Yesterday shoulders and triceps workout:
1️⃣Barbell Press (Smith)
2x 7-8 reps
1x 3heavy reps + 4 negative reps + 4 positive reps + 5 dynamic reps (SST)
2️⃣Dumbbells Side Raises
2x 8-10 reps
1x 10 reps with 4-5 drops
3️⃣Shoulder Press Machine + Dumbbells Front Raises
2x super sets 10 reps for both
4️⃣Cable Side Raises
3x 10 reps
5️⃣Pek Dek rear delt
5x 10 reps
1️⃣Cable extension, straight bar
3x 10 reps
2️⃣Over Head Cable Extension + Basic Cable Rope Extension
3x super sets 10 reps for both
3️⃣Bench Press Close Grip
2x 6-8 reps
4️⃣Dumbbells French Press
3x 10 reps
5️⃣Cable Cross extension
2x 10 reps
6️⃣Bodyweight Dips
3x 20-30 reps

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  • itsmeaadicool
    👌👌👍 - 10 days ago
  • singhpratiman
    Awesome - 12 days ago
  • daelioth
    Massive Strong - 13 days ago
  • magnustomtsveen
    Swole🔥 - 14 days ago
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    👏💪 - 14 days ago
  • the_world_doping
    💚💜💚💖💚💖💚💚💖💖💚💖💚💖 - 14 days ago
  • sportpeak
    @nicolasvullioud why you're dressed a lot on the workout.? Every time - 15 days ago
  • akasmall_kitten
    @nerdy_hercules nothing I said had any mention of fighting nor did I name call or insult you. You’re just upset he didn’t reply with “yes mr Hercules , you’re correct I did in fact feel this in my chest and not shoulders” meow - 15 days ago
  • ahmed_sibzz
    🔥💪🏻👊🏼👊🏼🔥🙏🏼 - 15 days ago
  • nerdy_hercules
    @akasmall_kitten ...look, I know you want Nicolas to see you coming to his rescue and then he'll think you're super cool ...but chill ...picking a fight with me won't get you anywhere ...don't be a dick-rider, it's not a good look. - 15 days ago
  • akasmall_kitten
    @nerdy_hercules it’s a public forum and your asking a professional about what he’s saying and doing ? You were trying to subtly tell him he’s doing it wrong. - 15 days ago
  • nerdy_hercules
    @akasmall_kitten ...why would you interject in a conversation making a dickish comment when you totally don't understand the point ...makes no sense. - 15 days ago
  • estebanfuquene1
    @nicolasvullioud you are one of my biggest inspirations!!! Thank youuuuu bro - 15 days ago
  • akasmall_kitten
    @nerdy_hercules then why would you think he would say “shoulders” if he felt it in his chest ? Makes no sense ...... - 15 days ago
  • nerdy_hercules
    @nicolasvullioud ...makes perfect sense (I have long clavicles) ...sorry for the misunderstanding, thanks for explaining. - 15 days ago
  • nicolasvullioud
    @nerdy_hercules I wasn't condescending, sorry. It's the way I wrote it. Didn't want to be rude because I appreciate your follow.
    What I meant with this angle, is the tension with the upper chest. I have short clavicles, so a very weak tension when I do that angle. Shoulders dominants. I don't know your structure but if you have bigger clavicles as me, then you will feel a better stimulation. Actually it's good thing when I do shoulders, but more complicated when it's about chest because I have to choose carefully my exercises. I don't know if that makes more sense. - 15 days ago
  • matheus_ma
    shoulder session bruuuUuh - 15 days ago
  • jochen_13
    Strong 💪🏻 - 16 days ago
  • atttticus97
    good work boss💪💪 - 16 days ago
  • nerdy_hercules
    @nicolasvullioud ...I think I do understand "biomechanics", that's why I asked the question, it was not a criticism, I was genuinely asking out of curiosity, because I was taught different, but I'm always willing to learn... I'm a fan and a follower, no need to be condescending. - 16 days ago
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