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Hump Day Inspiration- Davis was the first female president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. She won the Academy Award for Best Actress twice, was the first person to accrue 10 Academy Award nominations for acting, and was the first woman to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Film Institute. Her career went through several periods of eclipse, and she admitted that her success had often been at the expense of her personal relationships. Married four times, she was once widowed and three times divorced, and raised her children as a single parent. Her final years were marred by a long period of ill health, but she continued acting until shortly before her death from breast cancer, with more than 100 film, television, and theater roles to her credit during her six-decade-long career. In 1999, Davis was placed second behind Katharine Hepburn on the American Film Institute's list of the greatest female stars of classic Hollywood cinema. #womeninfilm #reelwomen #actors #bettedaviseyes #bettedavis #cinematography #wonder #humpdayinspiration
Bette and Gary Merrill’s home (now demolished) in Maine throughout the ‘50s | “We called our house ‘Witch-way’ because we didn’t know which way we were going and a witch lived there—guess who? It was a three-storied white clapboard house with the open Atlantic all around us. Huge picture windows overlooked the water; and I never once threw any of our antiques out of them into the ocean. The porches, the stacked lobster pots, the open fires, the pond for skating in winter, the cove, the everything made it the perfect home for a family to be happy in. Its kitchen was my new amphitheatre; and I never wanted to get off the stage! Maine was my greatest therapy.” -Bette, in The Lonely Life 💜
Bette, in costume for Old Acquaintance (1943), enjoys tea with Olivia de Havilland and Ida Lupino—both in costume for Devotion (filmed at that time, yet released in 1946 due to de Havilland’s successful suit against Warner Brothers) 💕
Bette, photographed candidly circa 1938 💛
“U životu svake žene dodje trenutak kada joj samo čaša šampanjca može pomoći.” - Bet Dejvis #bettedavis #sestrealeksic #vinazenskihrukudelo #aleksicvina #vino #wine #life
“It is essential not to give up in any struggle one undertakes,” #OliviadeHavilland said she was “furious” to learn of her depiction on #Feud . “I certainly expected that I would be consulted about the text,” she explained. “I never imagined that anyone would misrepresent me.” The actress also stated that, had #CatherineZetaJones reached out to her, she would have agreed to meet with her Oscar-winning peer “under proper conditions.” De Havilland’s legal battle centers on the issue of whether Hollywood projects are protected by the First Amendment. De Havilland’s legal team argues that, in the case of Feud, FX went too far. If de Havilland succeeds, her case could again change the way Hollywood does business—this time seriously affecting biopics and projects inspired by real people or events. Asked about de Havilland’s court battle, some eight decades after she made Hollywood history, the actress told the paper, “It is only natural for me to take on these institutions because they are in error.” (excerpt from #VanityFair on Dame Olivia's interview with #TheLosAngelesTimes , Dec, 2018) . . . #bettedavis #joancrawford #cinema #dameoliviadehavilland #oscarwinner #actorlife #joanfontaine
Embrace your uniqueness, your quirks, your individual beauty, everything that makes you you. From that place you evolve, grow, become more of the "true you", whatever that means. That's what makes people shine. Have you ever watched "All about Eve"? Just one remark- nothing tops the original, nothing! So dare to be vulnerable and open. Not everybody is going to like that, yet you don't need to please everybody. The ones that like you matter. #bettedavis #fabulousness #margochanning #allabouteve #original #beyou #nomoreanxiety #vulnerability #perfectionism #brussels #bruxelles #woluwesaintpierre #hypnotherapy #confidence
Bette Davis as scheming and murderous evil-incarnate social climber and bored housewife Rosa Moline in Beyond the Forest (1949) . . #bettedavis #actress #beyondtheforest #rosamoline #femmefatale #villain #villains #oldhollywood #goldenageofhollywood #classichollywood #goldenera #silverscreen #filmnoir #40s #1940s #1949
¿Qué es un clásico? Una obra intacta ante el tiempo. Bette Davis es un clásico. Ella sigue enseñándonos a actuar 60 años más tarde. Come on Oscar! #BetteDavis was nominated for her 9th Academy Award for her performance in THE STAR. The #film premiered on this day in 1952. • •
Bette Davis
The Man Who Came To Dinner, 1941. This starred Bette Davis, Ann Sheridan, and Monty Woolley. This is about a radio personality and celebrity Sheridan Whiteside (Monty Woolley), who is invited to dinner by Mr. and Mrs. Stanley (Grant Mitchell and Billie Burke). Mrs. Stanley is more keen than Mr. Stanley of inviting Mr. Whiteside to dinner. Mr. Whiteside does not want to go to their home for dinner (he’s a very rude and unpleasant man), but is pretty much told to go by his assistant, Maggie Cutler (Bette Davis). Well, on the evening of the dinner, Mr. Whiteside is on the Stanley’s front porch (which is rather icy from the recent snow), and he slips and falls! Oh no. Turns out Mr. Whiteside has broke his hip, and is forced to stay (he is not pleased about his) at the Stanley’s for some time until he recovers. Does Mr. Whiteside appreciate the Stanley’s kindness (even though they feel obligated) for hosting Mr. Whiteside? No! Mr. Whiteside is so annoyed about this unexpected delay in his plans of leaving this town he’s found himself in (a lovely little small town in Ohio), and with his broken hip and all, he says he’s suing the Stanley for a LOT of money! Not only that, but he takes over their entire house! He takes over the family’s servants, telephone, front door (he tells the family they’ll have to enter their own home through the back door), and even takes over Mr. and Mrs. Stanley’s bedroom! Mr. Stanley in particular isn’t pleased about this at all, but has to go along with it, in order not to be sued for even more money! So now Mr. Whiteside is at the Stanley home for weeks, and has many guests coming to see him, and has wild animals sent to the home for no reason at all (including an octopus and penguins!), and bosses the entire family around. Maggie, the assistant, meanwhile, has used Mr. Whiteside’s current state to meet some of the lovely folks of this Ohio town, including local newspaperman Bert Jefferson (Richard Travis). Maggie falls in love with Bert, and tells Mr. Whiteside that she’s quitting her job (that she’s had for 10 years-how she put up with Mr. Whiteside that long I’ll never know...) and wants to marry Bert (if he’ll have her). When.....
Testimony Tuesday! I was surprised with a package, and it made my life. It was a normal day for me until I met Kathryn Sermak. A stylist from woman's came down to the YSL counter and I was the Freelanceing traveling artist for the day, and the stylist politely asked if I was available to to make up. I was more than thrilled, because it was a quiet day. I quickly introduced myself, and Kathryn and I hit it off, Lo and behold I find out she was visiting Boston and was going to attend an event launching and honoring the late Bette Davis. Kathryn Sermak Thank you for sending me a copy of your book Miss D and me. It was a pleasure meeting you!! Happy Holidays! #Bettedavis #books #goldengirl #glam #oldHollywood @kathrynsermak #kathrynsermak
♥️♥️♥️♥️ #Repost @desiraedrakul (@get_repost ) ・・・ Classic stars christmas from YouTube channel "Glamordaze". What a time. 😭😍 #lucilleball #jimmystewart #carolelombard #gingerrogers #bettedavis #lorettayoung #barbarastanwyck #laurelandhardy #judygarland #garycooper #vintage #love #seasongreetings
The Man Who Came to Dinner (1942), with Bette Davis and Monty Woolley. 😂 #25daysofchristmas
Bette, in a white dress and with a bow in her hair, photographed front-and-center at her kindergarten graduation circa 1913 💖
Kneeling where the legendary Bette Davis once knelt to immortalise herself on the Hollywood walk of fame’s Chinese Theatre
Hollywood Walk of Fame - some of my all time favourite stars ❤️
Shirley MacLaine photographed for Vogue, 1963———————————————————————— I've made so many movies playing a hooker that they don't pay me in the regular way anymore. They leave it on the dresser. ———————————————————————— #oldhollywood #vintage #blondebombshell #classichollywood #legend #1950s #moviestar #mm #hollywoodstar #marilynmonroe #hollywoodgreats #1940s #1960s #silverscreen #goldenage #goldenageofhollywood #elizabethtaylor #ingridbergman #ritahayworth #JoanCrawford #bettedavis #shirleymaclaine #vogue #oldmovies #retro #actress #history #fashionhistory
Mrs Heads Design Collection Top row from the left : Doris Day “The man who knew too much” (1956) Bette Davis “All about Eve” (1950) Olivia De Havilland “The Heiress” (1949) Bottom row from the left: Elizabeth Taylor “A place in the sun” (1951) Audrey Hepburn “Roman Holiday” (1953) Robert Redford & Paul Newman “The Sting” (1973) Audrey Hepburn “Sabrina” (1954) Barbara Stanwyck “The Lady Burlesque” (1943) #edithhead #audryhepburn #thesting #bettedavis #Babarastanwyck #oliviadehavilland #elizabethtaylor #dorisday #costumes #collection #edithheaddesigns #vintage #hollywood #sketches
Elizabeth in yellow, ca. 1967. ➵ #ElizabethTaylor
The best friend, the second lead, likeable and popular but rarely was Gig Young (1913-1978) the star. Born in Minnesota he developed an interest in drama in school. Starting on the amateur stage, driving with a friend to California he eventually gained a scholarship at the Pasadena Community Playhouse and together with George Reeves he was discovered by a scout. Both signed by Warner’s using his real name Byron Barr he appeared usually unbilled in about a dozen films there; films starring Cooper, Flynn, March, Cagney, Davis and Fonda. Playing Gig Young in the Stanwyck drama “The Gay Sisters” he took his characters name when preview audiences referred to him favourably as Gig Young. Two big ones followed “Air Force” and as Davis’ much younger beau in “Old Acquaintance” before WWII service. His return to Warner’s was unexceptional and brief with freelancing off to good start with “The Three Musketeers”, but stays at Columbia and MGM mainly kept him in support. Playing a drunk in “Come Fill the Cup” with Cagney revealed new depths. He was Oscar nominated. Off to Broadway for the hit “Oh Men! Oh Women!” a comedy and things started to look up on film. “Young at Heart”, “The Desperate Hours”, “Desk Set” and Oscar nominated for his scene stealing as the charming but tipsy intellectual in “Teachers Pet”, Young was an asset in all. Still the welcome second lead in “Ask Any Girl”, the smash “That Touch of Mink”, there were lead roles in hits on Broadway “Under the Yum-Yum Tree” and “There's a Girl in My Soup” and good TV including the short lived but acclaimed “The Rouges” 64-65). Then came his Oscar winning role as the dance-marathon barker in “They Shoot Horses, Don't They?” He said, “The role was a lifeline for a drowning man, a last chance to show my talent as a serious actor.” As brilliant as he was depression and alcoholism had been a curse most of his life. In “Lovers and Other Strangers” a big hit, his health prevented him famously from “Blazing Saddles”, “The Hindenburg” and “Game of Death” and then shockingly he took the life of his 5th wife and then turned the gun on himself. Charming and talented on screen and stage but tragically best remembered for his end.
Come on Oscar! #BetteDavis was nominated for her 9th Academy Award for her performance in THE STAR. The #film premiered on this day in 1952. • • • #classicmovies #cinema #oldhollywood #academyawards #classicfilm #movies #moviestar #actress
"The untold want, by life and land ne'er granted, now voyager, sail thou forth, to seek and find" ✨❤✨❤✨❤✨ #waltwhitman #wordporn #nowvoyager #bettedavis #stars #welovebettedavis #doubleexposure #vintage #hollywood #goldenage #colour #edit #myedit
Towne Movie Theatre in San Jose, California showing ‘The Scapegoat’ 1959 #alecguinness #bettedavis @bettedavisestate @welovebettedavis
‪Joan Crawford and Bette Davis during table read for 'What Ever 'Happened to Baby Jane?' 1962. 📃‬ . ↪️#jcbjane
Joan Crawford and Bette Davis with director Robert Aldrich on the set of 'What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?' 1962. . ↪#jcbjane
Agnes Moorehead, Joseph Cotten, Bette Davis and Joan Crawford at the table read for 'Hush… Hush, Sweet Charlotte' 1964. 📃 . ↪#jchhush
Joan Crawford and Bette Davis with director Robert Aldrich behind-the-scenes on the set of 'What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?' 1962. 🎬 . ↪#jcbjane
Joseph Cotten, Bette Davis, director Robert Aldrich and Joan Crawford at the table read for 'Hush… Hush, Sweet Charlotte' 1964. 📃 . ↪#jchhush
According to Bette Davis, Joan Crawford came to her during the pre-production phase of 'What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?' and said that she hoped her "color scheme" wouldn't clash with hers. To that Davis replied: Color scheme??? Joan, I haven't a speck of color in any dress I wear. Wear any color you want. Besides, it's a black-and-white film. . ↪#jcbjane#jcbette
Joan Crawford and Bette Davis with crew behind-the-scenes on the set of 'What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?' 1962. . ↪#jcbjane
Joan Crawford and Bette Davis with director Robert Aldrich behind-the-scenes on the set of 'What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?' 1962. 🎬 . ↪#jcbjane
Joan Crawford and Bette Davis in a publicity shot for 'Hush… Hush, Sweet Charlotte' 1964. 📸 . ↪#jchhush
Joan Crawford and Bette Davis wardrobe test for 'Hush… Hush, Sweet Charlotte' 1964. 👗 . ↪#jchhush
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