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This game everybody said that Juve are going to get revenge from the losing of Final Cardiff, but Real Madrid had another opinion, Ronaldo scored the first goal in the 3rd Minute in Turin, the second goal was one of UCL's and Ronaldo's greatest ever goals, a great bicycle goal from CR7 and against the one of best GKs ever, and it ended with 3-0 winning for RM, the next game was to much hard for RM ,Juve scored a goal within 2 minutes of the beginning of the match, Mandzukic scored the second goal for Juve in m. 37' , Matuidi scored scored the equalizer in m. 61' and everyone thought that Juve will qualify sooner or later, but the world number one had his Chance in minute 97'and he will never miss it, one of his greatest so important goals ever for Real Madrid helped Real Madrid to qualify for its 8th semi finals in row, after two hard games vs Bayern Munich Real Madrid qualified for Final Kiev, 26 may 2018 Real Madrid with two goals by Gareth Bale and one goal by Benzema made Real Madrid the champions of UCL for the 13th time and the first team to win this cup for 3 consecutive years , after this winning in Kiev Ronaldo has become the first player to win five UCL trophies, Ronaldo's best goal for me and and everybody for sure was his goal against Juve in Turin , but unfortunately it was the last game for Ronaldo with the best team in the history of football , at the end we want to thank CR7 for everything he did for us and for every moment he made us happy in it , and I don't wish ever to play against him in UCL and wish him the best in Juventus but not against us for sure, and wish we have a legend like him soon in el Bernabeu . . . . . #CR7 #CristianoRonaldo #Halamadrid #Adiosronaldo #Goodbyeronaldo #RonaldohistoryinMadrid #Realmadrid #ahmeedzidane #ahmedzidane #report #Legend #legendary #Finalkiev #Finalkyiv #UCL #Laliga #elclasico #part2
the ninth Season " 2017 / 2018 " or the last season of Ronaldo / Madrid story, but before I start writing this sunmery, I want to explain that no Madridsta in the world expected that Criatiano will leave madrid at this year , the disagreements between Perez and Ronaldo on renewal his contract in January was the main reason why Ronaldo decided to leave Real Madrid, But now we must focus on the last season of CR7 , Real Madrid started the season badly, and Ronaldo couldn't played in first 4 games of la liga due to the suspension after the game against Barcelona and the Red Card which was given to Ronaldo in the super cup, Real Madrid lost 10 points in the first 10 la liga games, the defeat in el clasico in el bernabeu, draw against Atletico Madrid / Athletic Bilbao , and Celta Vigo made Real Madrid unable to compete in this season, the defeat vs Leganes in el bernabeu eliminated Real Madrid from CDR, so the only hope to save the season was UCL, but there are two hard games against PSG to continue in the great road to make history and to become the first european club to win UCL 3 times in row, for sure Ronaldo had a crucial role in the winning 3-1 in el bernabeu , so he scored two important goals helped Real Madrid to go to Paris with high confidence , a great header in paris by CR7 made it for Real Madrid and the next hard game was against Juve ... . . . #CR7 #CristianoRonaldo #Halamadrid #Adiosronaldo #Goodbyeronaldo #RonaldohistoryinMadrid #Realmadrid #ahmeedzidane #ahmedzidane #report #Legend #legendary #Finalkiev #Finalkyiv #UCL #Laliga #elclasico #part1
“As I said that first time in our stadium nine years ago: Hala Madrid”. -Cristiano Ronaldo. #CristianoRonaldo #Ronaldo #Gracias #GraciasRonaldo #AdiosRonaldo #HalaMadrid #RealMadrid
the eighth season " 2016 / 2017 " simply it is the best season of the history of Real Madrid, 5 trophies, the first european club to defend its UCL, for Ronaldo it wasn't the best begging of his career with Real Madrid , but at its end was the best for surely, a legendary hattrick against Atletico Madrid in the semi final of UCL and also a legendary hattrick against Bayern Munich in QF of UCL, 5 goals in Manuel Neur just in two matches, a brace against Juve in Final Cardiff , great performances at the end of the season, too much important goals within days, I still remember his hattrick against Atletico in La liga in el Veciente Calderon , a free kick form the best Player of the World helps Real Madrid to win the Club world cup final , best goal of Ronaldo was his goal against Barcelona in Spanish super cup from a distance, Ronaldo won his 5th golden ball and his 2nd FIFA the best award , aslo Uefa best player of the season, Ronaldo won MOTM award in Final Cardiff .. . . . #CR7 #CristianoRonaldo #Halamadrid #Adiosronaldo #Goodbyeronaldo #RonaldohistoryinMadrid #finalcardiff #Realmadrid #juventus #ahmeedzidane #legend #legendary #hattrick #goldenera #Zidane
the seventh season " 2015 / 2016 " a great european season, Cristiano said that it is his best season ever in his career so he achieved UCL and Euro 2016 within two months, With 16 goals in UCL cristiano was the top scorer of the UCL, great performance in Euro 2016 with the NT , this was the first season of Zidane with Real Madrid after the dismissal of Rafa Benetez after the bad results and losing the chances of winning la liga, everybody will remember the historical hattrick of CR7 against Wolfsburg in the quarter Final of UCL and making the historical " Remontada " after losing the away fisrt game in germany with 2-0 , also the Ronaldo's goal in Zidane's first clasico, that goal helped Real Madrid to win this game , this goal was one of Ronaldo's top ten goals in this year , Ronaldo scored the greatest Penalty ever for him and Real Madrid when he scored the last penalty of penalty shootouts in Final Milano 2016 to help Madrid to win its " La Undecima " and now Ronaldo wins it for the 3rd time, Ronaldo also scored a historical hattrick in the final of Club world cup , Ronaldo won scored 5 goals in single match in this season against Espanyol, Ronaldo won his 4th golden ball and his first " Fifa the Best award " the best goal of this season for me was against Celta Vigo en el bernabeu and the second was against AS Roma in el Olempico... . . . . #CR7 #CristianoRonaldo #Halamadrid #Adiosronaldo #Goodbyeronaldo #RonaldohistoryinMadrid #Finalmilano #Fifathebest #goldenball #Realmadrid #ballondeoro #legend #love #respect #great #career #Zidane #ahmeedzidane
the sixth season " 2014 / 2015 " one of Ronaldo's best 3 seasons in Real Madrid but Real Madrid had the baddest luck in it , you can watch the game against Juve in Turin or the game against Bilbao in San mamis , or the game against Valencia in El bernabeu, so Real Madrid finished this season with no trophies too , but Ronaldo has scored 61 in this season and won the golden boot for this season, Ronaldo scored 5 goals in single match in this season against granda in el bernabeu, Ronaldo and Real Madrid started the season perfectly but unfortunately the end of the season wasn't like its beginning, the winning streak " 22 consecutive matches " stooped by Valencia , Real Madrid failed to defend its UCL trophy , with losing in Turin and drawing in el bernabeu Real Madrid failed to qualify for the Final Berlin, 2 points more helped Barcelona to win La liga in this season, after great beginning of this season Real Madrid and Ronaldo ended this season with no trophies and Carlo Ancelotti was dismissed form Coaching Real Madrid at the end of this season .. . . .#CR7 #CristianoRonaldo #Halamadrid #Adiosronaldo #Goodbyeronaldo #RonaldohistoryinMadrid #Realmadrid #legend #carloancelotti
the fifth season " 2013 / 2014 " The season of " La Decima " everybody will notice that I'm speaking to much about la decima , every Madridsta know why, but I have to introduce you " La decima " , la decima or " the tenth european cup " 12 years of waiting and suffering to achieve it more than 10 Managers, Millions of Euros spent to buying new players to achieve it, simply we can called it the premonition of every Madridsta, Real Madrid achieved it on 24 may 2014, With Cristiano's legendary UCL Season , so he broke the record of Messi's 14 goals in single UCL Season and scored 17 goals, he also won the golden boot for this season by 31 goals in la liga, Cristiano won the best forward for this season in la liga, with two goals in uefa super cup Ronaldo helped Real Madrid to win its 2nd Cup, Real Madrid achieved 4 trophies in this season, and Ronaldo won the golden boot & golden ball & Uefa best player, CR7's best goal for me : the goal against osasuna " m 52 " .. . . .#CR7 #CristianoRonaldo #Halamadrid #Adiosronaldo #Goodbyeronaldo #RonaldohistoryinMadrid
He's gone #adiosronaldo #realmadrid #spain 🇪🇸
@cristiano akan segera kembali ke Madrid untuk mengucapkan perpisahan kepada beberapa pemain dan staff Real Madrid. Adios Leyenda, Hasta luego. AMIGOS X SIEMPRE. . . . . #VivaRonaldo #CR7Juve #Leyenda #AdiosRonaldo #RealMadrid #HalaMadrid
the fourth season " 2012 / 2013 " we can called it the season of bad luck, Real Madrid finished this season with no trophies but they made their everything in every Competition they had played in it, except la liga real madrid eliminated by Borussia Dortmund from UCL's semi finals, and unfortunately Atletico Madrid won the final of Copa Del Rey in el bernabeu in Extra Time, Cristiano Ronaldo has won his second * Ballon de oro * and his first after 4 years of waiting, he won it after his great performances in the full season with Real Madrid and Portugal, he helped portugal to qualify for World Cup after his hattrick against Sweden , CR7 cried a lot after winning his second golden Ball because he felt that he will never win it again under the era of " Sip plater " and " Michel Blattini " who always were behind Messi in everything, and that may explain you all why messi won 4 golden balls in row and why Platter was deposed form FIFA Presidency later accuse of the Curroption in FIFA, but in a mass we must speak about the individual performance of Ronaldo in this season, Ronaldo scored 34 la liga goals and 12 UCL goals as its Top scorer , Ronaldo's best goals in this season for me was this great second goal against Sevilla " M. 26 " and his goal against Man United in el Bernabeu , and unfortunately Real Madrid failed to qualify for UCL's final in Wembly this year too, so La Decima will not be in Madrid this year 🙁 . Ronaldo's most important goal in thia season i think his equalizer goal vs Man Utd in el Bernabeu so he helped Real Madrid to have its full chances in the away game in Old Trafford.. . . .#CR7 #CristianoRonaldo #Halamadrid #Adiosronaldo #Goodbyeronaldo #RonaldohistoryinMadrid #Realmadrid
the third season " 2011 / 2012 " if we speak about the individual performance this season may be one of the best seasons for CR7 with Real Madrid , CR7 scored 60 goals in the full season and he finished it with 2 trophies and eliminated by Bayern Munich from the semi final of UCL after penalty shootouts, Ronaldo has scored the most important goal in la liga against Barcelona in Camp nou which helped Real Madrid to be lead the table of la liga by 7 points, Real Madrid finished this League as Champions and with 100 points, Cristiano's best goal for me was this great goal against Levante in el bernabeu " Minute 57 " , second best goal was against Rayo vallicano by a great back heel goal, Ronaldo helped madrid to win the Spanish Super Cup too with two goals, but unfortunately Real Madrid failed to qualify for UCL final in this season so Madrid must wait a new season for the honor of winning " La Decima " . . . #CR7 #CristianoRonaldo #Halamadrid #Adiosronaldo #Goodbyeronaldo #GraciasRonaldo
second season " 2010 / 2011 " under the management of new coach jose moreneo, Real madrid ended the season with " Copa del Rey " Real Madrid won the final match against Barcelona with Cristiano's great Header in Extra Time , and it was the second goal for CR7 in el clasico after 4 matches, Cris ended this season with 41 goals and broke the record of single la liga season goals, and unfortunately Real Madrid was eliminated by Barcelona from UCL so real madrid fans must wait a new saeson untill they could achieve * La decima * But in the individual Performance cristiano had a great season with his second golden Boot and leading Real Madrid to win the Copa del Rey after 19 years .. . . . #CR7 #CristianoRonaldo #Halamadrid #Adiosronaldo #Goodbyeronaldo
the first season " 2009 / 2010 " Santiago Bernabeu will host the final of UCL and madrid must be in the final and celebrate " La decima " Cristiano was the biggest signing of football's history, so Criatiano must lead madrid to the big final, At the end of the season Madrid is out of the season with no trophies and Ronaldo was a bad signing according to some people, so can Ronaldo prove his real value in the next season ? . . . #CR7 #CristianoRonaldo #Halamadrid #Adiosronaldo #Goodbyeronaldo
Estoy segura que si Don Alfredo Di Stéfano estubiera en estos momentos con nosotros le diría esas mismas palabras a Cristiano Ronaldo @cristiano 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 😣😢😭 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 @la_madridist4 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻 #CR7 #CristianoRonaldo #CR7TheBest #CRI5TIANO #CR7ElMejor #CR7ElMejorDelMundo #Ronaldo #DiStefano #DiStéfano #AlfredoDiStefano #AlfredoDiStéfano #HalaMadrid #HalaMadridYNadaMas #HastaElFinalVamosReal #LaMadridist4 #RealMadrid #Madridistas #SoyMadridista #SoyMerengue #MadridistaDeCorazon #MadridistaDelAlma #Madridista #AdiosComandante #AdiosCR7 #AdiosRonaldo #GraciasCR7 #GraciasRonaldo #GraciasComandante #GraciasCristianoRonaldo #GraciasLeyenda
now and after 9 years we are forced to accept the truth of Cristiano's Leaving, from his first day in the greatest club ever we knew that he came to make great history with us, he deserved more than 9 years in Real Madrid but now it's true . For sure we can't describe now our bad feelings may be this day remembers us the day when Casillas left Madrid, in the same season Zidane and Ronaldo left us within days, for sure your Spirit will stay with us forever , and forever we will remember you us our greatest legend ever, i think nobody can easily replace you in Madrid at least 10 years from now until someone can break your great records , goodbye Cristiano but i swear to God your memories will stay always with us, you will never been forgotten, You are irreplaceable in Madrid, In the past I thought that you will never leave us and you will retire in El Bernabeu , but my thoughts were false at the end, yes nothing will stay forever but it hurts when your biggest ever idol leaves you and leaves your Club.. .. thanks ronaldo with tears we said it thanks for everything thanks for every moment you made us happy thanks for your penalty in " Milano / Laundecima " thanks for your goals in " cardiff " thanks for your goals in el clasico thanks for " La decima's 17 goals " thanks for your 450 goals thanks for your 438 games .... thanks for your everything and I don't believe that you will play in another club or playing in some day against us , for ever I will love you and will stay forever as one of your biggest fans.. the baddest post ever i wrote , still can't believe.. . . #Cristiano #CR7 #Halamadridynadamas #adiosronaldo #goodbyeronaldo
Ditinggal Pemain Yang Memberi Kebahagiaan Selama 9 Tahun Terakhir Dengan Berbagai Raihan Gelarnya.. Setelah Zinedine Zidane Mundur, Sekarang CR7 Pindah Ke Juventus.. Era Baru Real Madrid Dimulai.. Keluar Dari Zona Nyaman & Tetaplah Menjadi Legenda Di Semua Klub Yang Kau Perkuat.. Terima Kasih Abang Dodo.. Thanks Mas Krisno.. Thank You Penaldo.. Gracias King..!!! Dear @juventus @juventusindonesia , titip @cristiano yah.. Adios 🙏🙏🙏 #halamadrid #adios #adioscr7 #adiosronaldo #gracias #graciascr7 #graciasronaldo #welcomejuventus #forzajuve #forzajuventus #realmadrid #madridista #juventus #juventini #cristiano #cristianoronaldo #cr7 #galau
لن ننساك يا أسطورة.. ستبقى دائماً في قلوبنا.. وداعاً رونالدو. 😢👋 #cristianoronaldo7 #cristiano #cr7 #ronaldo #donronaldo #realmadridcf #juventus #santiagobernabeu #alianzstadium #madrid #torino #portugal #spain #italy #portugal 🇵🇹 #spain 🇪🇸 #italy 🇮🇹 #2018 #july #adiosronaldo #graciasronaldo #laliga #calcio #championsleaugue
ستبحثون عنه ستُفتشون في سجلّاتكم ( و لن تجدوھ ) و ستسأل تلك الليلة الظّلماء عن ذاكَ البدر أين ذهب كيف تركموھ !! 💔 #وداعا_كريستيانو #كريستيانو #كريستيانو_رونالدو #الدون #مدريدستا #هلا_مدريد #شكرا_رونالدو #cr7 #goodbyecristiano #goodbyelegend #madridistas #madridista #halamadrid #theking #hero #cristianoronaldo #goodluck #juventus #seriea #💔 #adiosronaldo #adioscristiano #adeus #thankyouronaldo #obrigadoronaldo
First jersey I ever wore was a @realmadrid jersey with Ronaldo and the Iconic No. 7 on the back of it......today @cristiano might have left @realmadrid but the memories are still alive. Thank You for everything @cristiano and Good Luck for the future @juventus. #cristiano #ronaldo #cristianoronaldo #cr7 #realmadrid #juventus #firstpost #graciascristiano #adioscristiano #graciasronaldo #adiosronaldo
Farewell to the phenom @cristiano Ronaldo . For nearly a decade, you have defined what it means to be a Madridista. In a club with an unparalleled history of legends, you have bested them all, becoming the all-time leading goalscorer and the best player ever. Thank you for such incredible memories—it all went by so quickly it pains me now. . Gracias for all the calma-calmas, unimaginable goals, masterclass skills and elite leadership. . Gracias for the determination, sacrifice and desire for the Royal Badge. . Gracias for very single one of the incredible 451 goals in 438 games played for Los Blancos. . Gracias for all the moments of joy you gave me as a boy, a teen and as a man. All those sleepless nights watching you strut ever so graciously in our whites will always be cherished. All those times you made me jump from my seat, scream so loud and let everyone know. All those tears of joy when we win, all those tears of despair when we lost. You have always been there. . I've always dreamed of listening to the "Gol De Cristiano..... RONALDOOOO!! " but now it remains a dream that will never come true. 💔 . @cristiano , you have been a very important part of journey as a Madridista. During the worst time of my life, watching you lead the Blancos was my 90 minutes of heaven. . You made me love the best club in the world. In the future, I will be telling every kid I know about the time I watched the greatest ever play! . Adios Legenda! Gracias por todo! I wish you all the best. . One last time : Siiiiiiiiiiiuuu !!!!!!! . . . #cristianoronaldo #ronaldo #cr7 #graciascristiano #realmadrid #adiosronaldo #madridista #cristiano #halamadrid #vivaronaldo @realmadrid @c.ronaldoo_cr7 @cronaldofutbol
رونالدو عندما غادر المان يونايتد كان أفضل لاعب ف النادي والى الان جماهيرهم تتغنى برونالدو. ‏والآن رونالدو يغادر ريال مدريد وهوا ملكها وسيّدها والأفضل ف تاريخها. ‏رونالدو وزيدان اعطونا دروس ف اختيار الأوقات المناسبة للمغادرة❤️💔 ‏⁦‪#AdiosRonaldo ‬⁩ ⁦‪#GraciasRonaldo ‬⁩
- - الى اللقاء يا من اعاد هيبة الريال - الى اللقاء يا من حطم الارقام - الى اللقاء يا من صنع التاريخ العظيم - الى اللقاء يا اسطورة ريال مدريد - ستظل ملك هذا الزمان و ستظل الدون اينما ذهبت - الى اللقاء يا اسطورة - #cristiano #cristianoronaldo #ronaldo # cr7 #don #cr7 #adioscristiano #gracias #graciascristiano #adiosronaldo #adios #adioscr7 #graciascr7 #graciasronaldo
Gracias Ronaldo. Merci Ronaldo. Thank You Ronaldo. 😰😭💔
#AdiosRonaldo #GraciasRonaldo El Real Madrid será siempre su casa. #¡HalaMadrid
He came as legend, he saw, he counqoured, and he left as a best player in the world.. 😭 I never thought that it would be so hard to say goodbye. Tears are rolling on my face..But, the day has come, thank you for everything you have done for Real Madrid C.F.. You will be always remebered as the greatest player at #Madrid , and the greatest player alongside #Messi . Thank you #Cristiano , from one of your biggest fans, Rustam #GraciasRonaldo #AdiosRonaldo #CR7 #CR7JUVE 😭😭
Why😭 Italy,get ready for the best💕 He did it in England ,he did it in Spain, time to bring some glory back to Italian league #toomanychampionsleagueandballondor 'sinonepicture #whatheartbreakfeelslike #halamadrid #adiosronaldo #laligawontbethesame
Cristiano Ronaldo, the best player in the history of football, playing in a normal team, made him the best team, and not because he is the best, he left many teachings that served to make the team strong, he entered as a normal player, that it was not the best, but little by little it was becoming what we know as the best player in the world, so many debates to know if Messi or Ronaldo was the best, I finish that debate, because there are results, although each one has its own qualities, can not be compared to those of Ronaldo, although it is sad his farewell, we will all continue to support him where this, Ronaldo is officially part of Juventus, they will not miss his plays because they will continue in the hearts of all. #RonaldoAlJuventus #AdiosRonaldo #Mejordelmundo
#AdiosRonaldo 🇵🇹 بعد مسيرة مدتها حافلة بالانجازات والبطولات فرط فيه الريال بكل سهوله ليس هكذا تهان الاساطير يا مدريد وداعاً رونالدو 💔
#It wasn't supposed to end in this way!! #Thanks For entertaining us with your dexterous skills..!! #AdiosMessi #AdiosRonaldo !!
Even on vacation, my diet stays on point 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽 #CoreFitByAce #NoDaysOff #HowDoYouSayTooMuchSauceInSpanish #StillInKetosis #AdiosRonaldo #ChasedOurDoubleShotsOfDonJulioWithTapWaterWassup #IPaid $8ToWithdrawFundsFromTheATMAtPapasNBeerSMH
¡VAMOS #URUGUAY ! #adiosronaldo #futbol #worldcup2018 #laceleste #suarez #cavani (foto: 2004 one of my favorite countries)
#byefelicia #adiosronaldo 🤣😂😂😂☠️☠️
‪We have seen the last of these 2 amazing players as far as the #FIFAWorldCup is concerned !! We will have to now look forward to a new day with a bunch of new talents #adiosmessi #adiosronaldo #wewillmissyou
El equipo charrua se impone a Portugal con dos tantos de cavani 2 y por parte de Portugal 1 de pepe #decepción #luso #worldcup #copadelmundo #cr7 #pepe #cavani #Suárez #doblete #worldcup #russia #2018 #adiosronaldo #octavos #cuartos #aporfrancia #garra #charrua
Stuck in traffic- what to do? Snapchat fun of course!!.. 🇪🇸 🇪🇸 #españa #lafuriaroja #vamosespaña #lamadrepatria #laputamadre #adiosronaldo
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