On 25 February 2017, one of our manufacturing staff, Ghulam Mustafa, was killed when the bus he had signalled to stop lost control and killed him…he was on his way to work.

Mr. Mustafa had been part of our company since August 2015. He was always on time and a dedicated team member. He would leave his residence every morning at 6AM, travel for 3 hours to reach the city of Lahore, to promptly be at work for 9AM. His wife would rise at 4AM to prepare his meal for the day and an additional roti, which he insisted he take with him to give to the friends he had made at work - the birds that reside in the tree of the office courtyard.

In April 2017 we set up a fund for his wife and his unborn child (refer to Instagram post dated 22 April 2017); individuals contributed from around the world. We fulfilled our commitment in delivering those funds on 1 October 2018, over a period of 18 months. In addition to the funds that were raised, we also have a sponsor who will fund the baby girl’s education till she is 16 years old.
For us Zuria Dor is an intelligent, conscious, thinking brand and we believe there is much we can do and achieve for the collective benefit of the human resource of Pakistan. We are looking forward to taking more steps in 2019 that will help unlock this potential.

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  • noushabaabrarkhan
    Great job!May Allah give you more - 4 days ago
  • ambreenjavaid08
    🙌🙌🙌 - 4 days ago
  • _mxmh
    ❤️ - 4 days ago
  • samerachanel
    May ALLAH BLESS her as well as look after them both Ameen.... 🙏🏽🤗❤️🇵🇰 - 5 days ago
  • brushoffstore
    Really impressed guys, such great work ethic and love towards your employees. We are truly inspired ❤️ - 6 days ago
  • versatile.opinion
    I may never be able to buy a dress from you but you have certainly won my heart. :") ❤️ - 10 days ago
  • irumblogs
    MashAllah, what a great effort made by your team. May Allah swt give this mother and daughter a peaceful life. - 12 days ago
  • abubakar.younas
    He was my customer he use to take embellishments and embroidery materials from us!!! - 13 days ago
  • mahams.corner
    May every deceased be blessed with high ranks. Ameen. - 15 days ago
  • farheen_tahir
    You've done a great job zuriador! May Allah gives your company more success so you can help more! Highly appreciated! 😊 😍 - 16 days ago
  • loyabushra
    Hmmm ....... - 17 days ago
  • zuriador
    @asabastory thank you! There are many things we want to do but are still very restricted as we are a small company. But nevertheless we have a vision and we are working towards it :) - 17 days ago
  • zuriador
    @shahana07 thank you! - 17 days ago
  • amumtaz1
    @_ahmed_.mustafa_ - 17 days ago
  • ericamalathris
    May Allah swt give him highest place in jannah and make life easy for his daughter and wife. :( - 17 days ago
  • yazb1
    @shizatoor rather than questioning someones efforts why not contribute something yourself..@zuriador took the iniative of bringing help to this person that is charity too.. - 17 days ago
  • khurshidsabah
    Great gesture! - 17 days ago
  • sanasblogspot
    Respect 💕 - 17 days ago
  • shahana07
    @zuriador Really appreciate your response.Will definitely do my part as well.
    I am really happy that your company is doing your share of help and support.
    Whatever good will be done will come back eventually come back. - 17 days ago
  • asabastory
    @zuriador thank you for your response. Your intentions/heart are in the right place for supporting something that is personal to you. Similarly, I support causes that are personal to me. My point was that companies with clientele such as yours (and many others across Pakistan that actually don't appear to perform any charitable work at all) that have access to such a large demograph should strive to do more and I'm sure you will. 💕 - 17 days ago
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