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Nanay-to-be ❤️🤰🏼 #24weekspregnant #Quinawanroad
Almost my world in one picture but I’m missing a cat😂❤️ #24weekspregnant #prettymuchmyworldinonepicture #catlady #finallyhappy #missingacatinthispicture #hesitsweird
Ayusya Jagaddhita Rindy ❤️ #24weekspregnant
24 weeks of growing you my sweet 💙 You follow the sound of your daddy’s voice, music gets you wriggling (especially our wedding songs), your fur brothers have become very curious of you, bump is past the bloated stage and I can no longer see anything below. I poke you and you kick me back with attitude, the belly button has popped, hot chocolates are a new strong favorite, nesting mode is in full swing, migraines and heartburn have crept in but we’re savoring each moment of this pregnancy as it’s flying by right before us! T-minus 16 weeks baby boy x . . . #24weekspregnant #babyboy #6monthspregnant #secondtrimester
Violet is the size of a basketball 🏀 today! Her hair color has developed and her brain activity has picked up. I can feel her kick and punch throughout the day and it’s the best! #24weekspregnant
Lagi apa dd utun??? Sehat terus yah di dalem perut mama 😍😘 #24weekspregnant
morning stroll at #24weekspregnant 🌞
#run #nyc #crwonplazahotel #holiday #24weekspregnant גם בחופש, מתחילים את היום באימון!!
Casito junior #24weekspregnant
24 weeks. Not one for selfies but thought the milestone deserved evidence. #24weekspregnant #firsttimemum #babybump #firstbumppic
Jarang mommy ootd ni hehe kasi chance la #24weekspregnant
I'm not perfect. Today wasn't my best. I ran through EVERY excuse in the book today. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I'm too tired. It's Friday, I deserve a break. I have errands to run. I have no time. I have to deal with dinner. I'm pregnant I shouldn't push too hard. I missed my chance for the day by not getting up early. I'm stressed. I have more work to do. I had a muffin today so my day is ruined anyways....do I need to keep going? . But then I checked in with my accountability group and OVER half the women in our group had already gotten their workouts done by 4pm.🤛🏻 . And here's the thing. Between all us women, ALL my excuses could have been used by one of them. But they powered through. And if stay at home moms, doctors, teachers, physiotherapists, personal trainers, actuaries, lawyers, retirees and women living with physical and emotional aches and pains could ALL show up for themselves - SO COULD I. . I told my excuses to shove off and showed up for myself! Because 20 minutes in the comfort of my home with a tribe of women cheering me on in the background stripped me of any opportunity to let me excuses win. . I am not perfect. I struggle ALL the time. But I've set myself up for success so that on the days I struggle, I still see success. 💕
Practicing big sister duties 💕
First piece of nursery furniture arrived today! Had lots of fun putting it together with grandparents today, and I could not resist adding a few pieces to it already. Such an amazing feeling being able to pass on some of my stuffies from my childhood to my own little one 💙 • #nursery #jungletheme #junglenursery #boymom #homedecor #doityourself #bunintheoven #thebump #24weekspregnant #babyonboard #boyroom #nesting #homeprojects #buybuybaby #buildabear
Breakfast for dinner! I almost never do this. Had homemade soup again for breakfast #leftovers and had work catering for lunch (panera Mediterranean veggie sandwich and a chocolate chip cookie!). Wanted an easy dinner. This is egg scrambled with pickled jalapeno and tomato, homemade hashbrowns (so easy to throw onion and potatoes right into the food processor to shred), and some bacon! Easy and used up random stuff in the house. #24weekspregnant #fitpregnancy #healthypregnancy #healthydiet #myfooddiary #foodaccountability #cico #whatiate
Who says you can’t feel confident, healthy and fit while pregnant?? 🙄 💪🏽 🍑 #fitmom #boymom 💙 #firsttimemom #24weekspregnant #selflove #fitnessmotivation #prenatalworkout #tonedup #20minworkoutsdidthis #athomefitness
It was 50 degrees today in the middle of January. It was snowing last week. #arizona ain't too bad. Heres a 2 minute #yogaflow condensed down to 20 seconds. Hope your weekend is as beautiful as my weather.👌😘 . . . #yogatherapy #yogagoals #yogawitch #yogainspo #yogafitness #yogalove #yogalifestyle #yogaoutdoors #yogavideo #handstandgoals #handstandpractice #puppypress #hollowbackhandstand #yogapractice #yogajourney #prenatalyoga #prenatalfitness #pregnantworkout #pregnantfitness #24weekspregnant #fitandpregnant #fitpregnancy #fitnessgoals #fitnessjourney
Seni gormeden sevdiren Rabbime sukurler olsun💙 #24weekspregnant
We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us. #familytime #24weekspregnant #maui #endlessvacation #traveloften #beachtime
Tennyson is now as tall as a GI Joe, the size of a package of Oreos, as big as a cantaloupe, and as tall as a large popcorn! 🍿 🍈 #24weekspregnant #babybump #kozelkafambam #babykisdueinmay #tennysonbeatrice #tennybea
{ FLASHBACK FRIDAY } To the days where I had zero responsibilities, drank endless amounts of margaritas and summer drinks, and sipped out of penis straws. . . In 15 weeks I will be trading all that in for a cute baby, sleepless nights, and lots of poopy diapers. SO MUCH can change in just a matter of months!
Veggie Friday! Roasted veggies, seasoned chicken breast, cauliflower rice, creamy avocado and spicy arugula, tossed in a vinaigrette😳 why you so good?! 2019 we’re getting our greens in 🥗 . . So can I be real? Cauliflower rice was NOT doing it for me, which seems to be sacrilegious in the keto community. Turns out I was cooking it wrong! Browning it in a nonstick pan with seasoning, and no oil is 100% the way to go in my book. The more you know 💫 #ketocommunity #24weekspregnant
Baby E growing nicely, love actually looking a bit more pregnant these days😍 we're both missing daddy, only a week til he's home💖
Ever wonder what a middle aged, beer drinking man looks like from his angle? Well, I'd imagine it looks something like this. #proudmama #pregnancyjourney #24weeks #24weekspregnant #2ndtrimester #notabeerbelly #babybump #MyHuman #TinleyBlake #wombnugget #ourbabygirl #babyof6 #babydaddy #growingahuman @jblakeoutdoors
Hi girls! Happy friday💛 Just got home from a really special funeral service and just feeling so grateful. Kids are up from naps so we’re going to soak in the rest of this Friday together but I wanted to check in with my #tiuloveyourbody workout from this morning. 45 minute walk and a podcast (@strugglewellproject 💛) and a ten minute yoga stretch. #tiuteam #tiumom #tiupregnancy #tiulybmamas #tiucalifornia #24weekspregnant @toneitup @karenadawn @katrinaascott #babythree #tiunutritionplan #health #wellness #fitpregnancy
At all of my dr visits I‘m asked how I‘m feeling + I’ve been extremely grateful to be feeling great throughout this experience so far! When I told this to my dr he said to me “I wouldn’t go around telling people that”, but here I am telling YOU. 🙈 Let me say — I FULLY understand that every pregnancy is different + a lot of women do have complications or extreme symptoms. I genuinely get that that is their true experience + they deserve to share that story. 👏🏼 But I feared pregnancy SO MUCH because from what I could tell it was ONLY supposed to be difficult. (Probably because our doctors are telling us to not dare speak about not struggling. 🙄) I expected every horror story I read on the internet to become MY experience. I watched women be glorified for sharing the “real” side of pregnancy while simultaneously slamming those that weren’t “sharing the struggle as authentically.” So naturally, I assumed women who were acting like they loved pregnancy were liars. 😒 Every week that passed I was waiting for all of the negative symptoms + side effects, and when I didn’t experience them I assumed something must be wrong. I should be struggling more than this. I would sit in the waiting room FILLED with anxiety convinced that the dr would confirm my worst fears, but time + time again baby looked perfect. 👶🏼 EVEN I WAS CONVINCED this wasn’t what a “real pregnancy” could look like. I never got sick. I’ve been able to keep up with my wellness routine. I really don’t feel much different! 🙊 I know my story probably won’t be a popular one, but I want to be an honest voice of positivity + show another side of “real” when it comes to pregnancy. Pregnancy has been fun for me — and MY STORY ISN’T ANY LESS REAL because of the fact. 👌🏼 I MAY have some luck in the mix that made this a more enjoyable experience, but I don’t want YOU to fear what I feared only because you aren’t exposed to another possibility. All of our experiences are REAL + her story may not be yours. We can be sensitive towards others struggles + also celebrate in happiness with those who aren’t living that story. Let’s not bring some DOWN to lift others UP. 💕 I think we’re all pretty bad ass. 🤘🏼
Enjoyed today’s wod ☺️👊🏼 21-15-9 deadlifts (100kg) and box jumps.. I had to adjust bit tho.. my version today 21-15-9-9 deadlifts with 75kg and 35-30-25-25 high box step ups #crossfit #crossfitasperen #deadlifts #boxstepups #24weekspregnant
Как быстро летит время....вот только недавно, казалось бы, меня волновали совершенно другие вопросы, даже люди другие окружали, были другие интересы, активная работа в любимом ресторане,активный отдых с друзьями, а сейчас я другая. Я больше похожа на медвежонка)Я много сплю, читаю книги, хожу на курсы)))Так много вопросов, нужно привыкнуть к новой себе, к новому образу жизни и ритму. Хорошо когда есть у кого спросить, что-то узнать, есть подруги, @vitalinka1985 @ivannka13 @makeevakarina , вам отдельное спасибо🥰сестричка @lutiklu мамули, которые разбираются в этом вопросе лучше)))Но самое лучшее и прекрасное нас с @pashtet2007 ждёт впереди ❤️ #24weekspregnant #pregnant #беременность #24неделибеременности
Just bumping around #24weekspregnant
I needed a good workout today, and what better way to do it than throwing an 18 month old into it. Emerson joined me at @coredynamicsfit and kept it fun and light hearted. It was short and sweet and I think he had a blast helping me and cheering me on! Being 24 weeks pregnant won’t stop me! E kissed my belly at the end of the workout, he’s so precious 💙 Workout Circuit 3x5 18” box jumps 3x15 ring rows 3x15 wall balls (14 lbs) 3x10ea stepups to kickback #2under2 #24weekspregnant #BrooksRyanDale #EmersonDanielDale Music: Pill R/B Musician: Not The King.👑
I needed a good workout today, and what better way to do it than throwing an 18 month old into it. Emerson joined me at @coredynamicsfit and kept it fun and light hearted. It was short and sweet and I think he had a blast helping me and cheering me on! Being 24 weeks pregnant won’t stop me! E kissed my belly at the end of the workout, he’s so precious 💙 Workout Circuit 3x5 18” box jumps 3x15 ring rows 3x15 wall balls (14 lbs) 3x10ea stepups to kickback #2under2 #24weekspregnant #BrooksRyanDale #EmersonDanielDale Music: Pill R/B Musician: Not The King.👑
Who is your bumps biggest fan? The bond between siblings is so beautiful! These kids are obsessed with my baby bump and ask to touch it daily. It’s the sweetest thing ever! . . . . #babybump #bumplife #pregnant #knockedup #pregnancyjourney #fitpregnancy #siblings #hellobaby #momsofinstagram #momofboys #momlife #secondtrimester #24weekspregnant #babies #mommy #torontomom #wahm #cute
This time last year I was attempting handstand pushups, but today I'm pregnant and in a totally different mind space 😝 and I'm doing modified pushups instead 👊🏼. The second picture is actually from March last year, my time for the workout today from last year was 26:15. On top of replacing pushups, I subbed squat kicks in place of butterfly situps and 30 sec planks in place of 1:00 min planks. * Day 9 (YESTERDAY) For Time: 60 squats 30 knees to elbows (knees to belly) 30 donkey kicks. 18:29. * Day 10 (TODAY) For time: 10 modified pushups 20 squat kicks 30 second plank 14:52. #strongmom #motherrunner #irunthisbody #hiitmamas #90daychallenge #fitpregnancy #24weekspregnant #boymom #praisegod #gratefulformybody
In a perfect world on weekends we lay flat. 🙃🤣 📷 @mummyuniverse
Results don’t come from exercise alone. In fact the majority comes from your diet. . 1) increase your healthy fats. 2) moderate protein. 3) limit carbs, especially empty carbs. 4) plenty of water. 5) good nights sleep. 6) positive self talk. 7) exercise. . Without those things I know I wouldn’t be able to do burpees at 24 weeks pregnant. This is my third pregnancy my last pregnancy working out 5lb was a struggle at this point. I have over doubled my weights between last pregnancy and currently (while pregnant I should say not pregnant I could do more). . . . . #type1mom #type1toddler #twinmom #24weekspregnant #secondtrimester #fitmom #highriskpregnancy #pregnancyafterloss #type1andpregnant #type1diabetes #fitpregnancy #boymom #momof4boys #rainbowpregnancy #rainbowbaby #dexcom #thirdpregnancy #type1pregnancy #jdrf
👶🏼💖 24 weeks today. Belly just started to pop. #24weekspregnant #24weekbump
I can't believe how much our little man has changed in the space of 16 weeks! I can't wait to see him continue to grow over the remaining 16 and finally meet him in 4 months! 😍😅👶🏻💙 #ourson #24weekspregnant #6monthsdown #scan #scanprogression #hesgrowingup #wecantwaittomeetyou #babyboy #dueinmay #may2019 #rollonmay #8weekscan #12weekscan #22weekscan #22weekscan #excited #weregonnabeparents
• Baby prep ✔️ • Nesting ✔️ • Postpartum Self-Care prep for Mom 🔲 Don’t worry, Mama. We’ve checked that box for you. 🖤 . 〰️ Friday facts 〰️ Did you know, to find the top-rated and safest postpartum recovery self-care brands — you would need to purchase from ::several:: online shops to prep and pamper for the fourth trimester? Not to mention the endless hours of research and time spent on trying to figure out the best products. Only a few of these top, high-quality, healthy, and safe products for new moms are available in your local retail outlets. From our personal experience and endless research — this is the last thing an exhausted, about-to-pop mama thinks of, realizes she needs until after-birth - or has time or energy to do. Shell’ll worry about herself last, if at all. Mama, it all begins with you. We have curated the best to support your health and well-being during this important time — and we will have it delivered to your doorstep before the baby arrives. . ✨ Snippet Womb’s Story ✨ Once home from the hospital after the arrival of her first child in June 2015, she rushed to make her husband a quick list of items to buy: sanitary pads, wipes, witch hazel pads, sprays, balms, and more. The experience was stressful as new, sleep-deprived parents; forgotten items, out-of-stock products, and the wrong brands purchased, resulting in hours of online shopping and waiting for shipping. Precious hours were wasted when she could have been resting or enjoying those first moments at home with her new baby.
Odpoczynek z moją małą księżniczka😙🤰 #love #babygirl 🎀 #rodziewmaju #rodzew2019 #24weekspregnant
l 24 weeks l Baby girl has full grown lashes now and is longer by the week. My skin feels sore at times since its stretching and this baby still has more growing to do. #pregnant #24weekspregnant
The twins kicks are getting stronger and I'm definitely getting bigger by the day 🙈 . . . #24weekspregnant #pregnant #preggo #twinpregnancy #pregnancy #fertility #fertilityjourney #twingirls
Dreaming of the day we can return to Ireland 🇮🇪 • Ireland was never really on my list of “top places I want to visit” but when the opportunity arose a couple of years ago to visit with our family, we jumped on it. To this day, I think it has been my favorite vacation ever. Where has your favorite vacation been? What is on your “top places to visit” list?!
Our baby girl hit her first viability marker at 24 weeks. Bring on all the ice cream! 🙌 #24weekspregnant #pregnancycravings #24weeks
Heartiest Congratulations and it was a pleasure to have Lorraine King in the clinic 😍 🧡 Save Yourself £56 This Week When You Book Our Top 4D Scan Package Now Only £79 (Was £135) 💜 Included In Scan Package Is 8 Photo Prints, Scan Movie,A Well-being Check of Baby With A Well-being Report, 2 Key Rings with Images, Optional Gender Confirmation & You Will Also Get Your Scan Movie & Scan Images Sent Straight To Your Phone Via Our Free Bumpies App. 💙 We Have Some Appointments Available So If You Would Like To Book Its Just a £20 Deposit So Call Us On 024 7672 1778 or Book Online Here http://bit.ly/2BT5icK #windowtothewomb #coventry #pregnantyoga #itsaboy #itsagirl #newmum #warwick #pregnant #pregnancy #16weekspregnant #24weekspregnant #bump
The tummy grows bigger and bigger! 🙈 And I try to keep my gains so I can be a strong mom when the baby comes 💪😄 #24weekspregnant
Have you seen our LAUREL NAME PLAQUE 🌿 Elegantly simple and available in two sizes. Engraved name and laurel illustration (optional) with small cut out heart and natural twine to hang. Lovely #babyshowergift cute #birthannouncement or #nurserystyling finishing touch 💕 Tag a #mamatobe and introduce her to our little shop ✨ 📸 @ccaryschapman
⁣ I am an inviter. ⁣ ⁣ The thought of someone being left out breaks my heart. ⁣ ⁣ 💕It’s why in school, if I saw someone eating lunch alone, I asked them to join me.⁣ It’s why when I was a new mom, I knocked on neighbors doors inviting them to my house for a play date. ⁣ It’s why I invite everyone to be in my monthly fitness groups for accountability. ⁣💕 ⁣ I do this because I know the strength of community. Life is too difficult to do alone. I wouldn’t have close friendships, a reliable mom community or consistency with my health if I didn’t step out of my comfort zone. ⁣ ⁣ Yes, I face rejection but the more I invite, the more my community grows. Don’t be afraid to step out and ask what you need. You’ll find you’re not actually alone. ⁣ ⁣ So here’s your invitation to join me next week. I’m hosting a virtual meet up, for you to learn about the communities I host right here, for YOU. ⁣ ⁣ If you’re looking for friendships, ways to pay down debt or consistency with your fitness...JOIN US. ⁣ ⁣ You won’t regret taking that leap of faith. ⁣ ⁣ Apply via the BIO link or drop a FAVE emoji 😘
So happy to be here!🍁#24weekspregnant
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