opportunity to oil up drier skin types! My client has beautiful, luscious skin so monthly facials are good enough to just give some radiance ✨
Happy Friday everyone! We are moving closer to getting our business cards, brochures and website running. Here is a little preview :) all new clients will receive a loyalty card to earn a discounted treatment at 15%! If you are an existing client, all your treatments have not gone to waste. This will be added to the system so that you can redeem your discount. Please note: facial and teeth treatments are separate and cannot be combined to receive the 15%. My business cards will be available by end of September. Thank you all for your patience! -SSR ✨
Alicia Keys is #nomakeup goals!
A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear!
Todo en esta vida tiene una solución. Solamente tienes que confiar tu sonrisa en los profesionales indicados ✨💪🏻😷 #orthodontist #orthodontips #antesydespues #smile #salud #celebrityteeth #beforeandafter #orthodontics #ortodoncia
Customized facials to target your skin & teeth concerns. We offer the following services: ▫️Skin needling ▫️Chemical peels ▫️LED light therapy ▫️Microdermabrasion ▫️Tailored acne facials ▫️Tailored sensitive skin ▫️Cosmetic teeth whitening Located in Blacktown, NSW 2148
Facials aren’t just a female thing! Men get facials too and there are so many benefits to it. This is also your ‘me’ time to relax and revitalise.
▫️ Be natural & neat ▫️
Can we just sit here and appreciate her natural beauty 😍 my girl/client is SOO beautiful with and without make up!
▫️ Tranquility ▫️
Second session with one week interval 😍😍😍 from S28-30 to S16 to S10!! Last one before we do maintenance touch ups 😁
Achieved an S4 in one sitting 😍 results will vary from person to person. My lovely client has strong, thick enamel and not thin and translucent which makes it easier to whiten! Some clients may have to go through multiple sessions to see a huge difference. Enjoy your Sunday 😌
Teeth tip: Always interchange with a teeth whitening tooth paste for long lasting benefits of whitening!
I hope everyone has had a good week so far! I’m so excited to announce my new name! We are doing a huge make over and it is still in working progress! Big huge thank you to @aluxestyle for rebranding and my logo! I am working on my website so it will be available soon, keep an eye out! For now here is a preview ☺️ -SSR
Get the smile of your dreams with ceramic veneers from Pearl. We offer FREE consultations, trial smiles, smile design, ultra-thin veneers, and much more. We look forward to meeting you. . . . #prosthodontics #cosmetic #cosmetics #cosmeticdentistry #london #newteeth #dentalveneers #veneers #specialist #dentalspecialist #niceteeth #modelteeth #pearldentalclinic #dentalveneers #porcelainveneers #emax #lumineers #hollywoodsmile #newteeth #celebrityteeth #celebritysmile #smile #porcelain #dentist #dental #toothbrush #happy #health #healthy #healthyliving
Tom Cruise before and after he had his teeth fixed! #funny #laugh #picoftheday #instagood #lifeproblems #smile #celebrity #tomcruise #dentalwork #poornotugly #celebrityteeth 👀👀😕
Look at that smile 😍😍😍
My beautiful client has been so consistent with her treatments and I am really really pleased to see her skin improving over time! 😍 We stayed away from hydration masks to combat the build up of white heads & black heads so we went with a clay charcoal mud mask 👌🏽
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