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  • anto.gramm
    you better lose yourself - 2 days ago
  • werollbki
    💪 - 3 days ago
  • naved._.akhtar
    Only lose yourself in the music - 4 days ago
  • ryanc_421
    No way he actually said this - 4 days ago
  • sherozarr
    @webzter10 I dont know what you mean. Look, I just wanted to say that I typed in on google '' it's ok to lose pepple, but never lose yourself '' and Eminem showed up. You're actually right, Eminem never said that, it was someone else, I searched up. So I wanted to say was that I think people think Eminem said this because there are many pics of him with this quote. So I know Eminem didnt said that. People just think he did because their are pics like that. - 6 days ago
  • webzter10
    @sherozarr hold up, so you're telling me you Google searched a bunch of words and Google replied with "Yip, Eminem once said that!!!" and then you, in all your wisdom (being an Eminem fan and all), decided slap that on an Eminem pic post it online and regurgitate that shit? Hahaha... You must think us REAL Eminem fans are fucking retarded OR you're just doing it for click-bait. Either way, that's the dumbest shit I've ever seen someone pull AND try to back it up by spinning some random reason FOR being called out on your bullshit!!! Get your shit together buddy. No one believes the shit you post!!! - 6 days ago
  • sherozarr
    @webzter10 we must have made a mistake. Google shows up Eminem when you type that quote in. Probably cause of the '' lose yourself '' song they think it's Em's q - 6 days ago
  • webzter10
    @sherozarr thanks for the VH1 moment in Lose Yourself metaphors. What I was getting at was that in no song/interview has Eminem ever said that... But thanks for clearing that up though... - 6 days ago
  • slip_shady
    Is this even a real quote - 6 days ago
  • canmichel
    @alicanaramaci - 6 days ago
  • _pat.mooney27
    Unless it’s in the moment... - 7 days ago
  • bigfan.of.eminem
    @sherozarr ❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥 - 7 days ago
  • denariley5302
    Real Truth!!💯🙌🏼💎♥️ - 7 days ago
  • fridgenigga
    wait a sec im a lil bit fuc*in confused right now - 7 days ago
  • sherozarr
    @webzter10 the Lose Yourself song is about to lose yourself in the music, in the moment. When you get your only opportunity... u probably know the song. But if you resf this, this is much different. So he tryna mean that you should not lose yourself. Just not lose yourself, he doesnt say music or anything. He means that you should not lose self control, or lose your mind, your body control. Maybe you'll go crazy so don't lose yourself because your health is most important. So the song Lose Yourself has a whole different content, if your english isnt very good of course no problem, now u know whats the actual song is about. - 7 days ago
  • sherozarr
    @nouh.shebani the Lose Yourself song is about to lose yourself in the music or moment, for example the only opportunity. You probably have listened to Lose Yourself so you know what it's about. So the thing is what he tryna mean THIS quote or verse that you should not literally lose yourself. It's meant like you should not go crazy or you should not lose self control about your mind or body. - 7 days ago
  • sherozarr
    @leo.gonzalez.15 Lose Yourself song is about to lose yourself in the music, when you get only one opportunity... u probably know. But this quote or verse is meant like you should not lose yourself, your self control, you should not get crazy, stay strong. - 7 days ago
  • sherozarr
    @webzter10 this is real - 7 days ago
  • babymoney12
    @blancaflormendoza2317 - 8 days ago
  • bloodline90
    Amen to that - 8 days ago
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