There is no-one who sails through life. We perceive others have their shit together when in fact at some point they absolutely won't.
Life is full of comparison, guilt and pressure. No wonder many of us struggle sometimes!
Admitting we're having a hard time can be difficult. We might feel that opening up to others and letting them in makes us vulnerable or weak. It doesn't. It bloody well helps, even just a bit. Believe me. In the past I've been told I'm a strong person. A persona i wanted so badly to maintain. I've taken knocks in the past and dealt with them dead on. But knocks big or small, have an impact and you might not even realise.

We can only mask our feelings for long. We can't always hold it together. So now, rather than saying 'I'm fine" or "I'm ok" (when I'm not really), I'm honest. I've learned it doesn't make me weak. Life is too precious and too short to bottle things up and feel alone in your own head. Let others in to join and help you on your journey.

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  • clairesparksman
    It’s brave to open up & say I’m not ok. We have good days, bad days, strong days, sad days. Always know ‘this too shall pass’. Hoping you have a strong day today - 1 month ago