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Há anos os fãs esperam pelo dia em que Pepper Potts terá sua própria armadura e se transformará na heroína Resgate. Parece que esse dia não vai demorar a chegar. Vazou na internet uma imagem da atriz Gwyneth Paltrow nos bastidores de Vingadores 4vestindo a armadura roxa da personagem. #avengers4 #avengersannihilation #avengersendgame #vingadores4 #vingadores #pepperpotts #gwynethpaltrow
Final part❤️ Comment what you think about it ❤️ ... You woke up next to Bucky. He was still asleep though the sun tried to wake him up by shining to his eyes. You moved his hair from his face and smiled. He looked so peaceful and calm. You wished things could stay this way forever -Hey, stalker,-he said his eyes closed ,-are you watching me sleep? -Maybe,-you laughed and Bucky opened his eyes,-good morning -Good morning,-he smiled,- don't you have to go to work? -Ugh,-you looked at clock. You were about to be late,- I gotta go,-he nodded,-but I don't want to,-you hugged Bucky and closed your eyes -The worst thing about mornings is that they always end,- you agreed. The worst thing about everything that brings people happiness is that it ends. And no one can do anything about it -Okay, I'm getting up,-you kissed Bucky and went to the shower. After some time you were ready to go -Hey, what about a trip somewhere today? -What? -Maybe we could go somewhere outside the city. Just two of us? -That would be great. I'll try to come back sooner,-you practically lived together. Most of your stuff was at his place and you stayed over almost every day -Have a good day,-he opened the door for you,-I love you -I love you too,-you kissed him on the cheek and walked out. It's been a very long time since you started dating Bucky. You still tried to convince Steve that everything is fine and the mission is getting closer to the end , but you felt that he doesn't believe anymore. It darkened your happiness. Bucky didn't want to talk about his past anymore and you agreed that you will act like nothing is wrong. You respected it. But of course your conscience still tortured you. You wanted to tell Bucky the truth about yourself but were too scared. You knew that loving relationship should be based on trust, but still couldn't tell him everything. You just hoped life won't do it for you -Hey, I'm home,-you came back earlier. You were very excited about that trip he planned,- are you still up for the trip?-you walked in the living room and your heart skipped a beat. Steve was sitting next to Bucky,- oh my God,-Bucky looked at you and got up. [READ THE REST IN THE COMMENTS]
Ehehhheehee 😂😂 Edit: just realized that this is the 3rd post for the day 😂😂 "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" Don't forget to follow : @avengers__endgame . . . Tags #avengers #avengers4 #infinitywar #ironman #captainamerica #hulk #thor #loki #vision #scarletwitch #blackpanther #blackwidow #quicksilver #falcon #bucky #russobrothers #avengersannihilation #avengersendgame #antmanandthewasp #guardiansofthegalaxy #hawkeye #thanos #captainmarvel #thelastavenger #followforfollowback
2019 will leave us in tears 😔 But that is not the end , its the new beginning 😀 . #marveldcfans . . 💜 Follow @_marvel_dc_fans . 💝 Double tap . 🔔 Turn on post notifications. 📌 Tag us when you repost . 📩 DM for promotions* . 📝 Write to us any idea , feedback. 📈 We grow with you fans. . . . . . . #infinitywar #hulk #captainamerica #tonystark #robertdowneyjr #peterparker #batman #superman #wonderwoman #aquaman #avengersendgame #dc #dccomics #justiceleague #batmanvsuperman #thor #marvel #thanos #spiderman #avengers4 #avengers #guardiansofthegalaxy #venom #aquaman #shazam #barryallen #ww1984 #dceu . . *Paid promotion
Black Knight. The Avengers 71. Penciler: Sal Buscema. December 1969
Black Knight. The Avengers 71. Penciler: Sal Buscema. December 1969
Finale is soon❤️ Comment your opinion ... God knows how hard it was to lie to Bucky now. You started dating. It already lasted for several months and you knew that it was probably a mistake and you'll regret it but the heart wants what it wants, right? And your heart knew exactly what it wanted. You found your soulmate in Bucky. You felt like you knew him forever and he felt the same way. You had to keep contact with Steve or he will suspect something, but your reports got much shorter and you lied to him a lot. You wanted to win some time for you and Bucky so you told Steve that things aren't going as great as everyone expected and you will need some more time. Rogers agreed though his patience was already very thin. He agreed to do his mission just because Tony insisted on it. For Steve, Stark became one of the most important people and he got used to listening to his opinion. Though they had secrets from each other and sometimes acted like selfish idiots they are, Steve and Tony became the couple no one expected to see but their happiness proved them wrong. Tony managed to make Steve happy even after everything he's been through. You were happy for them and it was very hard to listen to Steve's tired voice every night, saying that you need to do your best to bring Bucky to him. One day, you decided to try to talk to Barnes about his past. At first Bucky wasn't very comfortable with talking about it -You know almost everything about me and I hardly know you at all,-you were staying at his place. You spent a lot of time there together,-i'm not pushing you, but I just want you to know that you can trust me -I know that I can, Y/n,-he touched your hand and smiled. You could see in his eyes that he does want to tell you everything but he's scared that you'll run away. It was a torture, having to make him open up for you though you never said anything true to him,- I'm just not sure that you'll like my story - It shouldn't worry you, Buck -I just don't want you to leave,-he looked down so you couldn't see his face -I won't,-you did your best not to cry. You hated yourself at that point,-i promise,- [READ THE REST IN THE COMMENTS]
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When the hell is this trailer or the real title will breaks the internet #avengers4 #avengersendgame #avengersannihilation #marvelcinematicuniverse
Why do I feel like it has been more than a year since I have watched Black Panther 😂💔 "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" "" Don't forget to follow: @avengers__endgame . . . . . Tags #avengers #avengers4 #infinitywar #blackpanther #avengerseternal #avengersendgame #buckybarnes #whitewolf #ironman #hulk #thor #loki #vision #scarletwitch #blackwidow #captainamerica #captainmarvel #doctorstrange #quicksilver #falcon #antman #thewasp #hawkeye #thanos #avengersannihilation #thelastavenger #avengersassemble #avengersageofultron #antmanandthewasp
My version of the Avengers 4 title ⭐️. What do your think that the title will be. #Avengers : Annihilation or #Avengers : The Last Avenger? —— #avengers #avengersinfinitywar #avengers4 #avengersannihilation #avengerslastavenger #avengersendgame #captainmarvel #captainamerica #ironman #spidermanfarfromhome
This part is very bad 🤦 Comment for more❤️ ... After couple days Bucky finally texted you. He asked what was your name and asked you to call him Bucky. You felt flattered and glad that things started moving. You tried not to push him and let him ask you out himself. You were scared that your actions could seem suspicious, but when he texted and said that he would be glad to have a walk with you, all your fears disappeared. You met him near that fruit shop and he smiled when he saw you. You tried to act free and pretend that you're just hanging out with a friend. When you asked him about himself he said that he used to be a soldier and now lives all alone. Instead of asking lots of annoying questions you tried to tell him about yourself. Of course none of what you said was true. Steve and Tony made up and whole story for you. According to it, you were an art faculty graduate with incredible talent but lack of ambitions. You moved to his city searching for inspiration. Steve said that Bucky liked smart women who could have a conversation about literally anything. You hoped that he'd consider you to be one of them. And he seemed to do it. He was laughing when you made jokes, smiling a lot and said that he had a great time after walking you home. At the end of the day, you felt that so far this mission is doing great. Bucky really didn't leave his house much so you mostly talked over the phone or texted each other. Sometimes you'd ask him out but you saw that Bucky always looked back and did his best to look invisible. -Is everything okay?-you knew the reason of his behavior, he was hiding, but you had to ask. You had to make him think that you know nothing -Yeah,- you were sitting in the cafe. Bucky smiled and said that you have nothing to worry about. It was pretty convincing. You hoped you sounded convincing too. It was so weird that your relationship based on endless lies, but you had to admit it, you liked spending time with him. Very quick your fake friendship grew to real one. You were so scared that you won't have anything in common and it will be hard to talk to him, but it wasn't true. [READ THE REST IN THE COMMENTS]
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Those words have been said by dr strange I think it is probably the title. What happened by mark ruffalo Was i think scripted. #marvel #avengers #avengersendgame #avengers4 #rdj #chrisevans #marvelstudios
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