💘💘Chrysocolla 💘💘
Synchronicity message.
Chrysocolla is all about sacred sounds and governs the heart and throat chakras.
Chrysocolla is calling you to voice what is in your heart. The sounds that you make with your throat chakra create a resonance throughout your body, energy field and external environment give your emotions a voice through song, toning or by speaking about them with others. Affirm your heart's desires out loud in order to create a resonance with your words on the earth plane. When you use your voice as a tool for expression and release, you open and clear your throat chakra enabling you to express your highest wisdom more clearly Chrysocolla has come as your ally in the process of releasing your emotions, through Sound. Open your heart to Chrysocolla and resonate with its energy, celebrating life through your sacred sounds.
Affirmation: I use my voice as a tool of creation and love. *
You may be being guided to do sound healing, sound meditation, join a drumming, circle sing, (even if it's in the shower) journal, write a letter, have a therapy session or express your heart's truth. ❤❤❤
*excerpts from the Crystal Ally Cards by Naisha Aishan

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