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FINAL ONE😘 see u next time #bellahadid
This outfit was iconic 🖤 #bellahadid @bellahadid
We are just a few weeks away from one of the most anticipated nights of the year! When angels descend upon us ✨ Yes, the 2018 #VictoriasSecretFashionShow ⚡️🙌🏼⚡️ Last year's show was in #Shanghai and in #Paris the year before... BUT this year -- it makes its way back to where it all started... the city of hopes and dreams, #NYC Woot Woot! In case you're all wondering... fan faves #KendallJenner and #GigiHadid have both been confirmed today. The dynamic duo will def been walking down the runway this year. As for Gigi's lil sis #BellaHadid ... no news yet on whether she'll be strutting down with the rest of the #VSFS #GirlGang
@oliviaculpo #oliviaculpo 😍 | JBL Fest, Day 3 | October 19, 2018
These are some of my favorite pics of Yolanda and Bella 🍃 @yolanda.hadid @bellahadid #bellahadid #gigihadid
It was raining. And then it was pouring and it wouldn’t stop. It just kept pouring and I was drowning in all of this water. I couldn’t even breath but I kept seeing the sun above the water. No one could fucking hear me and there were these disgusting people screaming all this bullshit in my ear about how I wasn’t good enough, lazy, unmotivated. They were shouting and they wouldn’t fucking shut up. The only place I’m free is school because I hate my job and being at home is hell. This is my life.
me @ me: stop following girls just because they’re pretty
Too busy for your bullshit #bellahadid
Gigi & Luiz 🌼 @gigihadid #gigihadid #bellahadid
I’m so proud of Namjoon. Please support and love his hard work. It’s amazing. #mono #kimnamjoon #bangtansonyeondan
stunning 😍
check my stories for updates and all that. thanks💚🖤
Abel & Rocky😩😍 (I REALLY need a collab from them😭) #TheWeeknd #AsapRocky #BellaHadid
hi that’s Bella... just in case you didn’t know🧡 #bellahadid
⭐️⛈ (@theweekndhell )
✖ B R I D E ✖ @makeupkat_ flawless natural bridal glam 💜😍
Goodnight ✨ #dakotajohnson
She is so BAD. 😍😍
🇲🇽⛈ fuckin’ amazing
KAE MINI BAG✔️®️ @shoptfi
Omg 2014 is such a pretty shade!!😻🦋 @kyliejenner
dendoll : “❤️HB❤️”. ———————————————————————— @dendoll @haileybaldwin
Balenciaga are being sued for copying Little Trees air fresheners
I have four moods... I need to surround myself with more powerful, well-cultured, successful!
These never get old: Fatima Lopes SS19.
Art 📌
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