Would you like to meet and connect with like minded LGBTQ+ women who Skate, Long Board, BMX and everything in between in Melbourne?
The weather is heating up, So let’s get together for Skate / Ride!
We will be meeting at St. Kilda Skatepark, which is on St. Kilda beach at 1pm on Nov 4th. Then we all head off for a light, chilled Skate/ride together!
We will stop off for some lunch and a mingle together half way and return to the skatepark at 3-4pm.
This event / meet up is great way to meet new like minded women or to have a nice hang out with some friends in a fun, relaxed, supportive and safe environment!
This event / meet up is FREE!
If you have any questions email Skye - gangmeowparty@gmail.com

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