Giveaway time!! If you’ve been watching my insta stories you’ll know I’ve been raving about my new @debuyerusa perforated tart rings. Well how would ya like to win some?! @debuyerusa emailed me and offered to send 3 winners $225 worth of equipment including LOADS of different perforated tart rings yassss!! Nothing fancy to win - just comment below why you want the tart rings and we’ll pick 3 winners in 7 days! (I’ll stop counting entries at 6pm on Dec 10th) We’ll ship it worldwide so its open to everyone! These little ‘finger’ tarts are filled with salted caramel and chocolate ganache tart with my own ‘TB’ signature chocolate disc 🔥 Recipe link is in my profile!

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  • cornilablackberry
    I want them so that I can bake like you!!!!!!! Because your soooo fancy!!!! - 3 hours ago
  • mxnow
    @alex_is_long sex - 3 hours ago
  • ttigg
    @toplessbaker since I didn’t win the awesome contest can you DM me the list of the goodies they were giving away so I have a good idea of what to get from them? - 3 hours ago
  • sarinashalom
    Your confidence and free-flow in the kitchen bring the best vibes ever!! You’ve inspired me to expand my horizons and try out something new everyday. Im only 16 years old but you are one of the reasons why I’d like to pursue this culinary adventure. These new pieces of equipment would allow me to continue baking and learn more and more 🙏🏼 - 3 hours ago
  • lost_and_fit_one_day
    Would love to learn more and this would be a great start - 4 hours ago
  • x.jadebailey.x
    @x.beckymae.x - 6 hours ago
  • shadeslayys
    @mary_coleee - 6 hours ago
  • tsunderehairflip
    I want to experiment with baking with these! - 7 hours ago
  • jasminejanelle
    Because I’m back at one: new baby, new military duty station, one vehicle where childcare for 3 children would cost an entire paycheck. So, my degree and experience will be used via home-based baking. Not trying to forfeit my passions. - 7 hours ago
  • matiklou
    @valeria_de_cloutet - 7 hours ago
  • aiellosantina
    Favolosi😍 - 7 hours ago
  • emikierenko
    @m.vsia - 8 hours ago
  • laras_3108
    TB 👏🏻 @astriacitra_ - 9 hours ago
  • smiles2561
    I would love to win these...me and my grandchildren, who live with me, they are special needs children, because of their life before...we love to bake together...we asked for a Hamilton Beach mixer for Christmas, they would actually prefer it to many other things...even the 7-year old, but this would make, making these beautiful tarts, and other things, much easier!!! It would be such a blessing to us!!! As they are a blessing to me!!! Thanks so much for this wonderful opportunity!!! Have a wonderful, Blessed Day too!!! - 10 hours ago
  • devyfen_
    I NEED these finger tarts in my life 😍 salted caramel + chocolate = my favorite flavor combination. Ps Hawaii doesn’t have good shit like this (I need to win) 😂 - 11 hours ago
  • leroykoopa
    @manuelpmateo ángeles - 11 hours ago
  • danibaz52680
    I'd love to have these to use with my 10 and 19 yo son and daughter, both with autism, and cooking and baking is one of the few things that interests them. My son especially is captivated by watching short videos on dessert preparation, baking being his favorite and something that he excels at and this would allow him more opportunity to improve on his skills, as well as his sister's. - 11 hours ago
  • girlie_913
    Awesome! Would love to start making tarts... they look so easy with those rings! - 11 hours ago
  • jeje3781
    😍 - 11 hours ago
  • daisyjlaw
    Would love to be able to try these out and hope it improves the (fairly limited) baking skills I have! They sound like a lot of fun 😍 - 11 hours ago
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