Hi all! So I’ve felt there was something fishy going on for months but it wasn’t until I saw @1924us acknowledge that the @instagram algorithm has stopped showing our my work (and vice versa) it frustrates me but I’m hoping this will help. So please comment below and then go kiss your dog! ✌🏻🌎♥️🐶

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  • seawoman.studio
    Hellooo! - 7 days ago
  • kolorjesstic
    Hello - 7 days ago
  • cami.padilla
    Hello! This appeared in my feed today, sunday... it says the post is one day old and I was on Instagram several times yesterday but it didn't show up. ... And I follow less than 300 accounts so, it's not like it got lost between all the others. I usually go through my feed until I get to a post I've already seen. - 7 days ago
  • archi_vision_
    Hello 👋🏻 ✨ - 7 days ago
  • toni_ehredt
    ❤️ Hello - 7 days ago
  • blodwyn.art
    Hey ! ❤️ - 7 days ago
  • marianne.chastre
    Hello !!! True that it's been a while ! - 8 days ago
  • kristina_letters
    Hello✨ - 8 days ago
  • dmacfarlane03
    Hello - 8 days ago
  • saintjean.design
    This is confusing and there are severe spelling mistakes in the above gram.

    I have been getting all of your posts because I manage my list appropriately. - 8 days ago
  • geoff.coates
    @irish.kate 😀Thanks Kate! It’s been great seeing your art and message this past year, I always look forward to seeing it! - 8 days ago
  • stay.weird.custom.art
    Hello!!! Thank you for trying to get this sorted. You are a huge inspiration to me, and I love getting to see your creations!! ♡♡ - 8 days ago
  • catarina.wilhelms
    Hello! - 8 days ago
  • thespicyolive
    Aloha!! - 8 days ago
  • saylor_sketches
    Hello - 8 days ago
  • irish.kate
    @righthandedleftyartist its been kind of a mind-fuck since May 2018 when I noticed a decline in engagement. I focused on making art that I love and I would want to own. But finding out there was something behind the scenes. Makes it less frustrating. And yet, we have no control! Haha. ♥️🙏🏻 post one of these and see what happens. I need AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE to see your work. - 8 days ago
  • righthandedleftyartist
    Same for me. I assumed I was shadow-banned, which shouldn’t even be a thing. - 8 days ago
  • irish.kate
    @phoenix.creation it’s infuriating. They helped us create these communities and now they’re trying to separate us? So confusing to me. Thank you for commenting!!! I really say, post a message like this and see what happens! ♥️🙏🏻 - 8 days ago
  • irish.kate
    @realsamwoods 😘 - 8 days ago
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